It is not “clever politics” to burn the planet (you pair of fools)

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Guess which two NZ broadcasters have disgraced themselves by lining up behind Trump’s lunatic fringe denier posturing.

Why it’s Mike Hosking and Leighton Smith – of course.

It is neither clever politics nor common sense to burn the planet that we live on. The public is not well served by giving a platform to such abject fools.

41 comments on “It is not “clever politics” to burn the planet (you pair of fools)”

  1. Talk about a bag of spanners – the thick is too strong with that crew.

    • garibaldi 1.1

      News talk ZB is a ship of fools.

    • joe90 1.2

      Thing is marty, the likes of these two numpties don’t give a rats about climate or climate change or anything, really, because they don’t believe in anything.

      It’s all about trolling their opponents, spite, spiking the ball, whatever it takes and if they can be offensive, even better, and then congratulating themselves on their winning win, because they’re winners, with a wee rant and a gloat.

      • Anne 1.2.1

        It also shows the depth of contempt they have for their viewers and listeners. The “in” word for describing the general public when I was working for the old Broadcasting Corporation (NZBC) was the peasants.

        It’s patently obvious who the peasants are today… the pompous ignoramus Leighton Smith and his arrogant loudmouth ZB mate, Mike Hosking.

      • RedLogix 1.2.2

        I’d be 90% sure neither of these men actually believe the crap they spout. It’s a game to them, and a well paid one.

        And that’s their weak spot.

      • greywarshark 1.2.3

        Yes. Hosking, Leighton Smith, et al feed the anodyne to their listeners who need comfort medicine to repress the feelings of stress that the uncomfortable news brings them every day. Their listeners feel they must pay attention to the news, that is what intelligent people do, and then they listen or watch these mouthpieces that give them the version that they can cope with. They wrap themselves with that version like a blanket, and never have to think and change their understandings and reset their prejudices.

        We all have some but when they become the walls within which we live, we are wise to install windows and open them every day.

        • One Anonymous Bloke

          anodyne…comfort medicine

          Fearful paranoid hate-speech is their comfort medicine? Sheesh.

          • greywarshark

            Trust you to be OTT OAB.

            • One Anonymous Bloke

              Now you have my full attention, what part of deliberate and selfish (some would say pernicious) corporate manipulation of public opinion – which is well documented in the case of say Climatology – makes it the “version they can cope with”?

              There’s a reason fraud is a crime. For the dupe, the process of fraud is “the version they can cope with” too. That’s also the reason false advertising is banned.

              In your analogy, the “windows” are provided free: information abounds. Someone is boarding them up and it isn’t the householder, nor is it the “doctor” with the “medicine”: it’s the snake oil vendor with the poison.

              Propaganda isn’t done for people: it’s done to them. I think we should be more merciful.

        • Mrs Brillo

          That’s acutely perceptive of you, greywarshark.

    • Heather Grimwood 1.3

      To Marty Mars at 1 : their programmes should be blockaded by all (in this case over their attitude to climate change). Surely concerted effort to drop their ratings is the solution.

  2. Carolyn_nth 2

    The German media are saying it with so much more panache.

    From Berliner Kurier:

    Erde an Trump: Fuck you!

    • Richard McGrath 2.1

      Yeah, true class. Sounds more like a frustrated brat swearing because he can’t get his own way

  3. Keith 3

    Newstalk ZB/ NZME are bywords for ignorance.

    I agree with other people’s sentiments, Hosking etc are desperate for relevance and or attention.

  4. RedLogix 4

    Read this and choked on the morning convfefe:

    But as of the past seven days, it is no longer the risible dream of a few ragged-trousered lefties, raving on social media about the bias of the MSM (mainstream media) against the jam-making, allotment-tending, friend-of-the-disadvantaged-but-not-his-fellow-MPs Jeremy Corbyn.

    Did the agitprop hack who wrote that have any idea how it reads?

  5. bwaghorn 5

    the problem is that by linking to it you give them clicks and clicks is what they lust,

  6. Pete 6

    Hosking thinks Trump is great because he sticks to his promises. Yes Mike , we get it. Is that why you were so far up John Key for so long? You know the promise, “No increase to GST” and all?

    If Hosking got out of bed in the morning determined to look a bloody idiot he could hardly do better than this latest logic.

