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Key praises Ardern and Labour

Written By: - Date published: 1:05 pm, August 16th, 2017 - 53 comments
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Even John Key can see it:

Labour made right call in promoting Ardern to leader, says former PM John Key

Labour made the right decision to make Jacinda Ardern leader according to former Prime Minister John Key.

Yes they did. A big bold gamble – supposed electoral suicide – and it worked.

“The camera likes Jacinda. Paul Holmes once said to me ‘on TV they see your heart’ – she responds well to that so that works really well for her,” Key told the AM Show this morning. “She’s been on TV a lot, she communicates pretty well and in the end people want to vote for people they like.


“I don’t think that will be enough to get [Labour] over the line obviously…”

Well let’s just see about that!

53 comments on “Key praises Ardern and Labour ”

  1. Nick 1

    I will never trust anything that comes out of keys mouth

    • Eco maori 1.1

      Sorry for jumping in here . But John Keys Actions are directly responsible for the situation I’m in.
      1 flooded the dairy labour market with Philippines
      2 Change laws and give more power to the police
      3 Set a culture in the state’s system to never admit being wrong
      There are many example.I.E. Pike River GCSB Mass sevalince .
      Now the big elephant in the room on that last Subject is not that they have everyone’s data and the people think we don’t mind we have nothing to hide. The problem is that he has put to much power in the state’s hands and some bad people will use that power/ leverage to fuck up other people lives . And that’s ok to 60 more likely 500 million John Key. Because as the saying goes when you got a couple of million you are in the who gives a fuck category. If any one or any organization tries to fuck with you or your loved ones you just lawyer up.Now These New rules that John Key made will negatively affect the lower class.

      I went to a police station to get a form to lay a complaint I was told to go and print one off the net .
      What about the people with no computer’s or no computer skills .
      Probably any one that comes out of the justice system can not fight for there rights . That is why I want National out

    • CLEANGREEN 1.2

      1000% NICK,

      So true there.

      JK is just appearing to be nice as he did when he conned us to sell all our assets!!!!!

      — oh wait now we see that Bill English and co are setting us up to next selling “Transpower” our Electricity grid Company next !!!!!!

      Then NZ Post will be next and possibly ACC & our Kiwibank, so we need them all shod of our Country pronto.

  2. Alan 2

    Can’t wait to see what OAB, Marty Mars etc. have to say about this………conflicted, much.

    • tuppence shrewsbury 2.1

      More hilarious was how all the RW commentators called for it to happen, but were shouted down as not knowing anything, RWNJ’s etc. humble pie much?

    • I’m not conflicted Alan – I find jim key to be utterly irrelevant. Why not ask what a fish thinks mate.

    • Hey, if Key wants to piss all over his successor’s chances in the election, it’s all good as far as I’m concerned.

    • One Anonymous Bloke 2.4

      Not really. Of course Key likes Ardern: she threw Metiria Turei under a bus.

  3. Kat 3

    Key knows National are going to lose the election and he just wants to be associated with the winner. Just like the All Blacks and every other “camera” opportunity.

    “Sir” john key…… what a fake, what a bad joke.

    • garibaldi 3.1

      Why even do a post on that sleaze’s utterances?
      And now he dedicates his knighthood to his family’s suffering?? Poor wee Max. FFS.

    • Anne 3.2

      Key knows National are going to lose the election and he just wants to be associated with the winner.

      My reaction too. The bit at the end was just a softener for his former political colleagues.

  4. We’re comin’ after your knighthood, Key…. RUN !

    • CLEANGREEN 4.1

      Ha ha Wild katipo,

      We will have him investigated over the 500 lies he gave us all over his toxic eight year reign he put us all through.

  5. patricia bremner 5

    Well JK always failed to commit. This is no different.

    “She’s good, but is she good enough?” he asks of Jacinda.

    Yes JK, she is and she’ll be better straighter truer than you,

    Jacinda is not looking for opportunities to grow her personal wealth.

    She cares about NZ and sees through Australia’s and probably JK’s blather.

    Wahine Toa.

  6. Hanswurst 6

    A short time after Labour came to power in 1999, Jim Bolger praised the newly minted Prime Minister Helen Clark’s competence and social conscience. Just shy of two decades later, John Key says new Labour leader Jacinda Ardern looks good in front of a camera. I sincerely hope that that is a measure of the man, rather than of our society.

  7. lprent 7

    I wonder what he is after?

    That was my first and current response.

    • Ad 7.1

      He wants for nothing.

      He has nearly 9 years as super-popular Prime Minister.

      He has all the money he could spend.

      His latent popularity provides huge conferral power.

      English is losing this election through the media, and he just lost another precious day.

      • KJT 7.1.1

        “Key, wants for nothing”?

        Why has he just taken a job with a US financial outfit, then. (Not to mention the Air NZ board).

        Reward for services rendered?

