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What, me worry?

Written By: - Date published: 2:00 pm, June 24th, 2009 - 53 comments
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Apparently, Minister for Unemployment Paula Bennett doesn’t like reading too much, She prefers to have things explained to her with whiteboards, charts, and graphs. Now, we’ve received one of those graphs with Bennett’s notes added. Seems she’s as relaxed about soaring unemployment as Key:


53 comments on “What, me worry? ”

  1. Gosh, you’re really not very worried about The Standard being taken seriously, are you?

    • exbrethren 1.1

      By appointing Bennett, it doesn’t seem like John Key wants his cabinet to be taken seriously.

  2. Merlin 2

    Thomas – ‘humour’ tag. maybe you should get a sense of it.

  3. Quoth the Raven 3

    Is this the new hero of the pro-smacking lobby?

  4. bobo 4

    Please add a graph of Kiwis flooding back to NZ because of Nationals policies over last 6 months , neglecting to show that less Kiwis are able to afford overseas trips in current economic climate for the increase in immigration numbers..

    • Merlin 4.1

      and that no-one’s going to take a risk of going giving up their job to go to Aussie when they have even higher and rising unemployment than here.

  5. Ag 5

    I attended the same school she did. IIRC she was loud and not too bright. That such a person should end up in parliament is entirely predictable.

  6. toad 6

    Quoth the Raven said: Is this the new hero of the pro-smacking lobby?

    Yeah, I picked up on that news item and blogged on it this morning, in the context of own goals the spankers have already scored.

  7. Principessa 7

    The image is certainly representative of how both PB and Judith Collins deal with pretty much everything. When things get hard, they flash a Cheshire Cat smile (http://jtc.blogs.com/just_left/2009/06/lolnatz.html) and hope for the best. Anyone watch Judith Collins on Close Up the other night? She just grinned and grinned. She’ll be right mate…

  8. burt 8

    Marty G

    So the failed policies of the 90’s provided a trend of falling unemployment in 1999. Labour worked hard to reverse the failed policies of the 90’s. Now remembering it takes many years to reverse failed policies, Labour eventually destabilised the unemployment trend in early 2007. The failed policies of the 90’s had a last grasp thru till mid 2008 and soon after that we voted Labour out.

    Labour must be gutted that having managed the economy into a recession well before the global economic crisis that they are not able to own the reversal of this long term trend?

    By my reckoning (using tribal ‘failed policies of the 2K’s’ logic) National start to bring the trend back down a few years before they are turfed out circa 2018. However Isn’t that kind of what Treasure are also saying? (saying about the trend not the election result)

    • r0b 8.1

      Labour must be gutted that having managed the economy into a recession well before the global economic crisis

      Liar liar pants on fire! Both John Key and Bill English have commented on the strong position that Labour left the economy in (as have Treasury, the IMF, and international credit agency Moody’s).

      Notice how, as NACT flounder helplessly without a clue what to do about rocketing unemployment, they are talking up the our low unemployment level? Another legacy of Labour’s good management.

      • infused 8.1.1

        There is nothing to do. Don’t you get it? This NEEDS to happen. What USA implode.

  9. Redbaiter 9

    Rankin, Bennet, Garret.

    All hated with exceptional intensity by the left.

    What’s the link???

    • Maynard J 9.1

      Redbaiter, this is not hate with exceptional intensity. If it is, it is remarkably good natured and gentle. It does not start to match the intensity with which the left is villified by the sewer dwellers.

    • Dan 9.2

      Garrett for Prime Minister; Rankin as Governor General. Such vision!

    • Let’s see.

      They each have a huge ego, their self view is far ahead of reality and they are not capable of understanding that there are many more intelligent people around, and they insist on thinking that they should be in control. And they are adept at opening their respective mouths and inserting their respective foots.

      And they are doing terrible damage to our society.

      Do you want anything further?

  10. Ron 10

    Um – they’re all lightweight, screwups?

  11. So Bored 11

    Burt, you are a complete twerp, you cant even envisage the train crash we are in. You belong to the “let them eat cake” school of thinking. Arguing about who can run the current rip shit and bust economics better (orthodox heavy NACT versus orthodox light Labour) is such a waste of space, and tedious to boot. Get your head around it, the oil fueled wreck the environment party is over, kaput, finished. Wake up, You are very very out of touch with reality, and boring with it.

    • BLiP 11.1

      “Let them eat cake” – shouldn’t that be “let them get a shoe shop to open after hours especially for the National Party female MPs” ??

  12. torydog 12

    I’ve heard she travels everywhere with and “Etch A Sketch”

  13. toad 13

    So Bored said: Arguing about who can run the current rip shit and bust economics better (orthodox heavy NACT versus orthodox light Labour) is such a waste of space, and tedious to boot. Get your head around it, the oil fueled wreck the environment party is over, kaput, finished.

