Get your questions in for Peters

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We’ll be selecting the questions for Winston as the final interview in the ‘Interview the Leaders’ series on Sunday. So, get them in while you can here.

It’s been enjoyable having this series and great to give readers the chance to question leaders in a public forum. If you’ve got any ideas for future series you might like to see, we’re always keen to hear your suggestions.

10 comments on “Get your questions in for Peters”

  1. r0b 1

    Steve, your “here” link is broken, you mean

  2. Tane 2

    Thanks r0b, fixed.

  3. Here’s one: why do you think ordinary taxpayers should be subsidising the richest people in the racing industry?

  4. Here’s another one : what do you think of gay marriage Winston?

  5. illuminatedtiger 5

    What do you think of blog trolls Winston?

  6. Stephen 6

    lol i can imagine the look on his face upon reading THAT question – ‘blog trolls…I wonder if they immigrated here…’

  7. Billy 7

    What do you think of gay marriage between blog trolls?

  8. Rob 8


    I have heard speculation that the National party under Don Brash apparently had a plan to ‘destroy’ NZF within the first year of a coalition government, much as Jenny Shipley tried to do in 1998. Are you able to shed any light on this matter? What would NZFs position have been had such a plan existed?

  9. Ari 9

    As for future series? I want an “It’s the economy, stupid!” series that focuses on economics and the effects of externalities like social services and environmental costs. 😉

  10. Lew 10

    Do you think your greatest achievements in this term have been as Foreign Minister, or as NZ First leader? Why?


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