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17-year-old disses Key on Bebo

Written By: - Date published: 9:33 am, June 6th, 2008 - 28 comments
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The Taranaki Daily News reports:

National Party leader John Key was at Waitara High School, where he pushed his party’s plan to spend $1 billion on “super fast broadband”.

This would allow pupils to access his Bebo and Facebook pages at a fraction of the speed, and download movies in seven seconds, he said.

But pupil Jeremy Donoghue, 17, said: “Anyone over 40 that has a Bebo page is a sad, sad man.”

Ah the dangers of trying to be dwn wid da yout…

28 comments on “17-year-old disses Key on Bebo ”

  1. Monty 1

    Doesn’t Dear Leader (soon to be dispised and reviled former Prime Minister) also have a facebook site (with a quarter of the friends that John Key has.)

    This kid is obviously the brat of one of the few remaining Labour Supporters. When John Key is so far ahead in every poll, it is hard to criticise the fact that whatever National is doing, it is being well received in the public areana.

    I would be more worried about MPs wearing “hoodies” riding skateboards, and actually carrying on like a hip rad teen than having a facebook site.

    [take the Dear Leader, dispised and reviled stuff to Kiwiblog. If you can’t debate above that level, it’s pretty sad. SP][

  2. Nedyah Hsan 2


    The Helen Clark facebook site is maintained by volunteers. Clark doesn’t even know about the thing.

    The john key facebook site is maintained by paid staff with the occasional actual entry keyed in by key himself. The same applies to bebo.

  3. Monty 3

    nedyah – so Clarks site is a complete fraud – the point is that MPs do all sorts of things to try and get the attention of all manner of voters from across the spectrum. Facebook of but one of many tools (and one of the better ones) to appeal to the youth market. The comment of some young brat of some Labour voting parents is not worth printing – especially since John Key has around 4000 friends – it proves that this medium is working.

    I must see if I can find his facebook site.

  4. toms 4


    I remember a 30 year old mate of mine pulling this girl at a dance gig, and I said to him, “Dude, how old is she? She looks like she’ll make most of her friends on bebo” To which he harrumphed and told me she was well over 20. Anyway, to cut a long a story short when they went out for coffee and actually talked, the first thing she asked him was “Are you on bebo?”

    We pissed ourselves laughing after he made his escape and told us the tale.

    We are making sure hasn’t heard the last of that one yet, not by a long shot.

  5. Stephen 5

    this is a bit of a ‘lol’-non-story really.

  6. Lew 6

    Monty: The number of `friends’ on a social networking site proves absolutely nothing. I seem to recall that someone recently busted for a major crime suddenly began accumulating `friends’. Would this lead you to the conclusion that Key (or Clark, or whoever) is a criminal?

    Case in point: http://news.cnet.com/8301-10784_3-9759401-7.html; almost half of Facebook users will add anyone to their friend list.


  7. T-rex 7

    I’ve got no real issue with Key using Facebook/Bebo to increase his profile… although it does say a lot about the differences between Clark and Key.

    Key is popular among people who use Bebo obsessively. Read – Angsty emo teenagers who haven’t grown up yet and will do anything to increase the number of people who are their “friends”.

    I’d rather my policies resonanted with grownups.

  8. hgherstandard 8

    A seventeen year old taking the piss out of a politician the only thing that surprises me is that no expletives were used.

    Nedyah – I’d be very surprised if the Prime Minister is unaware about any site that she’s on – she’s far to intelligent to just allow someone to go ahead and do this for her without any input.

  9. bill brown 9

    Front page of the Dom Post this morning:

  10. hgherstandard 10


    I would have thought that compulsive bebo users were a significantly younger generation and they would be the most fickle of all voters and will variously vote across the political spectrum I would also think that they that as a demographic they would be one of the lowest supporters of National (although I admit I have nothing to support that theory)

  11. T-rex 11

    Hah, I figure most of them probably can’t even vote. Although presumably they will be able to by next election.

    I can’t think why they’d be any less likely to support National than anyone else, but I really don’t think the issue is worthy of debate or investigation!

    hmm: captcha – ‘Challenge this’. Maybe I am supposed to investigate it afterall…

  12. higherstandard 12



  13. Hoolian 13

    But pupil Jeremy Donoghue, 17, said: “Anyone over 40 that has a Bebo page is a sad, sad man.’

    What a dick.

    This may be the case for any 40-year old man who is using Bebo to find friends, but social networking sites are a brilliant way for politicians to remain in contact with the electorate. Obama uses Bebo and MySpace – because he knows the incredible power it has to get young people engaged in his politics. Its genuis, not sad.

