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Open mike 13/07/2019

Written By: - Date published: 7:00 am, July 13th, 2019 - 152 comments
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152 comments on “Open mike 13/07/2019 ”

  1. Xanthe 1

    Still having tons of problems with commenting from my tablet usually cant get focus in comments pane, sometimes can make new comment but not reply, often there is no replies sidebar …. then exit reload and get a working unit

    • gsays 1.1

      Hi Xanthe, I have the same problem in Chrome but followed someone here and their advice and use Brave.

      No probs with commenting.

  2. johnm 2

    GUEST BLOG: Bryan Bruce – What is the purpose of an economy?

    Last week RNZ reported on two stories that should give us all pause to think about who we are , what we stand for and the ACTUAL rather than the pretend economic policy by which our country is run .

    The first was on the queues of people lining up at the Manurewa MSD office on Thursday to get emergency assistance .Some had been there, in the cold and rain since 2 am.

    The Minister Carmel Sepuloni put the blame on the Auckland Action Against Poverty group because that’s the day they have their advocates there to advise people about their rights and they won’t spread out their advocacy over the week, through pre appointments and at other offices


    • ianmac 2.1

      A good opinion piece Johnm but I wonder how the wealth of the two richest could be undone.

      our richest two citizens now own as much wealth as the bottom 1.5 million of us-

      • greywarshark 2.1.1

        Bullet points from Bryan Bruce's article. Really to the heart of it. And no bullets in sight, may we get there and without any shooting.

        …the fact that so many people are so desperate for assistance the government itself has had to increase the amount it has allocated for hardship grants to $128.5 million, tells you there is something very wrong with the way we are running our economy…

        Again the problem lies in the way we run our economy . The government, for all it’s recent PR about wellbeing is still running to the neoliberal agenda which promotes selfishness and competition over cooperation and the common good…

        neoliberal economics has turned us into a low wage economy – a Gig economy – where many people have to work 2 and 3 jobs just to make ends meet.

        It [the Government] is still running an austerity budget with $3.5 Billion surplus when food parcel distribution at the Auckland City Mission is up 50% on last year…

        What do we want? We want our economy (I think) –

        …to deliver the greatest good for the largest number of our citizens over the longest time? (Progressive economics)

        I’m for the progress ‘greatest good’ approach to running our economy.

    • Observer Tokoroa 2.2


      Why did you Tell Lies about Work An Income ?

      You are so untrustworthy –

      Your friends the Landlords place excessive Rents on people in New Zealand. You should have a chat to your Wealthy mates.

      • johnm 2.2.1

        I'm not a landlord. If I had my way there would be at least a CGT of 60% on this social parasitism which is a blight on all societies. So bad our young couples cannot afford to buy starter houses. I believe in social housing and keeping house prices as low as possible including restricting immigration. NZ had it right until Roger the pig farmer came along! 🙁 It's a disgrace the capital Gain these types get away with. This Government refuses to address the problem.

        • bewildered

          There’s the crux of it Johnm what you believe and reality There is a capital tax on housing and CGT is not the prime reason for supply and demand issues in housing, nor as history show us is communism or rent : price controls the answer. The government can’t build houses cheaper than the market as kiwibuild has shown , start their and work backwards

      • greywarshark 2.2.2

        Observer why do you attack JohnM for stating truths. And make up stories about him. You seem unreliable.

        Please state exactly what JohnM said that was lies. And how do you come to say that his friends are landlords?

  3. ianmac 3

    Newsroom has a very interesting story about farmers being "shafted" by ANZ over "interest rates swaps." Even quoting for Sir John's head:

    Newsroom’s Nikki Mandow tells the extraordinary story of the Taranaki dairy farmers who unwittingly got caught in the world of high finance, got shafted by the ANZ Bank following the global financial crisis, refused to take a Commerce Commission-brokered settlement because it was worth only a tiny fraction of what they had lost, took the country’s biggest bank to court – and against the odds, won.


    • greywarshark 3.1

      Still, all the three MPs in the Taranaki area are National Party. Seems they are pretty happy with being shafted overall.

  4. johnm 4

    How 2030 is the new 2100: Global Food Yields Already Dropping from Abrupt Climate Change

    2030 is the new 2100. Climate change is ALREADY reducing global food yields TODAY, with an average 1% annual reduction in the worlds top ten global crops, providing 83% of food calories to humanity: top ten food crops: barley, cassava, maize (corn), oil palm, rapeseed (canola), rice, sorghum, soybean, sugarcane, wheat. Most reduced: oil palm (-13.4%); increased: soybeans (+3.5%). Negatively affected regions are Europe, South Africa, and Australia; +ve is Latin America; mixed is Asia, North and Central America. Growing season temperatures over all harvested areas is up 0.5 to 1.2 C since the early 1970s.

  5. johnm 5

    David Attenborough speaks in parliament about climate change

    Dr. Respect

    Dr. Respect 2 days ago

    They will happily spend 30,000,000 on one bomb yet will not spend a penny on healthcare and the environment. This world is going down the pan very very fast and whoever is at the top you know the one that holds all the cards and has all the money. well they too will also diminish you could ask the question are they even human, because in my experience humanity is a collective and at the moment is falling apart. is anyone going to do anything? I doubt it

  6. Adrian Thornton 6

    Here is a very good piece from the ever reliable FAIR on NYTimes peddling more bullshit and disinformation…seems one of the most important things do do during the coming US election cycle will be sorting through the mountains of misdirection, disinformation and straight out lies that the so called liberal MSM will spew forth in their vain attempt to derail the progressive wave building in the USA…keep your eyes peeled and your bullshit detectors set on high!

    For NYT, Inconvenient Facts Equal ‘Russian-Style Disinformation’

  7. WeTheBleeple 7

    In the future (and today's research), conventional plastics will be biodegradeable.

    Scientists have already discovered an enzyme that breaks down PET, and within a wireworms microbiome lies the secrets to breaking down polystyrene. The search is on for more promising enzymes, and how we might harness them upon discovery.

    Leading the charge is consumer demand for sustainable products. Those without the tech will lose more and more public support, and as alternative options become available, consumer led protest over polluters will see government support withdrawn and even government opposition to recalcitrant industry.

    While we see enormous resources today dedicated to PR and legal fees to hide/justify industrial activities, the far easier and cheaper way will be to work with ethical and environmental consideration.

    Nature to aid tech:


    Leading vehicle manufacturers are switching to EV production. Oil companies to carbon capture techniques and investment in renewable research and development.

    In the interim, we need to plant 1.2 trillion trees.

    Tech to aid nature:


    • James Thrace 7.1

      If the boomers could understand the difference between hemp and marijuana, what a difference that would make.

      2 crop cycles of hemp remove the same amount of CO2 from the atmosphere as 30 years of pine trees.

      Hemp is also a far more sustainable, low impact crop. It also regenerates the soil and isn't required to have rotation planting like so many other crops do.

      Hemp is wonderful. There are so many functional uses for hemp, and way more sustainable than trying to develop enzymes.

      • WeTheBleeple 7.1.1

        Excellent thoughts/facts. It was the cotton growers started the whole reefer madness/hemp ban to my (limited) knowledge.

        Using hempcrete, hemp fibre… we could sequester the carbon FAST using hemp crops for building. And the seeds make top notch oils.


        The enzymes are required to remove the enormous volume of plastic pollution we have.

      • marty mars 7.1.2

        So true – hemp is a wonderful plant – you can pretty well use all of it – I can't understand why farmers aren't getting serious about creating diversity by laying some hectares in hemp – get out of the way regulation – and for the numbnuts – your dope people don't like being near the hemp too much – too much pollen floating around.

        Flax too – we used to have a whole industry for this and we can get it back again – get ready to create more wetland, plant more flax, clean more rivers for transport, fix up the old docks and so on and before you know it we will have travelled back in time to the future.

        • WeTheBleeple

          Here's a relatively comprehensive talk on industrial hemp for some history, historical application and potential for applications.

          We have some farms trialing hemp now, and I believe legislation has allowed its use for human food now? Is going to?

          I can make a hemp (seed meal) & honey steam pudding that's pure goodness!


        • bwaghorn

          They should use Jones fund and build a hemp plant in the Canterbury plains . Gaurentee a purchase price for any cockies that want to grow 5 % of their farm area in hemp for 10 years . Get the ball rolling.

      • Cinny 7.1.3

        YES !!!! A thousand times yes 🙂

        • WeTheBleeple

          Perfect for the area. Get rid of (at least some of) the dairy and put trees back on the land to shelter the crops.

