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Open mike 17/07/2019

Written By: - Date published: 7:00 am, July 17th, 2019 - 126 comments
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126 comments on “Open mike 17/07/2019 ”

  1. Marcus Morris 1

    This is the link to Phil Twyfords excellent rebuttal of the nonsense that Heather du Plessus (National's regular cheer leader in the Herald) wrote re Labours roading programme.


    I can never understand why the Herald gives her print space, her articles are so lacking in balance.

    • Rapunzel 1.1

      It is a shame it is pay-walled I eventually succumbed that is very interesting to read, as is this story on how ANZ – I see they have stepped up the advertising again – did its best to hide how useless their oversight methods are and which cost losts of investors money.

      Those who lost out were kept completely in the dark re litigation information that they should have had, hopefully they will join in the action that is now being provided free to them.


      • Marcus Morris 1.1.1

        My apologies to those who, for good reason, did not pay the sub to access all Herald articles. I am seriously debating whether or not I will continue with mine when it runs out. However I am pleased that Phil Twyford was given the opportunity to state his case and to debunk the rubbish that was written.

        • Rapunzel

          Likewise I will see after a couple of months how I feel but I bypass a lot of the Hoskings etc tripe, but items on how many financial institutions and insurance companies need to be brought into line tempted me over for a while.

      • ianmac 1.1.2

        Just read that Rapunzel. A fascinating read but outstanding is the gall of one John Key claiming transparency as with the Hisco affair while for three years the ANZ was blocking transparency on a massive scale involving millions of investors money.

        Key regards reporters, investors courts and voters with contempt.

        • Rapunzel

          Yes I know I try, I'm not sure why, to be specific as to otherwisw only brings down contempt re "personality" politics and is used to deflect away from the true details of many things that are only slowly over time being revealed.

      • A 1.1.3

        Point of the story which may have been missed is that IF you were an investor in Ross Asset Management (RMA) they are taking a court case which is already funded (further explained in the article towards the end). You have only until September 2019 to sign up so decide now.

    • Kevin 1.2

      Phil Twyford: Spending more on roading projects while prioritising safety

      Phil Twyford says the Government is investing $1.4 billion in upgrades on more than 1500km of dangerous roads to prevent 160 deaths and serious injuries every year.


      [Please do not do that again, ever! You are breaching the policy of this site and making this site liable to copyright violation. Next time will result in an instant permanent ban without prior warning, as this is very serious – Incognito]

      • Anne 1.2.1

        Thanks for that Kevin.

        Who was it said Twyford was "incompetent" and inferred he was not capable of dotting the i’s and t’s?

        When he was a candidate (twice) for the North Shore electorate we had to gently suggest it might be a good idea to reduce the number of i’s and t’s on his pamphlets because it would put off the average voter from reading them.

        He was good boy and obliged. 🙂

        • AklTransport

          Twyford is incompetent. His transport plans are weak at best. Hiding behind “safety on the current roads” is pathetic as well his ministers and governments policy aims will result in thousands more car trips, exponentially increasing the risk of deaths on the road.

          [lprent: Thousands more car trips isn’t in any policy. I consider that is just a lie. And you didn’t bother to present any supporting argument or link. If you can’t present a link or an argument to support it by this time tomorrow then I will ban you for 3 months. Looking at your comments, you are just a very stupid troll, so I can’t be bothered warning you. ]

      • Marcus Morris 1.2.2

        Thanks for printing in full the article I was referring to. I wasn't if that was allowed.

        • McFlock

          Seems to be a clear copyright violation to me,

        • Andre

          Your first instinct was sound. From this site's policy:

          Similarly pasting long materials from other sites, especially copyrighted materials, is not permitted. Just link and selectively quote.

        • lprent

          it isn't. On the other hand I would also argue that granny is a bit naughty putting what looks like a press release behind a paywall.

          When I get back to a large screen I will have a look at it.

          • Incognito

            Ok, but I have taken the precautionary step of deleting the material and added a link to NZH. In the end, it is your call.

      • Incognito 1.2.3

        See my Moderation note @ 10:29 AM.

        • Marcus Morris

          I put the link in my original post. Cheers.

          • Incognito

            Yes, I know, thanks. I didn’t want to delete the text without leaving and repeating the link; it was deliberate on my behalf.

            To me, it looked like a clear case of copyright violation. I am quite sure that it was not (from) a press release but it there’s one it still doesn’t excuse Kevin’s mistakes of not providing a link, not providing attribution, and quoting the complete (!) text instead of selectively quoting from it.

            I’m sure it was a genuine mistake but ignorance is no defence. If you want to use this site, you must read the site’s policy. https://thestandard.org.nz/policy/

            • veutoviper

              Not trying to excuse it but also think it was probably a genuine mistake. IIRC K is an old timer here going back to Nov 2008 – originally as K W…h. Pretty sure that is the same avatar.

