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Open mike 29/05/2016

Written By: - Date published: 6:00 am, May 29th, 2016 - 75 comments
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75 comments on “Open mike 29/05/2016 ”

  1. Paul 1

    Another day in John Key’s neo-liberal nightmare.
    We have become a cruel, ugly and selfish nation under his wretched leadership.

    ‘Schools lose half their students as poverty forces families to move.

    Children living in poverty are shifting schools up to six times a year – or worse, being pulled from class altogether – as the housing crisis cuts into kids’ education.
    A total of 3785 students moved schools two or more times in 2015, according to the latest transient figures from the Ministry of Education.
    This included 11 students who moved schools five or six times in a year and 68 students who moved four times.
    Principals say rising rents and over-crowded housing are contributing to the problem, with parents moving multiple times each year in search of an affordable home.’


  2. Tory 2

    Since most here no doubt don’t pay for the NBR, here is the WO link to Matthew Hootens article on your comrade leader Little.
    While the socialists and communists from here will no doubt wish to eviscerate Matthew, he hits the nail on the head with Little.

    • Pat 2.1

      yep Hooten (and his paymasters) are showing all the signs of panic…treasury benches slipping away….and note the NBR’s circulation has further declined to an ANC of less than 5800.

      • James 2.1.1

        yep. Still polling in the mid to high 40’s.

        Labour polling in the 20’s

        Little only third in preferred PM stakes

        Little personal polling at 8.9%

        National must be quaking in their boots.

        • Pat

          “yep. Still polling in the mid to high 40’s.”

          and as your friend M.Hooten kindly points out Nationals declining polls are in the face of an incompetent strategy and a struggling leader…..who can only improve.

          these posts scream confidence….not.

        • Paul

          Another man comfortable with the levels of homelessness we have in this first world country.

        • Bearded Git

          45% and Key is gone James, and the Gnats are polling roughly 46% on poll of polls…looking distinctly shaky.

          • James

            Thats interesting. Winston confirmed hes going with Greens / Labour has he?

    • One Anonymous Bloke 2.2

      Given that having allegedly read his article, you can’t spell his name right, how can anyone trust your analysis? Not to mention him being a right wing propagandist who lies for money, and you being a parrot without a single original idea of your own.

      Linking to Failoil? Lame.

    • Paul 2.3

      Tory……..someone who defends homelessness.

    • North 2.4

      Hits the nail on the head, like this from Tory’s love interest ?


    • ianmac 2.5

      Wouldn’t it be loverly if Hooton put on a Little spin and applied it to Key. So easy to interpret Little’s words any way you like and if you were an ACT activist what else could you do? No way could Hooton speak well of Andrew’s words.

    • Whateva Next 2.6

      thanks for the link, but akshully, W.O’s opinion is less than nothing to me.

    • Anne 2.7

      Okay, so anyone in Tory’s severely limited world who shows an ounce of empathy for the poor and dispossessed is a Communist? I thought that line of paranoid, idiotic ‘thought process’ disappeared with the Cold War 25+years ago. What a sad dinosaur you are Tory.

      • Paul 2.7.1

        Repeat after me…..

        “There is no alternative
        The market will sort it out
        Trickle down works
        There is no such thing as society.”

        “There is no alternative
        The market will sort it out
        Trickle down works
        There is no such thing as society.”

        “There is no alternative
        The market will sort it out
        Trickle down works
        There is no such thing as society.”

    • Gabby 2.8

      I notice Ponyboy has been pushing the Noone likes Andy line – is this the attack plan, tooly?

    • Halfcrown 2.9

      Ah Comrade Tory, I have just got up from my commie proletariat bed and saw your post.

      “Since most here no doubt don’t pay for the NBR,”

      You are so right comrade, I for one “no doubt don’t pay for the NBR,” as I sooner spend your money on real shit house paper.
      Thank you for the info to visit the Bourgeoisie sewer. Thanks but no thanks as I will get my info from the Daily Worker. However, enjoy your wallow in the filth in the Bourgeoisie sewer.

    • Mr Scooter 2.10

      Like we would believe what Hooten, a craven little boot licking Uriah Heep has to say on anything other than facts, and even those he massages to give as much credit to his beloved National party. All he wants to do is spread gloom and despondency.

