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From the country that threw children down coal mines, up chimneys and into bone crushing machinery, we now have… child spies.

Apparently the UK government has “advanced secondary legislation to extend the period that agencies could use child spies from one month to four months before needing reauthorisation” if and when they seek to use children to gather information on things such as gangs, terrorism, drug dealing and/or sexual exploitation.

Yes, you read that correctly. According to the UK’s Home Office Security Minister, there’s  “increasing scope” for children to be used to counter crimes such as terrorism, gang violence, drug dealing and child sexual exploitation.”

It’s nice to know that no matter how much things change, things remain the same. Continuity – creating that warm glow of comfort and security since “way, way back in the day”.

Here’s a link to the  full Regulation of Investigatory Powers (Juveniles) (Amendment) Order 2018 (SI 2018/715) (pdf).



17 comments on “My Little Eye…”

  1. cleangreen 1

    Yes bill it doesn’t say much about our “grown up society’ generations as not being worthy of being “trusted spies” eh?

  2. Pat 2

    Keep reaching for the same ‘solutions’ dont we….with remarkably similar results.

  3. Anne 3

    Children spying on Grown ups? Appalling.

    What does it do to them when they grow up? What kind of impact will it have on their
    mental health? Children – no matter their background – have neither the knowledge nor the maturity to handle such activity… let alone understand the reasons they’re doing it. Worse, what will happen to them if the persons they are spying on find out?

    We’re only kids once and to put a burden like that on their shoulders even for just a short period of time is bizarre.

    • Bill 3.1

      Worse, what will happen to them if the persons they are spying on find out?

      Looking at the areas the government uses these children in, I’d say it’s reasonable to assume they’d be killed if found out, wouldn’t you?

  4. andrew murray 4

    What about the … ‘but it’s ok if it’s against Putin’ Defence’ surely that works

  5. Rosemary McDonald 5

    Pardon my cynicism but the intent could be to legitimize what is already happening.

    Someone discovered it was going on, had an oh shit moment, and concluded the best line of defence is to make it legal.

    • Bill 5.1

      It is already happening.

      The Amendment Order merely seeks to extend the need for re-authorisation out from one month to four months. As for how long it’s been going on, well, a bit of light digging would probably reveal when legislation (or whatever) was first put in place.

      Then go back beyond that date because, as you say, legislation was likely drawn up as a response to existing practice.

  6. Adrian Thornton 6

    Yeh well it hardly surprising coming from a country that has a bedroom tax, and some of the most punitive welfare reforms imaginable etc etc… old world class warfare is truly alive and kicking in the UK that’s for sure.

  7. Morrissey 7

    Perfidious Albion, indeed.

  8. Chris T 8

    Do we know what being a child spy actually means?

    Is it under cover as I seriously doubt it does.

  9. David Mac 9

    Children are at their most beautiful just before they discover the power of deception. If I really want to know if my breath smells, I ask a 5 year old. If I’m close enough and it does, their face screws up as I ask.

    I think we steal childhoods at our peril, we set their adulthoods up for pain all round.

  10. Bloody hell !

    Is nothing sacred anymore?

    Child bloody spies?

    FFS !!!!

    How fucking disgusting !!!

    Maybe we should have a look at THIS to remind ourselves of the preciousness of children from a guy who actually really gives a damn.

    David Paulides (02-19-13) Missing 411 & Bigfoot DNA – YouTube

    Sit back and follow it through , – you will soon see what I am talking about. Adults,… Hurrumph !!!!

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