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Panama leaker’s statement singles out John Key

Written By: - Date published: 10:31 am, May 7th, 2016 - 162 comments
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Well this story just keeps on growing doesn’t it.

Over night the Panama Papers leaker “John Doe” released a “manifesto”. In it he/she mentioned just one national leader by name, our very own John Key. Here are some extracts from the manifesto:

John Doe’s Manifesto

Income inequality is one of the defining issues of our time. It affects all of us, the world over. The debate over its sudden acceleration has raged for years, with politicians, academics and activists alike helpless to stop its steady growth despite countless speeches, statistical analyses, a few meagre protests, and the occasional documentary. Still, questions remain: why? And why now?

The Panama Papers provide a compelling answer to these questions: massive, pervasive corruption. And it’s not a coincidence that the answer comes from a law firm. More than just a cog in the machine of “wealth management,” Mossack Fonseca used its influence to write and bend laws worldwide to favour the interests of criminals over a period of decades.

Shell companies are often associated with the crime of tax evasion, but the Panama Papers show beyond a shadow of a doubt that although shell companies are not illegal by definition, they are used to carry out a wide array of serious crimes that go beyond evading taxes. I decided to expose Mossack Fonseca because I thought its founders, employees and clients should have to answer for their roles in these crimes, only some of which have come to light thus far. It will take years, possibly decades, for the full extent of the firm’s sordid acts to become known.

In the meantime, a new global debate has started, which is encouraging. Unlike the polite rhetoric of yesteryear that carefully omitted any suggestion of wrongdoing by the elite, this debate focuses directly on what matters.

Prime Minister John Key of New Zealand has been curiously quiet [emphasis added] about his country’s role in enabling the financial fraud Mecca that is the Cook Islands. In Britain, the Tories have been shameless about concealing their own practices involving offshore companies, while Jennifer Shasky Calvery, the director of the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network at the United States Treasury, just announced her resignation to work instead for HSBC, one of the most notorious banks on the planet (not coincidentally headquartered in London). And so the familiar swish of America’s revolving door echoes amidst deafening global silence from thousands of yet-to-be-discovered ultimate beneficial owners who are likely praying that her replacement is equally spineless. In the face of political cowardice, it’s tempting to yield to defeatism, to argue that the status quo remains fundamentally unchanged, while the Panama Papers are, if nothing else, a glaring symptom of our society’s progressively diseased and decaying moral fabric.

The media has failed. Many news networks are cartoonish parodies of their former selves, individual billionaires appear to have taken up newspaper ownership as a hobby, limiting coverage of serious matters concerning the wealthy, and serious investigative journalists lack funding.

Historians can easily recount how issues involving taxation and imbalances of power have led to revolutions in ages past. Then, military might was necessary to subjugate peoples, whereas now, curtailing information access is just as effective or more so, since the act is often invisible. Yet we live in a time of inexpensive, limitless digital storage and fast internet connections that transcend national boundaries. It doesn’t take much to connect the dots: from start to finish, inception to global media distribution, the next revolution will be digitized.

Or perhaps it has already begun.

See coverage in:

The Guardian: Panama Papers source breaks silence over ‘scale of injustices’ (“Whistleblower says leak of 11.5m Mossack Fonseca files on offshore tax havens has triggered debate but not enough action”)

The Herald: Man who leaked Panama Papers singles out Prime Minister John Key

Stuff: Panama Papers whistleblower calls out John Key over silence on ‘fraud Mecca’

Newshub: Panama Papers leaker targets John Key

RNZ: Key criticised by Panama Papers source

Labour: Govt must act as NZ singled out in Panama Papers scandal

162 comments on “Panama leaker’s statement singles out John Key ”

  1. Richardrawshark 1

    Unbeleivable The Nation this morning, Jamie Whitepower and the national party support machine, opps I mean the skinny emo lady made the amazing statement that they had no idea why john key would be singled out, and that trusts were set up way before National came into power. Never mentioning at all the law changes to trusts National made in 2012 to reduce the accountability of them that has created the whole issue.

    This was deliberate, a shocking omission and something needs to be done about it.

    She and Jamie White need publicly calling out and shaming on this seriously.

    • mike 1.1

      I believe that all we can hope for in regard to our domestic media response is for the story about New Zealand being donkey deep in it to feature in the international media.
      When New Zealand’s name is in overseas papers it gets reported here.
      So c’mon international media, help us out here!!

      • Paul 1.1.1

        RNZ. Our only hope.
        The rest of NZ’s media is owned by corporates who do not want the contents of the Panama Papers published.

        • whateva next?

          …..and they will need support to prevent being accused of supporting “hackers”

        • Once was Tim

          @ Paul …. much as our MSN would like to ignore it all where possible, I’m not sure that international media (such as AJ and others, DW, RT, and even BBC/CNN) are going to ignore it all. With something like this, the only ally Key will have is time ….. tik tok tik tok.
          Thankfully total suppression and ignorance is not going to be possible – which is why DPF and CT, among others are in overdrive mode and trans-Tasman and international voice treffuk is spiking.
          “SSSSSSSSSShut! Do we hev orl ear duxxxxxxxxx in orda goan forwid???”

        • UncookedSelachimorpha

          Interesting to read that a number of media outlets were offered the Panama Papers before Süddeutsche Zeitung, but declined. Suggests something very wrong with our media – some of their owners are the same people implicated by the Panama Papers I suspect.

    • Nick Morris 1.2

      When the PM declared “nothing to see here” because only 0.2% of the papers, or some such, refer to New Zealand by name, he might also like to consider that in the accompanying commentary issued in relation to the papers 100% of world political leaders referred to are New Zealanders, actually him.