    I welcome any politican, including Clark, to have a Bebo, Faebook or other like page. Its esstential for them to keep in contact with us Millenials as much as they can.

    This kid isn’t dissing Key – he’s making an arse out of himself.

  14. NX 14

    Dunno if John Key has an official Bebo site, but he certainly has an official Facebook site – where he’s annihilating the Helen.

    The argument that the reason why John has so many supporters on Facebook is because of a paid staffer managing it is rubbish!
    1. It takes two seconds to set up a supports page.
    2. Most people would ‘become a fan’ when they see their friends have. The Facebook home page details what your friends up been up to on the site. So it’s a cause and effect type thing.

    Re: Bebo. Yes it is targeted towards teens, so Jeremy Donoghue is correct & the reason why Bebo is loosing support to Facebook.

  15. Don’t think the opinion of a 17 year old high school student is really going to be the ‘killer app’ that reverses the poll trends 🙂

  16. andy 16

    HS, T-rex

    I have compulsive social network users in my demographic (mid 30’s), they tend IMO to be less political not more.

    Conversely I dislike bebo type sites as I find the networking artificial and superficial.

  17. higherstandard 17


    Quite right I think what we all forget is that the majority of the population don’t give much thought to politics (local or national) outside of a month a two every few years.

    The rest of the time they’d be happy for politicians of all ilks to be locked in the beehive and muzzled, I must admit I would have trouble arguing against that view.

  18. andy 18


    The rest of the time they’d be happy for politicians of all ilks to be locked in the beehive and muzzled, I must admit I would have trouble arguing against that view.

    he, he so true..


  19. Disengaged 19

    I am confused are you saying that Key is a sad sad man because he has a Facebook page? In that case isn’t HC even more sad as she too has a Facebook page and is eleven years Key’s senior?

  20. Ben R 20

    If you google ‘Helen Clark bebo’ it seems to come up with a page for her (I can’t access those sites at work)?

    The kid is generally right though, Bebo is mainly for teens. At least that’s my impression.

  21. Felix 21

    I think the distinction many here are failing to make is between sites like Facebook (which is perceived as one of the more grown-up social networks) and Bebo (perceived as being definitely for the kids).

    The teenager wasn’t making fun of Mr Key for using teh interwebs, he was making fun of him for using a “kids site”.

    Personally I don’t use Facebook either as I could never decide whether to be a pirate or a ninja.

  22. Lew 22

    Social networking is surveillance. Read the Facebook Terms of Use sometime. Nasty stuff.


  23. Felix 23

    More importantly, who does Mr Peters expect to vote for him if he rules out morons? 😉

  24. dave 24

    I see Maryan Street has a Bebo site. She`s not sad. AND shes over 40. Perhaps a bit annoyed and frustrated at the moment, but not sad..

  25. Policy Parrot 25

    I’m surprised that the administrator allowed it, considering they don’t allow dissenting views on their Youtube channel.

    What someone should do is run a parallel youtube site aping National’s, perhaps taking some material from last year’s Facelift – that band sequence and the 50+ list candidates was unforgettable (:))

    List MPs. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nfv58CrSuEo

    Mr. Johnny Key http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WT7ip7_9muA

  26. lprent 26

    Prime Minister is unaware about any site that she’s on

    It is a generational thing. I’ve been on the bleeding edge of computer technology since my teens. I’ve come to the conclusion over the years that people tend to feel comfortable with the tech that was available when they were teens, and less comfortable with everything there after.

    Just look at the drop off in landlines with age demographics. There is a pretty abrupt edge at the 40-45 age segment.

  27. T-rex 27

    That Mr Johhny Key thing is awesome! Never seen it before.

    I love
    ‘Voters may worry that choosing me’s a big punt,
    But I’m a good joker, even though I’m quite a rich.. man’

  28. Ben R 28

    “Just look at the drop off in landlines with age demographics. There is a pretty abrupt edge at the 40-45 age segment.”

    Off topic, but the drop off in landlines is a worrying trend.

    “He believes using a handset for a decade or more doubles your risk of developing such tumours. And he’s adamant he’ll be proven correct down the road. Dr. Khurana is calling on the mobile phone industry to take action now before it’s too late.

    While he’s aware his warning won’t make cell phones extinct – and he believes they are useful, especially in emergencies – he’d like to see more hand’s free technology that keeps the devices away from the head, and shielding used to prevent the radiation’s harmful effects. Or you can just use a more traditional landline phone more often.”



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