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New Zealand PM Bill English denies passports for sale to rich

‘I couldn’t work for McCully any longer’: Greens add three more high-profile names to books

Building and Construction Minister Smith says getting better estimates of NZ housing shortage is tough without becoming Soviet-style economy

Steven Joyce warns property buyers to brace for higher interest rates

Brownlee had no idea about potential Cera conflicts and CERA failed to maintain ‘momentum’ – report

Who can even keep up with it all?

20 comments on “Your government MPs in the news”

  1. Tamati Tautuhi 1

    They sound like alternative facts and portray the incompetence of our current Government MP’s, having a plan and actually doing anything is not an option?

    Wringing ones hands and trying to find an answer seems to the modus operandi today?

  2. Yep shocking indeed and only ONE person to blame – bloody bill. The wheels have fallen off since he got handed the poisoned chalice and was MADE to sit on the pointy throne. Sheep shearing is his political high water mark – he is our dried up and polluted water hole, he is our shame.

    • Too much pressure coming from all quarters for bill and his motley troops to handle. You’re left holding the baby bill, key abandoned you all. bye.

    • Antoine 2.2

      > Yep shocking indeed and only ONE person to blame – bloody bill.

      Sorry but this makes no sense at all.

      How for example, is English to blame for McCully?


      • marty mars 2.2.1

        All roads lead to bloody bill – he is the so called leader – if he can’t control his caucus either he resigns or he fronts up and kicks the malcontents out.

      • A– Good point, McCully is an exception, he already had inbuilt stupidity when he was selected.-sorry bill.

      • AB 2.2.3

        “How for example, is English to blame for McCully”
        Bill provides the National Party’s intellectual underpinning – such as it is. Bill’s brain is the greasy swamp of justification in which all the corrupt, incompetent Nat Ministerss wallow and fester. Bill is the CRC belatedly sprayed into the sclerotic cerebral arteries of the Nat machine. Bill is toast.

  3. Tamati Tautuhi 3

    Unfortunately Governments in NZ have not really had a plan for the past 30-40 years, they have relied on off shore borrowings and the sale of State Assets to fund the country, soon the pigeons will come home to roost, however somehow the people of NZ will have to find a solution to try and tidy up the mess which started under Robert Muldoon.

    Successive Labour and National Governments have not been addressing the country’s problems and have only exacerbated the problems, meanwhile keeping New Zealanders in the dark and masking over the cracks. MSM do not critically analyse Governments as they rely on them for their weekly pay check?

  4. lprent 4

    And it isn’t even Friday.

    What will we see in this misgovernment’s traditional Friday afternoon dump?

  5. Observer Tokoroa 5

    Yes Billy is out of his depth. Always has been. But now he has the brilliance of Paula to guide him through the rickety political gates and the inevitable drenching troughs.

    She is the one who maintains to the nation : “there is no Housing crisis.” and heaves the slender Bill out of camera view.

    Paula is absolutely ruthless when it comes to destroying the truth. It is her biggly.

    The thing about Billy is that he always does what he is told. Whether it is Paula, Key or Crusher (currently exporting our Kauri and water – I think) , He is dead scared of his bosses – clerical or secular.

    The sad thing is, he has never shown any convincing, fully supported compassion. He doesn’t give a stuff for the struggling. But then, neither does the big boss Paula, Key, or Crusher. All three kick the strugglers in their wasted Balls.

    They are all true blue greed ridden Nationals.

    • Antoine 5.1

      Why as a matter of interest, do you think the strugglers’ balls are wasted?

      Just asking

    • Cinny 5.2

      This bit Ob.Tokoroa.. so true.

      The thing about Billy is that he always does what he is told

      Aye aye, the outgoing PM is a follower, not a leader, he is a submissive that really doesn’t care because he is over politics, so he just sits back and waits to be voted out, while daydreaming of his cushy retirement and all the perks.

      Looks less dodgy than resigning for ‘family reasons’ and it appears there are many disfunctional families with in the outgoing government, after all many of them are resigning for ‘family reasons’.

    • Tamati Tautuhi 5.3

      Yep looks like Paula is the next National Party Leader, she has got bit of mongrel in her and looks to have the wood on Crusher.

  6. Observer Tokoroa 6

    Hi Antoine.

    When foreigners through immigration are taking your housing; your jobs; your schools; your wages; your health care; your progress; your aspiration; and you are being told by Prime Minister John Key, quote: “New Zealand workers are useless” 2016 and told by Deputy Prime Minister Bill English quote: New Zealand workers are useless” 2016 you begin to waste away.

    Possibly you enjoy inequality and cold and endless struggle.

    Have you ever heard of poverty and inequality ? Just asking

  7. Tamati Tautuhi 7

    Also his bosses in New York at the Federal Reserve and the IMF who are controlling New Zealand’s purse strings?

  8. Siobhan 8

    “Unless you live in a Soviet-style economy where the government tells people where to live and controls every aspect of peoples’ lives, you’ll never have a perfect estimate on the numbers that are required for a housing shortage,” Smith replied…, accurate statistics and ensuring people with no money don’t end up living in Motels is…Communist??
    Is Smith trying to tell us that Market Driven, neo liberal, laisser-faire economies and Governments are pretty crap?
    How very honest of the man.

    • AB 8.1

      An nobody expects “perfect” anyway – just reasonably accurate would do. A straw man exercise from the most dishonest government minister in living memory

  9. Tamati Tautuhi 9

    He’s been winging it for years?

  10. Roy 10

    WTF is it with all these brilliant, sensible, YOUNG, credible, women candidates going to the Greens? As an old white fart that gives a shit about the world – huzzah!

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