  7. greywarshark 7

    Has anyone seen the film The Age of Consequences? It was premiered by Massey Uni in May 2017.

    Sounds pretty hard hitting. Any comments about it?

  8. One Anonymous Bloke 8

    Idiots. But useful idiots.

  9. Glenn 9

    Gave up on Smith 15 years ago then gave up on ZB shortly afterward. Don’t watch Hotshit on 7 Sharp either. Life is to short to waste time listening or watching to such boring tedious right wing diarrhea.

  10. Richard McGrath 10

    Do you naive fools think those talkfest junkets can make a difference to solar and volcanic climate influence? There’s a bridge I want to sell you

    • McFlock 10.1

      The nat’s already have the market in imaginary bridge sales.

      In the meantime, what do you think is the effect of 200 years of mining and burning billions of tonnes of fossil fuels? Would all that carbon just disappear?

      • adam 10.1.1

        You didn’t add pictures McFlock, how ever will poor Richard ever understand what you are saying. 😉

    • One Anonymous Bloke 10.2

      That’s actually what the Paris Accord is about, eh. “We pledge to stop all volcanoes and control the sun”. No?

      Oh, then you must be a fucking idiot troll.

      • Richard McGrath 10.2.1

        Sorry OAB, I’ll try to keep this to words of a few syllables so you can keep up. It seems likely that solar and volcanic activity accounts for most of Earth’s warming and cooling. To ascribe significant change to human activity is simply arrogant – it overstates human influence. And McFlock, does it not seem likely that natural autoregulatory mechanisms may have compensated for the burning of fossil fuels. Though humans may have burnt billions of tons of these fuels, that is still a drop in the ocean so to speak.

        • One Anonymous Bloke

          Oh thanks so much for explaining it to me. Can you get your fantasies published in Nature so that everyone else can benefit from your wisdom and expertise?

          No? Oh well, I guess you’ll have to keep slaving away on Christmas Island, and I’ll continue to ridicule your fatuous ignorant opinions.

        • mickysavage

          Arrogance, condescension and stupidity all in one comment. How about you read the reports from the IPCC ( and then come back and argue the point.

        • greywarshark

          You seem to have a volcano of verbal diarrhoea and been out in the sun too long Richard, this despite our good natured warnings.

        • McFlock

          And McFlock, does it not seem likely that natural autoregulatory mechanisms may have compensated for the burning of fossil fuels. Though humans may have burnt billions of tons of these fuels, that is still a drop in the ocean so to speak.

          Ok, so what you’re arguing is that the Earth has “natural autoregulatory mechanisms” that account for all the carbon mined and burned by humans in the last 200 years, but not solar or volcanic activity that has existed for billions of years? Well, that seems perfectly sensible /sarc

          Speaking of “drop in the ocean”, you must be unfamiliar with the state of our oceans at the moment.

    • In Vino 10.3

      Can you sell me a bridge that would connect the divide between your stupidity and the frustrated wisdom of your superiors?… I thought not.

  11. Incognito 11

    Nihilists and narcissists; they often end up at the top because of their ego-drive and the fact that virtually nothing holds them back or slows them down. Whether they become smiling assassins, shock jocks, POTUS, mercenaries, or terrorists depends on personal circumstances and opportunities I’d imagine but regardless they don’t relate to us nor do we understand them and this chasm is the problem.

  12. lloyd 12

    Actually I think we do understand these narcissists. They spend all their effort on getting to the top of the pile. Short term gain is far more important than long term continuation. The Donald, Hoskins et al are suicide bombers.

    • Incognito 12.1

      I assume this is a response to my comment @ 11.

      No, we don’t really understand narcissists; we do read about them from experts and what have you, we Google it, but we don’t really capture the essence of what it is to be a narcissist.

  13. georgecom 13

    Mike Hosking hasn’t yet figured out that society and politics do not revolve around him keeping as much of his wealth as possible.

  14. mary_a 14

    These two clowns rave about the “virtues” of Trump and his Paris accord pull out last week. Next week, they will be ringing the praises of the new knight of the realm, their buddy boy, John Key, dribbling about how deserving he is of the honour! (I’m retching already at the thought)!

    All their rants do is demonstrate their ignorance of the realities of life for the many!

    Hosking, Smith, failed broadcasters at best … the most boring of the bores!

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