      Another interesting fact was the number of “second” items he referred to in the gabbling, gormless explanations he gave a patsy Paul Henry and a overwhelmed Rawdon Christy. I counted at least 6, once I started counting, in one of the interviews as he desperately filibustered down the clock. On the other (first or possibly third) hand, bluntly, there seemed to be, actually, neither “firsts” nor “thirds”.

      The man is rattled.

      Look for some minimalist law changes to be whipped in before he dares front RNZ.

    • Reddelusion 2.1

      Delusional Paul

      • adam 2.1.1

        Reddelusion, my guess you are wetting yourself.

        Finger pointing, and Key is know known internationally, not only as that creepy world leader with a hair pulling fetish. He is an enabler of tax evasion. He helps out criminals and others to avoid paying tax, here and in the Cooks.

        The only hope is real conservatives within national take their party back. And come up to the plate on this one, rather than the usual gaggle of far right fan boys who comment on this site.

        This guy is an embarrassment, who needs to go.

        • One Anonymous Bloke

          Well said Adam. The Right’s lip service to lawnorder and personal responsibility is showing.

  2. mary_a 3

    ALERT … Diversions and distractions coming up very soon!

    Seems “honest” John’s “cusp of something special” could be backfiring on him … horribly! Good 🙂

  3. Pat 4

    surely this will be an industrial strength descaler?

    Acts 9:18

    • Paul 4.1

      ‘immediately there fell from his eyes as it had been scales: and he received sight forthwith, and arose, and was baptized.’

      • Pat 4.1.1

        will only take a change in understanding by a relatively small group to accelerate Key’s and National’s poll decline……….but then there are none so blind etc

        • Paul

          People relying on Key’s creation of a property bubble in Auckland for their income and earnings will turn a blind eye.
          There is a rentier class with much invested in this neoliberal nightmare.

          • Pat

            as Monbiot (i think) has said…we are all neolibs..whether by desire,or necessity and/or under protest…it would be a mistake to assume that all participants in the “rentier” class are totally amoral…and no i don’t own investment property nor even an Auckland home.

            • Paul

              He said it in this talk.
              Essential viewing for anyone wanting to rid the world of neoliberalism.

        • Reddelusion

          While this Panama crap is beltway bollicks, even if voters wanted to leave national there is no where to go, Our opposition is such shite, i did not think there is anything national could do that would overcome joe public aversion for the opposition. Is not that NZ are in love with national, far from it, they just don’t vote for the plonkers and looser on the other side

          • whateva next?

            Oh you wish….

            • Reddelusion

              Has been the case for 3 terms, let’s see what happen in 2017, so hold that thought, but prepare for disapontment

          • Pat

            we’ll see…..people don’t like being taken for fools.

          • Foreign waka

            This will depend on the size of the breadcrumbs that are left for the naive and blind masses…

          • Anne

            @ Reddelusion

            While this Panama crap is beltway bollicks…

            lols, lols. So ‘John Doe’ is telling lies eh? Forget the 11.5 million files he’s released to back up his/her claims.

            And many of us have been well aware since the 1990s that tax evasion and money laundering has been carried out through a tax haven in the Cook Islands since the1980s. Have you read Anthony Molloy’s book “Thirty Pieces of Silver”? The law firm at the centre of that famously grubby episode was “Russell McVeagh McKenzie Bartlett & Co.”. The revelations in it are as relevant today as they were in 1998 when the book was first published.

            • Chuck

              Anne, I have read Molloy’s book “Thirty Pieces of Silver” many years ago!

              And agree Cook Islands have been active since at least the 1980’s…And other tax havens have been around forever.

              Don’t want to put words into Reddelusion mouth. But if the left tries pinning “Tax Havens and Cook Islands” on to John Key, it will turn off voters who simply see it as another attempted smear.

              • adam

                Chuck what planet are you on, this is not a left or right issue. It’s a criminals verse the honest people argument. Most of my right wing friends, hate tax fraud and criminals. They are as disgusted by this as much as I am.

                What is happening Chuck, is the PM and this national government, by there actions and inaction, are on be on the wrong side of the debate. If, and it still needs to be proven, that this government enabled this type of behaviour – then it’s up to the conservatives in this country to deal with Key and Co. for their betrayal of conservative values.

                No one, no matter what side of the left/right divide you are on, no one, wants criminals and tax cheats to get away with it.

                Are you with the criminals Chuck? Or is it the tax cheats? Because at the moment that’s all I’m hearing from you is a defence of tax cheats and criminals.

                • Chuck

                  Nice try to distract Adam…you are only trying to rewrite the last 7 years of attempting to link John Key to anything remotely “dishonest” by the left.

                  Criminals and tax cheats already face the full force of the law. As they should…

                  You are jumping way ahead of yourself here…to spell it out You are calling Key (and I guess anyone around him) of being a “tax cheat and criminal”, or at the very least Key is enabling tax cheaters and criminals. On the basis of no more than you dislike Key and wish him gone.

                  Get some facts first…or you are no better than the the so called Judges who used to burn women at the stake for being witches.

                  • Hanswurst

                    […] the last 7 years of attempting to link Key anything remotely “dishonest” by the left.

                    Yes, heaven forbid that the Prime Minister should be held responsible for dishonesty within his administration.

                    Criminals and tax cheats already face the full force of the law.

