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30 comments on “Open mike 30/03/2013”

  1. Jenny 1

    Want something fun, worthwhile and political to do over the Holiday week end?

    How about this?

    Meet for a roadside rally this holiday Monday at the Mangatangi Mine site beside State Highway 2

    Auckland Coal Action and Coal Free Mangatawhiri are calling for the public to rally this Monday beside State Highway 2 at the site of the Fonterra’s proposed new Mangatangi coal mine:

    Start time: 2pm

    Meeting place: Bell Road overbridge

    Coming from Auckland; Exit the state highway at the Mangatawhiri off ramp, to meet at Bell Road. From there march down to the main road.

    Bring your own banners and signs

    There should be lots of returning holiday crowds to interact with. Bored out of their minds sitting in the traffic.

    If you are returning from your holiday why not attend the rally?

    Daunted by the huge expected traffic jams?

    Break up your journey by attending the rally, (at least until the traffic dies down).

    Support the campaign against new coal mines.

    You know it makes sense.

    Coming from the East, take the Maramarua Golf Course Exit to pass under the highway to meet at Bell Road.

  2. Pete 2

    Hurrah. Back up again.

    • Tim 2.1

      So does that mean you’ve got your life back again Pete?

      Just so you know – my sister forgot to have kids. (She’s doing fine and dandy)

      …… and, is the 3G working for ya?

  3. uke 3

    I keep seeing quadruple for some new posts appear on the “Feeds” sidebar… just looks a bit messy.

  4. lprent 4

    Damn. The database froze this morning. And I was out all day.

    I will clean up the feed etc later on. Right now I have to figure out how to prevent that from happening again.

    • karol 4.1

      I’m glad it was a work day for me. Thanks for getting it back up, Lynn.

    • Anne 4.2

      Thanks 1prent.
      Had a cantankerous computer and just as I thought I had it sorted The Standard vanished. What was to become of me without my daily TS fix. 😯

      • lprent 4.2.1

        It was a nuisance as the site must have up and running periodically today because I looked at it a couple of times. But I’d had the sound off on my cell so I didn’t hear the periodic up and down messages from pingdom. Looks like it was jamming when messages were left or something. It definitely wasn’t apache or php5-fpm. Restarts on those made no difference. Restarting the database server fixed it.

        Just looking for how I get the database to get tested for jams and restarted, without having restarts all of the time.

        But it would have been a relaxed day without TS?.

      • Jenny 4.2.2

        I gardened all day. Ground hard and dry. I hear it rained a little in the city centre, (micro climates and all that). Unfortunately not here. We really need another good soaking to properly soften the ground. Maybe it will come soon. I can see the Hunuas from my yard. I wonder if it is raining up there? Hard to tell. Huge water bill this month.

        The Mangatangi Dam is still pretty full and the upper Mangatawhiri and Cossey Dam. Though levels are dropping.

        Rainfall for the seven days ending: Sunday 24 March 2013

        ​Hunua Ranges**

        Last 7 days: 32.2 mm

        ​Month to date: 51.3 mm

        ​Historical monthly average: 113.0 mm

        *Reading taken at Lower Huia Dam
        **Reading taken at Upper Mangatawhiri Dam


    • xtasy 4.3

      I did a search by putting my “xtasy” in the search box tonight, and it only showed results and comments from yesterday. Does that have something to do with this tech issue?

      Surely it is not quite the way it should be, as I made comments after then, but they do now not show.

      • lprent 4.3.1

        The search updates on a timed jobs that look at the database. I can’t remember the frequency of the delta update, but it is something like every 15 minutes. I found that anything faster than that tended to be disruptive because of the extra overhead during normal updating. Anything longer caused scans to get too long when there was a lot of commenting going on.

        Wouldn’t surprise me if the database jamming caused the search issues. But it does a full scan sometime after midnight, so that should fix anything that is wrong.

        • Jenny

          Can’t sleep?

          Climate Change guest post request coming your way.

          • lprent

            One of the things I brought today were some replacement hard drives for my home raid array. There were a couple of drives that had started to pick up bad sectors. Just finished adding 2 x 2TB drives (for less than $300 inc GST ?!) to the mdadm into the system as spares and tagging the suspect drives for removal.

        • xtasy

          No prob lprent, it is NOT a major, I just do tend to sometimes seek to “review” my past comments and other’s comments to them. I am sure it will all be in good hands. I will have a good sleep-in today, an Easter sleep-in, as my neighbours, and also the large Samoan family ones right next door, have all gone away. Peace, peace, peace and quiet, UNBELIEVABLE! I cannot believe it, it is so HEALING!

