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International shame – again

Written By: - Date published: 7:34 am, November 12th, 2015 - 64 comments
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The combined antics of cynical Key and useless Carter have brought NZ international shame yet again. Here’s The Guardian:

New Zealand female MPs thrown out of parliament after disclosing sexual assaults

Women ruled out of order by Speaker for demanding prime minister John Key apologise for accusing opposition of ‘backing the rapists’

Several female MPs were ordered to leave the New Zealand parliament on Wednesday after their declarations that they had been victims of sexual assault were ruled out of order by the Speaker.

The women’s intervention came after prime minister John Key on Tuesday accused opposition Labour and Green MPs of “backing the rapists” in a row over the detention of New Zealanders by the Australian government.

Delahunty said the MPs had walked out on behalf of women around New Zealand. “We’ve walked out because every woman in this country needs to know that women parliamentarians will not put up with this,” she said.

Also covered on Buzzfeed:

Female MPs Hit Back At “Rapist” Comments By Sharing Personal Stories Of Abuse

Calls grow louder for John Key to withdraw and apologise for suggesting the opposition support “rapists”.

A group of New Zealand MPs, among them victims of sexual violence, have walked out of parliament in disgust after prime minister John Key claimed Labour supports “rapists”.

Males in a position of power using rape as a cheap political tactic and then punishing women for speaking up. Welcome to Brighter Future – looks a lot like the dark past.

64 comments on “International shame – again ”

  1. CnrJoe 1

    ” Useless Carter ” ?
    Colluding Carter.

  2. Tracey 2


    I hope you don’t mind but I am copying this from my Open Mike Post to hear

    Through his many actions in relation to treatment of girls and women in this country Key is making this an increasingly unsafe place for girls to thrive by allowing (it seems) large portions of our male society to believe that how they view and treat women is acceptable.

    Examples from key

    Serial fondler accuses Labour of “backing rapists”

    (and don’t forget the use of “gay” as a derogatory term (presumably cos it make shim hip with the kids)

    An International campaign has highlighted this in the field of Sport. Behaviour can seem harmless but it has an insidiousness, an underlying impact that those perpetuating it don’t (or won’t) see. When someone stands in front of you with a knife you know you are in danger, you know you are being disadvantaged but when the knife is concealed and the perpetrator is smiling and being just an ordinary guy…


    This one is for our PM

    “So, did you hear about the hair controversy?”
    Asked of Gabrielle Douglas

    “I just wonder if her dad did say to her when she was 12, 13, 14: ‘Listen, you’re never going to be a looker, you are never going to be somebody like a Sharapova, you’re never going to be 5ft 11, you’re never going to be somebody with long legs, so you have to compensate for that,’”
    BBC Commentator about Marion Bartoli”

    “You’re getting a lot of fans here,” “A lot of them are male, and they want to know: If you could date anyone in the world of sport, of movies – I’m sorry, they asked me to say this – who would you date?”
    Channel 7, to Eugenie Bouchard”

    ”As your profile rises, people find out more about you, your breast reduction surgery was three or four years ago. Does that play any part in your success? What about outside the tennis?”

    Asked of Simona Halep”

  3. Manuka AOR 3

    From that Guardian Link above, one of the comments:
    “This same government withdrew funding to Christchurch’s Rape Crisis Centre, forcing it to close. So though they are supposedly not supporting rapists, – they are not supporting the victims either.”

  4. herb 4

    No Anthony its the woman trivialising sexual assaults.
    Key is standing up and saying he isn’t prepared to walk all over Australian sovereignty to protect rapists , murders and child molesters , not to mention Labours trivial offences , such as armed robbery ,assault etc.

    Can’t see how that’s trivialising sexual assault.

    Labour have made a huge boo boo here , and pretending Keys out of line just shows how much the left operate in a vacuum

    • Heather Grimwood 4.1

      To Herb….These women were /are incredibly brave Herb, although you can’t/don’t recognise the fact. They show huge strength in progressing sense of self to attain election as M.P’s let alone acknowledge their reality publicly.
      They have my admiring support and I’m sure that of many.

    • Tricledrown 4.2

      Desperate spin Herb.

    • tracey 4.3

      Actually he used the word “molesterers”.