    • Outdoor 2.11

      Yes it would be 15-20 years since I last paid for the NBR. After getting it for a few years I noticed nothing apart from the names changed, It was just buying & selling with some upper class gossip. If you wanted to know about the rich getting richer it was the paper to get but totally failed in having any ideas to improve the economy for working people.

  3. Andre 3

    Anyone hoping for the Trump-Sanders debate will just have to make do with…


  4. North 4

    Q + A just now – Corin Dann in what looked like a planned attack on Grant Robertson. In the style of a hostile, irritated, talking-over, telling off for the perceived temerity of questioning the government. Immediately following English being allowed an unquestioned insistence that things are pretty much OK in NZ. Corin Dann is a prostitute for continued international travel with the PM.

    • Paul 4.1

      The media is corrupt.
      Follow the money.

    • Foreign waka 4.2

      North, I watched it but did not have the perception that you had. In fact Mr English was given enough rope to hang himself in a rhetorical sense.
      Far more concerning the chap from the EMA. His views might have signaled in places the good ol NZ from the past but on a whole he was pretty much supportive of what Mr English is proposing; basically doing nothing or do away with democracy. Is he serious? A small country, dependent on foreign trade, innovation from within trying to make it against markets that can choose from a population of many more millions talent and funds? Really?
      Mr Robertson unfortunately does not look very professional, and yes, as a voter I want to have confidence in the person looking after my affairs without childish interludes.
      Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results.

      • Colonial Viper 4.2.1

        Grant has always thought his mates in the media would look after him.

  5. greywarshark 5

    Winnie giving heads up on radionz to the lack of cash for rail in the regions, saying that most of the vaunted investment of billions for rail over the years, has gone to the main centres.

    • gsays 5.1

      it was heartening to hear winston speak in defence of rail,
      criticize government,
      allude to lobbyists
      and criticze priorities in roading spending.

      in one eloquent paragraph.

  6. ianmac 6

    Neighbourly. Listening to Media this morning and they talked about http://www.neighbourly.co.nz which may be a new news/discussion site localised to your immediate area and town/suburb. Takes a lot of pages to be verified but my jury is still considering. Lost and found. For sale. Poll. News.
    Anyone done that been there?

    • vto 6.1

      they keep approaching us

      don’t trust it

      don’t see no benefit in it

      just another websilly

      • dv 6.1.1

        Great for finding lost cats.

        • vto


          and that pretty much sums up the value of such time-wasting websillies


          • Maz

            After advertising for a cleaner one person stated the days they would be home. In other words, the other days, you can come and help yourself to my home.

        • ianmac

          Neighbourly: Realised that it is classified, lost and found, For sale, free, meetings etc. Worth a look in view of the changing nature of newspapers in digital age.

          • gsays

            hi ianmac,
            “changing nature of newspapers in digital age.”
            hrrmph…i have a whinge about this recently.
            the feilding herald has been folded in with the rangitikei local rag.

            talking with folk from marton and we had the same response:
            “more real estate ads from out of the area and stories about events/folk and we don’t know”

            i reckon the ground is fertile for a true local, not for profit ‘rag’.
            lots of photos.
            digital and a dead tree version.
            (how the paper version is funded, i am not sure. not by real estate ads anyhow.)

          • mac1

            “changing nature of newspapers in digital age” Ianmac, it was predicted by a top of the South Island newspaperman that the Marlborough Express and the Nelson Mail would be replaced in a year by the ChCh Press with a four page local insert for Nelson or Marlborough news. I’m not sure about the freebies whether they will continue, but they are likely to.

            • ianmac

              I think that it will be bigger than that Mac1. It is possible that all the Fairfax papers will be amalagmated into one large South Island paper with a page or so dedicated to each town/district local news. Pity I like the Marlborough Express..

        • mauī

          Great for finding lost cats.

          😆 I see that a lot on there, people losing their cat every day! Who would want to be the wildlife in urban areas…

          I think the site is a good way to pretend you still have a community when you’ve lost most of it. You can text your neighbour rather than meet them in person. In saying that it’s still a good online community noticeboard. I also heard its funded by Fairfax and I’ve noticed posts from the local newspaper on there weighing in on the flag debate and such. I think there will be increasing right-wing creep coming into it.