      • One Anonymous Bloke 7.1.2

        He wants for nothing.


        Why is he doing so much biggering and biggering then?

        Get off your knees.

    • alwyn 7.2

      I fear you have spent far too long with people and a party who were only out for themselves.
      Remember how Key went to a lot of trouble to help get your friend Clark a job in New York, and later spent even more effort on her doomed campaign for Secretary-General of the UN?
      And do you also remember how she had illustrated the bleakness of her soul by sitting, with Michael Cullen in Bellamy’s while Don Brash was giving his valedictory speech?
      Key was honest and open. You just don’t recognise that characteristic.

      • I fear you have spent far too long with people and a party who were only out for themselves.

        I’m pretty sure that Lprent has never spent time with National or ACT. They’re the only two parties that are in it solely for themselves.

        Remember how Key went to a lot of trouble to help get your friend Clark a job in New York, and later spent even more effort on her doomed campaign for Secretary-General of the UN?

        You do realise such acts are traditional don’t you and that it’d look bad if they didn’t?

        And do you also remember how she had illustrated the bleakness of her soul by sitting, with Michael Cullen in Bellamy’s while Don Brash was giving his valedictory speech?

        And how many NACT MPs were missing from valedictory speeches of the Greens, Labour, NZFirst and other parties?

        I’m pretty sure that’s Blinglish not sitting in the House while Annette King gave her valedictory.

        • alwyn

          Bill English probably wasn’t in the House when Annette King was giving her valedictory. I’ll take your word on the matter.
          However the speech was given on Thursday evening. Bill, like every Prime Minister is not in the house on Thursdays. Those days are booked solid with events outside of Wellington, and they will have been booked up a long time ahead.
          I am quite willing to bet that he wasn’t having a cup of coffee in Bellamy’s to ostentatiously show that he wasn’t present even though he had nothing else to do. He certainly wasn’t deliberately insulting Annette was he?
          Do you really not see the difference?

          • Draco T Bastard

            I am quite willing to bet that he wasn’t having a cup of coffee in Bellamy’s to ostentatiously show that he wasn’t present even though he had nothing else to do.

            [citation needed]

            Do you really not see the difference?

            I can see you making excuses for National MPs.

      • lprent 7.2.2

        Perhaps you should figure out how I rate politicians.

        I don’t care how personally charming they are.
        I don’t care about their ideologies.
        I couldn’t give a pigs arse about how many hands that they shake.
        I don’t care how ‘intelligent’ that they think that they are.

        I just assume that all politicians should be all of those. The ones like Barclay or Gilmore who don’t appear to have managed many of them aren’t politicians and should be turfed out as basic incompetents.

        And I really don’t get bothered about the small personality quirks that you seem to spend your life looking at and making into mountains. I do care about how effective they are as politicians.

        That means firstly that they have to win their seats competently, and help their party get into positions of power.

        Then secondly they have to do something with it looking primarily at a 20+ year horizon.

        As a tertiary issue at a shorter term horizon in terms of helping people out of poverty traps from them and their kids. Effectively opening up opportunities to them

        Fourthly, they shouldn’t pass excessive debt on to younger generations.

        John Key was successful at the first and a complete failure at the second, third, and fourth. It is hard to see anything that he did that wasn’t confined to an electoral cycle viewpoint. It is also even harder to see where he helped directly or indirectly anyone who wasn’t already affluent. And he raised the debt levels very very high because he rewarded in his first term all of the affluent for voting for him – pushing the debt on to the kids.

        Basically John Key is a almost complete political failure and obviously a pretty incompetent one.

        Clark and Cullen pretty well managed to do all four. That was why Clark was able to go for the UNDP position and got it. John Key just jumped on board as well – good for the photo-ops.

        You’ll note that I really don’t give a pigs arse for ANY of the traits that fools like you view as being important. I want competent politicians and I really don’t want ones who amble along doing fuckall – like John Key.

        • Draco T Bastard

          Then secondly they have to do something with it looking primarily at a 20+ year horizon.

          Looking forward twenty years is ok I suppose – would prefer 500+. Get them to really consider the idea of sustainability. Those iron sands deposits off Taranaki that just got their take extended won’t last for 100 years but they’re well into the 20+ bracket.

          Basically John Key is a almost complete political failure and obviously a pretty incompetent one.

          John Key did exactly he set out to do – screw over NZ for the rich.

    • Carolyn_nth 7.3

    • mosa 7.4

      What is Key after ? Ambassador to the USA ?

  8. Ad 8

    That is one awesome proxy.

    The National Prime Minister of a few months ago has endorsed the Leader of the Opposition.

    That damages Bill English.

    If she gets in to power and she’s smart she’ll keep him busy in NZTE or tourism or lading trade delegations.

    • mary_a 8.1

      @ Ad (8) … Perhaps Dr Sir John Key wants to be the Governor General in the next Labour government! He likes to feel important you know.

