NZ First and Winston seek anti vax vote

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Winston Peters clearly hopes that enough of us have short memories.

He was an integral part of the 2017 Government whose Covid policies saw our death rate from the disease amongst the lowest in the developed world.  As shown by this graph.

He performed something of a triple summersault with degree of difficulty 3.0 by then turning up to the anti vaccination protests in Wellington and opposing the mandates.

And now he and his party have gone full circle and are actively cultivating anti vaxer candidates for Parliament as shown in this Stuff article written by Charlie Mitchell.

Like Kirsten Murfitt, who Mitchell identifies as Polly, who has some very unusual beliefs, like Donald Trump is secretly a zionist and 911 may not have actually happened.

And she is not the only one.  From the article:

Stuff has identified several other announced NZ First candidates who have shared false or extreme views about the pandemic and other topics.

They include Auckland consultant Janina Massee, who formed her own political party last year called NZ STRONG but folded it last month to join New Zealand First. She has since been confirmed as the party’s Whangaparāoa candidate.

On social media last year, Massee shared a post that asked: “Why are we still being led to the slaughter like so many to the gas chambers[?]”, in a seeming reference Covid-19 vaccines. It is unclear if she wrote the post or simply shared it.

There is also Coromandel candidate Caleb Ansell who has posted QAnon catchphrases and who also called for the defrocking of the Archbishop of Canterbury for opposing a Ugandan Church’s extreme anti gay law stance.

And the Hamilton West candidate Kevin Stone who said that Covid was a “plandemic” orchestrated by multiple governments at the behest of a global financial cartel seeking a “great reduction in the population of the developed world and the virtual enslavement of the remainder”.

NZ First’s candidate vetting is not very good.  Either that or it has calculated that there is a sufficiently large coalition with anti vaxers to get it over the line.

To add to the inevitable sense of drama Winston Peters and David Seymour have recently been throwing tosterone induced barbs at each other and Seymour has said that Act will not sit at the cabinet table with New Zealand First.

If ever there was a potential coalition of chaos it would be National – ACT – New Zealand First.

And the good old Winston side show, that has cursed New Zealand politics for decades, is going to get another airing.

Hold onto your hats.  This is going to get very interesting.

53 comments on “NZ First and Winston seek anti vax vote ”

  1. LawfulN 1

    So Trump is in cahoots with the Jews. It all makes sense now. Wake up sheeple!

  2. PsyclingLeft.Always 2

    it has calculated that there is a sufficiently large coalition with anti vaxers to get it over the line

    IMO I dont think there's an "or" . NZF has seen the numbers…and will take …anyone.

    Most dangerous IMO are the hard right conspiracists. Incl :

    And, as you say, Mickey Savage , literally

    If ever there was a potential coalition of chaos it would be National – ACT – New Zealand First.

    However, as I have linked earlier Open Mike….the conspiracists also …..hate each other. So there is that.

    Cmon Labour/Green/Te Pati Maori . Stand strong. We must not let these, quite frankly frightening, people win.

    For NZ.

  3. Dennis Frank 3

    smiley He's playing the joker card, huh?

    Still, having attained the threshold, why not be the game-changer? Do opportunism to demonstrate how the opportunities party is failing to do so.

    If all the fringe-right parties were to lose a significant portion of their votes to NZF, that would get it clear over the threshold into a position of leverage.

    He will need to translate their anti-statist agenda into sensible conservatism not to alienate his current supporters though. Using freedom of thought & opinion, that's easily done on a rock-solid traditional basis stretching back to the 18th century.

    • Ngungukai 3.1

      Hell will Freeze Over b4 Winston and NZF get into a Coalition with National/ACT !!!

      The Big Question now is whether Brian Tamaki and the Destiny Church will they get in behind Winston & NZF. ???

  4. ianmac 4

    Polly/Murfitt said recently about her being chosen for NZF, that her beliefs will cause a flurry but after 24hours it will be forgotten. (Can't link.)

    Winston will have made some sort of equation like for every Polly-like person in the team there will be X numbers of similar minded folk looking for a place out of the wilderness. It might work enough to gain the 5%. Hard to guess what the genuine NZF folk will do though.

    • Peter 4.1

      Murfitt thinks the flurry about her beliefs will be forgotten in 24 hours?

      Or Murfitt will forget her crazy beliefs in 24 hours? The only sure thing if she gets in is that the House will be growing in true representation of the people. The lunacy through the Covid days when witches and all sorts of other strays made their maladies known showed there’s a stack of them. Maybe Murfitt could be their Minister.

    • Sanctuary 4.2

      The trouble is that Polly-like people usually don't vote, lest the the government implant a tracking device on them at the polling booth. And the sov-cits don't vote because they're too busy building a fallout shelter.

    • Ngungukai 4.3

      Most of them are dribbling into their tea cups in Rest Homes around the country or have died from Covid since the last Election in 2020

  5. Ngungukai 5

    Hell will Freeze Over b4 Winston and NZF get into a Coalition with National/ACT !!!