      Anyhoo no muderers or rapists amongst the NZ contingency herb. And one with indecent assault on children. Just like the prominent NZer is accused of. Key would never lend support to someone like the prominent New Zealander aye?

    • Paul 4.4

      So you’d defend anything Key does.
      Pony tail pulling.
      Trivialising rape.

    • ankerawshark 4.5

      Herb what a load of tosh! Obviously the arguements about human rights and not using rape for political purposes (i.e. to score cheap points against the opposition rather than dealing with this issues) will be lost on you, so I won’t bother.

      So here’s the self serving answer to your stupid opinion as you clearly have no moral compass. Locking these people up, when they have served their sentences (maybe even undergone rehabilitation programmes that can work) is going to make these guys angrier, bitter and more likely to re-offend. So the idea that Key is helping protect us all by doing sweet fa about these guys is lying spin. If you have fallen for this bullshit spin line, then consider my words. Is ignoring these dguys, treating them appallingly, denying them their human rights going to help the general public, here or OZ be safer? NO NO NO.

  5. AmaKiwi 5

    It’s not just physical and sexual abuse. It’s about a sick image of what our society has become. That image is “real” men work; “real” women raise children; and we are all happy Kiwis with a brighter future.

    This fictionalized world view ignores the reality that many, women work full-time (often for less than a living wage) AND simultaneously raise the children by themselves. (The average NZ marriage lasts only 3 years.) This situation results in:

    1. exhausted and angry women workers who can never upscale their work skills and don’t have the time to maintain a social support network to help them cope, and
    2. exhausted and angry children deprived of parenting and raised by the schools, electronic devices, and gangs and;
    3. schools which, instead of teaching devote major resources trying to cope with difficult children who can’t learn because they are emotionally and materially deprived, and
    4. overweight children because time-stressed Mum relies on prepared and fast foods and plugs the kids into electronic devices.

    It’s not just about physical and sexual abuse. It’s about a worldview which worships money and is blind to social disaster caused by ignoring the human needs of women and children.

  6. ianmac 6

    USA “The Atlantic” also reports the issue. What a bad thing to be famous for.
    In the eyes of overseas, “Is this the same one who had to apologise for pulling the waitresses hair?”
    “Anger in New Zealand’s Parliament

    Several female legislators were thrown out of the House chamber Wednesday for protesting the prime minister’s remarks invoking rape.”

  7. Daniel Cale 7

    The only people bringing the country into disrepute are the MP’s who walked out. If they seriously think that fighting to keep rapists and murderers in detention is offensive, then they have neither the wit nor the intellect to represent kiwi’s.

    Oh, and the other people bringing the country into disrepute are many of the kiwi’s being detained, some of whom are now on their way back to Australia after causing the riot!

    • Anne 7.1

      You project too much. Wit and intellect and an ability to read properly are not your strengths! To begin with it’s now been revealed that John Key lied. No NZers on Xmas Island are murderers or rapists.

      You sound like the sort of imbecile who thinks men are superior to women so its OK to treat them any way they choose. Modern day cavemen in other words.

    • Hayden 7.2

      “fighting to keep rapists and murderers in detention”?

      Prime Minister John Key is calling for Kiwis in Australian detention centres to fly back to New Zealand to work through their appeals.

      A policy change in Australia a week ago means New Zealanders being held in detention centres, including those on Christmas Island, can choose to be deported and get on a flight the next day.

      Key strongly encouraged they did that rather than staying in the conditions they’re in and said they would be assisted on their return to New Zealand.

      Source: http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/politics/73168403/kiwis-detained-on-christmas-island-should-come-home-tomorrow–key

      Does not compute.

    • Paul 7.3

      You lose credibility when you defend Key on this.
      You clearly would support him whatever he does.

  8. Dorothy 8

    Its not just about the rapists and murderer comments. Its as much about demeaning the office of Prime Minister. The House belongs to the people, he represents us to the world, and yelling across the floor to the Opposition in such a manner, leaves me embarrassed for our country. Get some gravitas Mr Key, and behave as the Prime Minister. The position deserves some sense of status and your low behaviour demeans the status of the position. Its nit your private domain to do with it what you want. Insults hurled across the floor like that smack of schoolyard bully. Time for you to grow up and act like an adult.