                    Ah yes, this lovely straw man again. In this contet, nobody is arguing that people who break the law don’t get prosecuted. What worries people wiht regard to the Panama Papers is that they are evidence that the law is not fit for purpose, and appears even to have been screwed to enable massive tax avoidance.

              • Anne

                Chuck @

                Nope. Not trying to pin Cook Island based corruption in the 80s and 90s onto John Key. Just pointing out that the use of tax haven entities in places like the Cooks for the purpose of evasion and the laundering of ill gotten gains has been known about for decades. I see the Panama Papers as an extension of what was occurring then, and it was inevitable such ‘havens’ should spring up like rabbits in the spring – especially under the present regime – in NZ. So, its no use John Key trying to deny they exist.

          • Johan

            Red. You are a typical Tory and an apologised for John Key’s wrong-doings.

          • Ben

            It is that kind of shortsightedness that has let all of this mess get so out of control Red. A complete misunderstanding of how things are actually ticking along, average Joe proudly reading their local newspapers thinking they are up to scratch and a total absence of even a concept of critical thinking. While I claim to be no expert and am aware of the ‘varying levels’ of cognitive biases we develop through our lives I feel somewhat in a stance to know when some one has completely fucked up their perception.

            Trying looking at a bigger picture that just red vs. blue, that is extremely narrow minded.

            A dose of Chomsky wouldn’t hurt.

  4. Keith 5

    “Curiously quiet”. He will be curiously shitting himself.

    Is it because it is, in all likelihood, the real reason as to why he even bothered being a PM will come out? Is it because being a PM of a formerly honest, independent, first world nation gave him unfettered access and ability to set up something as odious as these money laundering tax havens in our country and as it transpires The Cook Islands for him, his wealthy mates and those mates of mates?

    I assume the source of this information didn’t name Key just to pass the time and fill in a few words into their manifesto.

    • mary_a 5.1

      Excellent points raised there Keith (5). Good post.

    • [Not] Bill 5.2

      Good Grief…. lay off the whacky Backy.

      [r0b: Hi, we already have a Bill, please chose another name, thanks]

    • Treetop 5.3

      There could be a connection as to why Ian Fletcher left the GCSB and the naming of John Key. Fletcher would have known about tax havens in the pacific and who uses them, and connections to NZ.

      • whateva next? 5.3.1

        He did always look “troubled”, maybe he did have integrity after all, except courage is as important in these times.

      • Hanswurst 5.3.2

        Is there some background suggesting that Fletcher’s resignation could possibly be connected, or is it just some far-fetched free association?

        • Treetop

          Do I have the evidence? No.

          Can I exclude it? No.

          Whitney wrote to Mc Clay on 2 December 2014.
          Mc Clay met Whitney and some other lawyers the next day.
          Parliament would have risen for the year shortly after the Mc Clay/Whitney meeting.
          12 December 2014 Inland Revenue released a report on foreign trusts. Concern was raised about damage to NZ’s reputation if there was a perception it was operating as a tax haven.
          13 January 2015 Fletcher resigned.

          The GCSB were involved in the Dotcom allegations of acquiring money through deception. I am of the view that there are foreign trusts in NZ where deception and illegal activity is involved. I think that Fletcher knew there was dirty money in foreign trusts and that Key has looked the other way.

          What part does the GCSB play in foreign trusts?

          Key gave the GCSB the power to look at an individual on shore or off shore for any reason.

    • Chooky 5.4

      +100 Keith and Mary

    • aidan 5.5

      answer, key uses those tax havens in cook islands, while enabling loopholes to be embedded here and i think nue was mentioned? this is a surely the first shot with more explosive bomb shells to come i hope,

  5. Zen Daldy 6

    I wondered if the leaker has intentionally name dropped Key in order to encourage journalists to dig a little deeper. I imagine there are journalists all around the world now looking more closely at the NZ link. Whether anything new is discovered remains to be seen but certainly more eyes will be focused on NZ’s role.

    • Paul 6.1

      If some overseas journalists bother to do some digging, Key is in serious trouble.
      Don’t expect anything from the courtesans and puppets who now make up the NZ ‘media’.

      • Reddelusion 6.1.1

        Yes dear, I think it’s the 10 millionth time you have parroted that, we understand,

        • whateva next?

          surely when the plebs are angry, it is time to depart? you think you can keep up with this charade? who will serve your latte?

    • alwyn 6.2

      I wonder who the person who created this little manifesto is?
      After all it could even be someone like Kim Dotcom. He has an interest in smearing John Key, hasn’t he?
      Even the paper that first published stuff on this claim they don’t know who provided it. How can they know this is the same person, and not just someone like that Australian guy who claimed to have invented the bitcoin but has nothing that proved it. Send them something, sign it John Doe and they will no doubt publish it.

      • Chooky 6.2.1

        pretty lame alwyn…jonkey nactional doesnt need “smearing” …he is the real original Lord High pooh source/sauce…something is rotten and reeks in the state of New Zealand

      • Hanswurst 6.2.2

        After all it could even be someone like Kim Dotcom.

        It could be someone like your mum, for all we know. Was there actually a point somewhere in amongst your little flight of fancy?

        • alwyn

          Well yes. Why don’t you think about it.
          There are plenty of contributors to New Zealand blogs who like to suggest that John Key is the devil incarnate and is responsible for all the ills of the world.
          Hardly anyone in New Zealand takes any interest in what they say. You really would like to be noticed. Therefore

          Pretend you are the person who leaked the documents.
          Now prepare a “manifesto” that includes an attack on John Key.
          Send it to the paper who originally published it.
          The are likely to be pissed of that nobody is paying any attention to them either
          When they publish it you claim that the whole world despises us and it is all John Key’s fault.

