Nice Mr Key (and useless Mr Carter)

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Audrey Young almost manages an epiphany in this piece:

A week’s a long time in politics

It is a frosty start to a long week with John Key. Several of the travelling media, including me, have been highly critical of Key, not so much for accusing the Opposition of backing murderers and rapists but refusing to apologise after offence was taken.

The outwardly pleasant and relaxed Prime Minister has a bloody-minded streak to him and when that switch is on, he digs in and thinks it will all blow over, and it eventually does.

Key doesn’t have “a bloody-minded streak” to him, that’s who Key is, solidly determined, unscrupulous and ruthless. The jocular and nice Mr Key facade is and always has been a thin veneer over the top. The evidence for this after the last 7 years (indeed over his whole career) is clear, so much so that even big fans like Audrey are finally commenting on it.

In other personality politics news this morning, this piece on how Speaker Carter is losing control of Parliament is well worth a read. As to Rodeny Hide’s incoherence, more of that in another post perhaps (for now I have some lawns to mow before the rains come!).

21 comments on “Nice Mr Key (and useless Mr Carter)”

  1. Paul 1

    And in the same article admits to how easy a roll over NZ media is…

    ‘Just talking. Trying to neutralise any lingering hostility towards him at the top of the trip and eliminate any sense of awkwardness Not a word is said by him about rapists and murderers. There is no point asking him to rationalise his own bloody-mindedness.

    It is left unsaid, but the visit to the back of the plane closes that chapter, for now. Time to move on.’

  2. stigie 2

    Gawd, that horrible Mr Key.

  3. Once was Tim 3

    She’s finally waking up, although as you suggest, she still hasn’t got it quite right.
    I’m still wondering why our so called journalists haven’t taken it upon themselves to talk to a few of his former colleagues – the crew that dubbed him ‘the smiling assassin’. But then I suppose (with apologies to Hardtalk and Steven Sackur) he ‘cor fine jiss is many jernliss withna ternativ view (goan forwid)’.
    All bullshit and bluster and no substance – the Formica imitation woodgrain Proim Munsta – with a high security detail and all the baubles and trappings attached to feed the ego.
    Idi and a number of others were all very nice too – IF you happened to agree with them and worship the ground they walk on. I’ve come across nicer fleas

    • Once was Tim 3.1

      Actually, the more I think about our Dear Leader, the more I liken him to Nick Leeson ….. the only difference is that Dear Leader was better at rolling the Dice, and Key is doing to NZ’s ‘konamee’ what Leeson did to Barings Benk.
      Leeson at least had the good grace not to enter polltiks …. so maybe that’s not such a good comparison – the size of the egos match the widening gap between rich and poor.

  4. Smilin 4

    Te wolf of Wall St in sheep’s clothing. Smilin Assassin . The Antichrist The Beast. Little Lord Fontleroy.The Spanish Inquisition.Mccarthy. A Yuppie .Da Fureher.
    Generally much maligned Mr Nice Guy. Gez there’s that stupid sign on my face again. Doesnt fit with the previous paragraph

  5. greywarshark 5

    Stacey Kirk on the Speaker David Carter
    “But then what more exacting cue for an exit stage-left, with speculation pointing to a plum diplomatic posting for him – perhaps London or Ottawa – at the next Government reshuffle.:
    Ask around Parliament and many would say Maurice Williamson would be a sound, and potentially hilarious, choice as Carter’s successor (which is likely why John Key won’t pick him)….
    Most importantly, his appointment could bring a return to what opposition MPs deem fundamental to Question Time: Ministers may actually be expected to answer questions.
    Perhaps it’s for that very reason Leader of the House Gerry Brownlee appears to be the front-runner, raising fears about what that might mean for political journalists.
    He displays an obvious and growing disdain for the Press Gallery,….”

    National chose David Carter who appears to have had a negative influence on NZ, preventing implementation of a number of measures needed for the good running of the country from being passed. –

    In 2008, Carter was initially chosen as the National candidate for the resurrected safe National seat of Selwyn, but opposition to this saw the National candidacy up for grabs again.
    He pulled out and the candidacy was eventually won by Amy Adams, who won the seat. Carter was given a high list placing of nine instead and did not contest an electorate.[4][5] After National’s election victory, he took the portfolios of Agriculture, Biosecurity and Forestry.[6

    In May 2010, Carter issued a ban on kosher slaughter, rejecting the recommendations of his advisers.[7] Carter held shares in a firm that exports meat, and prior to instituting the ban he met senior managers of the firm who wanted a ban on kosher slaughter to reduce their competition

    As Min for Primary Industries –
    In November 2012 he approved the increased squid fishery SQU6T by 140%, despite recommendations from scientists and the Department of Conservation that this would be detrimental to the endangered New Zealand sealion.[9]

    He prevented future-thinking measures for water allocation and quality while Min of MPI. Expert evidence showed a new approach could limit nutrient leaching without loss of profit to farmers he ‘savaged the plan as having ‘significant’ impact of [profits and productivity (NZListener 1/Dec/2012). This was the One Plan from the Horizons Regional Council endorsed by a ‘landmark Environment Court ruling September [2012] after adversarial hearings and litigation.
    The Land and Water Forum of farmers, industry groups and environmentalists and including iwi after four years produced a consensus, which was based on there being a bottom-line of national standards which had to be formulated. …
    (Minister of Environment Amy Adams had officials working on this.)