    • Reality 8.1

      When the PM is rattled, and Richie/Royals are not in sight, the schoolyard bully in him quickly surfaces. His poor taste discussing his personal habits on radio is also very demeaning of a prime minister. Likewise his penchant for ponytails (10 year old boys at school do that, not a prime minister).

    • AmaKiwi 8.2

      What makes you think schoolyard bullies stop bullying when they grow up?

      I my life I have no experience they do.

  9. Mike Bond 9

    Just how can people now blame JK for the walkout of woman and other MP’s. I am confused as the way I see it, JK has refused to back Labour and storm over to Auss to tell them to be nice to our criminals. It is irrelevant if there was murderers or rapists on the island. They are on the list of possible deportees. Key gets nailed and says he is using this as a political tool? What BS!!!!! [RL: Deleted. Too far and not acceptable.]

    This is again an “own goal” from the opposition who just can’t seem to get anything right. I can’t wait for Little to get over to Auss to tell them just how to run their country! Bring on the popcorn.

    • Heather Grimwood 9.1

      To Mike Bond…I don’t know when I’ve read such a paragraph of disgusting comments.

      • maui 9.1.1

        The trolls posting their feelings on this thread do make themselves out to be total assholes.

        • DoublePlusGood

          Yes, it’s quite clear that they:
          1) Are happy for human rights violations to occur, as long as it is to someone they perceive to be a ‘bad person’.
          2) Are happy to see experiences of rape be trivialised, minimalized and silenced.

        • tracey

          All we can do is show compassion and offer them advice

          “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.

      • Gangnam Style 9.1.2

        This topic is bringing out the uglies. So Mike Bond thinks they made it all up to score a political point, so a question to you Mike Bond…, would you yourself Mike Bond make up being sexually assaulted to score a political point? Yes or no, genuine question, truly curious.

        • Mike Bond

          I would not! As I said, I hope charges are now going to be laid with the police to bring these perpetrators to justice.

          • weka

            You clearly implied that the women MPs were making up stories abou being sexually assaulted in order to score political points. I’ll name your comment as supportive of rape culture, and note that in 2+ days that’s the first time I’ve felt the need to do that (which is a pleasant surprise).

    • nukefacts 9.2

      You’re disgusting, revolting comment simply shows what an uncaring, nasty tool of the right you truly are.

      How do you know those brave women MP’s haven’t complained to the police? Key is nailed because there’s a riot that may endanger the lives of NZ citizens, many of them not even criminals like the soldier who defended Key in Afghanistan, and all he can do is insult the opposition by implying they support rapists!

      FFS! Grow a brain Natz tool.

      Key doesn’t even know how many rapists, murderers etc there are on Christmas Island- it’s all positioning to distract attention from the fact he’s a useless pussy who’s getting pushed around by the Aussies because all he does is manipulate fools like yourself through these distractions to stay in power. That’s his sole aim – stay in power, not help NZ citizens in danger in a foreign country.

      Think about that when he opens his lying mouth. You’re being used and your either too dumb to get it, or you’re just another one of the Natz dirty politics operators trolling this site.

      • Gangnam Style 9.2.1

        Just like Patrick Gower waving that piece of paper on telly the other night, he got totally used & got made to look like a fool. The Nats played ya like a yoyo Paddy.

        • Trey

          Is Paddy “played” by the Natz or “payed” by the Natz? It is hard to believe that he is that stupid to believe the bollicks he spouts.

      • Mike Bond 9.2.2

        [RL: Deleted]

        • tracey

          “I am saying that I think we all agree that the guys on Christmas Island awaiting
          deportation are criminals! ”

          40% of the people on that island have committed no crime.

          I was raped/sexually assaulted and I will fight for Human Rights even when it is hard because without it, we become a nation of people like you, and I do not wish that on my chidlren or theirs.

          Ignorance is an illness “Mike Bond”, and you may be terminal. There is a cure, it is to educate yourself before opening your mouth or typing a word. And at least having the courage to admit when you have been spouting opinions based on information subsequently proven to be false.