          It could, as you say, be anyone who sent it. I can assure you however that it definitely wasn’t my mum, or anyone like her. Anyone who fits that description would have to be the oldest person in the world.

          • Hanswurst

            There are plenty of contributors to New Zealand blogs who like to suggest that John Key is the devil incarnate and is responsible for all the ills of the world.

            No, that’s just the wishful thinking of Mr. Key and some of the NZ Right. The reality is rather more prosaic: most on the left in NZ think that Key is a bit of a dickhead and a rather below-average prime minister. That’s the long and the short of it, really.

      • Incognito 6.2.3

        Süddeutsche Zeitung has authenticated that the statement came from the Panama Papers source.

        • alwyn

          Well what would you expect them to say?
          Remember the Hitler Diaries? When the German magazine Stern paid a fortune for a set of forgeries. They kept insisting they were real.
          However since this paper claims they don’t know the leaker’s name how can they possibly know who has come to light with this “manifesto”?
          Actually, looking at what the manifesto actually says it isn’t really if any significance anyway is it?
          All he seems to be complaining about with John Key is that he won’t force sovereign countries like Nuie and The Cook Islands to obey John Doe’s wishes. What does he want Key to do? Invade them?
          Imagine the fuss here if Key tried to make either country do anything? Then he would become an imperialist tyrant in a flash.
          I see why the leaker adopted the name John Doe anyway. Anyone who seems to know so little about New Zealand’s relations with those two independent countries is clearly dead from the neck up.
          He really doesn’t have anything to say about what Key and New Zealand are doing does he? Hasn’t stopped people contributing to this blog from going ape though. Talk about making bricks with no straw.

          • Incognito

            This is a most-disappointing comment alwyn.

            • alwyn

              I feel terribly guilty that I have disappointed you.
              I shall try and do better in the future.
              What anti-Key, pro-Andy mantra would you like me to adopt?

              • Incognito

                No need to “adopt” anti-anything, just be (true to) yourself. BTW, sarcasm doesn’t suit you IMO.

                RedLogix phrased it much better today than I could: http://thestandard.org.nz/why-was-john-key-singled-out-by-panama-papers-hacker/#comment-1169900

                • alwyn

                  Well, I can assure you that I shall not follow the example of this sort of comment. It was not remarked upon by any editor.

                  Unemployment jumps

                  That is some sick puppy, wouldn’t you think?

                  [lprent: Why? Something that you didn’t manage to actually argue, probably because it’d have sounded like a Mrs Grundy arging that they knew how people should respect daft arbitrary rules designed to stop people saying what they think.

                  I don’t particularly like the comment. But I don’t like lots of comments that we allow. However it is within the bounds of the robust debate we allow, gave a viewpoint on the topic raised by PR who was effectively saying that might is right (which I consider is far more obnoxious), and wasn’t commented on by any mod because they aren’t as precious as you are about personal views on others behaviours. If you want polite society, then I suggest you find another site with different rules.

                  If you want to argue about our rules, then follow the remedies in the last section of the about. ]

    • UncookedSelachimorpha 7.1

      Scoundrel Key has already tried to distract and derail this into a mere cybersecurity issue. A cunning strategy from his PR strategists – but one that also reeks of desperation and fear of losing control!

    • Colonial Viper 7.2

      Geeezus. Don’t buy into the PR. Massive corporates like Apple, Google and Exxon Mobil won’t even be touched. And all the oligarchy are going to do with this “crackdown” is weed out some of their own less wanted and less influential members.

      That and take out some of the over-ambitious members of the top 5%.

      The really powerful 0.001% will be untouched.

    • Sacha 8.1

      True. Was Key involved somehow? The #panamapapers go back 40 years, after all. Wouldn’t Winston love that.

    • Reddelusion 8.2

      I hope not the story is already boring the publics will to live, barring leftie tragics and sufferers of KDS

      • Chooky 8.2.1


      • adam 8.2.2

        So it’s down to you saying we have a mental health issue, because we can’t worship John key, the ponytail fetish, criminal enabling, tax avoidance evading PM.


        • Chuck

          Look at it a different way – someone does not need to worship John Key, to vote for him / National. Most voters have a general view on the direction they think NZ should be heading. And the people they trust to run the Government. This is what cause’s a voter to tick a box on election day.

          Ponytail thing was overdone by the left…it could of been a “win” but nope it was taken way too far (for what it was).

          As for your (and others on this blog) accusation that Key is a criminal enabling, tax avoidance evading PM is just that, an accusation with no substance to it. Other than wishful thinking by some…

          • adam

            Do you live under a rock chuck?

            Ponytail pulling fetish, is what it is. It has stuck more than you think, and repeating the lame meme from kiwiblog, about it being over done, just makes you look like a cheap fan boy.

            No matter how much you lie to yourself does not make stuff true. No matter how much wishful thinking on your part.

            Yes, its accusations, with the media filling in the blanks. Oh and look – it has criminal written all over it. As almost every other day, more shit is sticking to a out of touch, criminal enabling national government.

            But, sure Chuck, believe you live in a world were our government has not made it simpler for criminals to hide money. Because almost everyone else from Australia, to Great Britain, now think we do.

            But then you probably can’t get the international press on your computer can you?

        • Paul


      • Johan 8.2.3

        Reddelusion: You’re getting tiresome, shouldn’t you be playing with something?

      • Paul 8.2.4

        9th May

  6. stunnedmullet 9

    Is it just me or or has “John Doe” got a bit of Kim dot Com about him/her ?

