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Trump’s next 48 hours

Written By: - Date published: 11:18 am, January 6th, 2021 - 66 comments
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The next 48 hours could be the most significant for America at least for the next decade or so.

First up is the Georgian election.  Voting is underway now and polls will close at 1 pm New Zealand time.  Early results can be accessed from the Guardian here.

Polling suggests the results will be close.  And recently in an attempt to gain belated support the Republican candidates, Kelly Loeffler of insider trading fame and David Perdue have come out and said they would support Trump in the attack on the election result that will be made in Congress tomorrow.

The stakes are extreme.  The result could tilt control in the senate and give Biden a much stronger mandate to actually do something.

And tomorrow Congress meets to formally receive the election results.  This should be a foregone conclusion but Trump is not giving up as the leaked tape of his hour long call with Georgia’s chief election official Brad Raffensperger shows.  He was caught urging Raffensperger to “find” 11,780 votes for him, enough to flip the result at least in Georgia.

Of course he would have to do this in a number of other states as well.  I think it is pretty likely that similar calls are being made to other swing state officials.

As described by Peter Baker in the New York Times:

The President has gone well beyond simply venting his grievances or creating a face-saving narrative to explain away a loss, as advisers privately suggested he was doing in the days after the November 3 vote. Instead, he has stretched or crossed the boundaries of tradition, propriety and perhaps the law to find any way he can to cling to office beyond his term that expires in two weeks. That he is almost certain to fail and that President-elect Joe Biden will be inaugurated January 20 does not mitigate the damage he is doing to democracy by undermining public faith in the electoral system.

Trump’s hour-long telephone call over the weekend with Georgia’s chief election official, Brad Raffensperger, pressuring him to “find” enough votes to overturn Biden’s victory in that state only brought into stark relief what the President has been doing for weeks. He has called the Republican governors of Georgia and Arizona to get them to intervene. He has summoned Michigan’s Republican Legislature leaders to the White House to pressure them to change their state’s results. He called the Republican speaker of the Pennsylvania House multiple times seeking help to reverse the outcome there.

Trump and his staff have floated the idea of delaying Biden’s inauguration, even though it is set in stone by the Constitution, and the President met with a former adviser who has publicly urged him to declare martial law to “rerun” the election in states he lost. Trump’s erratic behaviour has so alarmed military commanders who fear he might try to use troops to stay in the White House that every living former defence secretary — including two he appointed himself — issued a warning against the armed forces becoming involved.

Trump has gone even further and claimed that Pence still has the power to overturn the result.  From David Smith in the Guardian:

… defying norms to the end, Trump falsely insists that Pence can intervene and change the outcome. At a rally in Dalton, Georgia, ahead of Tuesday’s crucial Senate runoff elections, the president said: “I hope Mike Pence comes through for us … He’s a great guy. Of course, if he doesn’t come through, I won’t like him quite as much.”

He followed up with a tweet on Tuesday that wrongly claimed: “The Vice President has the power to reject fraudulently chosen electors.” Experts were quick to point out that the vice-president has no such power and there is no evidence of election fraud.

Of course one should not implicitly trust Trump’s grasp of figures or reality for that case.  He recently tweeted the wrong phone number for Lee Chatfield, who Trump had mistakenly thought was the Speaker of the Michigan State House.  Dear reader he was the former speaker.

The actual owner of the phone number was in for a surprise.  From Kenya Evelyn at the Guardian:

In the president’s latest attempt to overturn the results of the presidential election, campaign officials called on Twitter and Facebook users to contact the Michigan state senate majority leader, Mike Shirkey, and former state house speaker Lee Chatfield to decertify its presidential election ballets and threaten Joe Biden’s victory. Biden won the state by more than 150,000 votes.

The campaign posted what they believed to be Chatfield’s phone number. Instead, they had mistakenly given the phone number for O Rose, who goes by a shortened first name. Rose told the Petoskey News-Review their phone began ringing nonstop soon after.

“I told them I was not Lee Chatfield, but they would still not believe me,” they said. “It was just a string of people progressively denying reality.”

Big rallies are being proposed and Ted Cruz is clearly lining up another run at the Presidential nomination by backing Trump to the hilt despite the egregious way his family was treated by the Orange coiffured one.

I am not sure if it will be a day of high drama or high pathos or both.  But I can safely claim that America will not be the same again.

Update (lprent): The democratic senators from Georgia are called as victors. A riot pushed by an irresponsible President Trump happened at the Capitol building with people dead. Congress subsequently made a determined proclamation that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are confirmed a the newly elected president and vice-president. As for Donald Trump – goodbye to unstable rubbish..

66 comments on “Trump’s next 48 hours ”

  1. woodart 1

    the one thing we can all take away from the circus that is american politics is, that the american electoral system is well overdue for an update, but wont get it, as entrenched money and power dont want change. its either, tails, I win, or heads, you lose. relying on a 250yr old constitution for a country that has changed in all ways since, is a fools paradise. sad….

