A call to arms for all coders

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Coders Your Planet Needs You

TheGlobalSquare: Call for coders. Your mission If you choose to accept it:

Prevent the proposed creation of a Global Square from becoming the world’s biggest talk shop.

Empower this new Global Commons to act in the real world to intervene in real world events to bring about positive change.

Enable the proposed Global Square, to become an international organiser.

Build the Global Square into a power to influence and/or rival the mainstream media.

To do this you must be able to design, or envisage ways to:

1) Give the Global Square the power to effortlessly reach across international borders even in time of war, without interference, manipulation, or censorship.

2) Connect people of good will on both sides of seemingly intractable disputes from disparate cultures and languages.

3) Enable the Global Square to expose manipulation of the truth by vested interest, or governments warring on their behalf.

4) Make the Global Square a safe repository and resource of the most advanced peer reviewed study and scientific advice, on what needs to be done to save our world and global society from universal economic and environmental collapse.

5) Give the Global Square the reach and heft, to be able to issue, when needed, an international call to action, able to be delivered into every receptive forum, group, organisation and news group, to be heard by billions.

6) Make the Global Square a safe haven for whistle blowers and insiders appalled at what the corporations, governments or military organisations that they find themselves in, are doing to our brothers and sisters, and to our world.

7)Ensure that these insiders are kept safe, so that they are able to keep up the vital flow of information necessary to advise and inform us on how to undermine their masters.

8 ) Confound and bypass all the organised agencies that work on behalf of the global elites.

9) Mobilise millions and even billions to take actions to save ourselves and each other, from climate collapse, economic collapse, famine and war.

10) Make the Global Square completely immune from governmental shut down, censorship, or victimisation of participants posters or activists.

11) Combine the best of Wikipedia, Wikileaks, and the Arab Spring on a global scale.

12) Help create a Global Commons that is an international force for real change.

If you have any ideas, or if you can help – get involved.

Don’t wait until it is to late.

Either way, depending on which culture you are from, you may receive a white feather in your inbox. Make your white feather, the one with the latter meaning.


10 comments on “A call to arms for all coders”

  1. Colonial Viper 1

    Internet is not a robust reliable enough platform to run this off.

  2. Rich 2

    The trouble with new social networks isn’t technology, it’s getting the critical mass. I can post on Twitter or FB and a couple of hundred people see it; post on G+ and 20 people see it; post on Diaspora and four people see it.

    And the only way to get critical mass is (IMHO) through intrusive privacy violation – like Facebook.

  3. Bill 3

    Do you mean something like this Jenny?

    IOPS, a web system able to serve not only the encompassing international organization, but also nationals and cities, composing it – giving each its own venue, combining all when that makes sense, having tools for dues collection, discussion and debate, member engagement, and so on, is now beta testing

    (I can only link to the front page, but on the left hand panel there is a drop down menu under “IOPS Project” http://www.zcommunications.org/znet )

  4. Bill 4

    Sorry for essentially putting up a cut and paste job, but in light of the post, it appears that what they want pretty much (or nearly) exists already.

    The organizational design, plus a need for frugality, will together pretty much define the web effort. Z is donating its entire code base. In other words, we copy ZCom to another machine. We strip all the content and the database information from it. We get all the programs and features working. We change the colors and icons and graphics and menus to match anticipated needs of an organization – where all choices are interim and easily alterable again, if need be, once the organization forms. And, beyond the donated code and new content, we build into the new system these additional capacities:


    All this would cost a bundle and take a long time if done from scratch but, using our code as a starting place, the cost will be modest and the speed impressive. We can’t know exactly, in advance, how low the cost will be, or how fast the product will emerge, but we believe the amount we have raised will cover costs nicely and that the International site will be ready in late summer with the sub sites following shortly thereafter.

  5. Jenny 5

    Just imagine what such a thing, free from government tracking, filtering, or censorship could mean for the people of China.

    • Populuxe1 5.1

      Immediate imprisonment?

      • Populuxe1 5.1.1

        Actually the Great Firewall of China is not quite as comprehensive as it’s painted. It’s also relatively porous. Many of my Mainland friens seem to be able to access their Facebook Accounts by fair means or foul.

        • IcI

          All of these things are an arms race.
          Cop vs. robber, govt vs. joe six pack, hunter vs. hunted. All these things work in cycles. (Thank fully)

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