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Spotted by an eagle eyed reader. Fancy leaving the running of our economy up to the Joker? Seems like the economic risks/challenges ahead have proved a creative inspiration….

22 comments on “Video: The Joker”

  1. Barb 1

    Brilliant…. So cleverly put together – and such a true message!

  2. G 2

    Giving away free money… Hmmmm… You mean like Free Student Loans? You mean like Working for Families? You mean like Kiwisaver? You mean like the October tax cuts? Or is it only okay when Helen Two-Face and the Penguin throw the lolly scramble?

    Bloody hypocrites.

  3. Hey G – did get out of the wrong side of the roy morgan bed this morning?

  4. randal 4

    oh golly gee. dont spit the dummy. you might need a free brain transplant one day.

  5. G 5

    We can assume ‘The Boy Wonder’ and ‘randal little-letters’ have seen and noted the hypocrisy; why else would they attack the man instead of the glaring double standard?

  6. Felix 6

    Heh. The big inflatable looks just like him.

    Oh and G, if anyone’s the Penguin it’s your mate Wodney.

  7. ghostwhowalks 7

    Iceland was an example of what John Key proposed for the NZ economy.

    More ´leveragé’ to ‘tranform’ the economy.

    Fancy selecting a wall st whizz and his slippery money ideas to be a possible PM.

    What were they thinking… the fact that he bought his way into every step of the NP gives you a clue.

    Why not cast The penguin as Bill English !

    Can anyone find a sound track of Burgess Meredith and his squawking laughter to run with it.

  8. Felix 8

    Free student loans G?

    Jesus, what kind of sick twisted govt would try to get it’s population educated without turning a profit (or letting someone else profit from it)?

    The inhumanity! The outrage!

    If these bastards keep educating our kids I’m comin to Aussie with you, G. I just won’t stand for it any more.

  9. G 9

    Missing the point, Felix The Catwoman. I ask again: is it only a good lolly scramble when it’s the Diuretic Duo pissing away the loot?

  10. G,

    Educating people, Hospitals, free healthcare, kisisaver. I’ll take that any day over tax cuts for rich pricks.

  11. Felix 11


    I agree with you about Labour’s tax cuts – just as much a lolly scramble as National’s.

    I don’t see how free student loans are comparable though, except in the sense that they’re popular.

  12. Matthew Pilott 12

    Diuretic Duo pissing away the loot

    That’s very funny. Might disagree with the message, but love the delivery!

  13. Tane 13

    If, like the Joker, John Key planned to steal money from the banks to hand out to the people I’d be happy. But he’s stealing from the people to give tax cuts to the rich.

  14. G 14

    Thanks for being at least open to a little reason, Felix — quite refreshing around these parts.

    Yes very popular indeed — one of the key lollies that got Labour back into power last time. However, free student loans are a lie; somebody is paying for them. Why the hell should the taxpayer have to shoulder this burden too?

    Educating people, Trav? You think 1 child in 5 leaving school without level 1 NCEA is a good record?

    Hospitals, Trav? You think more than one administrator for every patient is not enough?

    Free healthcare, Trav?! Labour has doubled the spend, pissed it into more bureaucracy, and now we’re paying for it — with our lives!!

    Rich pricks, Trav? Envious prick, Trav.

  15. G 15

    “If, like the Joker, John Key planned to steal money from the banks to hand out to the people I’d be happy. But he’s stealing from the people to give tax cuts to the rich.”

    Tane shows his economic wizardry, suggesting the money kept in banks actually belongs to the banks.

    Also, since the ‘rich’ have been shouldering an extra share of the tax burden for the better part of a decade, don’t you think it’s time the government gave some of their money back? Honestly, Tane, you make the money in question sound like it didn’t actually come from their pockets in the first place.

  16. Tane 16

    G, clearly it was said in jest, not intended as an economic thesis.

  17. ghostwhowalks 17

    “Diuretic Duo pissing away the loot’

    Then I suppose we had a fairy godmother who has paid all those 10s of billions of overseas debt then… who would have thought that would be a good idea for a rainy day….lucky we dont any mainstream politicians suggesting we should have borrowed a lot more in the last 9 years… for infrastructure of course

  18. Felix 18


    “Why the hell should the taxpayer have to shoulder this burden too?”

    Because education serves us all. I’d like to see a lot more of the cost of education spread out across society.

  19. G,

    Angry prick. lol

  20. G 20

    Care to address the rebuttal, Trav, or are you also a thick prick?

  21. ghostwhowalks 21

    I seem to remember the interest free loans are only for graduates who continue to live in NZ…. not that I can remember off the top of my head since my tertiary education was all paid for by the taxpayer

  22. che 22

    Yep it’s only interest free while you are in NZ.
    Great policy IMO as it brought me and many friends back from overseas.

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