  2. alwyn 2

    Fivethirtyeight (the polling and forecasting site) is currently reporting that, although the Republican candidates are both leading by 51/49, the remaining votes are going to come from Blue leaning counties and that they and the NYT forecasts are leaning toward the Democrats winning both races. Nobody is really willing to stick their neck out though.

  3. Anne 3

    Pundits reporting at the Guardian are claiming a Democrat victory.

    If its true I predict this will be the tipping point where widespread violence erupts.

  4. WeTheBleeple 4

    Goodbye Loeffler you cancerous cankerous corrupt stock dumping pro-Trumping bible thumping nazi humping fuckwit.

    • Sabine 4.1


      mind, she is not conceding and neither is the other. its the new conservative thing, they just don’t ever lose.

  5. Do each of the Senators just represent part of the state and does that part vote for them or does the whole of Georgia vote for both of them.

    • Andre 5.1

      Senators in the US Senate represent the entire state. The whole of Georgia has voted for both seats.

      It can get confusing because most state governments are also structured with some sort of more numerous chamber like the US House of Representatives and a less numerous chamber structured like the US Senate, which is usually called the State Senate. In those states, the State Senators represent and are elected by districts within the state.

  6. mosa 6

    " Biden a much stronger mandate to actually do something. "

    No Mickey Biden and the Democratic party are already owned by the usual suspects like the Republicans which is why Bernie and his progressive supporters were neutered before the primaries were concluded.

    Any hope of real lasting change is an aberration but Bernie's movement will make sure that the struggle for millions of Americans goes on.

    • Andre 6.1

      There's the simple matter that the Senate Democratic caucus includes members such as Joe Manchin (West Virginia), Kyrsten Sinema (Arizona), Jon Tester (Montana). Ideologically they're in the space that overlaps with moderate Republicans, or where there used to be moderate Republicans before they all went fukn nuts.

      There simply won’t be a Senate majority for any kind of bold progressive action. It’ll be baby steps at best.

      They kinda have to be that conservative in order to get elected and re-elected in the states they represent. Even being that conservative isn't enough for re-election in the cases of Senators like Doug Jones (Alabama), Claire McCaskill (Missouri), Joe Donnelly (Indiana), Heidi Heitkamp (North Dakota).

      They really only got elected in the first place when the local Repug activists nominated some sort of troglodyte gargoyle that was too repugnant for even the local population to hold their noses and vote for (and that's sayin' something). Then those Dem senators lost when the local Repugs backed off and nominated someone that at least looked vaguely human, from a distance and if you squint hard enough.

    • Gabby 6.2

      Joe'll have to be a bit more creative in coming up with excuses for doing nothing.

  7. Ad 7

    Alrigjtie Georgia!

    • Andre 7.1

      Wall Street likes the result. In particular, the Russell 2000 has shot up a lot more than the indices made up of fewer bigger businesses like the Dow and S&P 500.

  8. Sanctuary 8

    The fact the Georgians are even allowed to vote in a US election just shows how far left commie Biden is.

  9. Sacha 9

  10. Sacha 10

  11. Sacha 11

    Smart local organising for a decade..

  12. WeTheBleeple 12

    So they've stormed the Capitol building. Here's the play. Evacuate civilians via tunnel network/safe rooms in place and let the Maggots push in and fill the building, but make it look like a fight. As police finally leave the building They, along with national guard coordinating outside, lock the mob in and teargas and stun-grenade the shit out of them.

    This is an attempted coup. Hit it fast and hard.

    • Andre 12.1

      The authorities are being remarkably gentle. Especially compared to what went on when the tangelo turdgoblin wanted a fake-pious photo of himself posing outside a church he is not a member of and may have never attended a service at.

      • WeTheBleeple 12.1.1

        A suspicious person might say the police are being suspiciously gentle. Thin blue line and all that.

  13. mickysavage 13

    Wow the Pentagon has refused to allow the National Guard to be called and the scenes around Capitol Hill are crazy. The comparison of treatment with BLM protests is jarring.

  14. Andre 14

    Kinda curious now what the next 48 hours will bring. Coz one thing we've learned for sure over the last five years is that de-escalation is not a thing, there is only escalation.

  15. Anne 15

    National Guard is finally on its way!

    I bet if they had been Black Lives Matter protestors the full force of the state would have been depolyed at the get go…

    Edit: Oops, just spotted the photo from mickysavage. Yep, what a difference in responses!

    • Poission 15.1

      The difference in responses is what happened the night before in DC (june 1 2020)

      • WeTheBleeple 15.1.1

        Cos burning buildings to protest widespread state-led murder is a terrible crime compared to having the states leaders cowering in fear as an angry mob armed with both guns and bombs storm the building.

        Those incorrigible black folks, with their cries for equality. Sheesh.