              • Incognito

                You are correct, he goes back a long way here, which really means he should know better than to risk the site. The warning was not just for him but also for everyone else, i.e. a general reminder that even helpful comments can have dire consequences. I hope it’ll serve as a lesson and that we can all move on from here without blowing it out of proportion. After all, it was likely a genuine mistake, as I said in my comment

  2. Observer Tokoroa 2

    penguins are smart

    Over the past 20 years our Politicians seem to have dropped the ball. In spite of having told us over and over how brilliant they are.

    Not a single one of them has matched rise in population with equivalent production of housing.

    Winston Peters muttered some words about too much people flow into gods own mess but has done nothing about it. The Right Honourable Sir John Key actually built one House in the year 2017, but ran a sub political national ratbag outfit in parliament for the purpose of secrecy, staffed by unknowns, as well as hecttingly tying knots in liitle girls Ponytails for suspected Senual satisfaction. Without getting Consent.

    Bernard Hickey did the equivalent of running a forklift through the economy every now and again. But nothing straight forward – such as a penguin might do. Namely we have thousands of people happening and little housing happening.

    Only Phil Twyford had the sense and the Guts to say that New Zealanders were being sold down the river without so much Crusha Kayak.

    The screaming against Twyford was horrendous. Sir John got back on the Ponytails. And the Pretty Morsel Bennett declared Racism – whilst selling off New Zealand houses to unknown purchasers of houses in NZ and Abroad. I kid you not. Talk about Hypocrit !

    In Twenty years Parliament did stuff all.

    I put it to you, that the Current Government unlatches itself from the Free Martket, stops all immigration, and builds quaility 3 bed room houses / or apartments.

    Further, Parliament shall immediately make it a crime to allow immigration when there is no quality Housing available.

    Finally, Phil Twyford should be given Highest honors by the Governor of New Zealand.

    Billy English at her side.

  3. vto 3

    How not surprising that John Key says one thing but does the opposite.


    a liar and a cheat to the end

    • A 3.1

      Not sure if someone at Stuff has it in for ANZ or the increasing coverage of them is just desserts.

      New account has been opened 😀

      • ianmac 3.1.1

        Those who have money invested in ANZ better withdraw it quickly before the run on the bank gets underway.

      • vto 3.1.2

        I mentioned to someone recently that it seems a lot of people have Key in their sights… and this is more evidence of that I think

        • Herodotus

          Perhaps as a current director he does not have the knowledge of history ??

          But his comments are starting to come back, wonder if anyone on the ANZ board has made themselves available for follow up interviews/comments ?

          Not sure who a suitable reporter would be, able to ask the tough questions, especially given the $ that banks spend with tv, print etc. to further their profile & to give confidence to the market ? As how would we know that the interview wasn’t a paid Advertorial

      • Muttonbird 3.1.3

        A liar and a cheat to the end

        Very well said.

        As if we didn't know already; trust, honesty and integrity are totally foreign concepts to Key. Always have been.

    • Incognito 3.2

      John Key’s reputation is worth gold to ANZ. However, if the bank’s reputation is becoming (more) damaging to John Key’s reputation, I reckon he’ll step down (soon). The captain is not going to go down with the Titanic; watch the space.

  4. Blazer 4

    'I put it to you, that the Current Government unlatches itself from the Free Martket, stops all immigration, and builds quaility 3 bed room houses / or apartments.'

    can you imagine the mayhem if they did that!

    The elite,aided by the NSA would use 'Venezuela' tactics.

    No NZ politicians have the balls to face that.

  5. Adrian Thornton 5

    While Israeli lobbies relentlessly and shamelessly bully activists all over the World, without any pushback or a peep from any of our media, the apartheid state of Israel continues it's occupation and violent repression of Palestinian people and land, also without any pushback from most MSM media.

    Israeli Army Vet’s Exposé – “I Was the Terrorist”

    • Gabby 5.1

      Surely he's been smeared by now. Has no UK Labour membership card surfaced yet?

  6. Blazer 6

    Tension with Turkey a NATO member.

    'the first shipment of a Russian missile defense system has arrived in Turkey, the Turkish Defense Ministry said Friday, moving the country closer to possible U.S. sanctions and a new standoff with Washington.'

    'The deliveries make it almost certain the Middle East’s largest economy will be subject to punitive U.S. action. By law, Trump needed to pick at least five out of 12 different sanctions — ranging from mild to harsh — under the sanctions act, once delivery was certified.

    The administration has been weighing when to punish Turkey, according to a person familiar with the deliberations who asked not to be identified discussing the sensitive situation. Washington is wary of announcing sanctions too close to the anniversary of the July 15, 2016, coup attempt that Erdogan blamed on Fethullah Gulen, an ally-turned-enemy now in exile as a Muslim cleric in Pennsylvania.'

    And India wants some too.

    'A senior Trump administration official said on Thursday there were “serious concerns” about India’s planned acquisition of Russian S-400 missile defense systems that could not only leave India vulnerable to sanctions but also “limit” interoperability between US and Indian militaries, a key focus of growing ties between the two countries.

