National’s strike-breaking fail

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In the spirit of 1951 – Police could be brought in to cover airport security if strike goes ahead

The Government is not ruling out using Police or Customs officials to man airport security, in a bid to reduce disruptions for travellers from planned strike action by security staff.

They should have checked with the Police first. Police covering airport security roles a ludicrous idea, Police Association says

The Police Association is pouring cold water on a plan to use police officers to man airport security in a bid to reduce disruptions for travellers from planned strike action by security staff.

Perhaps instead of bungled attempts at strike-breaking the Nats should consider – dealing fairly with the concerns? ‘Significant disruption’ ahead as aviation security staff vote to strike

The industrial action will be the first walk-off by aviation security staff in 30 years and their union says they have no choice.

Unions and their employer, Aviation Security, failed to settle longstanding claims over pay and conditions for a proposed new collective agreement.

Time to start talking – in good faith.

23 comments on “National’s strike-breaking fail”

  1. Greg 1

    National, breaching their lauded TPPA already, oh wait,

    The Labor chapter establishes broad commitments that require all TPP Parties to adopt and maintain in their laws and practices the fundamental labor rights as recognized by the ILO, including freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining; elimination of forced labor; abolition of child labor; and the elimination of employment discrimination. It also includes commitments, again required for all TPP Parties, to have laws governing minimum wages, hours of work, and occupational safety and health.

    View at

  2. Jay 2

    With all due respect the Police Association is the police union, not the police. If the police have to man security the association will have no say over it whatsoever. And frankly all the cops I know would love to go do it.

    • TC 2.1

      Naturally, alot site safer than other assignments with much less stress n aggro.

    • Greg 2.2

      =Management just passing the buck,

    • Gangnam Style 2.3

      With all due respect Oconnor said is was ludicrous because the police would be on both sides of the dispute, so best for them to stay out of it. Unless police civil war?

  3. TC 3

    Yet oconnor has no issues with teapot tape raids, their proven abuse of power with Hager, cammys dodgy diversion, a prominent kiwi and roastbusters to name a few.

    Greg I don’t think you get to choose once you’ve danced with the devil and you’re rent a quote anyway with no operational say.

  4. McFlock 4

    Next attempt, airport security will be run by the army, just like in any tin-pot dictatorship. There’s a good look /sarc

    • srylands 4.1

      Yes well the last time a Minister used the army to intervene in a strike in New Zealand was Hon Matt Robson, of the Alliance, and Minister of Corrections in 2001. Corrections officers were on strike.

      Matt justified his intervention, supported by the entire Cabinet as follows:

      “The defence forces are there to assist the Department of Corrections that actually runs the prisons. That is the nub of the question: the prisons have to be run. ”

      Well 15 years on, airport security also has to be run.

      Funny. Andrew Little didn’t point this out in his tirade today.

      • McFlock 4.1.1

        Yes dear. Labour(/Alliance) did it too, dear.

        Still a good look for tourists, dear.

      • One Anonymous Bloke 4.1.2

        When S Rylands dies, the most appropriate epitaph would be a sewer, with “Labour did it too” spray-painted somewhere above the permanent water-line.

      • NZJester 4.1.3

        A prison and an Airport are totally different.
        A prison can not be shut down as the inmates still need to be looked after. However an airport can be closed to all incoming traffic.
        You are trying to compare apples and oranges.

      • Chuck 4.1.4

        Andrew Little is a gift that keeps giving. He does not understand his union mates disrupting NZ families during the school holidays with Little egging them on = Labour losing more votes.

        John Key is making sure the airports will run smoothly, just like he should.

  5. Thinkerr 5

    Who will fill in for the police, while the police are filling in at the airport?

  6. hd 6

    In best Talleys fashion, AvSec have served the unions with a lockout notice. Unions are investigating the legality of the notice.

  7. Nck 7

    Joyce has tips on not needing airport security

  8. Justice T. McGovern 8

    Poor John, your private militia disagreed with you and wouldn’t do your dirty work for you. So sorry.

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