          • greywarshark

            Who has the ear of Jonesy? That idea should be rounged out, and fed to him, along with his favourite beverage, plus a goody bag filled with hemp products which seem to be varied and extensive.

            • WeTheBleeple

              He looks like he'd be partial to some of the hemp steam pudding.

              Not tonight though, rhubarb crumble it is. Serve with vanilla ice cream for the tart/sweet combo. Luscious. A favorite.

              I do think he'd go for something so progressive if someone made a sound business case. A group of farmers/landholders might do very well to pursue such a thing.

              We don't have a hemp seed de-huller in the country either, so we'll be wanting an industrial one of those too.

              • greywarshark

                This is a clear case for another viable industry, perhaps we could slow down the dairy and diary for targets for hemp – a five year plan. Let's have some Chinese central planning, it seems to have done them good as far as economic progress is concerned.

  8. One Two 8

    LDL-C does not cause cardiovascular disease

    Introduction: For half a century, a high level of total cholesterol (TC) or low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C) has been considered to be the major cause of atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease (CVD), and statin treatment has been widely promoted for cardiovascular prevention.

    However, there is an increasing understanding that the mechanisms are more complicated and that statin treatment, in particular when used as primary prevention, is of doubtful benefit.

    • WeTheBleeple 8.1

      Yay for me being stubborn and refusing the statins. Trying to contain my pie addiction and sweet tooth while awaiting further research…

      Seems they've been flogging 'sugar pills' again. Wonder how much was made after the dodgy studies.

      Possibly inflammation raising platelet counts… I'll stop already. Not a doctor…

  9. marty mars 9

    bernie gold

    I found this the other day – it sorta shows (in a funny way) why bernie won't get there – this is the truth of it – no big conspiracy. He is consistent, he is on message, he is who he is. lol


  10. phantom snowflake 10

    There's been a lot of talk lately about the Titirangi Village chicken infestation, but there's something important missing from the discussion. About a year ago I had a chat with the woman who feeds the chickens. (The one referred to by Andre as the "crazy duck lady".) She told me that she regularly arranges for chickens to be rehomed on a farm, but that the Titirangi population is maintained by regular dumping of chickens/roosters in the village by members of the public. Thus, a one-off removal of the entire chicken population will not solve the problem.

    • Rosemary McDonald 10.1

      …I had a chat with the woman who feeds the chickens.

      What?! You actually went and engaged with this person? You held a conversation with her? You found out from her information not as yet in the media? Oh, the horror!/sarc wink

      I was having a chuckle yesterday thinking how much easier it is going to be to round up these chooks if they are being regularly fed. Even better if this lady is catching and re homing them. "Crazy" indeed.

      If one has no problem with chooks becoming food, then there are no doubt lots of folk more than happy to take unwanted chooks of the hands of the dumpers. Or have we all become too precious to even think about folks killing their own chickens to eat?

      Onya phantom snowflake, and thanks for sharing that information.

    • WeTheBleeple 10.2

      That's more like it. Some truth to the matter rather than sneering contempt.

      The same occurs at Western Springs (Pet dumping). I view turtles in the lake, chooks all over the place, and if you go there on a moonlit night, rabbits and guinea pigs mowing the lawns.

      With a Zoo next door housing many carnivores, I can think of a sustainable solution…

      But the public would rather dump pets and have exterminators do the job, rather than think Fluffy has been eaten by a lion. As for the chook populations, some culling of the roosters (wherever dumped animals form flocks) would be an efficient way to keep numbers down. That and infrequent round-ups.

      The homeless cull some of them cheeky

      • phantom snowflake 10.2.1

        Rosemary & WtB: Similarly clichéd mental health-related slurs about the woman concerned are thrown about in the Titirangi community as are on this site, sadly. In person, what is most striking is her huge love and compassion towards chickens in particular, and I can't see why that's something to sneer at. In my view, when it comes to the chicken issue she is definitely a stakeholder, and I hope that the Waitakere Ranges local board will engage with and involve her as they seek a solution.

        • Cinny

          Apparently there will soon be an egg shortage, so the 'chicken lady' could have the last laugh as she may get the opportunity to charge top dollar for her rescued chickens eggs 🙂

          Now that would be a cool ending.

          • Jilly Bee

            Very true Cinny. Mr Jilly Bee and I recently became the owners of a couple of scrawny looking Red Shaver hens – we went on an hour and a half drive to pick them up, and back again. After a comfortable night in their new home, there were a couple of eggs in the nest and they have continued to each lay regularly (the more scrawny one, who is just coming out of her moult, manages one every second day. We're getting about a dozen a week at present. All good, and they're weeding the gardens for us as well – including getting rid of the accursed violets, which had pretty much taken over everywhere. Looking to plant some goodies for them to feast on. I believe they like comfrey – we've fenced off the rhubarb as they had started to eat the leaves, which can are toxic.

      • Sacha 10.2.2

        Locals have engaged with this woman for many, many years. Her views are well known. Her behaviour is antisocial and if she were living in earlier times the village would have ousted her by now. She has earned any contempt people here are divining.

    • Andre 10.3

      First up, why I call her "crazy duck lady": she goes out of her way to create traffic hazards in front of her home. One time I was going down the hill in front of her home in my old-skool Landrover with a moderately loaded trailer on behind, and she marches out into the road from behind a flaxbush to shake a roadkill duck at me. She did it when I was way too close to have stopped even if I hadn't had the trailer on, so I had to swerve around her into the other lane.

      Her habit of feeding ducks at home means there's often ducks crossing the road where the road narrows, there's vegetation close to the road reducing visibility and the ducks have zero road sense so they will walk out directly in front of you so it can be difficult to avoid them, even if you're going unreasonably slow. The duck carnage on the road directly in front of her is all on her, not the drivers, yet by her behaviour she seems to have no comprehension of that.

      Then there's the health hazard and other nuisance she's creating for her neighbours by encouraging the massive concentration of ducks. There have been times I've gone past and the concrete of her driveway was literally completely covered in duck shit and ducks.

      When it comes to her and the chickens, I've seen her feeding the chickens numerous times. I have never seen her in any activity that even vaguely looked like trying to capture them for rehoming. Over the past few months, there have been many of the chickens in various stages of juvenile development (possibly a majority of the chickens). They are breeding prolifically, not just being dumped. And her regular feeding encourages that successful breeding.

      • WeTheBleeple 10.3.1

        While some of her activity might need to be curtailed, so does the lack of understanding.

        It is the Mast season allowing prolific rat breeding, a nationwide phenomenon in which Titirangi is no special case except they've found a scapegoat who has pissed a few people off by the sounds of things. The dumping of unwanted roosters and mast year is causing the prolific breeding of chooks. Clutch numbers rise as food availability rises, hence this is not such an issue in non-mast years, years this lady is still feeding the flocks.

        It would be good to seat this lady at the table with others and work through these issues. Creating a traffic hazard is not on, dismissing her as a kook is also not on.

        How we see things is not necessarily how others do. Context required, understanding required. For all stakeholders.

        • Andre

          The rats in the village have been knocked back to normal levels by a combination of poisoning and trapping. A few months ago I too had the worst rat and mouse problem I've ever had in my 19 years there (possibly not having any cats anymore contributed), but a solid campaign of poisoning and trapping has knocked them back around my place, too.

          Crazy duck lady's habits of feeding pest animals and creating traffic hazards are simply anti-social. Why should her foibles be accorded any more respect than those who have obnoxiously loud parties into the wee hours, or enjoy doing burnouts on public streets? As just a couple of examples of obnoxious anti-social behaviour that society curtails.

          • Ad

            The South Titirangi Environmental Network has got specials on the gas-fired rat traps. Mostly our cats get them, but on occasion it gets a mouse or two.

            • Andre

              My Timms trap dealt to the rats quite satisfactorally. But lately the local possums seem to be treating it as the signpost to their bonking tree directly above it. Bastards.

      • Rosemary McDonald 10.3.2

        Hell's teeth Andre. You're so overflowing with compassion and understanding for others in your community that I wonder what on Earth you are doing hanging around on a left wingish blog site.

        All of us with vision clear enough to see have people who are 'different' living in our communities.

        The real lefty trick is to not only to tolerate difference but to endeavor to understand the factors that make these individuals, well, different.

        • Sacha

          The bigger lefty challenge is knowing when to support the community when shared interests are threatened by individuals. The quirky underdog is not always in the right.

          • One Two

            when shared interests are threatened by individuals….

            Threatened. Shared Interests.

            Not much of a community then, is it.

        • One Two

          The intolerance is as palpable as it is unsurprising.

          Smears and insults indicate the levels of intolerance on display.