    India’s acquisition of S-400s “effectively could limit India’s ability to increase our own interoperability”, Alice Wells, head of the state department’s South and Central Asia bureau told lawmakers at a congressional hearing.'


    • Kevin 6.1

      Kind of makes the hundreds of billions invested into the F35 a bit redundant now.

      No wonder the USA is pissed.

  7. ScottGN 7

    After months of debate and legal manoeuvres the city of Berlin has put its money where its mouth is (and remember this city is always pretty skint) and spent nearly 100€ to buy back nearly 700 apartments on Karl-Marx Allee that were privatised in the 90s. It’s the latest salvo in the city’s ongoing battle to rein in housing costs (earlier this year the city Senate enacted laws to freeze rents for the next five years).

    • Francesca 8.1

      How you can post that with all its "potentials" and fact less conjecture points to a pretty gullible mind set

      • aj 8.1.1

        Yes I watched the original segment on CNN. A story woven around pictures with not a skerrick of fact or proof presented.

      • Morrissey 8.1.2

        This bloke Andre is the sort of stooge that, in other regimes, would have published Kremlin propaganda against "Jewish doctors" or joined in with the Red Guards denouncing "revisionists" and "running dogs of imperialism."

        • McFlock

          Whereas you just try to make the world safe for rapists.

          • Morrissey

            Such as?

            • McFlock

              Anyone you like who rapes someone. Hell, if you like them enough you'll even reject all evidence to the contrary and claim that nobody accused them of rape in the first place.

              • Morrissey

                Everything you've said is false, and deliberately false.

                • McFlock

                  See what I mean?

                  You literally wrote only two days ago that Assange has not even been accused of rape.

                  Easily refuted by linking to an article titled "The rape allegation against Julian Assange, explained".

                  • Morrissey

                    He hasn't. This whole bizarre fantasy case is concocted by the U.K. and U.S. secret police.

                    • McFlock

                      Cognitive dissonance, much?

                      If the "bizarre fantasy case" doesn't allege Assange did anything, then there is no case. If it does allege something, there are allegations. So what do you think the "bizarre fantasy case" alleges?

        • Psycho Milt

          He must be crushed that such a renowned psychoanalyst as yourself has made this unflattering diagnosis of his character.

          • Morrissey

            Andre doesn't care, obviously. He's a fanatic.

            • The Al1en

              Wrote the bloke who can't let an incident on TV go from 1983 lol

            • greywarshark

              On nos not Morrissey and McFlock again? Gather round children while all the bad in the world is solved.

              Or you could think about something else. I thought this piece good from Neil Gaiman, who I think has written with Terry Pratchett.


              “Helen is 96 and now lives in Florida. At the end of World War II, Helen and her two sisters wound up in a refugee camp in Southern Europe having fled Poland. Homeless and displaced, they finally ended up in America.

              In Poland, Helen had been smuggled into the Warsaw Ghetto. There was a corpse run every morning, transferring the corpses out of the ghetto and she snuck back in on the returning transport. I think she snuck back out that way, amongst the corpses, too. Inside the ghetto, she started teaching the local girls arithmetic and grammar. At that point in time, books were illegal and there was a death sentence for anyone found possessing one. However, Helen had a Polish translation of Gone with the Wind and she kept it hidden behind a loose brick in the wall. She would stay up late every night reading so that when the girls came in the next day she could tell them what had happened in the chapters she had read the previous night and just for that hour these girls got out of the Warsaw Ghetto and they got to visit the American South.

              Helen’s story – this story – made me realise that what I do is not trivial. If you make up stuff for a living, which is basically what I do, you can feel kind of trivial sometimes but this made me realise that fiction is not just escapism, it can actually be escape, and it’s worth dying for.” – Neil Gaiman

              (From The UN Refugee Agency, Last accessed: Sunday 17th July 2016.)

              Isn't that great. A way to escape and explore for a while, even if just in your mind.

            • Incognito

              I’d suggest that you keep your opinions of other TS commenters reserved for posts on your own blog site. Even better, keep them to yourself and address the points made rather than trying to attack their perceived character flaws.

              • Morrissey

                Fair comment. But why did that scurrilous lie at go without comment by any moderators?

                • Incognito


                  That was a response to another “scurrilous lie” @ 8.1.2, it seems.

                  At the back-end, we read comments in reverse order, most recent first. When I send a signal, I like to think that the most recent ‘violation’ is the most appropriate place and time. I’d also like to think that others read my signal too and take heed. Ignorance is not an excuse.

                  One day, I will lose my patience, go in Lynn-moderation mode, and ban a regular (culprit) for a very long time. His reasoning is starting to sound more compelling to me that the element of surprise will keep everyone on their toes and at good behaviour.