    • greywarshark 6.2

      Neighbourly thoughts?
      More info on self and locals. Like home-(neighbour)-schooling. Less info about realities out there and the wider world. Comfortable, nice, like-minded people talking, sharing together. And the media guiding the doings, having its finger in every pie.
      Some use, but assisting conformity somehow.

  7. save nz 7

    US is now desperate and bribing governments to join the worst trade agreement in history..

    U.S. offers $30 million to help Vietnam implement TPP


  8. save nz 8

    WARNING: The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) threatens to extend restrictive intellectual property (IP) laws across the globe and rewrite international rules on its enforcement.

    POTENTIAL for CRIMINALIZATION OF DISSENT: The TPP’s IP provisions would adopt “criminal sanctions for copyright infringement that is done without commercial motivation. Users could be jailed or hit with debilitating fines over file sharing, and may have their property or domains seized or destroyed even without a formal complaint from the copyright holder.”

    “The IP chapter would have extensive negative ramifications for users’ freedom of expression, right to privacy and due process, as well as hindering peoples’ abilities to innovate.”


  9. Paul 9

    Tourism destroying our country’s infrastructure and environment.
    We could learn lessons from Costa Rica and Bhutan.

    Ah, no that’s couldn’t be right……

    “There is no alternative
    The market will sort it out
    Trickle down works
    There is no such thing as society.”



    • ianmac 9.1

      “Despite being open to foreigners, the government is acutely aware of the environmental impact tourists can have on Bhutan’s unique and virtually unspoiled landscape and culture. Therefore, they have restricted the level of tourist activity from the start, preferring higher quality tourism.”
      Hear! Hear!

  10. dv 10

    So the infrastructure for the new build in going to cost 17Billion.
    TO be borne by the auckland rate payers.

    There are about 500, 000 rate payers

    Say amortise the 17 billion over 20 years.

    That is an average extra rate cost per rate payer of $1,700 per year

    WOW that must please Aucklanders.

  11. greywarshark 11

    What is the connection between a NZ chef, Sweden and school lunches? This is an indication of how innovative we could be in NZ if people in power could turn the switch that at present keeps the hatch cover on it.

    Listen to Radionz now – starts about 11.30 a.m. and has video .

    11:30 Lyndon McLeod – The Swedish School Lunch Revolution

    School kids in the Swedish town of Gislaved regularly enjoy a rosemary-scented lamb stew that awarding winning Kiwi-born chef Lyndon McLeod learnt in his nana’s kitchen in Kaitangata, South Otago.In Sweden, school pupils receive a cooked lunch at school every day. The Gisle School Restaurant, which McLeod heads up, serves 1400 portions a day. Children can choose from two main courses, soup of the day, freshly baked bread and a salad buffet.

  12. Sirenia 12

    The latest Michael Moore movie called Where to Invade next has a great scene about school lunches in France. Even in the poorest districts a sit down cooked lunch with several courses, real crockery, good quality food.

    • ianmac 12.1

      And why not in NZ?

      • vto 12.1.1

        because children should learn how to survive in the free market

        . . . .

        New Zealanders: Neanderthals since 1984

        (actually, betcha Neanderthals looked after their own unlike us)

        • Kiwiri

          yeah, and because “user pays” and individual responsibility.
          if users and consumers can’t pay, it is their own fault.

    • millsy 12.2

      School lunches are not just about feeding children. They are about social solidarity, and doing things together. Where the children of doctors, lawyers, cleaners, checkout, operators, gang members and socialites can sit down together, all class boundaries eliminated to enjoy a meal.

      It’s probably the main reason why this is opposed by so many on the right. They cannot stand social solidarity.

      • Mr Scooter 12.2.1

        You are joking, aren’t you? Lawyers, doctors and socialites don’t send their children to the same kinds of schools that the children of cleaners, checkout operators and gang members go to. They can afford to live in the higher decile areas, or they send them to boarding schools.
        What la la world are you in?

    • mac1 12.3

      Japan has similar. A well-planned, dietarily sound, tasty lunch of about 700 calories served by the students in each class room, teacher included, at what seemed low cost. I was served three such meals while in Japan a few years ago. Tough on the teacher, though, as they seemed to have very little breaks from their students. Good idea, though, with good food and the kids cleaned up after themselves and cleaned the classroom while they were at it. Good skills, good socialisation and no-one was ‘too good” to be a cleaner.