          Edit: Titirangi many decades ago, used to be a bush surrounded vibrant hub of all wonderful flavours and types of folks…some of them possibly still remain in the area…

          …But as the housing markets have gone up, the areas will have been overrun by the intolerant types who moved into those once eclectic bush suburbs in the Waitakere Rangers …

          Same as can be seen in other areas in that part of West Auckland….areas which families had generations of heritage…very few likely remain…

          • Rosemary McDonald

            Don't you worry One Two, next time there's outrage at yet another 'clean up' of the indigent Out West, I'll be reminding 'em.


            Perhaps if this lady is living with health issues the Waipareira Trust could reach out?

            • One Two

              I mean who are these types…what actual benefit would those who use insults, bigoted smears against others inside their own community bring to that community with such intolerant traits…communities which they have only recently moved into no less…

              The language being used to describe the circumstances is symptomatic of the very real problems which all communities are facing…that being the hypocritical do-gooders …who are anything but….

              Why should her foibles be accorded any more respect than those who have obnoxiously loud parties into the wee hours, or enjoy doing burnouts on public streets? As just a couple of examples of obnoxious anti-social behaviour that society curtails.


              Her views are well known. Her behaviour is antisocial and if she were living in earlier times the village would have ousted her by now. She has earned any contempt people here are divining.

              What in the absolute f***

          • Incognito

            That’s a colourful picture you’re painting there, in B & W or is it shades of pink?

          • greywarshark

            One Two back in your favourite role of acting as Lord High Announcer of Correctness and Rightness and negativity.

      • Cinny 10.3.3

        She sounds like a hard case. That's the shitty thing with poultry, the sloppy poo.

        Go to any park/Queens gardens in NZ with a pond and it's sloppy poo city, just like the ladies drive way. Part of the parcel and all that.

        Maybe you could make her a ducks crossing sign. Actually you might be able to pick one up at a garden centre or Farmlands etc. We've one up at the commune in a certain location on the driveway. Lolz there are places I do not walk in bare feet up there even in the summer due to poultry poo, it's always runny lmao. Peacocks are the worst, that's super sized runny shit that stuff.

        Re the breeding…. too many roosters huh? Roosters can be eaten, the trick is once you've caught them, to lock them up in the coup for about a week, then they aren't using their muscles as much tearing around the place, helps to tenderise the meat as such, then off with their heads and let the plucking begin.

        Are people just giving up on keeping chooks and dumping them at Titirangi? Must be super annoying for the locals. WTB is correct in suggesting to seat the lady at the table with others to form a plan.

        • Sacha

          What do you think Greg and the other local leaders have been doing for years?

          • greywarshark

            Why respond sourly to an informative thought-through comment from Cinny? I see you taking potshots quite often Sacha. Doesn't add anything to the discussion.

        • Andre

          There used to be at least one homeless guy apparently living in one of the bush patches currently over-infested with chickens. But I haven't seen any of them since what used to be a carpark right next to the bush patch became a construction zone. Maybe he/they had something to do with controlling the chicken population…

          • Cinny

            Wouldn't that be ironic 🙂 There's a rest stop up the valley that seems to be a popular place for rooster dumping. Friends have been gathering up the roosters when they see them.

            Maybe it's as innocent as a child wanting a chicken and to hatch it from an egg and then hello it's a rooster. I know in the suburban areas of our district that people aren't allowed to keep roosters. So maybe the most sympathetic way they think to get rid of them is to drop them off at a lush looking rural area, like Titirangi. And then it literally all turns to shite.

            • Rosemary McDonald

              And then it literally all turns to shite.

              An intelligent and resourceful person might see that shite as the most awesomest fertiliser for one's crops.

              Pause on the way past and leap out with one's shovel and load up that trailer. Kill two birds with one stone. So to speak.

              • Cinny

                Good thinking Batman 🙂 There's the silver lining, love that type of thinking Rosemary heart

        • Andre

          Oh, and as far as a duck crossing sign, there's proper official duck signs at the correct distance going both ways. They got put in a few years ago.

          I'll speculate it was the result of a deal the council made with her to stop her lining up and displaying roadkill on the side of the road encroaching into where buses need to use the full width. Or even occasionally hanging roadkill ducks (guts hanging out and all) from trees on the side of the road.

          • Cinny

            Dang… ok now I can feel the frustration.

            • WeTheBleeple

              Got a couple of neighbors I'll trade for the duck lady. Specifically the gang members who like to intimidate other neighbors. While they don't mess with me I've had to call them off their treatment of others a couple of times. That's anti-social. Eccentricity is different.

              In a perfect world that lady would be working at an aviary, or a free range farm.

              • Andre

                Well, Peter "Pedro" Cleven was just a couple of driveways down from my place for years, and he was less of a worry than someone attracting pest animals to that house and feeding them would have been.

      • greywarshark 10.3.4

        She may have always been eccentric, or she may have dementia. There are more people with dementia than ever before living amongst us.

        They cannot be reasoned with, their remaining strength of mind is focussed on their own drives. Soon every second person will have a slightly mad old person living near them. Get used to it.

        We oldies are living longer, and those of us with a desire to be living all the time they are alive, would also like to be able to decide when we realise it is time to arrange our affairs and pass away otherwise it will only be medical intervention that keeps us going at cost to the state, and great emotional cost to our families or carers.

        I've got a mildly demented old being just behind me. We disagreed about something, and he got an axe and chopped it down. My friend has one who constantly stares out of the windows opposite to my friend's house, sometimes apparently kneeling on the floor to peek. The woman has accused her and neighbours of stealing things from her garden. It is unpleasant and annoying and the delusions from the mentally incapacitated take many forms. This woman's one is feeding the dear birds, without consideration for the dear people affected. Watch out you people working for the environment, for signs that you or fellow advocates, don't become as narrowly focussed and then have bad faith to ordinary humans, ignoring the needs of people suffering and without help and consideration. I'm already hearing people comment scornfully, almost with hate, about people having children – they are 'breeding' and are to be despised as (bloody) irresponsible.

  11. greywarshark 11

    I wrote a comment the othr day on the spread of retirement villages and who might own them.

    There was a recent news item about some owners finding that they are required to pay an extra $100 a week they hadn't realised they were liable for. Apparently the small print is extensive. Perhaps it is as bad as that coming with your cellphone.





    Now there is a piece from the latest Nelson Mail about Australian experience headed Care residents abandoned.

    This source info from the Brisbane Times that I found quickly online.


    Federal Aged Care and Senior Australians Minister Senator Richard Colbeck thanked Queensland Health, local emergency services and the staff members who took care of residents.

    "It appears that this incident arose from a contractual dispute between the approved aged care provider and a sub-contractor who was providing administrative, nursing, catering and other support services," he said.

    "It appears that the sub-contractor, without notice, withdrew all services and proceeded to remove equipment from site, leaving the facility unsuitable for residents to occupy.

    Government response:

    "I will be using the full suite of resources available to investigate the circumstances of this matter and I have issued instructions to that effect to my department last night.

    That's if they don't contract out of doing anything responsible for their citizens. I wonder how Oz people will feel as they become aware that their government cares as little for them, as the citizens do for the refugees held on island penitentiary hellholes, shades of French penal colony Devil's Island and Papillon.

    A petty criminal, Papillon is wrongly convicted of murder and sentenced to life in a French penal colony in 'Guiane' (French Guiana, South America).

    Papillon (1973) – Plot Summary – IMDb

  12. Morrissey 12

    "I'm pretty sure our text machine is going to get very BUSY with this choice." Yadana Saw nervously transgresses the fatwa against Michael Jackson. Music 101, RNZ National, Saturday 29 June 2019, 4:10 p.m.

    Over many years, RNZ National has played host to some of the most heinous people imaginable. Kim Hill has provided an open platform for liars and propagandists such as the odious hatchet-man Alex Gibney [1] and the discredited Grauniad hacks Luke Harding and Jonathan Freedman. [2] Jesse Mulligan last year gave the war criminal Alistair Campbell half an hour—uninterrupted by any troubling questions like "Why did you expose Dr. Kelly?" or "How do you sleep at night?"—to talk about his incessantly self-advertised "battle with depression." Jim Mora and his producer sat schtum one day as that malevolent old sod Michael Bassett croaked, ludicrously, that Nicky Hager was "a holocaust-denier." Noelle McCarthy conducted a fawning interview with a former U.S. Navy SEAL, nodding along vacantly as he enthused: "Everybody wanted a piece of Grenada!" [3]

    As I type this out, Kim Hill is interviewing the "Australian academic and media artist" Mitch Goodwin about "the history and cultural significance" of David Bowie's pop song "Space Oddity."