                  Oh, and BTW, there are only a few moderators active here and we all have full-time jobs and busy lives. That is why the site relies on self-moderation by mature adult commenters 😉

                  [lprent: Or I roll the dice and decide that the border is close enough. ]

                • Have you even for a moment considered the possibility that you could avoid all this aggro with moderators by not dumping your personal assessments of other commenters' characters on their blog? It would also reduce the volume of the hostile responses you get from other readers who don't rate your personal opinion as highly as you do.

                  • Morrissey

                    Very good points, well made. However, there's a long established tradition here of "having a go" at one another….


                    Same goes for Mr Brown's site…..


                    • Incognito

                      Fair point, but IMHO you’re conflating “a long established tradition” with ‘bad habits that have crept in over time’. In any case, "having a go" is a euphemism for ‘robust debate’ but not a green light for ‘personal insults and attacks’. Lastly, you may have noticed that moderators have changed here on TS and consequently moderation has too. Change is the only constant 😉

                    • Morrissey

                      Good points well made, Mr. Cognito. Fair play to you!


                    • Incognito []

                      Déjà vu 😉

                    • Sacha

                      Same goes for Mr Brown’s site…

                      That's just a slur. The only long established tradition of "having a go" at one another is in your fanciful characterisation of the conversation on Public Address.

                      You must have linked here to that tired post of yours half a dozen times over the last couple of years. Obsessed much?

                    • greywarshark

                      Morrissey – all seems change, but the eternal is the need to support each other, try to improve, choose to cast aside the hating and those enjoying assaults on each other, verbal, literate, physical. So join in the good and limit the desire to snipe.

                      Neil Simon says it – These are the days of miracles and wonders and don't cry baby don't cry.

                    • Morrissey

                      the need to support each other, try to improve, choose to cast aside the hating and those enjoying assaults on each other, verbal, literate, physical.

                      I'm more than happy to be positive and supportive of my fellow Standardisti, but when they post scurrilous fantasies and black propaganda from the secret police, please don't expect me or anyone else to take it with equanimity. When the people currently heaping the foulest imprecations and calumnies against Julian Assange and the democratically elected leader of Venezuela cease their foul behaviour, we can all get some much needed rest.

                      Until then, my friend, the fight goes on.

                      So join in the good and limit the desire to snipe.

                      Speaking of sniping, we have a couple of creatures on this site who loudly applaud snipers killing or maiming doctors, nurses, journalists, children, and crippled people. What "good" is there in those people?

                    • Incognito []


                      When you have a difference of opinion and cannot agree to disagree, it is best to walk away rather than to attack other commenters personally. Taking aim at public people and off-load a barrage of expletives is one thing, and gets on people’s nerves after a while, but to engage in a willy-waving ball-kicking contest with other commenters is another.

                      Did you see Lynn’s note @ 5:15 PM? I don’t have a dice handy but I can use a random generator any time …

                      Inciting violence is not acceptable and neither is “applauding” it. However, the TS is not the place to fix people’s perceived or real ‘character flaws’. We are interested in robust debate and a bit of banter and can tolerate a little bit of (friendly) jostling and ‘discourage’ behaviour that gets in the way of that; we go as far as necessary …

                    • Morrissey

                      The guys and gals over at Mr Farrar's salon enjoy the occasional "barney" as well….


                  • Incognito


                    • Sacha

                      I'm more than happy to be positive and supportive of my fellow Standardisti, but "

                      As the popular saying goes ..


                    • Morrissey

                      Serious people derive their thoughts and opinions from reading books, conversation, rumination, meditation, listening to learned and worthy people speaking.

                      But Sacha gets hers from a T-shirt.

                    • Incognito []

                      Does it matter what sets a train of thought in motion?

                      If you don’t like the T-shirt, don’t buy it, don’t wear it. Why look down on somebody who does? If they change garment, do you still look down on them?

                      This touches on what I tried to explain in my comment …

                    • "Serious people" don't post pointless, obviously-untrue shit like "Sacha gets hers from a T-shirt."

                    • Incognito []

                      Some “serious people” get their bullshit inspiration from other people’s T-shirts and behold it as the Truth.

        • AklTransport

          a leninesque useful idiot is old Morrissey. Pointing at his reflection calling it the traitor as he pretends he wouldn’t need be on the forefront of the cultural revolutions red guards

    • Kevin 8.2

      Sorry, but CNN is just not a credible news source on pretty much anything.

    • Andre 8.3

      And now the Ecuadorian president that allowed Assange to hide in the embassy confirms they knew about Assange's election fuckery.


      • francesca 8.3.1

        About Correa, from your link

        He says nothing that he hasn't gleaned from newspaper reports .As he said, he's never met the guy, he has nothing to offer as an "insider"

        The complaint that stuff about Trump wasn't published smacks of whataboutism, the charge many like to lay on Russia. The information about Clinton's and the DNC's dishonesty was 100% accurate, and can't be discounted because ..Russia! Trump!

        Never mind that you would rather that info had been suppressed.