    • Gangnam Style 9.1

      Its just you, weirdo.

    • whateva next? 9.2

      I don’t care who it is, but I do care about what he/she has exposed, can we not get distracted? (unless you are trying to distract?)

    • Treetop 9.3

      Who would you trust more Dotcom or Key?

    • Graeme 9.4

      Too true. The papers that are in NZ have been doctored. You can’t tell me or any thinking NZer that, if we are involved (and that is a big IF), we are the only country after all at least two European leaders have resigned as a result of the papers so that tells me the enabler of the papers in NZ is a liar and a fraud himself.

  7. McGrath 10

    So we have Dirty Politics 2.0 where the country’s media and the Left will over-egg this to the point where the non-political will get bored of it all. Thus resulting in the following:
    1.) National’s ratings will remain unchanged or will actually increase
    2.) The left further cement their reputation as the party of negativity and gloom
    3.) Another term for National

    Just like Dirty Politics 1.0

    • Gangnam Style 10.1

      You don’t know what ‘dirty politics’ refers to if thats what you think.

      • McGrath 10.1.1

        You mean illegally hacked information with personal attacks on John Key? That worked so well for the opposition last election.

        • ianmac

          McGrath. You have not read Dirty Politics have you? Your comment betrays you.

        • Draco T Bastard

          So, you admit that the information retrieved is true and that the corrupt actions that that information shows is also true?

          And then there’s the fact that in the public interest makes it legal anyway.

          So, why do you support corrupt politicians?

          • McGrath

            The automatic linking to Key as the grand overseer without investigation strikes me as severe KDS.

            If it turns out that the Panana papers confirm Key is the corrupt uber-monster that the Left so desperately wishes, then I hope Key gets the full force of the law.

            • One Anonymous Bloke


              Thanks for your concern, it’s so obviously sincere, and not dripping with false framing at all.

            • Draco T Bastard

              So, you dodged the question. Not surprised as authoritarian types support their leaders no matter what even when their leaders actions are criminal and/or psychopathic.

    • Paul 10.2

      Troll #1
      Let us not feed this diversion.

      • Reddelusion 10.2.1

        yes lets maintain our group think and narrow mindedness

        • Chooky

          … you always seem to make and appearance when your master is in trouble…it is a SIGN

          … things are getting VERY serious indeed!

          • McGrath

            I am the bird of ill omen for Key. I’ve not done a very good job of it though given he’s still there 🙂

            • Chooky

              …and you seem to be a new friend of Reddelusion…birds of a feather?…two omens?

    • reason 10.3

      So McGrath supports corruption …..

      Do you make money off corruption or have money hidden in a tax haven ?

      Does 2.2 Billiion being stolen from NZ sound like a good idea ?

      That’s the amount that Johns john attempted to steal on behalf of the profit gouging Aussie banks ….

    • UncookedSelachimorpha 10.4

      And so a hand maiden of dirty politics continues its dirty work, well done McGrath

      • McGrath 10.4.1

        Thanks. I try my best.

        But seriously, if you want this to stick to Key, just don’t flog it to death like Dirty Politics 1.0

        • adam

          We are not, it seems the PM is doing this to himself.

          Man I’m getting so many good belly laughs this day.

    • Or….we could start humming the New Seekers song about teaching the world to sing in perfect harmony…


      This songs more appropriate for this govt and the Panama papers…

    • Graeme 10.6

      Looks like the 28% still think they are right! Well said McGrath

  8. Draco T Bastard 11

    If there’s one thing we need to learn for this is that the financial system cannot be left in the hands of the private sector.


    The other thing is that our government needs to be both more open, more accountable and more limited.

  9. Richard Rawshark 12

    The Cook Islands’ defence and foreign affairs are the responsibility of New Zealand, but they are exercised in consultation with the Cook Islands. In recent times, the Cook Islands have adopted an increasingly independent foreign policy. Although Cook Islanders are citizens of New Zealand, they have the status of Cook Islands nationals, which is not given to other New Zealand citizens.-Wikipedia

    the leaker mentions Cooks and our PM, in a world full of dodgy countries he singled out Key and Cook isl, yes there’s a link, has to be.

    When did the Cooks start getting more autonomous in their foreign policy, just after National gained power? why? does their foreign policy involve trusts? who in the cooks is pressing for changes?

    start digging folks I smell a rat, a big fkn rat and the leakers just pointed me at it’s location.

    John was especially smiley when he said he was confident after a year if he or his party members had something to worry about he would know by now. I’ve come to recognize keys poker face now, when he’s really worried he smiles and acts the happiest. It’s because he’s attempting to put on an act instead of being himself, quick wave, don’t care i’m ok, got stuff to do moving on attitude.

    That’s was the biggest grin and show i’m not worried, I’ve seen ever.

    National up to their crooked eyeballs in it, as a party I suspect.

    Love to see an audit of each and every one of their bank accounts and ledgers.

    and if he did know a year ago’s he’s smiling like a Cheshire cat because he had a year to bury it.

    • RedLogix 12.1

      You are on an interesting track. But never, ever, underestimate what you will be up against. Especially not John Key. He is a lifetime master at these games.

      • whateva next? 12.1.1

        as Victor E Frankyl points out:
        “Between stimulus and response, there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”

      • Colonial Viper 12.1.2

        He is a lifetime master at these games.

        Yep. And he wins by constantly letting people underestimate him.