    KIM HILL: Bowie, I mean he KNEW what he was talking about didn't he.

    MITCH GOODWIN: He did, he was one of the cultural commentators of our time…. zeitgeist…. The space race and the Cold War, I mean Bowie saw both of those. et cetera.

    Kim Hill knows as well as anyone that Bowie was notorious for preying on young, under-age girls. I wonder if she'd be so unabashed in her admiration for him if he was a black American instead of a white Englishman with a Home Counties accent; four years ago, she and the chatty "theatre-maker" Stella Duffy were in carnival mode as they enthusiastically expressed their support for the Key government's refusal to let black U.S. rapper Chris Brown into New Zealand. [4]

    This peculiar and highly selective corporate "morality" at RNZ National reached its nadir two weeks ago, when the grimly chirpy Music 101 host Yadana Saw became very nervous about playing a song by that monster Michael Jackson….

    The Mixtape: Ardijah. As Ardijah celebrates 40 years of making music, lead singer Betty-Anne Monga reflects on her life of waiata and whānau for the RNZ Mixtape.


    YADANA SAW: [brightly and chirpily] Kia ora koutou, this is the RNZ Music Mixtape, with me-e-e-e, Yadana SAW, and joining us as the selector for THIS episode of the Mixtape is Ardijah's Betty-Anne Monga. Kia ora ehoa!

    BETTY-ANNE MONGA: Kia ora, Yadana.

    YADANA SAW: Aaaaaahhh, it's SO LOVELY to have you as our Mixtape selector this, um, this afternoon, ahhhh…..

    ….. and so on. Betty-Anne Monga had many interesting things to say about living in Otara, singing in a band while still at school, and the music business. The talk was interspersed with musical selections, including Ardijah's cover of the Phoebe Snow hit "Every Night" and Freddy Fender's "Before the Next Teardrop Falls." Then she told Yadana Saw that she left school to join the band—"I ran away from home," she laughed.

    YADANA SAW: [carefully, delicately] All right, well let's get to your—speaking of CONTROVERSY, this one sounds quite controversial for a, y' know, a YOUNG WOMAN to be doing that in those times, in South Auckland, um, I hope you don't mind me saying that your NEXT song is a LITTLE bit of a controversial CHOICE, a-a-a-a-and….


    YADANA SAW: I'm really interested why you were brave enough to be choosing a MICHAEL JACKSON track—

    BETTY-ANNE MONGA: Oh, okay.

    YADANA SAW: — at this time.

    BETTY-ANNE MONGA: Well, you know, for me, once I joined the band and I was able to buy music, you know, that I quite loved, Michael Jackson, yeah he was the—I think I only purchased that album. That was about it, but everything else has been— hmmm, it's the era. That song there and that album is quite influential for me, anyway.

    YADANA SAW: Betty-Anne, the—w-w-what will happen is that, I'm pretty sure our text machine is going to get very BUSY with this choice.


    YADANA SAW: [very delicately, nervously] What would you SAY to-o-o-o listeners, and to our audience, who may say "We CAN'T listen to this music any more"?

    BETTY-ANNE MONGA: Yeah. Well you know I think that's everybody's prerogative, you know, and I respect that, and I think it is about people making that choice for themselves. You know what, and honestly, Yadana, I didn't even think. I was looking at the music, the journey, you know, that I've walked, and that I know that other people have as well. But bringing it, discussing it, and talking about it now, um, yeah, I can't really, gosh, you know, but people have their—it's freedom of speech. And share it, you know, so we can see where others are coming from, and how they feel about it. It's okay to talk about it.

    YADANA SAW: Uh, thank you, Betty-Anne! Umm, fro-o-o-om the album Off the Wall, this is Michael Jackson's "Rock With You."

    …. Cue three minutes of music from the Devil Incarnate, according to Yadana Saw and no doubt the chatty "theatre-maker" and scourge of Chris Brown, Stella Duffy. *

    YADANA SAW: That's "Rock With You" by Michael Jackson, from the album Off the Wall, the choice of Betty-Anne Monga from Ardijah, who's our Mixtape selector today-y-y-y.

    et cetera….

    [1] https://morrisseybreen.blogspot.com/2017/12/the-hatchet-man-speaks-alex-gibney.html

    [2] https://morrisseybreen.blogspot.com/2019/04/freedland-uncritically-interviewed-by.html

    [3] https://morrisseybreen.blogspot.com/2018/01/noelle-mccarthy-interviews-ex-navy-seal.html

    [4] https://morrisseybreen.blogspot.com/2018/01/who-is-more-violent-and-despicable.html

    • greywarshark 12.1

      Bloody hell Morrissey. I can't stand saints. Or are you a whited sepulchure that is going to find fault with all those we know and appreciate and be the one to triumphantly show them up? I think this is a terrible burden for you and will warp your life. Certainly you are beginning to warp mine.

      • Morrissey 12.1.1

        I don't claim to be a saint, Mr Shark. The people closest to claiming such status are the likes of Stella Duffy and Yadana Saw, with their highly selective emphasis on the crimes of black singers —-of course the crimes are totally unproven in the case of Michael Jackson, but that hasn’t stopped the likes of Ms. Saw from expressing her disdain and disapproval.

        Quite the contrast with the treatment of David Bowie.

        • veutoviper

          Are you suggesting that Yadana is being (gulp) racist?

          • Morrissey

            No, I'm not. And neither is Kim Hill. But they and others in the media lack the courage to speak out against or refuse to accept these informal and unwritten kinds of groupthink. It's interesting, and disturbing, to see how readily people will join in with an ostracism or a denunciation as long as it has the imprimatur of a few opinion gauges such as —God help us— Grauniad or BBC “journalists.” We've seen—or heard— how ostensibly decent people can be led into laughing at the suffering of a prisoner, and expressing contempt for him in the manner of Red Guards in 1960s China.


            That fear of standing up to the prevailing political climate is what leads to such otherwise inexplicable phenomena as Kim Hill's willingly providing an uncritical audience to the most ridiculous and obscene conspiracy theories as peddled by the likes of Alex Gibney and Luke Harding.

            That fear of falling out of favour with the mob is the reason that Yadana Saw was so nervous when she brought up the subject of Michael Jackson and made that ludicrous comment about "our audience, who may say 'We CAN'T listen to this music any more'."

            • veutoviper

              I am pleased that you don’t consider either Kim or Yadana racists, because your first comment was a bit ambiguous.

              Moving on to what you have said in your reply about Yadana Saw, I laughed.

              While you are obviously entitled to your opinion, your claim that “fear of falling out of favour with the mob” is so off the mark in relation to Yadana; and I therefore assume that you possibly know very little about her (other than as a RNZ Music 101 host), her ethnicity, her background as an activist, and that of her older whanau.

              Although part pakeha,Yadana is in fact one of a very small community of Burmese here in Wellington. As well as being known for her activism and leadership in saving a well loved Crossways Community Creche a couple of years ago, she is now on the Board of Trustees of my own first primary school Newtown School, well known for its multiculturalism and leadership in the local community – and is apparently doing a very good job in that role.(Note – she is young enough to be a daughter or probably a granddaughter of mine!)

              More than that, however, she is also known for being active in standing up for human/civil rights in Myammar. While 12 years ago now, Yadana was organizer and MC of a Vigil for Burma back in 2007 which saw a very big turnout in Wellington from a wide range of the community and political leaders.


              This activism is very much in her blood, as she is the granddaughter of one of Wellington’s most loved restauranteurs, “Aunty Mabel” who ran Wellington’s only Burmese restaurant the “Monsoon” for many years after arriving in NZ in 1976. Aunty Mabel was well known for her outspokenness and support of refugees and others of all ethnicities.

              Even better known however, was Mabel’s older brother, Bill Maung. Bill (Yadana’s great uncle, a former judge and high level political figure in Burma) arrived in NZ as a political exile in 1967; and went on to become a political force in his own right – known for standing up to Muldoon, becoming a good friend of James K Baxter, and going on to be a friend and very active supporter and mentor to Rei Harris and Black Power.

              For many years, Bill was a well known figure and friend to many in the Southern suburbs of Wellington, including me. He was also a good friend of Bruce Stewart (founder), and active supporter and member of my local marae, Tapu Te Ranga Marae (which sadly burnt down a couple of weeks ago). The work Bill Maung did over many years through the marae and Black Power in relation to Maori men and gangs is immeasurable, despite the difference in ethnicities, religious beliefs etc. .

              So, with that family background, Yadana afraid “of falling out of favour of the mob” or “lacking the courage to speak out”– No way!!!!!!! LOL.