  9. Robert Guyton 9

    Hold onto ya ponytail, Jacinda – John likes ya!

    • Hmm, the views of Bill’s house shown in that article make it look like the rooms in a furniture catalogue, only blander. I suppose he does get points for being true to his personality, though.

      • McFlock 10.1.1

        Can’t really say it’s to my taste at all, lol

        Not just bland – almost everything is square…

        • Psycho Milt

          I can picture Bill English as a Huey Lewis and the News fan, but he must have failed to notice “It’s Hip to be Square” was intended ironically.

          • McFlock

            Apparently he can give a long speech on the nuances and imagery in that particular song, but has to wear a plastic raincoat while doing so. People subjected to the dissertation tend to take an axe to their own heads out of sheer boredom.

      • The decrypter 10.1.2

        Feel it in my waters that bill is editing a cooking book due for release soon. Title probably something like – Cooking for the poor—reviewer comments include -Bill writes poor cooking book.

        • mary_a

          @ The Decrypter (10.1.2) … 🙂

          • greywarshark

            I liked the understated joke of sitting against a cushion with the UK flag on it, not quite the English one I think. The books behind the sofa, I wonder if they are textbooks from his Treasury times, all there to refer to when he needs to check his other bible.

            And I liked the way that the article explained what all the furniture is used for.
            I rate it as preparatory Journalism .51.

    • joe90 10.2

      No hole in the wall stoup with votive holders.

      I’m disappointed.

    • Gabby 10.3

      I’m a bit worried that the nats have polling that tells them bland is where it’s at. BTW is this Bingles at home in Wellington or Dipton?

  10. greywarshark 11

    That’s a good Crosby Textor call. I think it’s called putting your imprimatur on someone. Connects her to Gnashional, so they can watch with his approval.

  11. Penny Bright 12

    Know about this?


    (1 August 2017 at Transparency International NZ meeting at Rutherford House, Victoria University).

    Chair of Transparency International Jose Ugaz stated on 1 August 2017 at Wellington meeting that John Key should be investigated over the Panama Papers.‬

    How do I know?

    I was at that meeting and heard Jose Ugaz myself.

    Any NZ or international mainstream media going to follow up with an investigation into John Key and the Panama Papers?

    Penny Bright

    2017 Independent candidate for Tamaki.

    Exposing the $1.6 BILLION Tamaki ‘Regeneration’ – GENTRIFICATION $CAM.

  12. Enough is Enough 13

    I don’t think Key is alone in thinking that.

    Everyone from the right wanted Little to take Labour into the election because it was going to be an inevitable win for the Nats.

    The demise of Little was their worse nightmare.

    “supposed electoral suicide ” I think it was mainly our side that were initially disappointed. Go back and read the comments from people the day Little resigned. even some of the posts were suggesting they would fee Labour

  13. Carolyn_nth 14

    Seriously! Just watched the Checkpoint segment on John Key’s sword shoulder tap today. In it he lists things he’s proud of. One of the things included seeing the country through the Pike River disaster….!!!?

    Listen from about 00.55 minutes.

    Things he hopes he provided leadership to help people through tough times.

  14. Stuart Munro 15

    Perhaps he hopes avoid a full fraud inquiry of SCF – Hubbard was done to death and his wealth stolen by executive action, the courts were never involved.

  15. Incognito 16

    Maybe Sir John was genuine but to me it comes across as damning Ardern with faint praise. I also think Sir John’s superiority complex was showing: “Ardern is very popular but not as popular as I was and it won’t be enough to get Labour over the line obviously like I did three times with National because Ardern is close but not quite in my league and you can trust me on this because I have the view from above, always have, and always will. Now, please make room for me”. Unfair comment?

    • John Key …. L0L !…


      One of the things included seeing the country through the Pike River disaster….!!!?

      I posted extensively on The Standard / The Daily Blog about Pike River , most of it easily referenced material and articles and documents that made it pretty clear about not only Key but others in National in particular , as well as multinational / corporate foreign / local interests that have been lobbying to mine in our National Parks for years under the noses of New Zealanders in plain sight. If there’s one thing that sticks in my craw its abuse of the workers , the unemployed or the chronically ill. In any shape or form. That and our environment because I grew up in the bush.

      And its my land . I own it. ( Mad Steven the Irishman 🙂 Braveheart )

      The guy reminds me of this song atm… full of guile , self entitlement and no sense of remorse. Sir Fucking Trougher John Key.

      Fleetwood Mac ‘Oh Well’- Studio Version & HQ.FX – YouTube
      ▶ 3:31

    • mosa 16.2

      Sir John…..never ! he will always be a shyster nothing more than that.

  16. Tracey 17

    John Key had a heart? Or enough media trading to pull off the pretence. Exhibit A 9 years in govt rrfusing to accept poverty existed. A few months out and his biggest regret? Not addressing poverty. WTF.

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