          Happy Easter to All by the way, whether you bother with it or not. Take a break and enjoy!

          Key and his gang will spoil the peace again soon, so take a breath before the next shit hits the news!

          • lprent

            I always love hanging around Auckland on major holidays. The place gets so habitable after a significant part of the population goes off to spread the JAFA civilisation elsewhere in the country.

            I’d like to point out at this point that most of those leaving on these annual migrations of civilising cheer are always the immigrants to Auckland from much of the rest of the country and from overseas. Native Aucklanders like myself know that the best time to leave Auckland is after they all pile back here to work. But while they are away we can get our city back for a short period of time.

            So what the rest of the country gets is the merely annoyance of dealing with those we have returned to you

            Enjoy… 😈

            • xtasy

              Sounds very similar to what traditional Parisians feel and think of living in their city in the northern heart of France, haha!

            • Jenny

              The sound of seagulls around high rise buildings.

            • karol

              Yes, I prefer to go out of Auckland in non-holiday periods. Curiously, work yesterday was unexpectedly busier than normal on a Saturday. I think especially due to the less well-off in the area wanting to use free facilities that weren’t available on Friday.

              • lprent

                I suspect that you are probably right. But also a long weekend allows time to do the things you don’t normally have time for. Like going shopping with each other. Lyn was out with me at pbtech picking up drives. I was sitting around while she painstakingly selected clothing and a new wallet. Normally we never have the patience for each other shopping habits.

                • Jenny

                  My wife and I tried two or three times in the last 40 years to have breakfast together, but it was so disagreeable we had to stop.

                  Winston Churchill

  5. ianmac 5

    Fran O’Sullivan of all people!

    “Ministers prepared to sacrifice SOE model for short-term gain
    John Key probably finds it hard to compute that his Government is now on the backfoot.

    John Key earned himself a fabulous reputation as one of the “big swinging dicks” of the international foreign exchange business.
    But in going toe-to-toe with Rio Tinto over the Tiwai Point smelter electricity negotiations, all the signs are his Government is about to be screwed by a major player with plenty of form in the tough world of international brinkmanship.

    Cruel observers of this political game would probably say it’s just another example of the “swinging dick to limp dick” syndrome which afflicts too many business people when they enter national politics.”

    • karol 5.1

      I had a post on this article about ready to post this morning before I went to work, then the site disappeared.

    • Anne 5.2

      ianmac, I don’t mind saying that some of the language used in the excerpt set me back a few paces when I read it this morning. 😯

  6. Colonial Weka 6

    Was that a message from the god of Easter trading?

  7. xtasy 7

    It is time to name and label THE ENABLER, the ENABLER Peter Dunny (aka “Dunne” I hear), who has cast his sticky, dirty vote in FAVOUR of the Social Security (Benefit Categories and Work Focus) Amendment Bill, now already in the 3rd Reading before Parliament.

    HE is the one man and MP, also Associate Minister for Health, who could have made a bloody difference, and who could at least hold up the scandalously poorly drafted bill containing the most draconian, unjust, punitive, rather inhumane and in part even illegal (as discriminatory) provisions.

    But NO, he has to support it, give his vote to the government he supports, and let down all those people on benefits, who will face the big stick, social obligations taking away rights and choices from beneficiary parents caring for their kids, and above all, pushing 57 thousand sickness beneficiaries onto the “Jobseeker Alowance Payment” benefit, sure to be work tested en masse. That work testing and work capacity testing will be outsourced – similar to the way it is done in the UK, and it will all be at the discretion of WINZ staff (working under their Chief Executive), how often, in what form and through whomsoever this will happen.

    Reading the “social services and employment” policies of United Future, the Dunny guy’s party, it shows clearly, that his heart is right there with Bennett and Key, no doubt about it.

    The ENABLER has no moral conscience, he is there to keep close to the taxpayer funded fruits for the picking, so he can carry on with his useless party of insignificance, and ride high, until his “FLEXI RETIREMENT” scheme, for him the Parliamentary one, will kick in.

    This is surely the best tax payer subsidised employment and retirement scheme and agenda there is! It is foolproof, and the safest way to be looked after. Join the Dunny Party, and you may have the same enjoyment assured.

    • Jenny 7.1

      We see how Peter Dunne votes on Social Welfare.

      Billionaire welfare bludgers Rio Tinto Zinc and Sumitomo Chemicals have got their hands out for government support.

      How will Dunne vote on corporate welfare?

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