    • tracey 9.3

      “Mike Bond” you have gone too far. You are an intermittent poster who seems to go in spurts

      A few days ago, imo, pretending to be a former Labour supporter

      Serial fondler accuses Labour of “backing rapists”

      ” lost my support for ever!”

      Yet in 2014 you wrote this

      TPP roundup

      I dont care what part of the political spectrum you are on, your comments are getting out of hand.

      Your behaviour has become more and more troll-like and your most recent effort which suggests that any victim of sexual abuse who hasn’t laid a complaint with the police is making it up is a step too far. You make this an unsafe place for many people.

      You need to cool off, calm down and think about how your posts might be affecting others, not only those who post here but those who read here and do not post. Take some time to read our Policy too

      [RL: Mike I totally agree with tracey. Take a week off.]

  10. Gangnam Style 10

    That picture in the Guardian under that headline, made me very embarrassed to be a NZr, so many people have been sexually assaulted in this country. I am a male in my mid to late 40s, brought up in a small town NZ. I sexually assaulted by the teen age boy next door when I was between 4-6, & I have never told anyone. Those woman knowing they would get their comments ridiculed & some not believed (‘claimed to have been sexually abused/assaulted’ – Mike Bond above), are truly courageous. They have guts & my admiration. Thanks.

    • miravox 10.1

      I’d like to think your story was a rarity to Gangnam Style, but as you say, it happens far too often. If the likes of Mike Bond were to learn anything from this saga, I would hope it would be:

      1. Despite experiences of abuse, people (including the MPs who protested against the PM’s use of victims) can still believe in upholding the principle of Human Rights. The State behaving justly is something people who have been victimised can, and often do, understand. Mike Bond is not speaking for victims, like the PM he is speaking for himself. As you’ve shown right here, people who have experienced sexual assault can speak for themselves when the time is right. They will also decide on what they will do about it. I know there is a strength in making the decision to let things go, or to hold people to account, as you see fit. Unlike Mike’s imagining there is no ‘one size fits all’ crime or response to that crime.

      2. Mike Bond seems to spend a lot of time imagining what he would do if he were a victim. Maybe he should spend a little more time learning the effect of his words (and the words and actions of people like the PM) have on people who have been victims of sexual assault. There are plenty of resources out there.

      Be kind to yourself today Gangnam Style, that comment was a tough thing to do.

    • tracey 10.2

      Thanks for speaking up. We should never lose sight of the numbers of people who are victims of sexual abuse. How many offenders that means there are out there. And how many uncharged offenders are in positions of power to influence how women and children are viewed/used.

      You have my admiration.

      kia kaha

    • Lara 10.3

      Me too Gangnam Style.

      Kia kaha

  11. nukefacts 11

    BTW Mike Bond, Key already has form here. He sexually harassed a waitress then arranged to smear her name any way he could through that revoltting National party troglodyte Rachael Glucina, and has repeatedly fondled little girls ponytails in public! Not to mention he’s gutted funding to rape crisis, mental health etc. This guys is an uncaring, sexist abuser of women and kids who really really doesn’t give a shit about who he hurts.

    • Mike Bond 11.1

      This comment says it all about you nukefacts. When you want to compare hair pulling to rape and sexual assault it just shows you are also out to score a political point. I for one don’t give a damn about the criminals on Christmas Island. Just sad that they are coming back to New Zealand. When a criminal choses to ignore another persons human rights, they give up their human rights to. Their victims did not chose to be violated/ molested etc. So glad that you chose to defend these criminals.

      • ianmac 11.1.1

        Though all those criminals have finished their sentences Mike. You want to re-sentence them?

        • tracey

          Mike is having some time off

        • Draco T Bastard

          He seems to be the typical RWNJ who believes that punishment should last forever.

          • tracey

            It’s interesting to see who has crawled out of the woodwork this week to run the lines for the PM on this site. Equally it is interesting to see which of our regular Key supporters who have said nothing.

      • nukefacts 11.1.2

        Mike, of course you had to resort to Key’s trick of equating any opposition to your view as supporting criminals. Nice lump of red meat for the right wing meat grinders like yourself.