  13. greywarshark 13

    Another Radionz piece that has big ramifications for us all.
    Empathy in medicine. Interesting how it soothes the human spirit or soul and helps with better outcomes and less pain relief needed and so on. Dr Youngson is part of a compassionate healthcare movement. This sounds as if might be relating to hospice care, but all patient care of all ages and types.

    Also the interviewee, an anaethetist, says that the approach to medicine has been that the human body works like a machine, and that medical care is fixing the broken machine. He says that most young people going into medicine start off with ideals but that the system tends to brutalise them.

    He talks about research into genes, and that they are changing constantly apparently, and alter depending on what one does, a walk, a period of meditation were examples he gave that people might do, and changes in genes would show up in some way or some test. Fascinating, and possibly society changing.
    http://www.radionz.co.nz/audio/player/201802486 21.28 min

    11:05 Dr Robin Youngson – The Importance of being Empathetic
    If you’ve ever had a doctor who could do with brushing up their bedside manner – then you won’t want to miss this interview with Dr Robin Youngson. He’s an anaesthetist by trade but is also a leader in the compassionate healthcare movement and his research shows that patients who have an empathetic doctor have better healthcare outcomes than those who don’t.
    Robin Youngson is the author of the book Time to Care – How to Love Your Patients and Your Job and he’s aiming to put the heart back into healthcare.

    • Incognito 13.1

      I think you might like this The Buddhist and the Neuroscientist.

    • Molly 13.2

      I have a friend who has just attended a complaints hearing for an Auckland hospital.

      When she arrived for scheduled surgery, the admittance clerk/nurse told her there were no beds available (as if she was responsible). In the end, after the pre-op check, the porter took her on a stretcher and left her outside the surgery.

      She was there for three hours. During this time, she could hear the surgical team talking during the preceding patient’s operation.

      She was appalled to hear the surgeon make reference to the weight and general appearance of the patient. Even more disconcertingly, the chorus of titters and laughs from the rest of the surgical team. No one censured this conversation.

      IIRC, there have been studies in the past that shows that outcomes can be influenced by the surgical teams conversations while the patient is under anaesthetic. Despite that, it shows a callousness and a toxic environment for both patients and staff if this is the norm.

  14. greywarshark 14

    MinPrimaryIndignities has decided that fishing industry catches need oversight and has given the job to one of the main businesses. Completely fair and objective,
    full and fearless reporting on the matter. hahahahahahahahahaha

    We are so wilfully blind of government’s malpractices, that as long as politicians don’t go naked to Parliament, we don’t notice anything.

    • whateva next? 14.1

      Applies over and over again since this lot of crooks got power….

      “We are so wilfully blind of government’s malpractices, that as long as politicians don’t go naked to Parliament, we don’t notice anything.”

      I love it, you have summed it up there greywarshark, have to say it would be pretty hard to stomach if National’s caucus turned up naked though.

      • greywarshark 14.1.1

        whateva next?
        You turn out a nice pun. Nakedness pretty hard to stomach. I like it, lord knows I often need a smile or laugh. Keep up the skills!

  15. weka 15

    There’s been some awesome and radical activism happening from people with autism in recent times, a lot of it insisting that autistic people know what is best for them (which is a pretty basic human right). Here’s a comic strip explaining that the autism spectrum isn’t a line but a colour wheel,

    Rebecca Burgess sees a problem with the way many people perceive the autism spectrum. Her resolution? The comic below. The Tumblr user debuted “Understanding the Spectrum” (below), which gets rid of the linear autism spectrum image (i.e. you’re either “not autistic, “very autistic” or somewhere in between) and replaces it with a round spectrum full of several traits or ways the brain processes information.

    “I want people to understand that autistic people don’t all fit a stereotype, and show people the consequences of stereotyping,” Burgess, from the U.K., told The Mighty in an email. “[Stereotyping leads to] underestimating the skills of autistic people or not believing someone [who is on the spectrum].”


    • ianmac 15.1

      And possibly because of the round spectrum we can be rewarded with wonderful original thought. We average people are taught to think in linear ways and yet some ideas are beyond linear.

      • weka 15.1.1

        Yes! And we could apply the wheel instead of the line to many things eg IQ.