    Nov.2013 –
    2013/14 –
    Nov.2013 -
    2013 -
    June 2015 –

    Bit of a pillock really, David Carter. His claim to fame is that he introduced embryo implanting procedures, a modernisation of the old system, but a habit that has not been able to maintain.

    So Speaker of the House is apparently given to the person most recalcitrant and backward-looking. Apparently he was not keen on the role, there was a convention that National would discuss with Labour which they didn’t and Labour nominated Trevor Mallard so a little gerfuffle there. It would seem that Brownlie would be backward-looking enough for the post so could be a big contender.

    • Tracey 5.1

      US ambassador is available now…

      • greywarshark 5.1.1

        But but but what about Groser. Could they get grosser?

      • Once was Tim 5.1.2

        Isn’t about time that we stopped appointing ‘former’ has-been politicians to diplomatic posts?
        It’s a big reason why the World is the way it is today.
        Christ!!! perish the thought – where the hell will we shuffle Dear Leader off to?
        I know – Beijing (around the time they start executing recalcitrant bankers for corruption, money laundering et al) – but it’ll probably be Washington when Donald Trump is into his second term.
        No wonder MFAT is such a mess

  6. alwyn 6

    “there was a convention that National would discuss with Labour which they didn’t ”

    Perhaps you could enlighten us on when this “convention” you talk about started and when it was ever exercised?
    Candidates for Speaker are quite commonly opposed, at least at their first appointment.
    Jonathon Hunt stood, and lost against Doug Kidd in 1996. Clem Simich and Ken Shirley stood against Margaret Wilson in 2005. There may have been someone standing against Jonathon Hunt but I can’t remember and I can’t be bothered checking it out. Labour said they opposed Lockwood Smith but never got round to putting up a candidate.
    Anyway, where is this “consultation” documented?

  7. reason 7

    Ah yes that nice Mr Key certainly ticks a few boxes ……”Aggressive narcissism (superficial charm, grandiose sense of self worth, pathological lying, cunning/manipulative, lack of remorse or guilt, emotionally shallow, lack of empathy, failure to accept personal responsibility for own actions).”

    ….and thanks for very informative post greywarshark …… shows up carters career and values $$$$ …….. I remember when the nats got in they used the GFC and lowered volumes of trade to shrink and degrade our bio security to save a few dollars………. the arrival of the psa virus alone showed the value of carters and nationals penny pinching ….. “killing vines at a cost to the industry of around $900 million”

    Brownlie would make a good national choice for the speakers role …. this ex-woodwork teacher thinks himself above and can’t even follow basic airport safety/security rules …..

    That should tick a few boxes for the nats though … pesky rules are always interfering with their divine rights to do what the fuck they like……. sky city casino cash giveaways and saudi sheep bribes being two examples which spring to mind

    And as a bonus big gerry could physically eject those bad labour mps as he has practiced this while assaulting pensioners ……

    ” In 2002, a District Court judge found in favour of Mr Able that Brownlee had “used excessive and unnecessary force on Mr Abel when he tried to remove him from a staircase handrail”. Brownlee was ordered to pay Neil Able $8,500 in damages.[2][3] Brownlee later sought unsuccessfully to have $48,000 of his legal fees reimbursed by the Government.[4]”

    • greywarshark 7.1

      Thanks for the appreciation Reason. Sometimes I like to spend the time and get the background on something or someone – get the bigger picture.
      You don’t know what you don’t know (famous quote Rumsfeld).

  8. True story. Carter was with one of his kids at a swimming pool. A pool attendant told Carter’s child not to run around by the pool side. Carter was heard to say to the kid after enquiring what the attendant said, “Did you tell him to f**k off”. Verbatim, heard by a friend of mine within earshot.

    Rather telling.

  9. Smilin 9

    Carter couldn’t organise a pissup in a brewery and thats about the extent of his involvement in the democracy of this country
    He should go and do what he is good at,
    being a rightwing pain in the arse somewhere else other than parliament where intelligent thinking is scarce so he cant do any more damage.

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