        As an unreformed kiwi bloke I can see you just don’t get it. It wasn’t ‘hair pulling’ from Key – it was a sustained campaign of sexual harassment that was unwanted and repeatedly rejected by the woman, and nevertheless continued by the PM. This sort of behaviour is part and parcel of how men treat women. I have worked with such men and can tell you, from their OWN WORDS, this is how they start out down the road to sexual assault. What Key did to her is very very close in many men’s minds to assuming they have the right to do whatever the hell they want to women. I’ve even interviewed a guy who thought that because a woman didn’t beat him up for similar behaviour, she wanted to have sex with him!!! This is how it plays out when men like Key get away with what they do.

        And just so you know, some rights are inalienable. You know, we had this nasty thing called WW2 that led to universal declaration of human rights, and just because someone commits a crime, they don’t forgo their human rights.

        Also, it now looks like more than 40% of the detainees there have no criminal convictions, so once again, you’re facile ridiculous argument is bullshit.

  12. NZSage 12

    This is another sad indictment on New Zealand’s mainstream media who needed the eyes of real newspapers and reporters to highlight the misogynistic tendencies of The National Party and The Speaker of the House

    • tracey 12.1

      I was thinking that too NZSage. Yesterday was the day for our media to be outraged, but our overseas news outlets got there first. No calls yesterday for the PM to resign.

      Yes resign. He used a problem that is rampant in this country and has victims that number so high we don’t even know who they all are, to wriggle out of a difficult political situation. He used victims of sexual violence.

  13. Tricledrown 13

    Grovelling Key has resorted to now.
    No apology.
    Narcissism is why he can’t apoligize.
    World Media making Key the laughing stock ,top story in many publications.

  14. Dale 14

    I think this whole thing is getting very blurred. Australia is expelling undesirables back to where they came from. So what.
    There are rapists within the group of people who are being sent back.
    NZ does the same thing ,and so they should.
    The real crime is they get to beat up and rob asylum seekers before they go. This problem is bigger than just Christmas Island.
    Their giving the good Kiwis over here a bad name.
    FYI it’s a bit of a non story here. We just want them gone.

    • Gangnam Style 14.1

      Yes I know, you guys would deport your aborigines if you could get away with it “bro”.

      • Expat 14.1.1

        A new prison in the NT opened last year able to house 5000 prisoners, you know who most of the inhabitants are, the estimated cost to house one prisoner per year is around 100k, multiplied by 5000 prisoners is money better spent on prevention, the indigenous population has fewer rights than Kiwi’s and other non citizens, a classic example of Australia’s wonderful human rights policy.

  15. Vaughan Little 15

    when does name.suppression on the prominent new zealander get lifted?