    Yep, only the Greens have shown any vision in dealing with the financial crisis. The NACT / Labour approach, devoid of any concept of how to address the crisis, seems content to have ever-increasing dole queues while profits derived here are exported to prop up even less sustainable economies overseas.

  14. So Toad

    Will you guys rip up your MOU with the nats tomorrow?

    BTW I don’t disagree with your comments.

  15. I really feel sorry for the senior MSD policy people. People who have spent upwards of a decade working hard towards something they strongly believe in, and are now expected to dumb their work down to the standard of a 5 year old, purely to meet the ill-considered whims of a politically expedient yet nearly incompetent dolt.

    • Redbaiter 15.1

      Quite a few of them (MSD staff) spend all day cluttering up the comments pages on Kiwiblog with such infantile comic book inanities I doubt very much if they’re anywhere near Bennet’s standard of intelligence, however low you might claim it to be.

      Their presence there for what seems like all day would also suggest they’re not working as hard as you claim.

      Amazing really that some of the vulgar and disgusting comments one reads are coming from computers sitting on the desks of supposedly impartial public servants.

      • The problem here is what you have just said is baseless made up shit, on kiwiblog you won’t get called up on it, but really, can you give me any evidence to prove anything in your comment?

        • Redbaiter

          Yes I can.

          I never “make shit up”.

          And if you had more than half a clue you wouldn’t ever have written anything that demonstrates such a degree of ignorance on the issue.

  16. Redbaiter 16

    Do you say it does not exist?

    I tell you what, I get so tired of educating you ignorant fools.

    I’ll post the evidence here if you agree to donate $50 to the Panmure RSA.


    Otherwise, shut the fuck up and go there and look.

    • The Panmure RSA is evidence that Paula Bennett isn’t an incompetent dolt?

      Every person who I have come across who has had anything to do with her comes to exactly the same conclusion that I have.

      You have nothing to prove otherwise, demanding I pay money to the RSA, in order to have you prove that you are not lying, is nothing but a blatant attempt at stalling to show that you really have got nothing.

      • Redbaiter 16.1.1

        Suit yourself.

        What you need to understand is that information is not free.

        You want me to find stuff that you can easily find yourself, there’s a fee payable.

        However, I don’t want or need your money.

        Agree to donate the $50 to the Panmure RSA and I’ll produce the evidence you’re

        1) too ignorant to know, and,

        2) Too lazy to look for.

        What’s up?

        Too damn miserable to donate $50 to a good cause?

        Typical socialist.

        Generous as hell as long as its other people’s money they’re giving away.

        • Paula Bennett is clearly an incompetent dolt, you’ve never produced a shred of evidence for any claim you have made in your life, this evidence does not exist, I know that.

          You demanding I pay money is ridiculous and makes you look even more like a deer in the headlights, stuck with nowhere to run. Just be thankful you have no credibility to loose.

  17. Redbaiter 17

    Another dumbfuck leftist eats crow.

    Thanks for the laff dimbulb.

    Anytime you want me to post “evidence to prove anything in my comment”, just tell me you’ve made the donation.

    (Oh, and post a scan of the receipt somewhere. Wouldn’t trust you as far as I could kick you.)

    ..and I meant go to Kiwiblog (not the Panmure RSA) and look you absolute knuckle dragging drongo.

    • Alternatively, you could pay $60 dollars to a charity of my choice, to hear why your “evidence” that Paula Bennett is not an incompetent dolt is wrong.

  18. Redbaiter 18

    You socialists have got no shame. You’re trying to weasel out of your obligation now by altering the original terms.

    From “anything in your comment’, you modified it, after realising you were beat, to the particular point that Paula Bennet is “not an incompetent dolt”.

    Don’t think I haven’t been here before. I’ve played this game with others like you and in the end, its always the same.

    Your kind has no integrity, no honesty, no pride and no shame. You sneak and slide and twist and turn, and always in the end, reveal yourself underneath your smug pompous condescending arrogant veneer to be nothing but worthless low IQ pieces of amoral shit.

    Have a good night loser.

    • All I am hearing is the splat of a deer in the head lights getting run over really.

      But honestly, I don’t care what terms it is to be on, the simple fact of the matter is I am not paying good money to any cause to hear your lies, mis-truths, distortions, paranoia, and unfounded hysterical conspiracy theories, rehashed and still proving nothing.

      What ever you come up with on any terms, will be nothing but a desperate attempt to distract, just like the previous 4 posts, from the fact that you are quite simply wrong. You have no credibility here, and over the last 5 posts I have proved that beyond any doubt, consider your self comprehensively embarrassed, you clown.