        Publishing truthful information is not election fuckery.We're in deep shit if we subscribe to that view.

        CNN published plenty of damning info about Trump , while whitewashing Clinton.

        Did they engage in election fuckery?

        • Morrissey

          CNN published plenty of damning info about Trump , while whitewashing Clinton.

          Did they engage in election fuckery?

          They're certainly engaging in election fuckery now—they're continuing to invest in this ludicrous "Russiagate" fantasy, and virtually ignoring stories of the Trump regime's actual crimes. They're up to their eyeballs in fake news; instead of simply covering the news which alone would damn Trump, they're purveying insane fantasies hatched by the "brains trust" of the DNC—the same people that brought us the Hillary Clinton campaign. No one with a lick of common sense trusts anything on CNN.

        • Psycho Milt

          He says nothing that he hasn't gleaned from newspaper reports.

          Right – I mean, he was just the president of Ecuador at the time, it's not like he'd be allowed to see any reports by Ecuadorian diplomats or anything.

          • francesca

            read for yourself what he actually said .

          • Morrissey

            1980-88: Reagan was President "at the time" his "administration" terrorized Central America.

            1984-9: Lange was P.M. "at the time" his cronies Douglas, Prebble, De Cleene, and Moore were tearing our institutions apart.

            2000-08: George W. was President "at the time" the U.S. raped Iraq and Afghanistan.

            2016-present: Trump is president.

            Did and do ANY of the above have a fucking clue what was/is happening under their watch?

  8. Andre 9

    Dreaming about a car that's solely powered by solar panels on the car's body? It's doable, if you live somewhere sunny and only want to do less than 50km/day.


  9. greywarshark 10

    An information piece by Anne Salmond (with concerns about NZ effort to plant tonnes of trees) on Newsroom was spotted by Save NZ who put it up on The Daily Blog. I am spreading it further as Robert G and WtB will be interested.

    As I learned recently from forestry experts in Germany, these are not the only factors affecting the future of plantation forestry. Recent articles in Nature and Science strongly advocate growing trees as an effective way to tackle climate change, but point out that on average, natural forests sequester forty times more carbon than plantation forests.

    According to the author of one of these studies, "There is a scandal here. To most people forest restoration means bringing back natural forests, but policy makers are calling vast monocultures 'forest restoration'. And worse, the advertised climate benefits are absent."


    • Kevin 10.1

      The policy makers just see the trees as something to be cut down at a later date to make money off.

      • greywarshark 10.1.1

        Are you sure about that Kevin – I think they have a bigger capacity of understanding than that – even if it could be better.

    • gsays 10.2

      Hi Grey, here is a fascinating item from RNZ, about Hugh Wilson who, 30years ago, decided to work with nature and used gorse as a shelter plant for the restoration of 10's of thousands of hectares of native forest.

      He is of the opinion that the regrowth happens quicker than 'managed' forest plantings.


      • greywarshark 10.2.1

        I had glanced at that and wondered about the difference that gorse can make, it was always such a no-no especially when you stood on it. Perhaps it would be good as a co-plant with honey producing manuka. The thieves for hives would have to suffer for their dishonesty, it might put them off, and be good for the soil too. The bees would likely not be affected.

  10. greywarshark 11

    Corbyn has been attacked on antisemitism by Labour Lords protecting the brand no doubt. He really has to get off the pot if he isn't going to do anything dramatic – or another cliche' – might as well be hanged for a sheep as for a lamb!


    Boorish Johnson feels Corbyn enables him to shine apparently. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/conservative-leadership-race-boris-johnson-plans-early-election-to-hit-corbyn-h7d0rq090



    https://www.ft.com/content/89bff8c8-95dd-11e9-9573-ee5cbb98ed36 What the UK’s ‘left-behind’ areas want after Brexit

    Anand Menon, director of The UK in a Changing Europe, said politicians could only find policies to heal the country’s Brexit divisions if they know what caused them. He added that the UK’s planned departure from the EU was a rare chance to re-examine the laissez faire economic model Britain has adopted since the 1980s. “We have a unique moment in British politics,” said Prof Menon. “Anything is possible.”

    This is an interesting report and readers are asked to support the work.

    • Gabby 11.1

      It'd be helpful to see some specific examples of this antisemitism a bit more recent than Ken Livingston, that aren't just Labour disagreeing that they're antisemitic.

      • greywarshark 11.1.1

        I feel that the antisemitic thing is puzzling and rather amorphous? There seems the same sort of logic behind it as in the old joke about the kid told by his mother to wash behind his ears who replied, 'How can they be dirty when they are so far off the ground'. I feel that people who are assiduous at unearthing antisemitism wherever it is lurking, will find some dirt wherever they look, by hook or by crook.

        • Morrissey

          I feel that people who are assiduous at unearthing antisemitism wherever it is lurking, will find some dirt wherever they look, by hook or by crook.

      • Morrissey 11.1.2

        How is Ken Livingston anti-Semitic?