  16. Paul 16

    Another powerful cartoon by Sharon Murdoch.
    ‘The ghosts in our machine.’


    • greywarshark 16.1

      Thanks for heads up. What a great satirist. Paula has had very good dental work, and we use that image of her teeth set up like a portcullis gate. And Nick’s rather undefined face is really good. I do admire these arty people and their ability.
      If one turned round the line to The Machine in our Ghosts – I wonder what a brainstorm could come up with? Just a thinking exercise.

      Portcullis | Define Portcullis at Dictionary.com
      Portcullis definition, (especially in medieval castles) a strong grating, as of iron, made to slide along vertical grooves at the sides of a gateway of a fortified place …

  17. Sacha 17

    @lprent – headings in sidebar Feeds are linking to author avatars where those are the thumbnail, rather than to posts.

  18. Paul 19

    Principals struggling to fill teaching positions have resorted to buying houses for staff as a last ditch attempt to offset the impact of the housing crisis.


    • Colonial Viper 19.1

      in the old days the Ministry always provided teachers with housing

  19. joe90 21

    Thin skinned bully has a whinge.


    In what the Wall Street Journal characterized as an “extended tirade,” Trump spent 12 minutes of his 58-minute speech focused on the case and the California judge who will hear it.

    “I have a judge who is a hater of Donald Trump, a hater. He’s a hater. His name is Gonzalo Curiel,” Trump told the crowd. “I think Judge Curiel should be ashamed of himself.”

    Trump told his supporters he believes Judge Curiel should be removed from the case, citing the fact that Curiel was appointed to the bench by President Obama. Trump also said he believes Curiel is “Mexican.” The crowd — which had previously shouted “build that wall” — booed loudly.


  20. Paul 23

    Opinion: Auckland’s housing market is broken and it’s a lie to deny it

    I’m so sick of the dishonesty in this argument.
    The lies. The short-sightedness. The incompetency.
    Younger generations are having their chance of home ownership snatched away, and those who have let it happen are doing bugger-all.
    Too many critics choose to focus on the perceived failings and unrealistic expectations of those trying to enter the market, rather than acknowledging the teetering Ponzi scheme that is the New Zealand housing market.
    The average Auckland house price is now 10 times the median household income. Two decades ago it was four-to-five times median household income.
    Don’t tell me it was just as hard to buy a house 50 years ago as it is today. The stats prove you plainly wrong.
    For a start, there were low-interest Government loans not so long ago. By 1954 state home loans accounted for 34 percent of all new-home mortgages. By 1966 home ownership had risen to 69 percent. Clearly, houses were affordable, and there were enough of them.
    What’s changed? According to economist Shamubeel Eaqub, by 2001 just 61 percent of New Zealanders in their late 30s owned homes. By 2013, that had dropped to 50 percent. Eaqub says if house prices keep rising at expected rates, mortgage repayments will be more than the average income within seven years.
    Why is an entire generation being shut out of the housing market? Did all those people suddenly up their expectations? Or was it because supply dried up, and house prices started rocketing?
    Auckland needs 13,000 houses a year, for the next 30 years. We’re currently building about 8,000. By 2018, it’s estimated the shortfall could rise to 25,000 homes.
    Anyone denying it’s now harder to buy a house is lying, stupid, or quite possibly both.’


  21. Reddelusion 24

    don’t distort the market by restricting land problem solved, albeit not immediately, see Christchurch house prices flat as land increases and rules around deversity relaxed , One thing I do think the government does need to stand up and take on the chin is not realising or failing to act knowing distortion was going on in Auckland in regard to land and still allowing record immigration, likewsie not ensuring infrastructure ahead of the game. The former a big issue if aucklands urban boundaries are simply expanded willy nilly, likewise use of prime agricultural land

  22. Once was Tim 25

    Don’t you just lerrrrrrv that “Brighter Future”?
    I just took a constitutional from Courtenay Place to half way down Williis Street in Wellington.

    Just on one side of the road ….. 8 new faces of the homeless in various nooks and crannies (2 in the Opera House, 2 in and around Reading Cinemas, and the remainder in little enclaves where small businesses had finally shut up shop.