    • Chris 5.1

      You'd hope so, but luxon and willis are so hellbent on being pm and dpm they'll take anyone. Will be great to see these clowns tango with Peters. At the same time, I hope Hipkins and Labour take advantage of Peters rolling around with the freedom fighters. Hipkins and co need to make some hay here while they can.

      • Anker 5.1.1

        Luxon has ruled out Te Pati Maori, so not quite true that they will take anyone.

        Remember that Labour were so desperate to win in 2017 they took Peters.

        • Louis

          It was not desperation, it is called MMP. Labour had the numbers, thanks to Jacinda and the Labour Party team, to negotiate with other parties to try and form a government. If memory serves, National offered Winston more, but wouldn't budge on policy. At that time Winston was the kingmaker and his decision favoured Labour over the Nats. No major party is going to turn down a chance to be in government.

      • Ngungukai 5.1.2

        Winston will have Luxton and Willis dancing all over the place if he can put together a Coalition with National, if Winston First get 9% and National can get 35-40% we could have a National/Winston First Coalition Government. Pigs will start flying b4 Winston & NZF go into a Coalition with ACT and Seymour Butt.

    • Louis 5.2

      Don't you know Winston's word cannot be trusted?

      'Peters had bitterly criticised his former National colleagues, and appeared to promise that he would not even consider a coalition with Bolger. However, after over a month of negotiations with both parties, Peters decided to enter into a coalition with National"

      • Ngungukai 5.2.1

        The problem was the Alliance Party, they couldn't make up their minds, Winston was trying to put together a Labour/Alliance/NZF Coalition. In the end he had to go with National which turned out to be a disaster.

    • joe90 5.3

      It's snowing…


      Max Rashbrooke


      In April, Matthew Hooton argued National donors and strategists were lending NZ First a hand, as they didn't rate Luxon and thought Nats-ACT would fall short but NZF >5% would ensure a centre-right coalition. Lo and behold: ACT/Nat donor Mark Wyborn has given NZF $200k this year.

    • Cricklewood 5.4

      Act and NZ first have just enough common ground to do (or undo) plenty, mainly around 5 waters, co governence and crime / justice. Its narrow but it could well be enough to give each side enough wins to make a confidence and supply arrangement work and some pretty drastic change throughout the country.

  6. Sanctuary 6

    If Winston Peters and NZF get over the line on the back of the cookers and crazies then that is a big plus for me, because Winston will simply do what he always does – being an effective safety valve for everyone's drunk granddad and crystal Karen aunt, and once elected he will proceed to completely ignore them whilst being a bloody minded spoiler for any meaningful change and mainly interested in being the centre of attention and getting favours done for his crony mates.

  7. roy cartland 7

    This is beyond sick. It's not 'interesting', it's catastrophically hazardous. It's the reason aliens don't bother to contact us – we simply aren't worth it.

  8. Ngungukai 8

    Winston has really lost it now getting into bed with the Anti-Vaxxer Nut Jobs, I did hold out for great things from Winston 30 years ago when I thought he was going to save NZ and turn NZ around after the Neoliberal Experiments of the 1980's ???

    • George 8.1

      Winston and his circus of fools. He will suck the life out of Act hopefully and that Freedom party then leave them to their devices lost in the corridors of power, wandering waif like and howling until they find themselves locked in the basement while he enjoys a good whiskey upstairs.

  9. Reality 9

    Winston is descending into farce. Some years ago he would have been the first to rant and rage against the loopy ones he is now taking on board. Loved The Post cartoon today of NZ First's tinfoil hat. Winston will not like being laughed at.

    He should gracefully retire and go fishing. But some people seem to crave attention and don't know when it is time to step out of the limelight.

    The likeable and sensible Tracey Martin would not wish to line up with some of Winston's newbies.

  10. Shanreagh 10

    Winston has really lost it now getting into bed with the Anti-Vaxxer Nut Jobs,

    I agree with this……I was actually quite looking forward to a 'run' from Winston & NZ First to add interest and sometimes he does act as a circuit breaker.

    But nut jobs indeed……some of these are not your common garden variety nut jobs but as I say hold higher qualifications in conspiracy theory.


    I have no doubt that some won't want to vote for his people in an electorate but may think 'Winston's Ok' for a party vote.

  11. JeremyB 11

    They've come a long way since Joe Glenn.

  12. Patricia Bremner 13

    Winnie is "In it for Winnie" sadly.

    The Regional fund has had good outcomes. The free Dr.'s visits for under 6 yr olds began the roll out of the now under 13 yrd olds., the gold card. NZF Policies.

    But Winnie has joined the nutters and is just anti anything that benefits Maori, the non Farming group and paints Labour as lying to him.

    He did not do well with National either and they parted badly last time he was in Govt with them.

    With Labour after he said he was "The Handbrake" on ideas, he was voted out. Labour and Greens were voted back in.