  11. Morrissey 12

    Just like NewstalkZB, Magic Talk is an outlet for racist bilge and pernicious nonsense. (Magic Talk, Monday 8 July 2019, 10:20 a.m.)

    Peter Williams always cut a rather ridiculous and awkward figure on television. When he was a young sports broadcaster he was embarrassingly callow and loud, trying and failing to trade witticisms in the broadcast booth with, of all people, Henry Blofeld. But that could be forgiven; other cricket commentators, like John "Mystery" Morrison, also came across as stumble-tongued bumpkins compared to the incomparable "Blowers."

    Less forgivable was Williams's insensitivity and lack of common sense, as well as his brassplated bumptiousness and insensitivity. These unfortunate traits are memorably illustrated by two incidents, equally disastrous, but separated by more than fifteen years. The first, showing his insensitivity and lack of common sense, was in 1983. Williams, from the studio in Wellington, fronted what was supposed to be a live broadcast from the World Rowing Championships in Germany. He started the broadcast in his usual voluble manner, chattering as the satellite feed was being teed up. Then the rowing broadcast began—except it wasn't the rowing, it was a telecast of an American college basketball game. Sports fans all over the nation sat up straight with excitement and incredulity—in 1983, our coverage of U.S. sports was virtually non-existent, and this was like manna from heaven. The basketball game continued, unbelievably, for several minutes.

    But then something horrible and stupid happened. The basketball game was suddenly gone, and Peter Williams's grinning physog filled the screen. He was snorting with a mixture of amusement and mortification. This is what he said: "Ahhhh, it looks like there's been a MISTAKE! We WERE going to bring you the World Rowing Championships from Duisburg, but—ha ha ha!—it looks like we've inadvertently booked the WRONG satellite and we've got a COLLEGE BASKETBALL GAME from the United States instead! Ha ha ha! So while our technicians get that SORTED, in the meantime I'll just talk to you and go over a few of the New Zealand prospects for the rowing! Ha ha ha! Well…." This playing for time continued for what seemed like several minutes. All over the nation, no doubt, people were screaming at their television sets: "Get that fucking idiot off, and put the fucking BASKETBALL back on! That fucking clueless fucking MORON!"

    At any rate, that's what the situation was at Chez Breen. After several minutes of preventing sports fans from seeing the basketball, Williams touched his earpiece and said: "Oh! Apparently we have received many, many phone calls from our viewers, and you're telling us that you want to see the basketball, and not listen to me talking! All right then…." Mercifully, viewers were spared any more of Williams and they were allowed to watch the rest of the basketball unmolested by nincompoops.

    For a mortifying example of his bumptiousness and insensitivity, we will fast forward a decade and a half, to the late 1990s. Williams, for some obscure and hellish reason, had been appointed as the "Australian correspondent" for Television One. Now, that's a position that requires someone with "people skills." Even if you do what most of these "correspondents" do, and just ask a few questions of the odd celebrity passing through the airport, you still have to establish at least a modicum of rapport with that celebrity. Williams, who since his early days as a grinning sports guy, had developed into a sour, surly, taciturn grouch, seemed like precisely the last person you'd appoint to the position. Predictably enough, he proved to be even worse in that role than Jack Tame was a few years later as One's "U.S. correspondent". [1] In his short-lived career in Sydney, Williams sent in interview after interview where the subjects winced, frowned, and stared in frustrated wonderment at the questions he put to them. Williams seemed to rub nearly everyone up the wrong way; it's obviously a lot harder conducting an interview than it looks.

    The short career as an "Australian correspondent" of this anti-Larry King came to a screeching halt after his catastrophic interview—at Kingsford Smith Airport, naturally—of the supermodel Cindy Crawford. The atmosphere in the room was wrong from the very beginning: Cindy Crawford frowned a couple of times as he asked her highly personal and inappropriate questions, which some mischievous staffer had obviously given to him. But he never took the hint, never divined that she was getting impatient and, eventually, angry. She became extremely agitated and actually ended up shouting her disapproval of his questions, and looking desperately off camera for someone to save her. Cruelly, someone at Television One made the decision to go ahead and screen that abortion. Within weeks, Williams was back in New Zealand and someone else had been appointed to the vital role of sitting in Australian airports waiting to accost a celebrity.

    Williams eventually was re-installed as a TV newsreader, where he developed something of a cult following for his Gloomy Gus countenance and his dependably sour, and inexpert, takes on whatever topic took his fancy. In the lead-up up to the 2015 Rugby World Cup, after an item about Ma'a Nonu struggling to find his form, Williams scowled and snarled in a stage whisper: "Get RID of him!" He continued his one-man campaign of denigration and belittlement for months, then lapsed into silence after Nonu made the All Black squad and ended up being the outstanding player of the entire tournament.