              Here is an interview in 2014 with Yadana where she goes into more detail (mainly in the second half).


              Bill Maung:



              • Incognito


              • Sacha

                Thank you. What an interesting background.

              • Morrissey

                Thanks for that very interesting info, Viper. I had guessed she was Burmese, going by her surname, but I had no idea she was related to the legendary Bill Maung.

                I don't agree with you, however, that her ethnicity or her activism means that she is not susceptible to the very real pressure of hivemind syndrome. She had no good reason to make those ridiculous comments about Betty-Anne Monga being "brave" in choosing that song by Michael Jackson, and her fanciful, entirely unjustified suggestion about the thinking of "our audience, who may say 'We CAN'T listen to this music any more'."

                I'm sure that Yadana Saw has devoted practically no time at all to following the fantastical and spectacularly unsuccessful attempted takedown of Jackson by James Safechuck and Wade Robson; what she does know, however, is that many of the chattering set in Wellington have made their minds up that he must have been guilty, and she's decided not to swim against the tide.

        • greywarshark

          Why are we so fixated on everything USA. As if we don't have much to talk about at home and in Oz. Up the USA, they have more citizens than we have and more furores in the news therefore. But I am concerned about NZ and what is going on with us. You sound Irish Morrissey, have you always lived in NZ, or did you come from another country and remained pulled between the two, lost at sea virtually.

  13. beewee 13

    Looks like democratic eating their own Pelosi now is also a racist ( ouch) which is simply what you are if you don’t agree with anybody to your left, no matter how left you maybe

    • WeTheBleeple 14.1

      Quite the dishonest post there.

      Tuhoe have been investigating – and have developed – a natural non-toxic road sealer.


      That video comes with the article.

      Meanwhile, the locals are having conniptions with regards to not getting their road sealed. Some have business that would benefit, and are not prepared to wait, or are afraid funding will vanish.

      So there's concern on both sides. One trying to do it right, the others wanting to just get on with it. Both understandable.

      We've tried business models of just get on with it to the detriment of the environment forever. It's made the whole planet untenable run the way it is. This new road seal could open an entire new (global) industry for the region. The same region Tuhoe detractors say is only good for tourism, and that they're 'wrecking it'.

    • mauī 14.2

      I thought kiwis didn't want their parks overrun by tourists and freedom campers? Here we have Tuhoe leading the way, limiting numbers. Thank god someone is doing it, and building green roads to boot, amazing! Or are you happier with green washing BS like charging a tourist levy…

      Sux to be the white minority who can’t blindly reap profits from Te Urewera I guess. lol

  14. Morrissey 15

    Their constant smears and attacks on Corbyn don't seem to be working

    Britain Elects
    · 5h
    Westminster voting intention:

    LAB: 29% (+3)
    CON: 23% (-1)
    BREX: 20% (-)
    LDEM: 19% (-)
    GRN: 3% (-2)

    via @Survation, 10 – 11 Jul
    Chgs. w/ 20 Jun

    • Ad 15.1

      Corbyn did a massive policy shift on Brexit and managed to pull precisely 0% off the Libdems.

      • Sanctuary 15.1.1

        Do yourself a favour and buy a dictionary and look up "plurality".

      • Morrissey 15.1.2

        Brexit could well see the end of Corbyn as well as many other British politicians. However, the main point here is that the infernal machinations of old Yenta Hodge, Tom Watson, and the rest of the Blairite rump have had virtually no effect on the voters. The Blairites think that the British people are stupid; they're not, and they can recognize crude political smearing when they see it. Clearly no one with an I.Q. above room temperature believes a word that comes from the mouth of Yenta Hodge and her cronies.

  15. Sacha 16

    Wellington needs more roads! – Nat party local election offshoot reckon they're onto a winner: https://www.stuff.co.nz/dominion-post/news/114209468/rightwing-wellington-party-to-contest-council-elections

  16. adam 17

    Nice deconstruction of conspiracy theories – worth your 7 and a half minutes.


  17. Andre 18

    Degrees of separation creepiness. It seems one of Epstein's first jobs was teaching at a private school in New York, headmastered by a Donald Barr, whose son is the ultimate overseer of Epstein's prosecution, William Barr …


  18. Herodotus 19

    Just as well the attack was on Christianity and Jewish faiths otherwise some would be asking for a lot more than as mild a response as you can possibly make.

    “That was not my intention and I unreservedly apologise. " so what is Green Party MP Golriz Ghahraman apologising for. So we can make offensive statements but not have that intention and it is OK ??


    I will wait for the lack of response and most peoples credibility will also go into the void of principle.

    • WeTheBleeple 19.1

      Faux outrage!

      Cry me a river.

      • Herodotus 19.1.1

        Buy a plant so that you will be doing some good to the plant, and you can tell the world, because just occupying a space does nothing for anyone.

        • WeTheBleeple

          They're arguing about the pedigree of a fictional character.

          Definitely we should be outraged. They fight wars over these lies.

          Make yourself useful: a case with evidence Jesus actually even existed.

          Take a read of the Gospels. Matthew and Luke plagiarise Mark. Mark and John contradict each other…

          And the bible is pretty much it for 'evidence'.

          Yet now, even questioning the origin of this persona is an insult. Where's the evidence for any of it? Palestinian or Jewish. Where is it?

          • Herodotus

            But as you know SOOOOO much I shouldn't have to direct you.

            The Antiquities, Josephus for one, even the Koran has references.

            Yes questioning is because that then goes against the link between the old and new testaments.

            I am yet to see anything from you that is proactive, Just all negative. I hope it makes you feel worth something and gives you some self worth.

            • WeTheBleeple

              The Quran was written about 600 years later so has zero eye witnesses to the 'prophet not God or son of God' [according to the Quran] portrayed as Jesus.

              "although some scholars had in the past supported the Slavonic Josephus, to my knowledge no one today believes that they contain anything of value for Jesus research"

              Chilton, Bruce; Evans, C.A. (1998). Studying the Historical Jesus: Evaluations of the State of Current Research.

              Iterations of iterations. Chinese whispers by believers over centuries.

              • Herodotus

                Ok then what are your thoughts of an MP mis representing religion and history to further her own agenda ?

                And when it was pointed out her errors that her comments were offensive, gives what some could consider the bird ? and what contrite has been displayed ?

                • greywarshark

                  Please God don't let them fight over whether you exist from their puny position on earth. If someone tried to believe in someone good and lasting over centuries, and in general that person also tries to be good inspired by the belief, then please don't start trying to unpick the belief either of you.

                  • Herodotus

                    Well GG and I both agree that Jesus existed, WTB goes off tangent (and takes me with them) diverting from the issue. Making a statement and then making the IMO the worst form of apology and The Green's leadership also seem to fail that what was commented on is wrong and Both The Greens Leadership and GG should have appreciated that for some how offensive such a comment is.

                    apology lacks accountability when you focus on how the other person feels instead of what you did.

                    • solkta

                      It really is a silly discussion, everybody knows that Jesus was Anglo-Celtic.

                    • greywarshark

                      Why do you have to fight about your religion. It is important to you but Christianity is about bringing peace surely.
                      It seems that the Jewish spokesperson has a set approach which gets wheeled out. She said that the woman said that Jesus was not Jewish. Actually she made the point that Mary and Joseph were refugees (in their own land). They were escaping Herod weren’t they!

                      What about arguing for others being treated badly in NZ – about getting things better for people. Argue for people rather than dogma.

                      I've just been reading this. It is possible you already advocate for people having a rough time. If so please do more – there is such a need.


                      …I'm now 37, and I've been on and off the benefit since I was 18. I've done odd jobs, but they mostly haven't lasted long either because the role was temporary or I didn't fit in with the other workers….

                      When my parents died suddenly in 2010, I got no empathy from Work and Income. In fact, they told me to let it go and move on just two weeks after it happened, and kept threatening to cut my benefit.

                      READ MORE:
                      * No new clothes, no haircuts, no fresh veg – the harsh reality of being a working poor mum
                      * My illnesses make it hard to live – WINZ makes it impossible
                      * Treated like a criminal for being on a benefit

                      They did end up cutting it for two weeks, which left me eating beans and rice or nothing. That was traumatising and hurtful.

                      Cut to 2019, I recently asked if they would be able to help me pay for a course I wanted to do, because it didn't fit in with Studylink funding and didn't qualify for the training allowance. They refused to help me. This course could have got me an internship and a paid job in a position I would love, and be happy to do every day. They wouldn't even loan me the money.

                • WeTheBleeple

                  Some people think Jesus was an Alien. Is that anti-semitic too?