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  • APEC finance ministers focus on inclusive, sustainable COVID recovery
    APEC finance ministers will continue to work together to respond to the effects of COVID-19 and ensure a sustainable and inclusive recovery while capitalising on the opportunity to build a more resilient future. The New Zealand Minister of Finance and Deputy Prime Minister Grant Robertson chaired the virtual APEC Finance ...
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    6 days ago
  • Improvements to child and maternity facilities at Timaru Hospital on track
    Improvements to child and maternity facilities at Timaru Hospital are well underway, and the next stage of the project will begin next month. Health Minister Andrew Little visited Timaru Hospital today to view progress onsite. “The improvements are part of South Canterbury DHB’s four-year refurbishment project and will create a ...
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    6 days ago
  • Govt responds to independent review into WorkSafe
    The Government has clear expectations that WorkSafe must action the recommendations of the independent review into the regulator to improve its management of adventure activities following the tragedy at Whakaari White Island, Workplace Relations and Safety Minister Michael Wood says. The Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment (MBIE) today released the ...
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    6 days ago
  • Prevention funding to reduce tamariki in care
    A new iwi-led prevention programme will receive funding from Oranga Tamariki to help reduce the number of tamariki and rangatahi coming into state care, Children’s Minister Kelvin Davis has announced. Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Tahu (Te Rūnanga) will receive $25.9m of Oranga Tamariki funding over three years to improve outcomes ...
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    6 days ago
  • Transforming New Zealand’s mental health legislation
    Public consultation is now open for Aotearoa New Zealand to have a say on the repeal and replacement of the Mental Health (Compulsory Assessment and Treatment) Act 1992. “’He Ara Oranga, the report of the Government Inquiry into Mental Health and Addiction’ made it clear that we needed to replace ...
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    6 days ago
  • COVID-19 Protection Framework
    Kia ora koutou katoa Today I’m speaking directly to all New Zealanders to share a plan that will help us stay safe from COVID-19 into the future. A future where we want to continue to protect people’s lives, but also to live our lives – as safely as possible. Our ...
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    6 days ago
  • Business boost to transition to new COVID framework
    We know that over the last twenty months the approach New Zealand has taken to COVID and Delta has saved lives and livelihoods. Along with one of the lowest mortality rates in the world, we have also had strong economic growth, low unemployment and one of the lower levels of ...
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  • COVID-19 funding boost to protect maōri communities
    Tēnā koutou katoa As you have heard from the Prime Minister, the new protection framework will support us to keep people safe especially our vulnerable communities and minimize the impact COVID-19 has on business and our day to day lives. If you want to protect yourself, your whanau and your ...
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    6 days ago
  • New COVID-19 Protection Framework delivers greater freedoms for vaccinated New Zealanders
    New COVID-19 Protection Framework provides pathway out of lockdown and ability for businesses and events to re-open to vaccinated New Zealanders Simpler framework to minimise cases and hospitalisations without use of widespread lockdowns Auckland to move into the new framework when 90 percent of eligible population in each of the ...
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  • New fund to accelerate Māori vaccinations
    The Government has established a $120 million fund to accelerate Māori vaccination rates and support communities to prepare for the implementation of the new COVID-19 Protection Framework. The new Māori Communities COVID-19 Fund will directly fund Māori, Iwi, community organisations and providers to deliver local vaccination initiatives for whānau, and ...
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    6 days ago
  • Government extends hardship assistance for low income workers
    Income limits for Hardship Support through the Ministry of Social Development have been temporarily lifted so more people can recieve assistance. “Cabinet has agreed to make it easier for low income workers to recieve assistance for items such as food and other emergency costs,” Carmel Sepuloni said. “We know the ...
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    6 days ago
  • More support for learners with highest needs
    Students most in need of extra help in the classroom are the focus of a new review that gets under way today, Associate Education Minister Jan Tinetti says. About 50,000-80,000 children and young people are expected to benefit from a Ministry of Education review into Highest Need Learners that will ...
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    6 days ago
  • Parts of Waikato to stay at Alert Level 3 for next six days
    The parts of Waikato that have been in Alert Level 3 will remain at that alert level till Wednesday, COVID-19 Response Minister Chris Hipkins said today. “Based on the latest public health information, maintaining level 3 in those parts of the Waikato continues to be the most prudent course of ...
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    7 days ago
  • Hon Peeni Henare September 2021 Proactive Diary Release
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    7 days ago
  • NZ passes world-first climate reporting legislation
    New Zealand has become the first country in the world to pass a law that will ensure financial organisations disclose and ultimately act on climate-related risks and opportunities, Commerce and Consumer Affairs Minister Dr David Clark and Climate Change Minister James Shaw today announced today. The Financial Sector (Climate-related Disclosures ...
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    7 days ago
  • Prime Minister NZ UK FTA opening remarks
    Tēnā koutou katoa. Ngā mihi nui ki a koutou katoa. I am delighted to announce today that following a conversation with Prime Minister Johnson last night, New Zealand and the United Kingdom have Agreed in Principle a historic high-quality, comprehensive and inclusive free trade agreement. I’m joined today by the Minister ...
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    7 days ago
  • New Zealand secures historic free trade deal with the United Kingdom
    A boost of almost $1 billion to New Zealand GDP, unprecedented access for New Zealand exporters to the UK market UK to eliminate all tariffs on New Zealand exports, with over 97% being removed the day the FTA comes into force NZ exporters to save approx. $37.8 million per year ...
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    7 days ago
  • Quarterly benefit numbers show more people in work
    Benefit figures released today show a year on year fall of 9,807 people receiving a Main Benefit in the September Quarter.  “The Government is working hard to tackle COVID-19 and it is clear our strong response to the initial outbreak has created a resilient labour market which is providing opportunities ...
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    7 days ago