    I didn’t venture further, though I imagine the regulars would have still been present.
    I wondered about that Ghuznee Street motorway bridge thinking at least it’s waterproof and windproof – even if you do encounter one or two guys (probably straight but just desperate) offering to suck your dick for a penny or two.

    Yeah/nah – we’re a first world nayshun eh!
    And btw ….. didcha know … Mex Key is Twennyone (going forward)

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  • Visa extensions provide certainty to employers and 10,000 visa holders
    Changes to onshore visas will provide employers and visa holders with more certainty, Immigration Minister Kris Faafoi has announced. Around 10,000 Working Holiday visas and Supplementary Seasonal Employment (SSE) work visas due to expire between 21 June 2021 and 31 December 2021 will be extended for another six months to ...
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    4 days ago
  • Border class exceptions approved for more farm workers and vets
    The Government has approved border class exceptions for an additional 200 dairy workers and 50 veterinarians to enter New Zealand, Agriculture Minister Damien O’Connor announced today.  “It is clear from conversations with the dairy and veterinarian sectors that they are facing workforce pressures. These border exceptions will go a long ...
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    4 days ago
  • More freezers and South Island hub to support vaccine roll-out
    A South Island hub and 17 new ultra-low temperature freezers will help further prepare New Zealand for the ramp up of the vaccination programme in the second half of this year, COVID-19 Response Minister Chris Hipkins says. The new freezers arrived in New Zealand on 27 May. They’re currently being ...
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    4 days ago
  • Speech at the release of Climate Change Commission's final advice
    Good morning – and thank you Prime Minister. Over the last three and half years we have been putting in place the foundations for a low-carbon Aotearoa that will be a catalyst for job creation, innovation, and prosperity for decades to come. In that future, many of our everyday tasks ...
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    4 days ago
  • Achievable blueprint for addressing climate change released
    Report says Government making good progress on emissions reduction, but more action required Meeting climate targets achievable and affordable with existing technology Economic cost of delaying action higher than taking action now Benefits from climate action include health improvements and lower energy bills All Ministers to help meet climate targets ...
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    4 days ago
  • Speech to release of Climate Commission final report
    A few years ago in a speech in Auckland, I compared climate change to the nuclear free movement of roughly four decades ago. And I did so for a few reasons. Firstly, because the movement of the 1980s represented a life or death situation for the Pacific, and so does ...
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    4 days ago
  • Appointment of Judge of the High Court
    Auckland Barrister Michael Robinson has been appointed a Judge of the High Court, Attorney‑General David Parker announced today. Justice Robinson graduated with a BA and an LLB (Hons) from the University of Auckland in 1996, and commenced practice as a solicitor with Brookfields in Auckland.  In 1998 he travelled to London ...
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    4 days ago
  • Government takes action to improve protections for subcontractors
    The Construction Contracts (Retention Money) Amendment Bill – which provides greater financial protection for subcontractors, has passed its first reading today. The Bill amends the retention provisions in the Construction Contracts Act 2002 (CCA) to provide increased confidence and transparency for subcontractors that retention money they are owed is safe. ...
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    5 days ago
  • 1 million more Pfizer doses to arrive in July
    Pfizer has scheduled delivery of an estimated 1 million doses of vaccine to New Zealand during July, COVID1-9 Response Minister Chris Hipkins said today. “These consignments will double the total number of Pfizer doses we have received this year to more than 1,900,000 – enough to fully vaccinate almost 1 ...
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    5 days ago
  • Long-term home of the Independent Children’s Monitor identified
    The Independent Children’s Monitor (Te Mana Whakamaru Tamariki Motuhake), which is currently located within the Ministry of Social Development (MSD), will become its own departmental agency within Government. “Following the recommendations of several reviews, Cabinet agreed in 2019 to build a significantly expanded independent monitor for children in care,” Carmel ...
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    5 days ago
  • Racing Integrity Board members announced
    The new Racing Integrity Board will be up and running from July 1 to ensure high standards of animal welfare, integrity and professionalism in the racing industry. Racing Minister Grant Robertson today announced the appointments to the new Board: Sir Bruce Robertson KNZM – Chair Kristy McDonald ONZM QC Penelope ...
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    5 days ago
  • Govt crackdown on organised crime continues
