Sweden catches the Key desease

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I know there is occasionally talk in New Zealand about “becoming the Sweden of the South Pacific” but this may just have us thinking again. A website under the name ‘The Local – Sweden’s News in English’ headlines ‘No conflict in Iraq,’ says Swedish court.

Apparently Sweden’s Migration Court has turned down calls from a 51-year-old Iraqi man to overturn the Migration Board’s decision to refuse him asylum. The man has not been able to prove that he is particularly vulnerable and in need of protection, according to the court.

I know that I’m harping here, but I fear that John Key would agree. According to John, the war is over – visit www.thewariniraqisnotover.com.

What’s with the world? Interestingly, it’s so peaceful in Iraq that even hardened American troops are so relaxed about the place that they can’t wait to get out. Maybe a judge in Sweden should be sent there to find out how peaceful it really is?

6 comments on “Sweden catches the Key desease”

  1. Peak Oil Conspiracy 1

    Oh for goodness’ sake. This is lame. It’s about the Swedish judicial process, which is presumably independent from the Swedish government. Surely you don’t have to bring every post back to John Key? I think it’s you who’s afflicted with the Key disease – or at least the Key obsession.

  2. Robinsod 2

    um, EFB/tax cut obsession? I mean pot? kettle?

  3. Peak Oil Conspiracy 3

    I can’t post a duplicate – but any particular reason why my response to Robinsod isn’t showing up?


    You’re entitled to your opinion, but I really don’t think pot-kettle comparisons can be levelled against me. I don’t threadjack a Kiwiblog discussion on, say, DPF’s birthday celebration to bring up the EFB or tax cuts. This thread is drawing a very long bow, in my view, between John Key’s views and an (apparently) independent Swedish judicial process.

  4. Robinsod 4

    It’s Friday night bro – give it a rest…

  5. Peak Oil Conspiracy 5

    No worries – did have to defend my position though 🙂

  6. Robinsod 6

    Ok – I’ll give you the last word just for a bit of peace (anyone who knows me will realise what a concession that is). I see you’re over at NZ conservative. Might be nice to see that thread maintain some sanity for a change…

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