Petition to forgive emergency accommodation debt

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Action Station has a petition:

Minister Anne Tolley: Forgive WINZ Motel Emergency Accomodation Debt

As Minister of Social Development we call upon Minister Anne Tolley to urgently forgive all debts incurred by people who have been forced to stay in Motels as emergency accommodation, by WINZ. We believe this is an unacceptable burden to be placed upon people who are homeless and is passing the buck to those that can least afford it. …

You can sign here.

18 comments on “Petition to forgive emergency accommodation debt”

  1. kieron 1

    Petition signed

  2. Wensleydale 2

    I doubt you’ll have much joy with a flinty-eyed pinch-penny like Tolley, but kudos for trying.

  3. Sabine 3

    We should have a petition to :Paula Bennett requesting her to do her job.

    And if 130$ a night for a WINZ provider is the best that WINZ can ‘negotiate’ then they are fucking useless at negotiating.

  4. shorts 4

    I don’t understand how Work and Income can expect people to accept this sort of accommodation and then pay for the privilege – there are no polite words to describe how angry the situation these people are put into by the state makes me

    To have to ask the govt to forgive these people this unnecessary hardship pushed onto them by the govt is a travesty


  5. AmaKiwi 5


  6. Macro 6

    Thanks for giving this petition more prominence .
    I linked to it yesterday

  7. mauī 7

    Done and nice work from Kyle MacDonald to initiate this. Let’s hope we don’t venture back to Victorian times enabled by willing blue voters.

  8. Gangnam Style 8

    Signed, there but for the grace of god or whoever…

  9. Venezia 9

    Signed. Done.

  10. Treetop 10

    Imagine were the government to charge a person for the fire service or the police service for an emergency call out. Not a vote catcher.

  11. Treetop 11


    I am interested to know if a person in this situation is entitled to an accommodation supplement or temporary additional support for accommodation (both are capped)?

  12. Thinkerr 13

    Glad to sign.
    During the GFC we didn’t make the bailed-out corporates owe back what we gave them. At least, I don’t think so.

  13. Doogs 14

    Utterly shameful – signed!

  14. Peki 15


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