  16. Andre 16

    An oldie but goodie:

    • Grafton Gully 16.1

      Benito did actually make Italy great again (conquered Abyssinia with poison gas attacks on civilians, occupied Albania, drained the pontine marshes, "trains ran on time" etc) but after the Treaty of London betrayal picked the wrong side.



      Achieved far more for his country than Donald has and attracted larger crowds, but he needed to suspend democracy to get there. Don and his mates are working to fix that – if media reports are to be believed.

      • Morrissey 16.1.1

        In fact, the trains ran no more punctually than they had before that fascist took power. He did not make Italy great at all.

  17. Andre 17

    Now it comes clear. Apparently Oozi Ghouliani called for things to be settled by "trial by combat".


  18. Sanctuary 18

    360,000 Union soldiers gave their lives to stop the Confederacy from taking Washington.

    Today the Confederate battle flag was waved inside the senate of the United States while a cosplay lunatic Q-Anon conspiracy theorist in a Buffalo headdress chanted from the speakers chair.

    What would Grant or Sherman make of it? The humiliation to the authority of the senate and the blow to the prestige of the United States today is incalcuable. I think Trump has finally over-played his hand. The logic of his baseless conspiracy theories and Fascistic denial of facts has come to conclusion with a farcical beer-hall putsch attempt by a deranged mob. I suspect Trump will be impeached immediately by a two thirds majority of both houses as early as tonight NZ time – he simply cannot be allowed to call on a fascist mob to disrupt the swearing in of Biden and "defend" the White House on January 20th. Him and his gang need to be imprisoned before then.

    • Anne 18.1

      Interestingly a former CIA chief was interviewed on al Jazeera just now.

      He said he wasn't surprised at today's insurrection and he claimed… 25 plus years ago the CIA recognised the biggest danger to America's democracy came from right-wing terrorism but "the Republicans" would not allow them to publicly say so. But they were allowed to publicly accuse Muslim groups of plotting terrorist acts.

      I hope this spells the end of the Republican Party.

    • RedLogix 18.2

      Yup. Time to end it, kind of like a prison riot really.

      I suspect authorities were caught off guard with this finally happening so late in the piece, but a firm response is needed now.

  19. Sanctuary 19

    VP Pence has unfollowed Trump on Twitter and it looks like the call is for the 25th Amendment to be invoked by an emergency meeting of the cabinet, which would be called by Pence. I think the chances of Trump still being president in 24-48 hours is dropping by the minute.

    • RedLogix 19.1

      In the immediate aftermath of this mess the US needs to implement a bipartisan commission tasked with reforming their electoral system to conform with modern standards of transparency and consistency.

      If nothing else Trump has exposed a chronic lack of trust in the system and exploited it ruthlessly. This has to be fixed, doing nothing is not an option here.

      • Adrian Thornton 19.1.1

        Yeah, except that will never happen as it works for the rich just perfectly…and as the US political class on both sides are brought and paid for by those same rich people, where's the problem?

    • Andre 19.2

      Invoking the 25th would require the overboiled cauliflower to sacrifice whatever delusions he may still have about his political future, to do the right thing for the country. I really doubt he's got it in him.

      • Craig H 19.2.1

        The VP and cabinet can do it for him.

        • Andre

          You might be mistaken as to whom I refer to as the overboiled cauliflower. Perhaps I should have called him the flybait. Nah, still too ambiguous. Perhaps "Mother's little boy"?

  20. Reality 20

    Trump is deranged and needs certifying by mental health specialists and taken to a secure hospital.

    • In Vino 20.1

      Back at the time, I thought Reagan was pretty much the same.

      Then I enjoyed the utter idiocy of Bush's Bushisms. ("They have misunderestimated me")

      Now this from Trump.

      Where do Americans get these people from, and promote them to leadership??

  21. Ad 21

    This is the hard right symbolic and visual triumph that the new militant movement needed.

    They are going to rise fast now in 2021 – House majorities be damned.

    Maybe Albright's commentary on rising fascism was right.

  22. Sabine 22

    oh well, really no know could have foreseen this….


    and yes, of course they were thinking of taking hostages and executing them, they said so. And yes, some of hte police will help them, its that white economic anxiety that forces them to break their oath to the public and the state that pays them, and yeah, no one could have foreseen that Donald J. Trump is going to be the disaster he has been all his live. Is the world not lucky that the lady with the emails did not get elected because she would have been sooo much worse.

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  • Economic resilience provides more options in Budget 2021
    Securing the recovery and investing in the wellbeing of New Zealanders is the focus of Budget 2021, Grant Robertson told his audience at a pre-budget speech in Auckland this morning. "The economy has proven resilient in response to COVID-19, due to people having confidence in the Government’s health response to ...
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    1 week ago
  • Pre-Budget speech to BNZ-Deloitte Auckland Breakfast Event
    Thank you for the invitation to speak to you today, and to share with you some of the Government’s thinking leading into this year’s budget. This will be my fourth time delivering the annual Budget for the Government, though the events of the past year have thrown out that calculation. ...
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    1 week ago