    This is a third term, which swing voters often decide. All groups need to compromise, build consensus to govern for all. Look at the groups. Who has managed that difficult task in difficult times?

    Look past occasional personal failures, remember what conditions were like from 2008 to 2017, and what has been coped with while governing and delivering since 2017 to 2023.

    • SPC 13.1

      The PGF (in the need for it) reminds one of the saddest moments in US Democratic Party history when a two term POTUS WJC said in late 1999 that the rewards of economic growth of the 1990's had not been shared across all regions and to all Americans – and asked Americans to support his VP Albert Gore into his job, so that this might change. WJC signed into law welfare reform, welfare term limits and faith based provider involvement.

      Peters supported a rising MW, and would have no problem with the FPA, and NZF would by a brake on across the board migration – to insist on Kiwi employment where this was available. That worked well with Labour’s focus on apprenticeships and expectation of employers training people on the job – working with W and I in finding staff).

  13. Ad 14

    NZFirst's 11th priority is:

    New Zealand First will collaborate with local council to develop the Dargaville Aerodrome

    … akin to specifying a truck stop for Middlemarch

  14. dumbdumb 15

    I dont think you guys are reading the room very well. [deleted]

    Labors only chance of winning has no relevance to their ability to govern but the fact that all parties are found wanting in regards to competence.

    I will personally put two lines through my voting forms with the words no confidence in bold capitals.


    , as they do Winstons polling will increase and labors will decrease, take that to the bank.

    [you cannot use multiple user names here over time, as you have done for the past few years. Please make sure you use dumbdumb from now on. – weka]

    [I’ve also reviewed your comments and see you have a history of making claims of fact without backing those up with evidence. You will now have to pre-emptively provide evidence for every claim of fact in every comment. Evidence means 1) explaining how the evidence supports your argument 2) quotes 3) links (and time stamps if using audio/video). Links alone are insufficient. This is to prevent wasting moderator time and maintain a high level of debate on TS.

    On covid/vaccination, today you have made at least one non-sensical claims, which I have deleted. If you make claims of fact that aren’t clearly backed up by valid evidence, I will ban you permanently. Ask if you are unclear, or just stay clear of the topic. – weka]

    • weka 15.1

      mod note. Please reply within 24 hours agreeing that you will provide evidence each time, and that you will stick to your new user name.

      • dumbdumb 15.1.1

        Yeah fairplay weka , I just stop in for a look every now and then (I probably comment twice a year) and wouldnt remember my last userrname if it was in front of me.

        But in total fairness you deleted my comments that were neither abusive nor factually incorrect. I will however quite happily meet your requests.

        I hope you also carry this form of censorship to all others as I often see embellishment and misinformation presented here. For the record I would never censor you or any other person as i would much rather debate and possibly learn from another, just saying

        [One of your deleted asssertions was “The population at large now realizes that covid was a scam and so was the vaccine”. You have said again that this is factually correct. It’s not, it’s an unsubstantiated opinion, and one I have a high confidence would be proven wrong if we went into it Because you have doubled down, I’m now banning you until the end of the year. Because it’s election year, we’ve been clearing out commenters who won’t respect moderation, who waste moderator time, and who lower the standard of debate – weka]

  15. tc 16

    "……clearly hopes that enough of us have short memories." appears to be what NACT and NZF are relying on also as the last time NACT were voted in state houses were flogged despite promises of no more asset sales by Shonkey.

    Desperation from Winnie combined with the lust for power from NACT to execute their backers desires makes this an all to familiar situation.

  16. Thinker 17

    This is the first election where people can predict which party Winston will go with after the election. Normally, it's a strength of his that he offers genuine choice to his supporters through post-election negotiations with both parties.

    By giving people the wink that he's likely to join National, he's making himself a bit more irrelevant, especially if National goes with ACT. The latter will want to keep NZF out or, if absolutely necessary, make a few concessions in return for confidence and supply.

    Increasingly it’s becoming a bit “First Past the Post” between Labour/Greens and National/ACT.

  17. Ad 18

    Labour+NZF were great together.

    Labour+Greens fell apart inside a year.

    What happened?

    • Ngungukai 18.1

      Correct Labour & NZF were great together however NZF had some very competent people like Tracey Martin and Ron Mark (ex Minister of Defence), probably one of the best Minister's of Defence the country has had in the past 70 years. Unfortunately these people have all now left and all you have is Winston, Shane Jones and the rest of his motley crew.

    • weka 18.2

      Labour+Greens fell apart inside a year.


      • arkie 18.2.1

        Labour+NZF were great together.

        This statement probably needs to be interrogated too.

  18. Stan 19

    To – dumbdumb

    "The population at large now realizes that COVID was a scam and so was the vaccine"

    Can I just say – "up yours and all the nutters who feel like you!"


    Coal-face doctor

    Mods – please remove this if you feel it's personal abuse. As a frontline Dr I can't believe people can be so ignorant, hope you can understand my feelings.

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