                  The only agenda here is you pushing the Gharaman-bad bandwagon.

                  Really, look at the issue; there is no issue – except people stirring it up.

                  Those poor victims.

                  Jesus was an Albanian punk rocker.

    • Morrissey 19.2

      Even for the muddled and discredited NZJC, that was a moronic press release. The NZJC does not speak for Jewish people of New Zealand; it is an extreme right, racist organization that promulgates hatred and supports apartheid. The fact you quote that discredited organization is not at all helpful to your reputation, my befuddled friend.

      18.) The so-called “friends of Israel”, who support Israel automatically and blindly: this has nothing to do with friendship. They are enemies of Israel—they corrupt us. The Jewish establishment in Australia kept saying to me: “Israel right or wrong.” Well, Israel is wrong and they need to stop supporting it. Continuous support by Western governments and by the Jewish establishment is anything BUT friendship.

      —- Israeli journalist Gideon Levy, speaking in Auckland, Dec. 3, 2017


      • Adrian Thornton 19.2.1

        "The fact you quote that discredited organization is not at all helpful to your reputation, my befuddled friend."

        Great line.

        • Herodotus

          That GG was placed in the naughty corner by her leaders, gave an apology and directed to work closer with the Jewish community doesn’t say much about how others have viewed her actions. Perhaps some within the greens are attempting to hold to their principles.

          Funny how those who espouse tolerance are sometimes found lacking 😉

  19. The Chairman 20

    The new Christchurch City Council chief executive's $495,000 pay packet trumps that of Prime Minister.


    As most ratepayers oppose these profuse salaries, how do councils continually get away with paying out so much?

    • greywarshark 20.1

      Good question The Chairman. What are your reckons?

      • The Chairman 20.1.1

        Grey, ponder this. If you walked down town and asked people who their local council CEO is, most wouldn't even know, let alone know what they are paid. More could probably name the contestants on the Block. And that is most likely a big part of the problem.

        Most are looking the other way and it becomes like taking candy off a baby.

        • The Chairman

          Is The Chair agitating for cheaper local government?

          In this instance, I'm questioning profuse CEO salaries.

          The new CEO is from the United Kingdom and her new pay is $100,000 more than the £210,000 ($NZ397,000) she earns in her current role as chief executive of Birmingham City Council – despite the British city being more than twice the size of Christchurch (see link above).

          • Drowsy M. Kram

            Local government organisations aim to provide public services and facilities at or below cost – they're not in the business of making a profit.

            "Chief executives at New Zealand's biggest companies got a 2.2 per cent pay rise last year, taking their average earnings to $1,755,352 in the 2017 financial year."

            "While CEO earnings increases were modest compared to some previous years, 38 of the 50 chief executives in the survey still received more than $1 million in remuneration, and their average was 55 times the median annual income Kiwis received in that year, recorded at $31,928, according to Statistics NZ."


            Some of those 'private' companies have been bailed out by the NZ taxpayer, and some receive generous corporate welfare so that they may continue to return a dividend to their shareholders.

            But by all means take a pot shot at local government – it’s your “lefty” choice.

            • The Chairman

              It's not only local Government where CEO salaries are profuse, but unlike the private sector, the public have far more say. But they don't seem to be using their power to slow down these outrageous salaries. A sustained media campaign is required.

              Do you support the new CEO salary? If not, why have a go at me?

              • Drowsy M. Kram

                If you consider that new CEO's salary to be "outrageous", then you must have been ‘positively’ apoplectic about Speiring's $8,000,000+ renumeration package, for all the good he did!

                Could you use Givealittle to fund your "sustained media campaign"?

                "Since 1989 New Zealand has witnessed a gradual reduction in the number of locally elected positions." [see table & figure on page 7]


                "The Taxpayers’ Union, in collaboration with Fairfax Media, this morning launched "Ratepayers’ Report" hosted by Stuff.co.nz."

                "For the first time, New Zealanders now have an interactive online tool to compare their local council to those of the rest of the country. Go to http://www.ratepayersreport.nz/ to compare your local council including average rates, debt per ratepayer and even CEO salaries."

                • The Chairman

                  Could you use Givealittle to fund your "sustained media campaign"?

                  Alternatively, the fourth estate could just do their job and hold power to account.

                  • Drowsy M. Kram

                    Good point about the media holding power to account – been making that point long, have you?

                    I absolutely agree that the lot of most NZers would improve gradually if Labour turned (more) left, but given MMP (which I support), keeping National (aren't they just stinkers) out requires continued broad public support. Bridges is doing a fine job in that regard.

                    If, in changing tack, Labour fails to take enough voters with them, then it's back to asset sales, setting up public services for failure and privatisation, tax cuts for the wealthy (actually that'll be first, just like last time), GST increases, inequality increases, flags, tax havens, etc. etc.

  20. greywarshark 21

    This report on Matata, Bay of Plenty and its residents, many elderly, being shunted around by an inept local Council displays that small Councils are out of their depth in trying to get their heads around climate change and its effects. It is full and factual by Nikki Macdonald on Stuff and is another example of Stuff doing a great job of informing us about our country's challenges and triumphs.


    It shows graphically how remiss our Local Government central body is. They should have seen this coming because they have seen for decades central government withdrawing from responsibility and local govt is still noting that there is more being pushed on them, more expectations. Years ago Local Government should have had square-table meetings laying the problems on the table and the consequent costs and difficulties.

    Without that careful thinking their Council has misled Matata people after one weather event to invest their insurance money back into their homes and land, only to tell them to shift and offer them inadequate money for their homes which will be abandoned.

    It's time for government to consult with Councils and people affected, set up a system that enables a coastal retreat, and erects shelters for emergencies and a fund must be set up to provide for alternative housing.

    Forethought of some sort by voters, not to keep electing a Party whose leader was willing to play the clown to amuse the hoi polloi would have given us three years extra to start facing such problems, part of our dire future. But no, why shift yourself when you aren't forced to. Others can go and jump. And many Councils seem to have caught the same Rip-van-Winkle sleeping sickness.

    Listen to MP Eugenie Sage saying little Westland will have to pick up all its own rubbish, yet it is known that it needs to be done quickly now before the historic spring rain. Of course that might not happen, because of disruptive climate change, but as the saying goes about being flummoxed, 'Expect the unexpected, but remember you can't count on it'.

    Can some wealthy triad put their money in and buy them out? The wealthy have had a go at banner businesses that traditionally have been bought by the kingpins of finance, eg Bill Gates bought into a Canadian railway. But Stuff is there and presumably still for sale. It's not a big building that you can put your name on, but Murdoch made his name with newspapers and anyone who had a desire to own a newspaper that runs well and supports the country and both sides of Parliament, would be a god to many of us. All our wealthy can't be warped lightweights morally?

  21. Sacha 22

    Faithful stenographer Stacy Kirk returns with a briefing from the Nats election campaign prep in Australia: https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/politics/114171219/still-fatigued-from-the-last-election-gird-your-loins-for-2020–parties-deep-in-planning

  22. CHCoff 23


    Would have thought that the democratic processes of the collected representatives of the directly elected E.U. govt. nations, would take precedent over that of the E.U. elecs


    that the results of the E.U. elecs. would take precedent over those in national parliaments in the arrangements of rewarded working majorities to those proportions.

    Would seem like the basic win win default convenant of all pro E.U. vote reps. to their support bases, that would carry the best guarantee of getting a good shake of the stick at some point.

  23. David Mac 24

    I’ve been thinking about the left and their plight.

    For me, being left is pretty simple, it’s people vs money and things.

    We all like money and things, lefties place people at the top.

    A standard contributor recently posted the observation that 2 of us have as much wealth as 1.5 million of us.

    It’s an imbalance that can’t be conducive to the betterment of New Zealand. Rich and poor alike can only predict calamity ahead.

    I think the inevitable rise of the left will not come from stomping our feet and demanding houses, food grants and dollars. It will come from stomping our feet and demanding humanity. "Hello my friend"

  24. David Mac 25

    He Tangata He Tangata He Tangata

  25. greywarshark 26

    Can someone tell me if you can make two submissions on a bill. I have made one myself but would also like to sign Forest and Bird's for the Zero Carbon Bill. It's not like a vote is it. I have put in a different submission than Forst and Bird with different points in each.

  26. Eco Maori 27

    Kia ora Newshub.

    Thanks to national for the Tsunami of homeless people. Eco Maori just about end up in a motel but I didn't want to put up with all the actors the sandfly's throw at me .

    A black out in New York wow that must have been fun .

    It's cool to see all the people enjoying All the beautiful sight that Aotearoa has to offer like hump ridge track I have a awesome view were I'm going to build.