      Put up or shut up, that is all I ask.

      • Maynard J 18.1.1

        Would not worry about this KITNO, we have all seen this pathetic behavious before – make a stupid claim, pretend that it is common knowledge, refuse to back it up and then demand a pseudo-macho pissing contest as the price of fronting up with proof of claims that we all know are really in redbaiter’s imagination.

        Anyone would think redbaiter has something to prove – but all that it proves is he hates being called up on his bullshit. Mind you, someone with his ‘eccentricities’ probably does not subscribe to the rational human view that if someone does not believe you, thne it is up to you to provide that evidence and convice them.

        If I wanted to play redbaiter’s wee game all I need to say is “Stalinism is superior to any other form of government”.

        “What, you do not believe me? It is fucking obvious”. “I am not here to spoon feed you information, go and educate yourself, fool”. “Fine, you donate $875 to the International Socialists and fax me in triplicate and I will post my bullshit evidence up here”.

        it is one of many forms of intellectual dishonesty redbaiter has perfected.

    • So Bored 18.2

      Hey Redwhatever,

      You were considered for a Golden Tedium Award for boring us to death……cant give it to you now because of your constant use of terms such as (to quote):

      * shut the fuck up
      * dumbfuck leftist eats crow.
      * dimbulb
      * absolute knuckle dragging drongo
      * worthless low IQ pieces of amoral shit.

      Such terms show either you have lost control and need anger management counselling OR that you are still in a primary school class. Either way you dont get the award, you are a LOSER.

      • Ag 18.2.1

        He’s been doing this for at least ten years, even back in the day when he called himself “Sovereign Individual”.

        In truth, he’s a lightweight and easily beaten. If anyone remembers the old NZ Herald discussion fora, he used to get regularly owned on there.

        • Pascal's bookie

          “Sovereign Individual”

          You don’t say.

          There’s a belfry with some interesting bats in residence.

  19. Pj 19

    Is the reason that Bennett, Rankin and Garrett are despised by the left because they are all a) heterosexual and b) Christians and c) strong supporters of families?

    Because we all know the left has been taken over by raving homosexual atheists who want nothing more than to break up good Christian families so that they can sodomise their good Christian sons.

    • So Bored 19.1

      Pj aka Redwhatever?

      • Pascal's bookie 19.1.1

        Satire, I think. Though with fundies it is impossible to tell.

        • So Bored

          Im new to this, whats a fundie? Fundamentalist?

          • Pascal's bookie

            … of the evangelical, biblical literalist, tending toward theocratic style. So not the same as ‘Christian’.

    • craig 19.2

      I am a Labour party member and supporter and I am a christian, straight and I also am a strong believer in families.

      Your sweeping generalisations show your desperate attempts to get noticed in a debate.

      Really classy!

  20. Jared 20

    What I find perplexing is how critical the opposition are about rising unemployment without providing a rational solution to stem the trend. Its all well and good to say unemployment is skyrocketing, what would Labour have done differently? Stimulating growth and employment in a recession is almost impossible. Ask employers who they are trimming back, and what intervention they would prefer that would limit these cutbacks, if anything, Nationals Job Summit was exactly that, a talkfest, with the 9 day fortnight proposed and supported by industry and unions. Unemployment is inevitable, stop trying to apportion blame, when cyclical confidence returns (as it will) then the jobs will return also. We simply cannot afford the stimulus package of the scale obama is implementing, nor can we afford the Green stimulus package.

    • craig 20.1

      Jared the last government achieved employment levels that many thought were impossible.If you really think that happened by purely external factors you really need to start doing some reading. While Labour made some mistakes unemployment and growth was something they did well. Have a look at to nights Sunday program buddy and weep.
      We can afford to stimulate the economy more actually, but its all about priorities, had National stopped all the tax cuts and used that money to keep some public servants that would of helped heaps. 50 million on a cycle way, 100 million on a party, 35 million on funding private schools could all be spent differently.Oh and Labour does have the solutions but there is no point raising them as we are not in power. Enjoy the ride or should I say slide with Donkey you probably don’t remember what 7.5 percent unemployment feels like some of us remember only to well.

  21. Twocan 21

    Being able to provide a succinct executive summary in various forms for a minister is a very valuable skill that should be present in all government departments. There are many layers of anaylysts to deal expertly in the details (well you would hope so).

    In Blaise Pascals words “If I Had More Time I Would Write a Shorter Letter”.

    • Anita 21.1

      Being able to provide a succinct summary is a skill everyone should had.

      Reading past the executive summary is the test of being engaged with an issue rather than just keeping an eye on someone else’s work.

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