A tin shed and a cup of cold Milo

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Funny how the Nats can always find millions for vanity projects – PM defends $53m World Expo price tag, saying we shouldn’t take ‘tin shed and cup of cold Milo’ approach

We save the tin shed and the cup of cold Milo for our homeless. The lucky ones.

14 comments on “A tin shed and a cup of cold Milo”

  1. tc 1

    Actual costs for shonkys vanity flag fantasy ? Not the spin number the real one.

    • aerobubble 1.1

      Charter Schools, three cities, gridlocked Stupid Super City, ACT has been pushing perocial rich prick ideals while govt, led by leave it to the marjet types of left and right, leaves their doors opened to only listening to the monied.

      This is why NR politics is so boring, two neolibs discussing how immigration is the problem. The problem is them, and their irresponsibility. Govt is all about service, serving general housing, general economy, general health care, etc. There’s not enough housing, not enough good housing in whats available, healthcare is restricted to the poorest, access to the ecomy is undermined by cheap worker programs more interested in lowering wages so kiwis cant afford basics, housing, but foreign workers build a bach on a pacific beach!

      And then the retirement crisis, cutting immigration lowers tax revenueo fund retirement. Why the hell would grey power back Winston, they need the growth in tax payers. All the players got their heads royal stuffed up the backsidesf the housing industry. If they we dock workers their union would have been busted by now for holding the economy back. But no National and Labour are dumbing down, doubling down, on anti-immigration. Immigration is a boom not a bust, its the housing industry stupid. We were sold on a super city growing to the south so Auckland could expnad, yet all the projects are for Auckland central, notng about a green apartment oasis, public transport, public housing, in S.Auckland.

      Its like all the neolibs hold all the strings and are playing us all for fools. Govt is for the people not for rich prick concerns. Grow a backbone NR and dump Hooter and Williams they are so embedded in the stupid polticis for Douglas they cant see how old and tired they are.

      Geez, wtf, miscarriage is a crime! Doesn’t anyone get that pollution builds up and causes miscarriage of the first pregancy. That lead in petrol cause violence in teenagers. That rape culture wants to criminalize youth, women, rather than dealing with the real crime, pollution. A generation have left it too the markets too long, and so have created the pro-rape, pro-three strikes criminalization of a underclass. And the funny thing is retired voters, or soon to be, hurt themselves more buying into anti-immigration, rather than into aling with the housing rort on the NZ economy.

      Peters should retire, he’s lost the pulse.

  2. EE 2

    Why don’t we recycle and send The Cloud from Auckland’s Queen’s Wharf.

    • EE. Unfortunately The Clouds been fully booked out by Paula for permanent doss down accommodation. Good idea though, Double dipper has experience in accommodation matters and Gerry’s already on his way to lay out the foundations.

  3. Bill is so out of touch with the people – fuck if we can’t get rid of the tick from dipton then, … well let’s just get rid of that parasite.

  4. Bearded Git 4

    $53 million? WTF?

    You could put gold plated toilets and tables at every problem freedom camping area in the country with this money and at a stroke improve the country for residents and the tourist industry.

    Or you could roll out further bowel cancer screening….or ..or ….or ………

    I hate to say it but Seymour has a point, though I am sure the Greens, the future PM Little and Winnie have all got stuck in too.

    • greywarshark 4.1

      I hate to say it too but ACT’s Seymour is, in this time of crisis, portentuously, actually stating useful policies and noting what were obvious, but previously ignored, huge deficits in provision of government services or attention to priorities in providing for the most needy. And do I remember hearing an actual practical suggestion for remedying this from him?

      Are there changes afoot with some possibility of action stirring in the porridge-like minds of the RW politicians on both sides (most will already have an idea who they are in Labour.) Reminds me somehow of the timeless Yes Minister on TV Round 1.

      “All civil servants must earn their Honours….
      That might create a dangerous precedent.
      You mean if we do the right thing this time, we might have to do the right thing next time?….
      Ah says Sir Humphrey: Many many things must be done, but nothing must be done for the first time.”

      Another Yes Minister quip by PM Jim Hacker:
      Hacker: First law of political indiscretion: always have a drink before you leak.

  5. Keith 5

    So many of our public services are now running the budget mentality of a tin shed and a cold cup of Milo. Fur instance ask families trying to access mental heath services.

    • Chris 5.1

      Everyone’s in on it. I seethe at the thought of that so-called whiter-than-white charity for the most vulnerable group in our community, IHC, not giving a flying fuck about facilitating the government’s exit from state housing. If nobody bought into the agenda the government would’ve been fucked. But no…everyone’s into it.

  6. Bearded Git 6

    Guy on Radio NZ’s “The Panel” just said that if the government had gone round with a begging bowl to all of NZ’s major corporations telling them they needed contributions to the cost of an expo in Dubai, how close to $53 million would you get?

    • Antoine 6.1

      You might actually not do too badly from the likes of Fonterra.

      Im no fan of waste but this may be money well spent if it helps our exports.


  7. mosa 7

    You can tell they have a case of “third term itis ” when they want to spend this amount of money on an expo and the PM has to be flippant and arrogant about it when he is asked to justify the cost and couldn’t care less about what people think.

    I would like to see a cost breakdown of where the money is going to be spent and how they arrived at this huge cost. I wonder how many will be ” looked after ” with an all expenses paid trip to the dessert courtesy of the taxpayer.

    I have the feeling that this will be another junket for National party sympathisers and contributors all paid for as usual by struggling New Zealanders.

    I hope Andrew Little seeks answers in parliament.

  8. KJT 8

    Cold milo and a tin shed.
    Entirely appropriate emblem for Nationals New Zealand.

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