        • Reddelusion

          And singled minded focus on key by the left plays right into his hands as joe public roll thier eyes at the hyperbole, ugliness and derangement of the left as they focus on key as the manifestation of all evil

          • Colonial Viper


            But surely if a thousand attacks on Key hasn’t worked to date, maybe another thousand will do the trick?

            • weka

              A straw breaks the camel’s back.

              Then of course there is the value in pointing out corruption without there being a party political agenda attached. It’s not all about Key.

              • Reddelusion

                Yes but trying to portray key and the government as dr evil that falls out of the Peter Pan papers, that nz reputation is in tatters (where the world does not give nz half a second a day thought, at best) is patently ridiculous. International
                tax harmonisation, tax havens, multinational tax issues are all relevant issues that require an international respons, however trying to pin the state of such that has developed over many years on the national government of today and John key is what the public see as ridiculous

                • whateva next?

                  “(where the world does not give nz half a second a day thought, at best)”
                  They might now though eh? Proud are you?

                  • Reddelusion

                    I don’t think so, this view by the left that the world wakes up every day with NZ on thier mind is another derangement

                    • Whateva next?

                      Not every day, but it’s a popular post on BBC world site atm

                    • Reddelusion []

                      Yes and read by kiwis about themselves, truely I have lived overseas and travelled a lot, NZ is enjoyably insignificant, and virtually invisible re world affairs (barring sport in relevant countries) to the consciousness of the 99.9pc of 8 billion people who populate this earth, sorry to burst your bubble of our relevance

                    • Reddelusion []

                      Ah you say but what about the dreaded and mythical 0.01pc

                • Richardrawshark

                  Your right, I lived oversea’s half my 50 years, half of them asked me if I was Australian.

                  But one thing I do know, the UK roasts MP’s on a weekly basis, they hate corruption on a level we do not, they have a media that is at some part competitive, scoops make news still, unlike our lazy lot. If Keys involved in this it’s not the NZ media he needs to worry about it’s the international pressure. And don’t forget if Key’s masters ever think the public arte getting too overboard with looking into taxes that they will see an opportunity for a fall guy. Johnny boy.

                  The international news scene is way different to the managed media we are faked, I mean fed, I mean are studiously researched and presented with.

                  • ianmac

                    As on OpenMike: “Seven police forces launch investigations affecting at least 10 MPs over #electionexpenses.”

                  • whateva next?

                    Presuming that no one else has traveled outside NZ was where he lost me.

                • weka

                  “Yes but trying to portray key and the government as dr evil that falls out of the Peter Pan papers, that nz reputation is in tatters (where the world does not give nz half a second a day thought, at best) is patently ridiculous.”

                  That’s your delusion, not mine, not the post’s. Even if you are using hyperbole to make a point, it’s a fairly insignificant point compared to the righties running round saying if it’s legal it’s ok as if there are no moral or ethical issues here at all. Key is a liar and there is no doubt now what his agenda is. You can like his agenda and excuse his lying, but you can’t pretend they’re not happening.

              • Paul

                Red has learnt his lines for the day.

                • Reddelusion

                  I like your comments Paul as I enjoy comedy and the absurd , your repetition and serial linking can get rather boring though , new material please

          • ankerawshark

            Reddelusion,…….its not the “left” who named John Key in these documents or indeed leaked them. It was someone who had access to this data who has said he did it because inequality is the biggest issue facing us and he is happy to co-operate with law enforcement.

    • NZJester 12.2

      Remember to that before he was PM he apparently was instrumental in setting up Ireland as a tax haven. The place the richest company in the world Apple uses to tax doge.
      That is part of how he got so rich.

  10. Gristle 13

    On Thursday Mr Key spoke to a conference on cybercrime and highlighted the Panama Papers as being the fate of companies who did not take cyber security seriously. What I take from using the Mossack Fonseca hack as a learning point is that Key thinks that it is more important not to be caught than it is be a good corporate entity.

    How about tweaking Labour Party support for the TPP so that it has a new element to its bottom line: international tax reform across all the parties so that multinational transfers and tax havens etc are put to the sword.

    • Reddelusion 13.1

      Tell me has any one been arrested or charged over revelations of Peter Pan papers

      • whateva next? 13.1.1

        Apartheid and Nazi Concentration camps were legal mate, does that make them OK?

        • Reddelusion

          Yep and people where arrested mate for these crimes

          • whateva next?

            afterwards, not at the time though

            • Colonial Viper

              Who was arrested for firebombing Dresden and Tokyo, killing tens of thousands of civvies?

              • whateva next?

                um who was arrested for bombing London, France, Pearl Harbour etc? While we are on the subject what about asking the Danes about the viking invasion of Britain, or the Italians about the Roman Invasion of Britain.
                Is is really relevant to the original point??? are you deliberately shifting the focus onto yourself?

                • Colonial Viper

                  The attack on Pearl Harbour was solely on a military target.

                  The fact that you cannot tell the difference between that and what was done to Dresden and Tokyo, makes your comments highly questionable.

                  As for German actions against British civilians via the Blitz, and also against French civilians – trials were held and German war criminals were convicted.

                  Who on the British or American side were convicted?

                  • Foreign waka

                    At any time this question has been asked in the last 50 years the answer was: But we won (American/British alliance)….. says it all really, doesn’t it.

          • Ben

            More bombs were dropped on Vietnam than in the entire WW2 campaign. Pol Pot and KR killed 1.5 million Cambodians during his genocide, the US killed 500 000 prior to that in a carpet bombing campaign with no official declaration of war. We all know that era of the SE Asia campaign ultimately proved to be completely unnecessary, was the US officially given the wooden spoon for humanitarian atrocities? No.

