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My Little Eye…

Written By: - Date published: 10:28 am, July 21st, 2018 - 17 comments

Something beginning with…wtf?!

US kids fight back: you are either with us or against us

Written By: - Date published: 12:57 pm, February 19th, 2018 - 44 comments

Four days after surviving a shooting massacre at her school, student Emma Gonzalez gave this stunning speech at an anti-gun rally in Florida. Other students are organising the National School Walkout and March for Our Lives.

Ruminations on deprivation

Written By: - Date published: 8:00 am, January 29th, 2018 - 172 comments

Man gets wet feet. Is reminded of privilege.

The Greens – Budget for All Mothers

Written By: - Date published: 7:02 am, May 22nd, 2017 - 33 comments

Some great ideas in The Greens “Budget for All Mothers”. Surely no “data driven” “social investment” party could be opposed?

Marama Fox vs Bill English – who will blink?

Written By: - Date published: 6:49 am, February 16th, 2017 - 167 comments

Marama Fox and Bill English have painted themselves into a bit of a corner, and Fox is threatening to “walk away from the Government”. Key would have handled this better.

If you can’t afford children…

Written By: - Date published: 7:58 am, April 10th, 2015 - 186 comments


his precious $

Written By: - Date published: 8:20 am, March 22nd, 2014 - 41 comments

As reported on TV3 news a few nights ago, John Key said that “I have a very strong sense of how precious children are…” The children, that is, of Chinese consumers who are buying milk powder… As for kiwi kids, well…how precious are they, John? National cares so much for kiwi kids they were prepared […]

Children of gay parents are…

Written By: - Date published: 9:56 am, July 22nd, 2013 - 98 comments

…happier – according to preliminary research from the University of Melbourne.

Children’s Commissioner’s report due

Written By: - Date published: 10:00 am, August 28th, 2012 - 91 comments

A guest post from Carol on the Children’s Commissioner’s Expert Advisory Group (EAG) report, to be released today. We need a sustainable destination, not a life raft. Update: The report is out.

UN: Kiwi kids worries

Written By: - Date published: 9:24 am, January 21st, 2011 - 9 comments

The UN committee on the rights of the child has had some harsh things to say about New Zealand’s performance in looking after our children, especially on our infant mortality and childhood poverty rates. With National cutting ECE and lowering criminal responsibility and Labour proposing longer Paid Parental Leave and increased support for children under-5 and their families, will this please become an election issue?

National Attacks Vulnerable Children

Written By: - Date published: 7:25 am, December 14th, 2010 - 21 comments

National are consistently attacking the vulnerable in society – those who cannot fight back and complain. This is where a lot of their cuts are aimed at – those who need it most. Be it in health, education or welfare.

And in several recent health and education National cuts have hurt the most vulnerable – our children.  Not just the massive ECE cuts of Tolley, but cuts hurting those at the bottom even more.

Child friendly

Written By: - Date published: 8:17 am, October 17th, 2010 - 56 comments

The Labour conference this weekend is expected to release new “policy directions”.  One of them is out already — and it’s good.  What could make more sense than putting children first?

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