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32 comments on “Open mike 05/07/2011”

  1. Can someone tell that cowardly smear deleted ( big bruv) the insane and fixated creep that I don’t visit kiwiblog anymore. Man this strange dude has me shitting bricks. lol. He badly needs help..
    It’s so frustrating watching this timid coward slander my name without the right of reply.
    I would like him in the boxing ring so I could knock some sense into the obessed nutbar.

    Anyway thank you for allowing me to vent my frustration about the sordid matter.

    [lprent: you can vent, but not with names. I have never seen him out himself. So as far as I am concerned you are guessing and are likely to be slandering someone else.]

  2. Bored 2

    Scanning down the Dom online this morning in the “Culture” section the headline is “Henry back on air”…….lol

    • vto 2.1

      Similarly I lol much when Dunne got on his low high moral political industry horse and accused another industry (legal high industry) of untrustworthiness ….. ………….. lol

    • Bob 2.2

      Should that be ” Henry Full of air ” ?

  3. Today is Jeremy Greenbrook-Held’s 30th birthday.  Jeremy is Labour’s candidate for Helensville.  Give Key hell Jeremy!

  4. William Joyce 4

    Murray McCully ducks the risk of offending Saudi Arabia by calling for NZdrs to be tolerant and to support the human rights for Saudi women living in NZ – instead of being offended that a nation like Saudi Arabia provides no human rights for it’s citizens at home.

  5. The Voice of Reason 5

    Farrar’s Party Political in the Herald is interesting reading. He rightly observes that the current polls mirror those in the months before the ’08 election, and that they were proved fundamentally wrong on election day. He still suggests a NACT government is going to be the most likely result this year, but based on ACT getting 5 seats.

    I guess that for reasons of limited space, he doesn’t go into what happens if ACT get zero seats, but you can read between the lines on that outcome!

  6. jackal 7

    A Fools Celebration

    Yesterday Ronald Reagan was celebrated in London with the unveiling of a 10ft bronze statue of the former United States president representing the enduring alliance between the UK and US. This is at a time when many commentators believe the special relationship is unraveling.

    • Vicky32 7.1

      Yesterday Ronald Reagan was celebrated in London with the unveiling of a 10ft bronze statue of the former United States president representing the enduring alliance between the UK and US

      My giddy aunt! How bizarre…

  7. randal 8

    yada yad yada. I’ve been thinking. hahahahahahaha. the NATIONAL government is going to sell the power companies to a cabal of international investors. well it aint 1951 anymore so lets get moving. organise the world to let everyone know that the people of new zealand are being robbed.
    lets hav e an international opposition to the theft of state assets. once we were a laboratory for social change now we just a store where the shopkeeper is being tied up and held behind the counter. let the world see what is happening.

  8. OK, this is creepy, I was sitting on my bed with Wifi computer as I do and the whole house shook. Plates rattling on shelves and bed moving sideways for about five seconds.
    This is near Raglan, Hamilton.

    • kriswgtn 9.1

      I am in Paraparaumu and this one shook everything.Freaky shit

    • Tony Parker 9.2

      Felt it here in Napier too, as I was conducting a parent/teacher interview at school.

    • Colonial Viper 9.3

      Geonet reports a mag 6.5 30km west of Taupo, very deep at 150km.

      Wowsers. [you beat me to it travellerev…] 🙂

      And there was a 5.0 in Napier not long ago yeah?

    • vto 9.4

      Holy shit. Been watching the ones over recent months off Hawkes Bay (always off Porangahau) and now they spreading to Auckland and it seems everywhere else.

      What on earth is going on?

  9. Just received confirmation that there was a 6.5 Earthquake 30 Km west /150 km deep of Taupo from Geonet.

    • jackal 10.1

      Often after a large earthquake there is a domino effect where other tectonic plates move and shift. Let’s just hope it doesn’t escalate.

      • lprent 10.1.1

        Not likely in this case. Apparently it is a subduction segment break off rather than a fault. More volcanism in a few thousand years will result. There will be a few quakes as everything settles. But at 150km down they probably won’t be felt.

  10. Penguins Pal 12

    This is why he is the most popular PM ever. LOL

  11. Georgecom 13

    John Key was getting a bit shrill in the housee today trying to guess what might be in the Labour Party tax package announced next week. He had a stab that it’d contain either a land tax, capital gains or financial transaction tax.

    Anyhow, later once he had composed himself, he made a statment that a CGT would drive kiwis to overseas. I wonder if he meant even more than the high numbers National are currently shifting off shore? Seems to me that a government actually having a plan about jobs and raising incomes might actually KEEP a few kiwis at home, despite a CGT scaring some speculators to Aus.

    Key also moaned about the prospect of a financial transaction tax. I didn’t hear exactly what he had to say but didn’t seem impressed. I can understand why. Key made his millions trading in currency. This financial speculation helped him line his pockets very well although it did nothing for the country nor kiwis and actually hurt hard working exporters and manufacturers. It’ll anger a few of Johns colleagues that their lucrative flow of cash will actually get taxed & they’ll have to contribute something to the economy. More than that some of the jobs may actually dissappear if tax wipes out their speculative gains. They may actually have to get real jobs rather than bludging off the real economy. That will annoy some of Keys mates.

  12. Is there a problem with the contributions and contact links? Could just be my crap connection, but can’t get through!

    • lprent 14.1

      Yeah. My bad. There is something wrong there and it doesn’t show on the development site. I need to tear it down to do it in real time – which means after midnight. But I am starting to get stretched at work to hit project deadlines, and I need that sleep. I will have another go this weekend. Otherwise try thestandardnz at gmail dot com.

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