            This Utopian idea of Justice you seem to think exists doesn’t.

      • Gristle 13.1.2

        The issue about Foriegn owned trusts is that they stink. Yes they are legal in NZ because various legislation has been passed to make them legal, so it hard to see someone getting arrested in NZ for a NZ based ForeignOwned Trust.

        The number of sceanarios where Foriegn Owned Trusts are doing anything but obscure beneficial ownership and increase the opportunity to hide money in terms of source (crime), use (eg terrorism) or tax status (eg evasion). Now many of these things are illegal in the country of origin but get minimal scrutiny at NZ as funds pass through.

        The rationale for NZ maintaining these sorts of mechanisms is given that other countries do it so NZ should do it too.

      • NZJester 13.1.3

        The Panama papers should eventually see some arrests. Some in Mossack Fonseca have apparently knowingly been helping people such as child sex traffickers, black market dealers and dictators stealing money from their countries treasuries to hide their dirty money.
        The thing is most law enforcement have not got their hands on it yet.
        Not even the tip of the iceberg has been released yet only a few small ice cubes from the giant iceberg. The size of the data makes Wikileaks look tiny.

      • RedLogix 13.1.4

        Tell me has any one been arrested or charged over revelations of Peter Pan papers

        Two responses:

        1. Many crimes, especially of this nature never make it to court. Or if they do it takes years if not decades.

        2. As John Doe himself notes, the legal profession has comprehensively failed. We can no longer expect any crimes of this nature to be prosecuted in the ordinary course of events. The corruption is systemic and embedded. Hopefully these revelations may prompt the changes necessary.

        • Colonial Viper

          the legal profession has comprehensively failed. We can no longer expect any crimes of this nature to be prosecuted in the ordinary course of events.

          In the modern environment, prosecutors offices take a high degree of political direction. Police investigators as well. So I do not believe that this situation is primarily a failure of the legal profession.

  11. save nz 14

    Great post. Again the big question is, why will not John Key show his tax returns, is it because he is a tax cheat?

    • UncookedSelachimorpha 14.1

      Agree, John Key should make full disclosure of all his finances. Then we can see who he is really working for and what he really thinks of contributing his share to NZ.

      • Chooky 14.1.1

        +100…nothing to hide…nothing to fear…it is incumbent on his position of trust

    • Reddelusion 14.2

      He also won’t show his birth or marriage certificate, is he a kiwi? Is he married ?

      • Chuck 14.2.1

        +100 priceless!!

      • UncookedSelachimorpha 14.2.2

        As PM, if there was a public issue involving those matters, it would be appropriate for him to reveal his personal position.

        He IS active (and potentially benefits directly) in tax policy, social spending etc, and therefore where he sits personally on these matters is highly relevant to the public interest. Mitt Romney, Obama etc all revealed their tax positions, for these reasons.

      • adam 14.2.3

        Are you now a birther Reddelusion.

        Look new meme from the unthinking fan boys – we need a new conspiracy theory – so we can stop the people from actually working out John Key and Co. are supporting criminals and people who avoid tax.

        • Chuck

          Adam take it for what it was meant to be!!

          Its a very cleaver post from Reddelusion…

          Read – Obama and his “country of birth saga” verse Labour demanding Key release his “tax information”. Both Obama and Key said no to releasing the respective documents.

          And there you go again…”John Key and Co. are supporting criminals and people who avoid tax”. Get some real proof and I will clap as you lead Key to the jail cell.

          • UncookedSelachimorpha

            Chucko. Your misspelling of the word “Clever” seems appropriate.

            Obama voluntarily published his birth certificate in 2008, again in 2011.

            It was relevant for him to do so, because citizenship directly determines your eligibility to be president of the USA.

            Key on the other hand, refuses to release his tax records. Obama happily released his.

            Remember when Key likened himself to Obama in 2008? What a joke – Obama spent his time working with disadvantaged people as a civil rights attorney…Key on the other hand spent his time shoveling money into his own bank account while creating nothing worthwhile.

  12. Once was Tim 15

    Jussssst lissssssstening to John Key in RNZ presssssss confrinssssssssss (about 12:50 -13:04)
    Interesting when JFK is on heat and about to drop another turd, the speech becomes stereotypically effeminate with syllabic ‘esses’ and full of buzzwords: ‘learnings’, ‘in fact ekshully’, etc.
    His bullshit and spin is hopefully becoming more obvious to most.

    • Chooky 15.1

      +100…smooth and as reassuring as a conman…slippery as a slimy snake….

      • whateva next? 15.1.1

        I will be apologising if the whistleblower is ekshully lying, but will Mr.Key leave if in fact he is found to have lied, or even economical with the truth? After all we expect a high standard from our PM, not a minimal (pretty relaxed) standard.

        • Richardrawshark

          These people are never wrong, they are the smartest people in the room, if he did set up trusts for tax evasion and you don’t like it, deal with it, your obviously wrong, it’s what you actually need, but don’t know it, why should the rich money men pay tax, they create wealth, they don’t pay tax.

          commoners, fkn liberties I tell ya.

  13. rod 16

    Key’s arse lickers and spinners are on overdrive here today.

  14. Observer (Tokoroa) 17

    . Query

    . – Apparently quite a number of foreigners have set up secret Trusts here.

    1) – -Do NZ citizens receive any payment from these secretive trusts?

    2) – Does our Treasury receive any payments?

    3) – If new Zealand is not receiving any worthwhile money from these wealthy secretive people, why on earth do we have tax havens? Weird- bizarre.