    Recently, Williams ended his career as Television One's resident curmudgeon and took up a position as a grouch on the pisspoor chat station MagicTalk. Predictably, he's been as awful as people feared: his political opinions are on the Leighton Smith end of the spectrum, and he's still exhibiting a lack of nous about sports—providing a platform for and encouraging the hopeless "Man in the Stand", who sufferers of Radio Sport a generation ago will not be happy to learn is still polluting the airwaves. [2]

    Last Monday, July 8th, Williams had the perfect program set up for the morning: a "discussion" (I use the word loosely) about a TVNZ1 program from the previous evening, entitled That's a Bit Racist. Williams informed his listeners that he had not actually seen the program because he had been traveling at the time of broadcast.

    For the first hour, Williams took calls from mean and twisted individuals who were outraged at the premiss of the program—the very idea that we are a racist society! They expressed support for poor, beleaguered, saintly Don Brash, a man hated by the "P.C. crowd" simply because he "has the courage to tell the truth." Several callers took advantage of yet another opportunity to castigate Maori for abusing children.

    However, at 10:20 a.m. the stream of ridicule and abuse of Maori was interrupted. A caller named Dion pointed out that Pakeha also abuse children, but it's always Maori that are emphasized in the media, and by nasty politicians like Don Brash.

    PETER WILLIAMS: Oh, I'm sure, Dion, that if a Pakeha killed a child, it would be ROBUSTLY covered. The media are always concerned about the victim first, and then the perpetrator.

    After seeing off Dion, the next caller was "Stephen", and the program was back on track….

    STEPHEN: I watched that program for five minutes. Don Brash was on, and yes, what they showed of him, it did make him look like a racist, but they didn't show EVERYTHING he said.

    PETER WILLIAMS: The Stuff review I read described him as a "racist". That's a LUDICROUS way to describe one of our leading thinkers.

    At 10:40 a Denise L'Estrange-Corbet soundalike rang in and bellowed: "Don Brash tells the truth! Maori seats are JUST LIKE APARTHEID! And that Jack Tame said this morning that he was "ashamed" that the Crusaders didn't announce after the Super Rugby final on Saturday night that they would change their name.

    PETER WILLIAMS: [grimly] I wouldn't pay too much attention to anything THAT particular person says. ….

    ad nauseam.

    As bad as this was, things only got worse in the afternoon. The host was…. Sean Plunket.

    [1] https://morrisseybreen.blogspot.com/2018/01/jack-tame-emotes-after-newtown.html

    [2] https://morrisseybreen.blogspot.com/2019/05/one-of-most-hapless-talk-radio-tragics.html

  12. greywarshark 13

    Three men went out for the day in a ute that got trapped in a river. They had a nine-year old boy with them. The three men got out and the boy was drowned. They were in charge of a minor. Are they up for manslaughter or at least wilful neglect. Women are charged when children in their care get harmed. These men should have read the website with precautionary information and known it was "only recommended for experienced parties with suitable vehicles". And that may not have applied as it was a flooded river. Strong, outdoor men should have had the ability to save that young boy. If they weren't strong or outdoor-experienced men then they should not have even started, wilfully irresponsible and neglectful.

    (There were three flood-related calls for help for the Canterbury Westpac helicopter on Sunday 14/7 alone. The third incident was when two men got stuck in the middle of a river, plus one other who had tried to help them out.

    I wonder how many men cause callouts for emergencies while they are out there in the wild? It wouldn't do to reduce our community services for them, as much as we have limited our care for pregnant mothers who are very vulnerable with spasms, contractions and pain and the baby-to-be needing care as well.)

    [TheStandard: A moderator moved this comment to Open Mike as being off topic or irrelevant in the post it was made in. Be more careful in future.]

    • Incognito 13.1

      This is a tragic story about yet another preventable death of a child.

      How does it relate to the post? I’m inclined to move this to OM unless you can explain.

  13. Gabby 14

    Jesus Christ morpissey,


    You really need to get a grip.

    • Morrissey 14.1

      Don't forget the crucial factor in that traumatic episode: FUCKING PETER fucking WILLIAMS.

  14. Muttonbird 15

    I see this disgraceful animal is hiding from the law. There's more than a little evidence he's still writing for Whaleoil yet his family claims he can't show up to court because, "he had to be isolated from stress".

    Perhaps the shit-stain should have thought of that before peddling the misery he did. Let's not forget this is one of John Key's best mates…


    Frankly, I don’t think he’s unwell at all, apart from being sick in the head, but that was always so.

    • Anne 15.1

      Let's not forget this is one of John Key's best mates…

      Not best mates since "Dirty Politics". Key disentangled himself from Slater while at the same time claiming the book was “all lies” and the media stayed mute. It was just before the 2014 election.

      There is a book to be written about the part the media – and certain National Party luminaries – played in assisting Slater and co. to cause so much political and personal upheaval in this country. It was as if the journalists had collectively descended into hysterical mode and they were fawning over him like he was some kind of anointed political god. Even a former SIS Director got into the act at one point.

