From the jaws of victory

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My sources tell me Key has a big surprise planned for National’s campaign launch tomorrow. In a break with tradition, Key will not be telling supporters about his plans for “a Labour government I lead”. Instead, he will not be telling them about his plans for a National government.

Seriously though, National needs the next week to go right for them. They took a hammering in yesterday’s polls and there will be more bad news to come; the polls were taken before the Nats announced they would gut Kiwisaver, cancel tax cuts for families and the poor, and before the latest ‘do what it takes’ secret agenda tape emerged.

The campaign launch can’t really give National and Key the momentum they need. It will be on the same day as Labour’s and it is expected that Clark will be making some substantive announcements at Labour’s launch. National has already fired their last round, the tax package, and it turned out to be a dud. So, coverage of National’s launch is likely to be at least balanced with, if not overshadowed by, Labour’s launch.

Which makes the debates all the more crucial for National. Speaking to Tories about town, they are quietly confident that Key is going to be able to pull one of the bag. They know Key has to do well in the debates to get National’s campaign back on track and they’ve put a lot of time and money into getting him up to speed. They’ve been looking at the questions that members of the public have submitted for Tuesday’s Youtube debate and have submitted some obvious patsies for Key themselves. National expects Key to do well in the debates and he will need to. If they are to avoid snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, they can’t afford another bad week.

19 comments on “From the jaws of victory”

  1. Felix 1

    1st para: National’s campaign launch in tomorrow

    2nd para: They took a hammering yesterday’s polls

    3rd para: Fine although the last sentence looks like it was punctuated by Brett Dale.

    4th para: Key has to do well in the debates to National’s campaign back on track

    Just trying to help 😉

  2. G 2

    Who’s side are you on, Felix, exposing our punch drunk host? 🙂

    By the way, Steve, you missed correcting this one in the 4th para: “… and have submitted some obviously patsies for Key themselves.”

  3. G 3

    * Whose side are you on…?

    Doh! How come only the administrators have the edit function?

  4. sorry Felix, doing three things at once, so stopping mid-sentence and coming back with slightly different grammar in my head.

    cheers, Tane (I guess), for doing the edits.

  5. Tane 5

    Got your back brother.

  6. Felix 6


    I know, but if no-one says anything he’ll never learn 🙂

  7. Oh yes youtube – I liked ananda who seems to think people on the dole should be euthanised after 6 months (or something like that…)

  8. ghostwhowalks 8

    Robinsod…maybe a questioner will ask about euthanising investment bankers and their fellow travellers instead.

    The worm would jump for that one

  9. randal 9

    The thing that struck me was that Prime Minister Clarks audience were real people while Keys sycophants were all dressed up in armani and bling.

  10. Ianmac 10

    I wanted to ask John Key about the “2 strikes and you are locked up for good.”
    “Will you action that policy? Yes/No
    Will you action this in your first term of office?” (Not too subtle?)
    Perhaps some one else could do that for me.

  11. Ianmac 11

    Randal: Those kids were from an elite school weren’t they? I remember that when Woodford House had a part to air on TV but for some reason the camera focussed on the holes in the girls stockings.
    Others noticed apparently the non-use of John’s seatbelt. Tut tut. (Must remember to do up my own!)

  12. ghostwhowalks 12

    How come the leaders debate has become a part reality format ?

    Dont we just know that some questioners will be chosen soley because they are in a viewer friendly demographic.

    Oh well , its goodbye to grumpy old white men

  13. talking about the who-will-never-learn [sorry Felix :-)] we just got this feed line from a NZH editorial — “In times of financial crisis, panic is the worst enemy. If it takes hold, it makes a mockery of any controlled and rational response…”

    Don’t have time go look but I wonder whether the NZH holds on courage and puts a name to that. Or are we all to conclude that something like Mr Wannabe Panic PM will do..

    let’s face it, in that fast-follower response (of leading central banks) he was truly standout.

  14. outofbed 14

    latest TV1 poll has the Nats not losing ground it is yet to be broadcast. I hear they are seriously worried about the inconsisticies beteen the numbers between theirs , tv3 and morgan

  15. outofbed 15

    So why do TV1 get their polls sooo wrong ?

  16. Tigger 16

    Okay, so who is going to complain to the Broadcasting Standards Authority about Key flouting the law in his ad?

  17. Tigger 18

    Ads are election programmes within the BSA’s jurisdiction. Probably a breach of something. Law and order? Okay, it’s a stretch but I can’t believe how stupid they were in having him drive around without a seat belt. Maybe having the leader drive in a car without a seatbelt would encourage others to break the law.

    Then again, does Labour need to be reminded about traffic infringements? 🙂

  18. Phil 19

    The thing that struck me was that Prime Minister Clarks audience were real people while Keys sycophants were all dressed up in armani and bling

    I wasn’t at either event, but an alternative hypothesis is that National’s supporters have pride in their appearance, and want to put a good image forward – kind of like going to an interview…

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