    A major operation against multiple organised crime groups with international links will make a significant dent in drug harm and violent offending linked to organised crime networks, Police Minister Poto Williams says. “I want to take an opportunity to congratulate the Police for their role in Operation Trojan Shield. This ...
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    5 days ago
  • Farm planning framework supports farmers into the future
    A new framework, agreed between Government and industry, will make it easier for farmers and growers to integrate future greenhouse gas emissions and freshwater regulatory requirements into their farm planning, Agriculture Minister Damien O’Connor said. “The Good Farm Planning Principles Guide out today, provides guidance for how farmers can organise ...
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    5 days ago
  • Enhanced Task Force Green Approved for Canterbury
    The Government has activated Enhanced Taskforce Green (ETFG) in response to the Canterbury floods. The Minister of Social Development and Employment, Hon Carmel Sepuloni says $500,000 will be made available to help with the clean-up. The flooding in Canterbury has been a significant and adverse event damaging farmland, homes, roads ...
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    5 days ago
  • Connecting rangatahi to the soil
    A Jobs for Nature project to raise 480,000 native plants in nurseries across South Auckland will provide work for communities disproportionately affected by the economic impacts of COVID-19, Acting Conservation Minister Ayesha Verrall says. The Mana in Kaimahi project is being run by Te Whāngai Trust Board and will establish ...
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    5 days ago
  • Roll out of high-resolution elevation mapping begins
    The first tranche of mapping data from the Provincial Growth Fund (PGF)-LiDAR project is now available to the public from Toitū Te Whenua Land Information New Zealand. LiDAR data, which creates 3D baseline elevation information, will deliver multiple uses over the coming decades to councils and regional industries. “This mapping ...
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    6 days ago
  • Champions of Pacific education rewarded in Queen’s Birthday Honours
    Minister for Pacific Peoples, Aupito William Sio said the Queen’s Birthday 2021 Honours list show that across Aotearoa New Zealand there were many champions of Pacific education. “Education is so vital to the success of Pacific people that it’s truly fitting that a number of educators have been honoured this ...
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    6 days ago
  • PM congratulates Queen’s Birthday Honours recipients
    Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has added her congratulations to the New Zealanders recognised for their contributions to their communities and the country in the Queen’s Birthday 2021 Honours List. “This group represents decades of services across many areas, and those honoured highlight how many New Zealanders are going above and ...
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    6 days ago
  • Change of status for Rangiriri kura
    A change of status for Te Kura o Rangiriri sees it become a designated character school within the Māori-medium network, Associate Minister of Education Kelvin Davis announced today. “This kura has been providing Māori immersion learning since 2003 in the historic town of Rangiriri, so I’m delighted that it is ...
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    1 week ago
  • APEC trade ministers’ unite on COVID-19 vaccine steps and rejuvenating the WTO
    APEC trade ministers today committed to speeding up the cross-border flow of vaccines and related goods to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. This followed the completion of the APEC Ministers Responsible for Trade Meeting chaired by Minister for Trade and Export Growth Damien O’Connor early this morning. “As we face the ...
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    1 week ago
  • Further consultation for Melville schools
    Formal consultation is set to begin on specific options for the future of schooling in South West Hamilton, Education Minister Chris Hipkins says. “Recent engagement has shown that the schools and community want a change to Year 7-13 schooling for the area.  “I am now asking the Boards of Melville ...
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    1 week ago
  • Primary schoolkids dig trees for Arbor Day
    A new Arbor Day initiative announced by Forestry Minister Stuart Nash will see thousands of primary school children get the chance to plant native trees in their communities. The initiative is open to more than 2,400 primary schools. It is a partnership between Te Uru Rākau/NZ Forest Service and the ...
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    1 week ago
  • NZ Upgrade Programme kept on track
    The Government is increasing its investment in the New Zealand Upgrade Programme (NZUP) to support New Zealand’s economic recovery. Over two thirds of the projects will proceed as announced despite increased costs due to COVID, with modifications being made to others. “NZUP is already supporting over 1,000 jobs with 13 ...
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    1 week ago
  • New Northern Pathway gets green light
    The Government is committed to the Northern Pathway with its preferred option being a separate structure for walking and cycling alongside the Auckland Harbour Bridge, Transport Minister Michael Wood announced today. Geotechnical investigations and testing has determined that building a structure connected to the Auckland Harbour Bridge is not possible ...
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    1 week ago