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I was going to do a post on the ACT party list.  But then I realised that I just don’t care.

[An interpretative dance based on Hilary Calvert’s political career? – Eddie]

38 comments on “Not the ACT party list”

  1. Bored 1

    Ha…theres a few who think a hole is being left for Cactus Kate. She is off shore…Whale? Cant see why any party would want as an MP a young lady who is trying to rerun the life of a person who failed miserably at everything, especially in her personal life…St Ayn. Unloved, unlovely.

  2. Anthony, are you just miffed that you’ll have to redo your Dunedin North election strategy?

  3. Ha, good one.  Was Hillary the one with the little fish and Brash the one with the rather large fish?

  4. randal 4

    Act seem to be a party of wealthy misanthropes who beleive their own thoughts to be facts when they are just wishful thinking.
    they cause more trouble than they are worth and all their slimy legislation has to be undone at the next turn of the wheel which in this case willl be november when the tory whackjobs will get the old heave ho from a country that has seenthe idiots and the nutcases get too much traction for their own good not to mention the damage they have done.

    • neoleftie 4.1

      @randal – Act represent a very large proportion of voters, not just those who naturally vote ACT but also a voice for the right wing block of the National party, another 5-10% of voters who have act like views but vote for a main party.
      IMO the centre, centre right to right voter matrix is expanding, as i see it the voter matrix has shifted to the right over the years. voters identify solely on issue by issue as party ideoligical groupings fade apart from the hardened core party identifier. You now have a vast swing centralist voter ( double peak, single peak etc ) who arent really aligned but vote on issues that have some impact upon them.
      National using ‘smile and wave’ and their own captured media basically manufacturing a solid voter base esp with the swing voter by being more clever – smoke mirrors and an electorate that is basically shallow.
      Those who are activists within a party are also blinded by the construct and usually limited to a certain limited contact sphere.

      • Jim Nald 4.1.1

        Look to donkey, voters, if thou hast eyes to see:
        he hast dealt to her
        and, next, you

      • prism 4.1.2

        @Neoleftie – Great analysis – seems a true summary.

      • Ari 4.1.3

        I wonder if with the direction ACT is headed now if they actually really represent very much of the right wing of the National party any more. Don’t get me wrong, they definitely represent some of them even now, but a lot of the National bloc consider themselves “classical liberals”, even the ones that are quite far right, and probably don’t like how the ACT Party is now becoming an authoritarian Republican-wannabe Party.

        • If you believe that Ari you will believe the Nats are now left wing. Believe me National is an extreme right wing party . In fact they just love Acts philosophy . The only reason they do not announce it is they they realise they would lose support. They will “give” a couple of seats ie.Epsom so as to blame them for the extreme policies they will bring forward. The asetts sales will be mild when compared with what this lot really believe. Low wages ,unemployment , long hours and no unions. just listen to them when they think nobody is hearing them. Most would fit very well into the Fascist model. The old adage that there is only one good Tory ? is still true today .

  5. Ah light relief with a cooling water splash at the end. All it needs is a few G&Ts and we can pretend to forget all about the ACT party for a while. I have just managed to buy DVD of Cold Lazarus and the thought of people like Don Brash (and Robert Mugabe et al) going on for years after death as a talking head twists your guts. Mine already have that reaction when I hear him on radio now.

  6. aerobubble 6

    Create mystery, demand for your brand, leave one of your list members unnamed.
    Sums up ACT view of politics, branding not content.

  7. Jim Nald 7

    Can’t help thinking, when looking at the ACT list, about the trinity of asininity:

    the granny,

    the lamington and

    the unholy goat-who-is-waiting-to-be-named.

    • Treetop 7.1

      The unholy goat is of the female gender and yes she will be sacrificed, (Acts MO concerning the female gender). May be she aint being named because she may flee before the election due to how Act treats women in their party e.g. Roy, Culvert.

  8. Rodney is real quiet these days. Wondering what his next move will be Laughed at the comment this morning Brash made about new faces in the Act Party.

    How long has Hillary been in parliament, yeah right!

    • Lanthanide 8.1

      I would be classic if he signed up under the Conservative Party to contest Epsom. Probably not too likely though.

      Could still stand as an Independent though.

    • mik e 8.2

      New Faces I don’t think theirs enough botox in NZ let alone plastic surgeons but on the latter alot of them probably support the DEADWOOD party I here the swearinagain!

  9. thejackal 9

    Oh the mystery… Oh the intrigue… Oh!

  10. randal 10

    1. get some more baloney for Don
    2.get some vanishing cream for Wodney
    3. get some more instructions from Wackjob HQ in the U.S.

  11. mik e 11

    I think Hact have scored another own goal even a gerry hatrick. Dinosaur dons.Global warming wiped them out.

  12. swordfish 12

    Not necessarily my favourite Monty Python sketch, but thanks for the laugh, R0B !

    • ianmac 12.1

      Yes. As daft as Act. Couldn’t help watching more Monty Python sketches and there was Don talking “banter” which left the others completely unable to understand what he was saying. Amazing how many characters MP could so easily fit Act personal.

      • felix 12.1.1

        The Black Knight springs to mind. “It’s only a flesh wound!”

        • swordfish

          Obsequious old bearded prisoner of the Romans hung upside-down for 30 years in Life of Brian expresses his views on penal reform: “Nail em up !!!, Nail em up, I say !!!.”

  13. randal 13

    the act party list:
    1. more baloney for don
    2. vanishing cweam for wodney
    3. more instructions from “nutbars ‘r us”

  14. Rodel 14

    Nice to see Don choosing woman number 3 but keeping her and us in suspenders (sorry I mean suspense).
    Wonder what Don’s previous women, numbers 1 and 2 think about it all ?

    Like us they probably don’t care. Probably say, “Don who? “

  15. Mac1 16

    At a recent ACT meeting in our little home town, Hilary Calvert dared to have a different opinion to that of her leader over MMP. Payback time? Brash is a misogynist and when leader of the Nats he dealt to a woman MP so badly that she left parliament at the next election. There was no place in his party for uppity women.

  16. Jeff O 17

    I am enjoying re-reading The Hollow Men, by Nicky Hager, just to remind me about how Don Brash operates. Deja vu!

    Also, funny how the Hollow Men also makes a great read if, every time you read ” Don Brash”, you mentally insert the words “John Key”. The sales strategy is the same – make a raving neo-liberal look like a centrist man of the people. They couldn’t quite manage it with Don though.

  17. Glunch 18

    Can somebody please find out a bit more about who number 26 Alex Spiers is and what he does . I have heard that his name may be misspelled on their official list which would be a bit of a laugh and confirm they can’t even get something simple like that right.

    • prism 18.1

      @Glunch – looked on google and he is a dj in Liverpool, or under alex speirs there are three professionals in UK. Can’t find on NZ white pages. Could be Alec.

  18. Glunch 19

    Candidate for Hutt South no less . And yes they did spell his name wrong – plonkers

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