Vote for Change stumbles at the startline

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Peter Shirtcliffe’s Vote for Change is reeling. On Sunday, they had to boot out Alex Fogerty after the Young Nat’s neo-Nazi affiliations were made public. Yesterday, they lost their token Leftie, Bob Harvey, when he realised that being used by a collection of capitalist elitists and white supremacists wasn’t the legacy he wanted.

Imperator Fish says it all:

10 comments on “Vote for Change stumbles at the startline”

  1. Battleheed 1

    Haha what a bunch of muppets. Little boys playing with daddies money. What’s next around the corner? Take your bets.

  2. Pascal's bookie 2

    So how did the wee racist fella end up on the list anyhoo? Were they signing people up in the carpark of boots’n’knives, or what? What’s the story, dodgy tories?

    Recomendations was it? Did someone say ‘here’s a likely young lad that’d be keen’ and point him out, or is he mates with someone else on the list? Praps he just signed up through farce book or whatever, in which case, why is it such a short list?

    How exactly does a bony fried stiff arm saluter end up on a list of names chosen to represent a political group? A list calibrated, as it were, to project an image. They went to the trouble of getting Bob the ex mayor on there, and some ‘political scientist’ no one has ever heard much of. So what’s the haps with the sturmfront chap?

    And also, and too, as the good Geddis says over at pundit, if it doesn’t matter who is on the list or what they think, then why give him the bums rush so bloody quickly then?

    So it matters, and it matters how he got on the list.

  3. Rusty Shackleford 3

    The only reason I know anything about these guys is because you guys are giving them so many column inches. they don’t appear to be getting any play in the regular media. They’re basically nil, you have your panties in a bunch over nothing.

    The freedom of speech abuses against Tiki Taane is a much larger story in my opinion.

    • Colonial Viper 3.1

      They’re basically nil, you have your panties in a bunch over nothing.

      We don’t want their movement just dead mate, it needs to be dead and buried 🙂

      • You are correct VP . Dont let us underestimate this lot. They have plenty of cash and most of them will be hidden away from the public.remember the young voter does not know about FPP. Attractive advertising can have an affect on the young . Be vigilant , watch the crafty bastards all the time. And just keep an eye on how the Nats work.

      • Juana 3.1.2

        Heaven forbid anyone exercise their democratic right to have a different opinion to you.
        MMP isn’t the only democratic option available. You all act as if it is and that anything else is anti democratic! How utterly ridiculous. Democracy is all about Debate, it is the D in Democracy.
        Write a post saying why you think MMP is so wonderful instead of being all communist and shutting down debate and burning books or in this case websites.What are you so scared of. If MMP is so great people will vote for it won’t they?

    • lprent 3.2

      Bull. I have seen crap about the VfC-wits on the idiot box several times when I have been watching the news over the last few weeks.

      But the main reason for having a go at them is because these are the same idiots who have been campaigning against MMP without any specific and clear reasons for quite some time. They have managed to parlay a bullshit myth about a ‘promised referendum’ (there was never any such promise) into an exercise costing the taxpayer millions of dollars in a pointless referendum. When they lose the referendum (yet again) they will simply start agitating for another go.

      Politically, that gets in the way of electoral reforms that do need to be made. To get to those we need to make sure that the result this time is crushing. Looking closely at who they are is aprt of that.

      Tiki Taane will get his opportunity to argue his case in court. But I really don’t have that many qualms about him having to justify himself (ie pointlessly pissing police off is just outright stupid), and I am normally a major vocal critic of the police (they still owe me 30k for defending a ridiculous charge of “intimidation by loitering” against my niece for protesting).

      But I really can’t be bothered with idiots, and he looks like he is an idiot using “freedom of speech” as a defense for his stupidity.

      • Rusty Shackleford 3.2.1

        Admittedly, I don’t watch TV. I read the front page of Stuff and NZHerald maybe 3 times a week.

        As for Tiki? The cops entered a private establishment. No physical harm was done to them. Whether he is an idiot or not is irrelevant. His right to say what he pleases is more important than a few cops right not to have their feelings hurt.

  4. In the 1970s and 80s there were a number of Nats who attended far right
    and neo Nazi gatherings in America prominant was smilling boy Lockwood -Smith.Off course they did not admit they were neo-Nazis they called themselves anti -Communist .Im afraid that label gave them licence to do all, sorts of nasty things.

  5. Optimus Prime 5


    Hate speak has no particular political affiliation and extremism comes in many forms.

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