    There you go Whanau these puppets are using the Orange tamariki problems like they used the forshaw and sea bed issue to try and discredit our government that treats Maori and the poor common tangata better than the last lot wake up you puppets .

    Ka kite ano

  27. Eco Maori 28

    Kia ora Te Ao Maori news.

    I don't think that Google te reo will be that accurate in translating te reo as the dialects are different for each Iwi.

    Bullshit any person with a brain know don't go to war unless you are going to win. taniana last war you lost the forshaw and seabed and gave national the power to stuff up Maori and the poor people for NINE YEARS FOOL you will cause more harm to tangata whenua that good if there actions let national back in power .Ngati Porou own our sea bed right.

    Awesome to see Maori getting into online video gaming that is the industry to chase it ten times the revenue of Hollywood. Ka kite ano

  28. Eco maori 29

    Its was quite windy on the ranges

    A "perfect storm" of earthquakes and high winds triggered Mt Ruapehu's eruption alarms on Sunday.

    The mountain's Eruption Detection System (EDS) was activated after a cluster of earthquakes near Turangi, north of Mt Ruapehu, and strong wind gusts.

    GeoNet reported 20 small earthquakes near Turangi on Sunday morning, ranging from magnitude 4 to 2.2.

    "Nature is testing the Ski Area eruption alarms on Mt Ruapehu this morning," a post on the ski area's Facebook page explained

    Ka kite ano link below.


  29. Eco Maori 30

    Kia ora Newshub.

    It was a exciting day for Papatuanuku Cricket Lloyd.

    Our Blackcaps Stars did Aotearoa fine even with the final results.

    Banks is just a national puppet . national are desperate for a win in any political seen.

    trump is just showing his true colors.

    It is cool that China is going to help save the Godwit bird . China is going to preserve some mud flats in the yellow sea were the Goodwit stop halfway on there yearly migration ka Pai.

    Ka kite ano

  30. Eco Maori 31

    Kia ora Te Ao Maori News.

    It's cool our government is going to change some system in Whanau Ora to consult with the Whanau more .

    Those people and culture that are in Oranga tamariki are the same ones that the national party you back so you need to stand up and take responsibility for YOUR Actions Tainana .

    It cool to see plastic being recycled to in Aotearoa and seeing it being turned in New products.

    Eco Maori is a birdwatcher they are such beautiful creature.

    It's awesome that our government is going to put money into normalising Te reo in Aotearoa society you should see heads turn when I say ki Ora in A shop .

    Ka kite ano

  31. Eco maori 32

    Some Eco Maori music for the minute.

    These Hawksbay sandflys must have a bee in their bonnet I see heaps of marked cop cars in my travels around the place

  32. Eco maori 33

    Some Eco Maori music for the minute.

  33. Eco maori 34

    Some Eco Maori music for the minute.

    Eco Maori story keeps getting Reka it will be worth heaps thanks

  34. Eco maori 35

    Awesome to see a Wahine elected as European union commission President. Congratulations Ursula

    Ursula von der Leyen has been confirmed as the European commission’s first female president and the first German in the job for more than 50 years.

    In a secret ballot, MEPs voted narrowly to support the German defence minister as a replacement for Jean-Claude Juncker when he steps down on 31 October She won the support of 383 MEPs, nine votes more than required to secure an absolute majority but below the 400 threshold that would have given her a stable majority to get her policies through parliament over the next five years

    Ka kite ano link below.


  35. Eco maori 36

    Eco Maori tau toko supports Equality for Wahine equality for all. KIA KAHA stay strong all Wahine championing this cause

    This is a huge problem with charity's all the money doesn't make it to the cause. Its burned up by administration and other things .

    Only 1% of gender equality funding is going to women’s organisations – why?

    There’s been a $1bn boost in support in the last two years, but only tiny pots of money are trickling down to feminist groups

    In the past two years alone, governments and international institutions have announced more than $1bn (£0.8bn) in new commitments to support gender equality globally.

    These include: €500m (£440m) for the European Union and UN’s joint Spotlight Initiative, €120m by France for its feminist foreign policy and $114m by Norway to end sexual and gender-based violence in conflicts. Canada has announced CAD$490m (£290m) towards three programmes: women’s leadership($150m), the LGBTQ2 Fund ($40m), and the Equality Fund ($300m). This fund was among the nearly $600m committed to women and girls in June at the Women Deliver conference.

    Ka kite ano link below.


