Embarrassed? Us?

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3 News Yesterday:

PM hopes ponytail-gate hasn’t embarrassed NZ

John Key … hopes he hasn’t embarrassed New Zealand in the wake of the embarrassing saga, which made headlines worldwide

Embarrassed? Embarrassed? Why ever should we be embarrassed?

27 comments on “Embarrassed? Us?”

  1. Paul 1

    Embarassed..our PM is creepy

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  2. Charles 2

    Excuse me while I put on my National Party spin hat…

    “Look, at the end of day it’s all about exposure. Any attention is good attention and the kind of attention John Key has directed toward NZ is priceless. How many of you had clear ideas of the places you visited overseas after your trust funds matured? Anyone? You there, where did you go?”

    “HELLO. I’m Rupert Grinch and I’m a KEY PERSON!”
    “That’s great Rupert. Where did you go?”
    “I went to London.”
    “So tell us Rupert, what did you think about London before you left?”
    “Well sometimes, when the nanny wasn’t looking, I’d switch over the TV to Eastenders or Coronation Street, to get a look at what the poors did.”
    “That sounds like a risky childhood game, Rup. You were a very naughty boy.”
    “Oh no, I was eighteen at the time.”
    “Yes, ok then, well tell us Rupert, what was your impression of the place given the portrayal of the people on TV.”
    “They looked awful. Couldn’t understand what they were saying. Criminals everywhere. Gays dangling out windows. Miners roughing people up on street corners. Children playing happily in the gutters. I cried. It scared me. I didn’t want to go but Mama made me.”
    “And what was it like when you got there?”
    “I saw some stuff just like the TV, hardly anyone spoke English, but mostly it was much much better.”

    “So you see, what our infamously raggedy exports do for us on TV is actually improve the tourist experience once those tourists get here. They expect a horror, but go home with their expectations exceeded. Who would go to the States based on George Bush’s performance? And yet, when you get there, it’s a wing-nut’s paradise. The more laws our PM breaks, the more embarrasing he becomes, the more tourist dollars we will win.”

    *wild applause… girls in blue t-shirts fall from the ceiling and mix with the crowd…*

  3. Tautoko Mangō Mata 3

    “John Key è un cretino? ” http://www.ilpost.it/2015/04/22/john-key-cameriera-capelli/

    Embarrassing headline?

  4. timbo 4

    I think Young Labour should produce 10,000 bumper stickers with that slogan: “John Key é un cretino?”

  5. timbo 5

    I think Young Labour should produce 10,000 bumper stickers with that slogan: “John Key é un cretino?”

  6. Tautoko Mangō Mata 6

    ‘Bully’ New Zealand PM apologizes for pulling waitress’s ponytail again and again

  7. Craig Glen Eden 7

    The link to the John Oliver You tube vid is not working. Strangely the link is still up on You Tube so the owner hasn’t pulled it like the message say’s!

    • freedom 7.1

      For anyone having trouble and isn’t sure how to get the video, simply right click on video to get the URL and paste it into a new tab

  8. Skinny 8

    John Key is tryng gallantly to shrug the whole pony tail saga world headline off, his pride/ego has suffered a huge hit, he must be in a lonely space right now. His woes got a whole lot worst over the weekend with Judith Collins more or less publicly declaring she intends to challenge Key for the leadership. Rightwing fanatic’s like Hide & Hooton are beside themselves with joy at the prospect of Key getting rolled and Collins taking over and swinging National extremely right.

    The Left need to start spoiling the rightwing’s seamless move to promote Collins. Mickey and co a few posts outlining what the outcome of Collins as PM would mean to New Zealander’s would be nice.

  9. ianmac 9

    Stay safe Amanda. I fear there will be those out to harm you either physically or emotionally or by interfering in your employment or social opportunities.

  10. rawshark-yeshe 10

    For no solid reason I can explain, I believe that if Collins rolls Key a very swift election follows and Collins will lose it for the Nats as she is generally despised as being mean, greedy and duplicitous. And I am certain Winston would never ever agree to work with her. Could get interesting.

    Best be ready those on the left and possible coalition partners .. agree for Winston to be PM if that is what he wants. At least he demonstrates a genuine affection and respect for NZ. Nothing could be worse than Key or Collins pfffft.

