Sir Ed and Helen Clark – admired Kiwis

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From the Sunday Star Times:

A new poll suggests that National Leader John Key may be up against a bigger obstacle than he thought in knocking Prime Minister Helen Clark off she is the person New Zealanders most admire after Sir Edmund Hillary.

The much-loved mountaineer topped the Roy Morgan Poll with 17.4 per cent support, followed by Clark on 15.1 per cent.

NB: photo is of Sir Edmund Hillary and Prime Minister Helen Clark arriving in Antarctica for the 50th Anniversay of Scott Base, Jan 2007

15 comments on “Sir Ed and Helen Clark – admired Kiwis”

  1. higherstandard 1

    “42 per cent of those surveyed couldn’t name anyone they admired. The survey was of 11,732 people aged 14.”

    It’s a shame that almost half of our 14 year olds can’t name 1 person they admire ! Perhaps a few more history lessons in schools might be warranted !

  2. Ari 2

    Or perhaps some of them know a lot of history but haven’t found someone with the particular traits they’d admire. 😉

    Speculation can be dangerous. 🙂

  3. Stephen 3

    Someone should tell the SST that 14 year olds can’t vote…

  4. mike 4

    14 year olds don’t pay tax either..

  5. mike 5

    Correction – after school jobs, should have said they do not pat envy tax

  6. Steve Pierson 6

    mike. Most people don’t pay anything in the 39% bracket. And, of course, those that do only pay a portion of their incomes at that rate – at $100,000(which fewer than 5% of people earn) the effective tax rate is 29%.

  7. Matthew Pilott 7

    Ah, “envy tax“. More trash.

    The Kingmaker Debate

    This shows something interestiong though, that 14-year olds are more grown up than a lot of adults and see such an influential politician as someone to be admired. It’s funny that the adults are acting like the 14 year-olds in NZ, having a cry about taxes.

    Guess what – they’re inevitable. Get over them, harden up, take your medicine etc.

  8. mike 8

    Most people don’t pay anything in the 39% bracket.

    Steve – rumour has it there are a select group of rich pricks that are actually earning over 60K a year.

  9. higherstandard 9

    The post is starting to go off topic but for clarification’s sake over 200,000 people in NZ earn more than 66k per annum

  10. Peter Nelson 10

    Yep I earn $75K plus I have a company car. RUNVS
    14 year olds have had 8 years of socialist in doctrination, no wonder HC is so high.

  11. Steve Pierson 11

    HS. So that would be 3,000,000 who get less than $66K per annum. Perspective.

    Also, at $66K a person is paying only $6K in the 39 cent bracket. Their total income tax bill is $16350 only $540 (0.7% of gross income) more than if the 39 cent bracket didn’t exist

  12. higherstandard 12

    Agreed SP

    Suggest though, if we’re going to debate taxes let’s wait till there’s an appropriate post on tax itself.

  13. mike 13

    sorry I probably hijacked the thread – but seriously interviewing 14 year olds is one thing but using the results for political mileage is another…

  14. Lampie 14

    14 year olds pay tax on interest in bank accounts (as with any child with a bank account) plus this survey was for men and women aged 14 and over so the percentage of the sample for 14-17 would be very low.

  15. Matthew Pilott 15

    14 and over would make a lot more sense – as a 14-year old I wouldn’t have been too interested in naming a politician as someone I most admired.

    And no way in hell any 14 year olds would admire some of those listed in the article…

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