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  • Climate emergency declaration will be matched with long-term action
    Today’s climate emergency declaration will be backed with ambitious plans to reduce emissions, the Minister for Climate Change, James Shaw today. “Our Government has put New Zealand at the forefront of climate action over the last three years. Declaring a climate emergency and backing this with long-term action to reduce ...
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  • Celebrating the success of Prime Minister’s Oranga Tamariki Award winners
    28 young achievers who have been in the care of Oranga Tamariki or involved with the youth justice system have received Oranga Tamariki Prime Minister Awards in recognition of their success and potential, Children’s Minister Kelvin Davis announced today. At the awards ceremony in Parliament, Kelvin Davis congratulated the rangatahi ...
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  • Government fulfils election undertaking on new top tax rate
    The Government will today keep its election promise to put in place a new top tax rate of 39 per cent on income earned over $180,000. “This will only affect the top two per cent of earners. It is a balanced measure that is about sharing the load so everyone ...
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  • Sir Robert Martin re-elected to UN Committee
    New Zealand welcomes the news that Sir Robert Martin has been re-elected to the Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, says Foreign Minister Nanaia Mahuta and Minister for Disability Issues Carmel Sepuloni. “Sir Robert has been a lifetime advocate for persons with disabilities and his experience brings a ...
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  • New rules to protect Kiwis from unaffordable loans
    The Government is making sure all consumers who borrow money get the same protections, regardless of where they get their loans.   “Building on the work to crack down on loan sharks last year, we’re now making the rules clearer for all lenders to help protect borrowers from unaffordable loans” ...
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  • New visitor attraction to boost tourism
    The opening of the first major new tourism attraction since the global outbreak of COVID-19 closed borders to international travellers will provide a welcome boost to visitor numbers in our largest city, says Tourism Minister Stuart Nash. Mr Nash has this afternoon taken part in the official opening ceremony of ...
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  • Govt moves on drug checking to keep young New Zealanders safer this summer
    The Government will pass time limited legislation to give legal certainty to drug checking services, so they can carry out their work to keep New Zealanders safer this summer at festivals without fear of prosecution, Health Minister Andrew Little says. Next year the Government will develop and consult on regulations ...
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  • Public Service Commissioner reappointed
    Minister for the Public Service Chris Hipkins announced today that Public Service Commissioner Peter Hughes CNZM has been reappointed for three years. The Public Service Commissioner is appointed by the Governor-General on the recommendation of the Prime Minister. “Mr Hughes’ reappointment reflects the need for strong leadership and continuity to ...
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  • Pōwhiri marks the start of a critical year for APEC
    New Zealand kicked off its APEC host year today, with a pōwhiri taking place on Wellington’s waterfront with local iwi Te Atiawa, and a number of Government ministers welcoming representatives from the other 20 APEC economies. “APEC is a hugely important international event, and New Zealand is hosting amidst the ...
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  • Speech at APEC 21 Opening Pōwhiri
    9am, Tuesday 1 DecemberTe Whare Waka o Pōneke, Wellington Central He Mihi Kei aku rangatira no ngātapito e whā o te ao huri noa, tātou e huihui mai nei. Tēnā rā kōutou katoa. He tangiapakura ki ngā tini aituā kei waenganui i a tātou, ka tangi tonu te ngākau ki ...
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  • Government extends business debt relief to October 2021
    To assist with the ongoing economic recovery from COVID-19, rules allowing affected businesses to put their debt on hold have been extended by 10 months. “New Zealand’s economy is recovering better than we expected, but the impacts of the pandemic are far-reaching and some businesses need continued support to keep ...
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  • Bill introduced to support workers with 10 days sick leave
    The Government is delivering on a key commitment by introducing a Bill to Parliament to expand sick leave entitlements from five days to ten days a year, Workplace Relations and Safety Minister Michael Wood announced today. “COVID-19 has shown how important it is to stay at home when people are ...
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  • Progress on pay equity for DHB staff
    Today’s initial agreement between DHBs and the PSA on pay equity for clerical and administration staff is an important step toward better, fairer pay for this crucial and largely female workforce, Health Minister Andrew Little says. If ratified, the agreement between the Public Service Association and the country’s 20 District ...
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    3 days ago
  • Iconic Milford Track officially reopens
    One of New Zealand’s premier hikes and a cornerstone of the Te Anau community, the Milford Track has officially reopened, “From today, hikers booked on the popular Great Walk will be able to complete the walk end-to-end for the first time since early February,” Minister of Conservation Kiri Allan says. ...
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    3 days ago
  • Support for farmers beefed up ahead of La Niña
    Further funding for feed support services and new animal welfare coordinators will help farmers who continue to feel the effects of an extended drought, says Rural Communities Minister Damien O’Connor. “In March this year, I classified the drought in the North Island, parts of the South Island and the Chathams ...
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    5 days ago
  • Next steps for Christchurch Hospital campus redevelopment
    Canterbury DHB will be better placed to respond to future demand for services and continue to deliver high quality care, with the next stage of the campus redevelopment programme confirmed, Health Minister Andrew Little says. The Government has approved $154 million in funding for the construction of a third tower ...
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  • Five Power Defence Arrangements Defence Ministers’ Joint Statement
    The Defence Ministers from Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore and United Kingdom reaffirmed their nations’ continued commitment to the Five Power Defence Arrangements (FPDA), and commended the achievements over the past 49 years as the FPDA moves towards its 50th Anniversary in 2021.  The Ministers recognised the FPDA’s significant role ...
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  • Jobs for Nature funding protects health of Hawke’s Bay waterways
    A joint Government and Hawke’s Bay Regional Council project will invest $4.2 million to protect local waterways, enhance biodiversity and employ local people, Environment Minister David Parker announced today.   Over two years, the Hāpara Takatū Jobs for Nature project will fence 195km of private land to exclude stock from vulnerable ...
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    6 days ago
  • New Year border exception for seasonal workers in the horticulture and wine industries
    2000 additional RSE workers to enter New Zealand early next year employers must pay these workers at least $22.10 an hour employers will cover costs of managed isolation for the RSE workers RSE workers will be paid the equivalent of 30 hours work a week while in isolation From January ...
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    6 days ago
  • Government increases support for New Zealanders to work in seasonal jobs
    The Government is offering further financial support for unemployed New Zealanders to take on seasonal work. These new incentives include: Up to $200 per week for accommodation costs $1000 incentive payment for workers who complete jobs of six weeks or longer increasing wet weather payments when people can’t work to ...
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    6 days ago
  • Government receives Royal Commission of Inquiry report into the Terrorist Attack on Christchurch Mos...
    Minister for Internal Affairs Jan Tinetti has today received the Royal Commission of Inquiry report into the Terrorist Attack on Christchurch Mosques, and will table it in Parliament on Tuesday December 8. “I know this will have been a challenging process for whānau, survivors and witnesses of the terrorist attack ...
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    6 days ago
  • New Zealand Government to declare a climate emergency
    The Government will declare a climate emergency next week, Climate Change Minister James Shaw said today.                                       “We are in the midst of a climate crisis that will impact on nearly every ...
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    7 days ago
  • Call for urgent action on Pacific conservation
    A declaration on the urgency of the global biodiversity crisis and the need for immediate, transformative action in the Pacific was agreed at a pan-Pacific conference today. The 10th Pacific Islands Conference on Nature Conservation and Protected Areas is taking place this week across the Pacific.  Minister of Conservation Kiritapu ...
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  • Speech from the throne
    E aku hoa i te ara o te whai, Kia kotahi tā tātou takahi i te kō, ko tōku whiwhi kei tō koutou tautoko mai. Ko tāku ki a koutou, hei whakapiki manawa mōku. He horomata rangatira te mahi, e rite ai te whiwhinga a te ringatuku, me te ringakape ...
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    7 days ago
  • Keynote address to Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand conference
    Speech to the CAANZ conference - November 19, 2020 Thank you, Greg, (Greg Haddon, MC) for the welcome. I’d like to acknowledge John Cuthbertson from CAANZ, the Commissioner of Inland Revenue Naomi Ferguson, former fellow MP and former Minister of Revenue, Peter Dunne, other guest speakers and CAANZ members. I ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    1 week ago
  • Expert independent advisory group appointed to strengthen the future of Māori broadcasting
    A panel of seven experts are adding their support to help shape the future of Māori broadcasting, Minister for Māori Development Willie Jackson has announced today. “Today I will meet with some of the most experienced Māori broadcasters, commentators and practitioners in the field. They have practical insights on the ...
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    1 week ago
  • Government to review housing settings
    New Zealand’s stronger-than-expected economic performance has flowed through to housing demand, so the Government will review housing settings to improve access to the market, the Finance Minister Grant Robertson announced today. “Our focus is on improving access to the housing market for first home buyers and ensuring house price growth ...
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    1 week ago
  • Crown accounts reflect Govt’s careful economic management
    The better-than-expected Crown accounts released today show the Government’s careful management of the COVID-19 health crisis was the right approach to support the economy. As expected, the Crown accounts for the year to June 2020 show the operating balance before gains and losses, or OBEGAL, was in deficit. However that ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    1 week ago
  • Community launch marks next step in addressing racism in education
    The launch of Te Hurihanganui in Porirua today is another important milestone in the work needed to address racism in the education system and improve outcomes for Māori learners and their whānau, Associate Education Minister Kelvin Davis says. Budget 2019 included $42 million over three years to put Te Hurihanganui ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    1 week ago
  • Government to consider recommendations on DNA use in criminal investigations
    The Minister of Justice has received the Law Commission’s recommending changes to the law governing the way DNA is used in criminal investigations. The report, called The Use of DNA in Criminal Investigations – Te Whahamahi I te Ira Tangata I ngā Mātai Taihara, recommends new legislation to address how ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    1 week ago
  • Speech to Wakatū Nelson regional hui on trade
    First, I want to express my thanks to Te Taumata for this hui and for all the fantastic work you are doing for Māori in the trade space. In the short time that you’ve been operating you’ve already contributed an enormous amount to the conversation, and developed impressive networks.  I ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    1 week ago
  • Speech to Primary Industries Summit
    Thank you for the opportunity to speak to you today about the significant contribution the food and fibres sector makes to New Zealand and how this Government is supporting that effort. I’d like to start by acknowledging our co-Chairs, Terry Copeland and Mavis Mullins, my colleague, Agriculture Minister Damien O’Connor, ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    1 week ago
  • Fast track referrals will speed up recovery and boost jobs and home building
    The Government is taking action to increase jobs, speed up the economic recovery and build houses by putting three more projects through its fast track approval process. “It’s great to see that the fast-track consenting process is working. Today we have referred a mix of potential projects that, if approved, ...
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    1 week ago
  • Papakāinga provides critically needed homes in Hastings
    A papakāinga opened today by the Minister for Māori Development the Hon Willie Jackson will provide whānau with much needed affordable rental homes in Hastings. The four home papakāinga in Waiōhiki is the first project to be completed under the ‘Hastings Place Based’ initiative. This initiative is a Government, Hastings ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    2 weeks ago
  • New Zealand ready to host APEC virtually
    Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern took over the leadership of APEC earlier today, when she joined leaders from the 21 APEC economies virtually for the forum’s final 2020 meeting. “We look forward to hosting a fully virtual APEC 2021 next year. While this isn’t an in-person meeting, it will be one ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    2 weeks ago
  • Revival of Māori Horticulturists
    The rapid revival of Māori horticulture was unmistakeable at this year’s Ahuwhenua Trophy Awards, with 2020 marking the first time this iconic Māori farming event was dedicated to horticulture enterprises. Congratulating finalists at the Awards, Māori Development Minister Willie Jackson said growing large-scale māra kai is part of Māori DNA. ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    2 weeks ago
  • Emergency benefit to help temporary visa holders
    From 1 December, people on temporary work, student or visitor visas who can’t return home and or support themselves may get an Emergency Benefit from the Ministry of Social Development, Social Development and Employment Minister Carmel Sepuloni announced today. Previously, temporary visa holders in hardship because of COVID-19 have had ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    2 weeks ago
  • School sustainability projects to help boost regional economies
    Forty one schools from the Far North to Southland will receive funding for projects that will reduce schools’ emissions and save them money, Education Minister Chris Hipkins announced today. This is the second round of the Sustainability Contestable Fund, and work will begin immediately. The first round announced in April ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    2 weeks ago
  • Farmer-led projects to improve water health in Canterbury and Otago
    More than $6 million will be spent on helping farmers improve the health of rivers, wetlands, and habitat biodiversity in Canterbury and Otago, as well as improving long-term land management practices, says Agriculture Minister Damien O’Connor. Four farmer-led catchment group Jobs for Nature projects have between allocated between $176,000 and ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    2 weeks ago