      It was a disgraceful period in our political history and it's no coincidence it began soon after Key became PM and ended soon after he left office.

      • Muttonbird 15.1.1

        Those were the days!

        Yes, the media themselves were entangled with Slater because they relied on him for stories, and he got them on a direct line from the highest levels of government.

        It should also be remembered that the ponytail pulling happened about six months after Dirty Politics so Key learned nothing.

        The fallout from the ponytail pulling eventually forcing him to resign.

      • greywarshark 15.1.2

        If he was to be a god or an acolyte who anointed him – Michelle Boag? I had an uneasy feeling in a recent image of her looking squarely at the camera between two Mayoral hopefuls, great shot of her like a self-contained spring.

        • Anne

          If he was to be a god or an acolyte who anointed him – Michelle Boag?

          Good grief no. Michelle Boag was an enemy of Slater's from day one. She was never forgiven by Slater junior for ousting his father, Slater senior from the presidency of the National Party back in the 1990s.

      • Gabby 15.1.3

        Maybe just a quiet 'leave Fatcambo alone, or no free lunches for you' kind of thing.

  15. francesca 16

    America spreading a good old dose of democracy and freedom via ticks

    How to weaponise nature


    • greywarshark 16.1

      Please God send down an angel from above to your benighted people in the USA who have bowed to Mammon and the golden calf, and taken to themselves your Old Testament, which you hoped to revise, and now want to send disease and pestilence on whomever transgresses against their august plans or happens to be in the way of the righteous.

      • Gabby 16.1.1

        They're more the wolf coming down on the fold greysie, the cities of the plains an all that.

  16. Eco maori 17

    Some Eco Maori music for the minute.

  17. Eco maori 18

    Some Eco Maori music for the minute.

    Still getting a off grid TV going for Eco Maori posting

  18. Eco maori 19

    Kia ora Newshub.

    That was a big explosion in Christchurch.

    Cleo that young fella is a idiot chasing that Chinese family around and terrorising them.

    The Australian government is saving heaps of money by deporting anyone who's was born in Aotearoa and trained as a criminal in Australia it the usual the big bully tipical Neanderthals

    trump will play ang card to con his supporters even if he puts other people lives in danger Ka kite ano

  19. Eco maori 20

    Kia ora Te Ao Maori News.

    It would be cool if the Maori Wardens got more funding for the great mahi they do in Maori communities.

    Kia ora Mike Smith I tried to take the JUSTICE system to court but can't find a lawyer to represent Eco Maori. I will file my own court actions.

    Tupapa story telling the story about turanga the plarks should be respected it's good to have the true story of turanga and Te Tairawhiti .

    Got the genny going and the sky dish turned into to watch Te Ao Maori News and Newshub the solar system is coming courier delivery services seems to always take 5 days to deliver Eco Maori goods I wonder why thank for the mana sandflys they still don't get It ka kite ano

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  • PM congratulates Queen’s Birthday Honours recipients
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  • Change of status for Rangiriri kura
    A change of status for Te Kura o Rangiriri sees it become a designated character school within the Māori-medium network, Associate Minister of Education Kelvin Davis announced today. “This kura has been providing Māori immersion learning since 2003 in the historic town of Rangiriri, so I’m delighted that it is ...
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  • Further consultation for Melville schools
    Formal consultation is set to begin on specific options for the future of schooling in South West Hamilton, Education Minister Chris Hipkins says. “Recent engagement has shown that the schools and community want a change to Year 7-13 schooling for the area.  “I am now asking the Boards of Melville ...
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  • Primary schoolkids dig trees for Arbor Day
    A new Arbor Day initiative announced by Forestry Minister Stuart Nash will see thousands of primary school children get the chance to plant native trees in their communities. The initiative is open to more than 2,400 primary schools. It is a partnership between Te Uru Rākau/NZ Forest Service and the ...
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  • NZ Upgrade Programme kept on track
    The Government is increasing its investment in the New Zealand Upgrade Programme (NZUP) to support New Zealand’s economic recovery. Over two thirds of the projects will proceed as announced despite increased costs due to COVID, with modifications being made to others. “NZUP is already supporting over 1,000 jobs with 13 ...
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    1 week ago
  • New Northern Pathway gets green light
    The Government is committed to the Northern Pathway with its preferred option being a separate structure for walking and cycling alongside the Auckland Harbour Bridge, Transport Minister Michael Wood announced today. Geotechnical investigations and testing has determined that building a structure connected to the Auckland Harbour Bridge is not possible ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    1 week ago
  • Quarantine Free Travel pause with Victoria to continue, planning underway for managed return flights
    Following the Victorian Government’s decision to extend their lockdown restrictions,  New Zealand’s Quarantine Free Travel pause with Victoria will also be extended for a further six days, with a further review due on Wednesday 9 June, COVID-19 Response Minister Chris Hipkins says. I acknowledge this extension will cause further inconvenience ...
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    1 week ago