    4) – Why on earth would John Key talk people into dumping their money here

    5) – Why did he advise and seemingly coach the Cook Islanders to get wealthy people to dump their spare money silently with the islands.

    Is John key doing something for nothing? Are the Cook Islanders doing something for nothing? Can anyone clarify this for me?

    I find it hard to believe that no one is receiving payment. Even if the payment be for significant silence.

    • One Anonymous Bloke 17.1

      They are taxed at a 0% tax rate. The lawyers’ and accountants’ fees are tax deductible. The National Party accepts donations in return.

  15. One Anonymous Bloke 18

    Yeah, perhaps the hacker is sincere, and perhaps Mossack Fonseca got ratfucked by a competitor who lost market share when NZ got into the money laundering business.

    Yeah, I’m being cynical 🙄

    • adam 18.1

      Well in two days we should know more.

      My guess, your cynicism is well placed One Anonymous Bloke.

  16. Observer (Tokoroa) 19

    . Hi: One Anonymous Bloke

    . It is a puzzle. People are bringing money here without telling anyone apparently. Other than telling the Prime Minister – perhaps. Neither do they pay any Tax or meet any costs, as far as I know, incurred by New Zealand Government.

    A lot of this business is managed by a crooked Lawyer, who in a Court of the Crown, gave what the Judge called “A Sham Trust”, to a bankrupt developer who had already buggered up lots of Money.. It is supremely wrong for a lawyer or anyone else to commit perjury. But this lawyer was a swindler of major proportions.

    John Key said the lawyer was in fact a lovely “ethical and moral man”. You see Mr Key does not believe in moral. Nor in ethics. All we can safely say about the crooked Lawyer is that he is nowhere near as advanced as Key in deception.

    Key’s ragtag tail of admirers and liars will be found to have no intention of being moral either, as you can plainly see in the ill written garbage that they defecate onto this blog.

    • Johan 19.1

      Hello Observer (Tokoroa)
      Got it in one, an accurate little nice snapshot.

  17. Chooky 20

    ‘Panama Papers whistleblower speaks out on income inequality & corruption’


    …”John Doe accuses Mossack Fonseca of using “its influence to write and bend laws worldwide to favour the interests of criminals over a period of decades,” alleging that it “actually did knowingly violate myriad laws worldwide, repeatedly.” He maintains “publicly they plead ignorance, but the documents show detailed knowledge and deliberate wrongdoing.”

    The source denies being a spy or working for any government, explaining that he decided to share the information because he “understood enough about their contents to realize the scale of the injustices they described.”…

    “The source says that although the ICIJ and media publications have refused to share the documents with law enforcement, he is willing to do so…

    “Doe discusses the failures that contributed to the system of corruption in which the Papers were born. Banks, financial regulators, tax authorities, legal systems and governments have all failed. Decisions have been made “that have spared the wealthy while focusing instead on reigning in middle and low income citizens.

    …The manifesto reveals the “sad truth” that the most “prominent and capable” media organizations looked at the documents before the leak was made public and chose not to run with them, despite “explicit claims to the contrary.”

    The revelation is likely to embarrass networks that are no doubt covering the leak now.

    Perhaps most surprising was the claim that WikiLeaks didn’t respond to contact made by the whistleblower.”


    ‘Panama Papers leak not specifically directed against Russia – ICIJ head’


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  • Hydrogen agreement signed with Singapore
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  • Further advice being sought on new cases in Victoria
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  • Christchurch Learning Community Hubs supporting ethnic families
    As part of the Government’s ongoing commitment to working with the victims and those affected by the March 15 terror attacks, today Associate Minister of Education Hon Jan Tinetti released the report ‘Voices from the Ōtautahi’ on the Christchurch Learning Community Hubs. “It’s so important we continue to support the ...
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    1 week ago
  • Hundreds more hands funded to work for nature
    Supporting biodiversity protection through community-led projects and on private property will create at least 500 more jobs under the Mahi mō te Taiao/Jobs for Nature programme, Minister of Conservation Kiritapu Allan announced today. “The work we are funding includes everything from pest control and restoration planting to plant propagation, skill ...
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    1 week ago
  • Saliva testing expansion for frontline border workers
    All frontline border workers who are required to be regularly tested for COVID-19 will soon be able to choose regular saliva testing as a full replacement for nasopharyngeal testing, COVID-19 Response Minister Chris Hipkins has announced. Saliva testing will be expanded as an option for all those on a regular ...
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    1 week ago
  • Government consults on freshwater farm plan
    The Government is inviting farmers and growers to provide their practical ideas to help develop high-quality and workable freshwater farm plans, in line with its freshwater goals said Agriculture Minister Damien O’Connor and Environment Minister David Parker. The ministers today released the consultation documents for freshwater farm plans and stock exclusion low slope maps. Comment is being sought on a new, more ...
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    1 week ago
  • Increased support for midwives
    New measures to help bolster the midwifery workforce as they care for the next generation of New Zealanders, have been announced today by Associate Minister of Health Dr Ayesha Verrall. “New Zealand’s midwives are committed to the wellbeing of women and whānau, but they’re facing significant challenges. The DHB midwifery ...
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  • Prime Minister's Speech to NZIIA Annual Conference
    Ladies and gentlemen, distinguished guests, ata mārie, tēnā koutou katoa. It’s a great pleasure to attend an event on such an important topic as New Zealand’s future in the Indo-Pacific region. Thank you to the New Zealand Institute of International Affairs for bringing this hui together. I am encouraged to ...
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