Bye Colin?

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According to 3 News Colin Craig is to be rolled as leader of the Conservatives. Hard to imagine, as Colin Craig is the Conservatives.

35 comments on “Bye Colin?”

  1. Colonial Rawshark 2

    Great, Don Brash back again* (or some other long in the tooth git the righties have lined up).

    My take is that TPTB have decided that while the Conservative party might have electoral legs, Colin Craig does not. So he’s gone, along with his money, but who cares, funding is easily replaceable, other 0.1% righties are going to step in with theirs.

    • Lanthanide 2.1

      I’m not sure the people that voted for the Conservatives would support a leader parachuted in from the main parties.

      Part of their appeal is that they were a bunch of people who ‘stood up for sensible policies’ (but not in the way Winston does, of course) and not career politicians.

      Be funny if it were John Banks, though.

  2. Kiwiri 3

    Making a call here that the puppet masters will install a female Con candidate who carries the baggage of Japanese ‘Buddhist’ prosperity cult

    • Anne 3.1

      Christine Rankin? Now that would be going from the frying pan into the fire – dangly ear-rings, lots of cleavage n’all!

      • Kiwiri 3.1.1

        The modus operandi is the same old stale one as per ACT Holowmen:
        PrebbleHideBrashBanks – Seymour aka Rimmer Hol()o(w)gram

      • Kiwiri 3.1.2

        Frying pan into the fire?

        It will be like a cheap and lousy last Act where a short skirt Brunhilde with dangly .. ample .. etc singing her head off as she rides into the pyre to join Siegfried.
        Make that Craigfried.

        • dukeofurl

          But they have analysed the Conservatives support and find that its lacking female demographic. National doesnt need a 3.9% party.

          Advantage in that ‘warrior woman’ has appeal to male demographic as well.


    • Tracey 3.2

      a female leader? in the CP? That’s an oxymoron

  3. James 4

    “but who cares, funding is easily replaceable” – Not according to Labour it isnt. I understand that funding political parties is bloody hard work.

    Esp when you are a lot of %age points behind.

    • Lanthanide 4.1

      The point is that it’s easily replaceable on the right wing, where richlisters can back their own pet parties.

  4. Farrier glories in claiming a scalp:


    • Kiwiri 5.1

      Darn camera.
      For tomorrow, can’t use the line, ‘I did not have sauna with that man’.

  5. maui 6

    It’s Maurice’s time.

  6. Rodel 7

    “According to 3 News Colin Craig is to be rolled as leader of the Conservatives.”
    No! No! wrong headline.

    Should be :
    ‘According to 3 News Colin Craig is to be rolled as leader of the Conservative.’ ..Oh sorry I forgot about Christine- revert to plural.

  7. Mike the Savage One 8

    Roughly 4 percent of the partly religiously motivated, otherwise “nutter territory” potential voters seems to be up for grabs again, anyone interested?

    Colin’s sauna encounter on TV the other night has back-fired.

    But does it all have to reach such low levels of “standards”, I ask?

    What “standards” are there left, with media becoming a total circus of ridicule, of nonsense, of sensationalistic and bizarre reports, where “real” news no longer exist, and where it is all about personalities, fads and the latest gossip?

    When people do not even bother reading what matters, and I know most do NOT read anymore what is available in detail, and when the superficial crap we get served by MSM is the “criteria” to base voting behaviour on for future elections, we may as well give up “democracy”, and hand it all over to a bunch of “trusted” technocrats and business stake-holders.

    Gosh, this country, following global trends, is becoming a disaster, a place not worth living in anymore, unless you can find ways to “click” yourself out of this idiotic madness we get.

    • weka 8.1

      I agree. I’m not feeling that comfortable about it. If the video below is the whole thing, then it’s obviously a set up. How is that any different than what Gower or Sabin do, other than it’s not as vicious as Gower?

      Craig deserves to lose his job simply for being so clueless about the set up, but that doesn’t excuse the setting up.

      • maui 8.1.1

        I think Farrier is just trying to do some creative interviewing, it’s not a setup in my mind as I thought he said he will be interviewing other celebs in the same way, and he knows Craig would provide good entertainment value. The fact that Craig reinforced his kooky persona in the interview by talking about the moon, and coming across a bit odd at times is par for the course. Little could be in the same interview and know when to take a joke and when to deflect potentially embarassing questions.

        • weka

          I’ve only seen the 2 minute clip below and am still unclear if that’s the full interview or something they brought out today to increase the ridiciule factor. Anyone?

  8. infused 9

    I thought that interview in the sauna was actually quite funny. They could have picked the million other stupid things he did instead of that.

    • weka 9.1

      The CP voters probably don’t find it funny seeing their party leader in a sauna and then a shower with a nearly naked journalist.

  9. weka 10

    Is this the original interview or a cut one for today? It has an old date on it, but it’s talking about the Conservatives’ leadership meeting tomorrow.

    • dukeofurl 10.1

      Its all a National led refresh of the Conservatives leading up to the next election.

      They did the same with Maori Party a while back,to get rid of Hone, but that backfired eventually.

      Craig has dumped so much money into them its hard to see how they could continue without him….. but wait National will have that sorted as well.

  10. saveNZ 11

    Well Colin in his own way probably has principals and an agenda, not based on being National. So he has to go, now he nearly reached 5% and cutting into National territory.

    Roll Colin and put in another ‘branch’ of the Nats under the conservatives.

    Look what it did to Act, now they are just a shell, propping up the Nats and no real threat to them.

    • dukeofurl 11.1

      3.9% isnt quite nearly reached 5%

      But since this is all having the strings pulled by national, they have to find a safe seat.

      As McCully could be looking for an exit, they have a seat, but dont want Craig.

      Hence the beatup about some off beat interview for late night television

      • Save NZ 11.1.1

        Ahhh but remember that very unusual incident right before the polls when his media manager suddenly resigned calling him manipulative?

        Funny considering what a big story it should have been, just like with Jason Ede, nothing else said and just swept under the carpet.

        Possibly he was polling near 5% prior to the scandal, which would have changed the election…..

  11. Old Mickey 12

    If Kooky Colin gets the chop, that is great news for the left…..a semi-normal leader (relatively speaking) like Garth McVicar will see the Nats and Conservatives formally do a deal in 2017. As McVicar proved in Napier, he managed to split the vote – so unless there are more epsom/coromandel/northalnd type deals this could prove interesting when the votes are counted…..they could of course replace ACT and the Dunne Party.

  12. Tracey 13

    The DotCom of the Right

  13. Bernard 14

    Colin Craig bears a resemblance to a young Montgomery Burns off The Simpsons

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