That would explain a lot

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From Brook Sabin:

key Czech

27 comments on “That would explain a lot”

  1. ianmac 1

    Good that the President of Czech just had a normal one on one handshake.

  2. Bastables 2

    The flag has been confused with another similar red white and blue flag. All current flag designs must be ditched has they are obviously prey to misidentification due to containing all or some of the Czech republics flag colours. Our PM is being embarrassed as a non entity by foreign media that the final line of national identification needs to be made more distinct. Save John key from being a forgettable entity.

    I also think the vietnams will be terribly disappointed in not having signed a scientific ties agreement with a Country that has produced ideas such as modern contact lens, sugar cubes and simtex. This disappointment could have been avoided with a more identifiable PM finding some flag that can never be misidentified as another countries no matter how slim.

  3. greywarshark 3

    From a distance the Czech Republic Pres could be John Key. Are today’s politicians picked to be look-alikes to ‘fit’ the current meme. And I hate the use of initials in place of actual descriptive words. VN is Vietnam and needed to be printed as such. The font would just have to be smaller.

    • Tracey 3.1

      But Key is actually in their coutry and being all important… the czech pres ait. A savy journo should ask if the head of vietnam knows who h clark is.

  4. Adrian 4

    hang on a minute, the greedy little fucker could be double dipping, he spends enough time on ” holiday” to just about get away with it.
    Better check with the Czechs ( couldn’t resist it ) to See if their Pres has a bach in “Hawaii ” .

    • greywarshark 4.1

      Hey double dipping, I would never have thought of that. Careful Adrian you’re pretty sharp, you’ll get shoulder tapped for the big league, wasted amongst us hoi polloi.

  5. Sans Cle 5

    From Wiki:
    “Milan Štěch is a Czech politician and former trade union leader. He was a member of Czechoslovakian Communist Party between 1978 and 1989”.
    From John Key to Non-Key (couldn’t resist that, given photo in daily review pic from last night of him wearing the Vietnamese conical hat called the “non”…all puns intended!).

  6. Atiawa 6

    All you Europeans look the same to us Asian’s.

  7. greywarshark 7

    Everyone’s brains sparking – clever wit.

    But of course my mistake, it couldn’t be John Key as we are trying to cut down on science, cough, cough. Gnats know that stuff will kill their pristine money-amassing projects. Science shows what is harmful to health both financial and environmental, from important studies devised by people who know what to look for, or not, and no scientist who disagrees can expect to get any grant money round here!

    Stick to what we know and do best is the meme, living off the land like those good old fashioned peasant colonials and aspirational landowners, who escaped from their country’s onerous depressions in the 1800s to come to NZ.

    • ropata 7.1

      “Facts” and “Evidence” must not be allowed to interfere with the sacred pursuit of profit.

      Dollars, Dollars Über Alles!

  8. Chrys Berryman 8

    oh the Vietnam war !…..did I have a stance on that?….ackshally to be honest with you I really can’t remember Mr President….I think I was dating Bronagh at the time ….and wasn’t your country peacefully colonised by the French before that happened ?

  9. mary_a 9

    Ha ha so the unidentified guest legend lives on. Only this time he is the misidentified guest. Love it 🙂

  10. mary_a 10

    Couldn’t think of anything worse, than having your name put to this swindler’s face!

    A case for the Czech president to sue!

  11. pipalbany 11

    Perhaps if we had a more recognisable flag ?

    • sabine 11.1

      perhaps if we had smarter journalists world wide?

      what is it with newspaper guys and other ‘stenographers’ that they can’t do their homework any more.

      Google Czech President and compare the friggin faces. fuck Journalists should be demanding the money back their parents paid to school them. They seem to be as dumb as rocks. And that is an insult to rocks.

      • Hanswurst 11.1.1

        That wouldn’t get them very far, since Milan Stech is not the Czech president, but (as is stated in the caption above) the President of the Senate of [the Parliament of] the Czech Republic.

        • sabine

          mea culpa i got that wrong.
          I mean, ok that man is not a rock star or anything, but gosh he must hate it. Every time they could possibly get it wrong with him they do. Poor thing, just no one cares who he really is. He is the embodiment of the ‘what’s his name again?” thing. Its funny really. And tragic.

    • Colonial Viper 11.2

      or a more recognisable PM, one who isn’t a faceless Hollow Man.

  12. veutoviper 12

    Other things Key and co have been up to in Vietnam on the taxpayers’ dollars.

    1. Making spring rolls

    2. Wearing silly hats

    3. And silly shirts to come

  13. Inaturation 13

    That “people under my control” comment in the TVNZ clip in the context of “Global master plan” is just weird !

    More Key humour akin ponytail pulling.

    Maybe John does have an empathy with the actual Czech President ?

  14. Mike the Savage One 14

    I’m PROUD to be a Czech today, thanks John!

  15. greywarshark 15

    I was a bit confused about the Czech Republic flag (the one in the image looks like ours)
    so here is Wikipedia with the details. And snap it looks like our possible future one The Red Peak (only from a different angle – allowing for us being at the bottom of the world in the southern hemisphere!).

    Czech Republic Design: Two equal horizontal bands of white (top) and red with a blue isosceles triangle based on the hoist side.

    Obviously we have close bonds with the Czech Republic which we have hitherto not realised, and we should advance this useful European connection in an enthusiastic manner. Should we confer with you on that Mike the Savage One?

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