    • Tracey 10.1

      If Key resigns… which is how the “rolling” will play out in my opinion… there won’t be an election cos she needs to be in power… and she needs to be able to knight him…

      • rawshark-yeshe 10.1.1

        Logically I agree 100% .. but something in my bones tells me there will be a snap election because of it .. (maybe I need better quality tea leaves ? lol)

        • Tracey

          I’m only guessing of course… I just can’t see him getting the knighthood if Nats don’t get back in.

          • rawshark-yeshe

            we are all guessing ! btw, do you know where in the factions Amy Adams falls ?

            She was so impressive in the Roast Busters open debate that she earned a little respect from me ..

            • Tracey

              I don’t know much at all about internal factions. BUT I am guessing base don stats alone that there are a number of Nat MPs who are not thrilled about all that is going on… Money talks in National… that’s how they got Brash and then Key… I imagine Collins has a pretty big notebook of folks who are happy to open their wallets for her…

              I also subscribe to the notion that people are not inherently bad. That good people can do bad things. Adams has not hurt herself and her farming/business interests by towing the line, but the funny thing about people driven by self interest is they have to be very good at reading the wind changes to end up on the winning side.

        • Lanthanide

          There’d only be a snap election if Maori Party and/or Peter Dunne declared that with the change in PM, they would no longer abide their C&S agreements.

          Unless there was some scandal that actually affected governance, I don’t think they’d reneg on them.

          • RJL

            Or if factions within the National party couldn’t cope with the new PM.

          • rawshark-yeshe

            Well, I have my eye on Marama Fox if events come to shake the ground .. she is to be trusted!!

            And dear Slater keeps gurgling there is so much more to come that Donkey is keeping well hidden .. :

            “The flag referendum is now handy as a distraction from Key’s other troubles. Northland’s loss, “the Minister’s brother”, problems inside the party with historical domestic and sexual violence, as well as financial impropriety being kept quiet through court suppression orders,

            and the last but not least, the debacle with Amanda and Graham wanting to put John and his wife on the stand for repeatedly pulling a pony tail.”


      • David H 10.1.2

        And if they Knight TricKey it will be the most dishonest use of the honours system, since Adam was a toddler.

    • Murray Rawshark 10.2

      As PM, I don’t think Winnie would be any worse than Little. I’d rather see Metiria Turei than either of them, but you can’t always get what you want.

      • rawshark-yeshe 10.2.1

        Oh yes, Metiria would be magnificent .. but it’s not going to happen yet is it ?

  11. Tracey 11

    Does he really think he hasn’t? I heard him say that yesterday and thought, even avid Nat supporters I had dinner with on Saturday said this incident is making it really hard to stick up for him.

  12. Sable 12

    Disappointed by Keys behaviour but also bored by all this too, to be completely truthful. I’m personally more alarmed by the looming TPPA and Keys role in that impending disaster.

  13. The Murphey 13

    Q. Embarrassed on behalf of another’s behaviour ?


    Key has brought shame onto himself his family and the country by providing further evidence about ‘thyself’ and is unlikely to be of any surprise to those closest to him

    The trend is becoming too blatant to miss with ‘Sabin’ and the ‘Ministers brother’ providing the most recent view of ‘the preferences’ of those who rule over us

    The shame is on those who vote for a system which is controlled by those who are controlled because of ‘the preferences’

    Voting is to explicitly support ‘the preferences’

  14. Paul Campbell 14

    Today’s Tremain (ODT editorial cartoon):


    pony-boy is never going to live this down …. he also seems to look more and more like Muldoon as time goes by

  15. Mike S 15

    If I were a strategist on the left and was wondering how to use Key’s ponytail fetish to the left’s advantage and I didn’t mind playing dirty a wee bit, then i would ensure that from now on there will be at least one visible female with a ponytail at every single Key press conference, public appearance, speaking engagement, etc. etc. This could be a major distraction for him (should he indeed have a ponytail fetish) and could cause him to make all sorts of mistakes.

    The left needs to take advantage of opportunities that are presented to them rather than hope the mainstream media (which is what the majority of voters still watch / listen to / read) will force voters to see Key and National for what they really are.

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