Kiwis send a message to Tillerson

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Predictably, the Nats don’t dare to speak any sanity to the visiting representative of the Trump regime. Patrick Gower:

English tries to hide from the reality of Trump’s America

Mr English said “I don’t think it is our position to comment on the way the elected leader of another country conducts his business – we wouldn’t expect him to be raising issues about my Facebook.”

He appears to be trying to pretend the events of recent days haven’t happened.

Labour leader Andrew Little has taken a totally different approach.

“I think it is right to say you know what – right now you’ve got a President that is kind of doing some weird stuff and this is not right.”

The Opposition leader used his face-time with the Secretary of State to tackle “The Donald” head on.

“Every New Zealander I talk to expresses concern and sometimes alarm about the conduct of the US President. I think it is right when the Secretary of State is in town to let the Secretary of State know”.

The visit showed there are “two Americas” – the one New Zealand is used to dealing with, and the New one run by Donald Trump that people are concerned or even frightened of.

Bill English clearly wants to hide from the new America – problem is, he can’t.

Fortunately, A bunch of ordinary Kiwis joined Andrew Little in expressing our views:

Bird-flipping welcome for US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson in New Zealand

The weather was awful and the mood of the locals wasn’t much better when US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson​ arrived in Wellington.

US media travelling with Tillerson were surprised by the number of people flipping the bird at Tillerson as his motorcade sped through town.

New York Times correspondent Gardiner Harris said he had been in a lot of motorcades but even he was taken back by the negative reaction. …

Well done Wellington, you’ve hit the international media.

Then there was the protest and Greenpeace action at Parliament. Bravo.

27 comments on “Kiwis send a message to Tillerson”

  1. Tautoko Mangō Mata 1

    Congratulations and thanks to those who took part in the demonstrations against Tillerson. Real leadership and honesty came from the people.

  2. saveNZ 2

    Finally some good press for NZ in the international media. At least some of our people protest for decency, even if our government welcomes any Dictator from Saudi to the USA.

    If English believes “I don’t think it is our position to comment on the way the elected leader of another country conducts his business” WTF, aren’t we on the UN security council?

  3. mordecai 3

    So a motley crew of people with nothing better to do turned up, while the rest of us looked on and laughed at them.

    • esoteric pineapples 3.1

      No, a group of citizens turn up despite the cost in time and money to stand up for what is right. The majority of protestors don’t have much of either and they have to use it to protest against a government that uses tax dollars to try and getting away with things like mining on conservation land etc

      Apart from that, it would be interesting to do an economic analysis of the cost to New Zealand of people having to spend precious time and money protesting when they could be doing other things.

    • saveNZ 3.2

      @mordecai – sounds like soon, it’s gonna be a renta crew of people being paid to turn up to offer a warm reception to Trump and/or Cronies, while the rest of us looked on and protesters arrested under Trump and May’s new ‘Thought Police’ for a strong and stable dictatorship and prosecuted under new draconian laws bought in by Key such as the Section 101B(1)(c) of the Crown Minerals Act, which prohibits people from interfering with the operational area of a ship conducting activities related to oil prospecting….

    • Ha ha fool while you were on the side of the road laughing the international media thought you were laughing at the motorcade – thanks buddy ☺

    • North 3.4

      @ 3 – Idiot motley troll. Get back to the sewer.

  4. Ian 4

    If you think the rude tossers that gave him the fingers represent New Zealand you guys need to stop and listen to your bullshit. This is fake news .

    • One Anonymous Bloke 4.1

      Don’t be so PC: their fingers are just saying what we’re all thinking, but they no more represent New Zealand than bitter old fools do. We don’t respect your Dear Leader. Get used to it.

      • Ian 4.1.1

        The media took it as a representation of NZ . Fake news .

        • One Anonymous Bloke

          In what school of international diplomacy are perceptions irrelevant? Obviously there are some dupes who worship Dear Leader no matter his low character. The rest of us will tolerate politicians to a greater or lesser degree.

          Its unusual for so many people to treat them with enough contempt as to make the news though: it’s like my contempt for your witless rote-learned fake opinions on a larger scale.

          I like it.

          • Ian

            The news media are a splinter group.Very powerful in the past.Not so much these days
            Wellington folk love it
            They live in a dream world of socialist dogma

            • One Anonymous Bloke

              Wellington is a dreamworld of Socialist dogma. That’s nice dear 😆

              • Ian

                I live in Wellington on and off. I love the place. Working on the Hobbit was a highlight for me. But most of its inhabitants don’t know shit from clay. I had 3 lovely young ladies turn up on my doorstep from forest and bird and the last person they thought they would meet on a doorstep in Mt Vic was a dairy farmer. After a bit of questioning I was gobsmacked on how they had been totally brainwashed. I realised then and there the power of fake news.

                • One Anonymous Bloke


                  Ladies noticing the state of our rivers is Socialist brainwashing! They’re out to get me!

        • saveNZ

          @Ian – I think you will find there is international condemnation of Trump and his cronies, it’s not just NZ. You can live in your bubble if you want and think it’s all fake and the public will continue to adore the US no matter who the president is, how many international agreements they renege on, and who represents them….

      • North 4.1.2

        PC stands for ‘Pearl-Clutching’. Right wing trolls are great at it.

    • Mordecai 4.2

      Well said.

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