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Here’s the latest Roy Morgan poll. Nothing too unexpected, but interesting to see the Greens and NZ First both over the 5% threshold.


I’m off to get drunk. Merry Xmas.

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  1. Matthew Pilott 1



  2. Those percentage polls would make sense if MMP was reformed to have list MPs only, so we could get rid of all electorate seats (and allow the Maori Party to campaign for the total vote insteda of allowing them the privilege of overhang seats – it might even result in more Maori MPs). Every vote would them truly count and be of equal value.

  3. Policy Parrot 3

    Re: Uroskin – that would be fine provided the percentage threshold to get MP’s in Parliament was lowered to 3%.

    Otherwise it would never be agreed to by them. In fact, lowering the threshold to 3% or 4% would allow a certain degree of stability for the minor parties, making them less dependent on domineering leadership.

    The only issue with pure proportional representation is that it does not allow for independent MP’s to be elected into constituencies, something that is already rare since the advent of MMP in any case?

    Any independent MP’s been elected at a general election for the first time since the advent of MMP? It puts excessive power into the hands of the party executive, in fact some believe, but I am not one of them, that excessive power already exists in the hands of the party leadership under MMP, but unless you are naive about FPP the party leaderships have always held massive sway – it is now simply expressed in a quite different manner.

  4. Sam Dixon 4

    There have been no independents elected since MMP.

    One problem with a pure PR system is that you lose local accountability, and more importantly a sense of a link at a local level to the national political system.

    uroskin – kiwiblogblog has the roy morgan polls by the seats (but remember those seats are based on the assumption that electorates stay as are)

  5. Santi 5

    “I’m off to get drunk.” Tane, who is paying?

    The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Peters, is fighting for his life and after Election Day will be packing his bags to a retirement home (AA-sponsored, I may add).

    The ultimate con-man is about to meet his maker. Good riddance!

  6. dave 6

    Anderton is effectrively an independant – its just that he has as party name behind him.

    Dunne will be the next.

  7. burt 7

    Policy Parrot

    Lowering the threshold would indeed allow for more stable minor parties, however I wouldn’t call the Maori party a minor party if people understand and use MMP correctly. If 50% of people who identify strongly with Maori cast their party vote for the Maori party, and their electorat vote for the MP they most want in their neighbourhood – then MMP would be being utilised.

    Under the major party campaign mechanism of two ticks [party_name_here] mentality of both Labour and National it’s no surprise we don’t have many healthy minor parties. The EFB will further choke them, the limits on spending are ridiculous. Such is the major parties love of governing alone and wanting to maintain the worst of FPP they bastardise MMP by campaigning “Two tick Labour/National”.

  8. Tane 8

    kiwiblogblog has the roy morgan polls by the seats

    Hey Sam, this one’s based on seats in the house too.

  9. Chemist Peter 9

    merry xmas

  10. michael 10

    Tane: “I’m off to get drunk.”

    Santi “who is paying?”

    I’d buy him a drink.

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