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A regular reader of The Standard, Adders, has sent us in this cartoon, inspired by Key’s answers in the patsy interview with the Herald on the weekend, which reminded us of those classic Bush-isms


12 comments on “A component of a component”

  1. BLiP 1

    Hehehe – classic! A sad indictment on the Herald, but amusing all the same.

  2. Julie 2

    This is one of those few silver linings I wrote about the day after the election; John Key’s linguistic imprecision. Sadly I am not finding it as consoling as I thought I might.

  3. I agree it is positive for NZ that we are now mature enough to no longer promote a personality cult around our Prime Minister

    • Felix 3.1

      Yeah but it’s just not really an option at the moment – you need to actually have a leader with personality.

  4. Shona 4

    Yeah right Daveski! The NZ electorate is now like soooo grown up it allowed itself to be Crosby/Textored into electing a shallow ,intellectually impoverished,philosophically bereft, avaricious ,spineless ,ignorant , amoral poodle of the New York Federal Reserve as a “leader”. And he’s leading us right up shit creek!

  5. higherstandard 5

    Get over it Shona …..Crosby Textor had very little to do with the election result it was far more to do with the population being rather tired of the incumbent government as has been the pattern of changes in government in NZ for decades, I still find it odd that people on either side of the supposed political divide can get into such a lather about Key, Clark etc.

    • Daveski 5.1

      Agreed HS

      I actually did laugh the first time I saw Goober JK just as I did the first time Clark’s name was misspelt. Likewise, the change to Leningrad was funny the first time too.

      Repeatedly endlessly without a sherrick of good will it becomes painful and boring.

      Yes, i can see the humour in Key’s comments – and I’;m sure if he could, he’d say it differently next time.

      Shona – at some stage you will have to acknowledge that the electorate voted and more importantly, the electorate still likes what it’s getting. There are clear messages for Labour in what has happened. Many here are taking it hard but learning. Your response indicates that it is still possible National could sleep walk to victory in three years.

    • Shona 5.2

      As drearily condescending as ever HS. Key is woefully inadequate as a leader. And you know it.He doesn’t give a rats arse about NZ or New Zealanders . He has no idea of what it means to be a Kiwi.The election was a fraud and heavily manipulated by the propagandists Crosby Textor. The only way the mass of the population will ever know this is if people talk about it. I apologise to no one for being passionate about the way democracy is conducted in NZ.

      • higherstandard 5.2.1


        “Key is woefully inadequate as a leader.” ah not according to the election results or current polling, IMO it’s way too early to tell but so far I think he’s got a pass mark at least.

        “He doesn’t give a rats arse about NZ or New Zealanders” . …have you got a link for that ? (thanks r0b)

        “The election was a fraud” ….. have you got a link for that ?

        “Heavily manipulated by propagandists Crosby Textor” ..have you got a link for that because the data to date doesn’t support your assertions at all.

  6. Rosa 6

    Sorry, but I support Shona.
    Labour made the mistake of trying to “fight the last war”, i.e. Exclusive Brethren and secret agendas .. but on the last they were not too far out as it seems to be emerging.

    I was interested in Keys performance on ‘Close Up’ last night – did I detect anger, exasperation and .. dare I say it .. a glimmer of fear at the prospect of a heavily stage managed “job summit” being upstaged by NZ workers at Swazi losing jobs to China.

    His Polyanna grin is slipping as he contemplates Japanese exports plunging 46% in January, European truck sales plunging 35% on the previous year, and further global uncertainties.

    It must have (finally) crossed his mind that he will go the way of Gordon Coates.

    “higherstandard” .. you are becoming drearily predictable. Your standard is slipping.

    • higherstandard 6.1

      Did you prefer the name Rosa to Shona ?

      Why don’t you respond to the questions I put up previously ?

      “He doesn’t give a rats arse about NZ or New Zealanders’ . have you got a link for that ? (thanks r0b)

      “The election was a fraud’ .. have you got a link for that ?

      “Heavily manipulated by propagandists Crosby Textor’ ..have you got a link for that because the data to date doesn’t support your assertions at all.

  7. northpaw 7

    related to the topic I believe is word use by the present PM.

    The other day (Sorry I cannae for the life of me recall other commenters aside from Pascal’s Bookie in that thread) we had gotten into a small discussion about the term COUNTERFACTUAL. Which I felt oxymoronic in any scientific sense, yet capable of sustaining some worth in a trading – ie over-the-counter – sense. Some agreement I think coming about in this discussion relevant to this usage. The only remaining problem for me being how such trading/traders’ language is private and unlikely to pitch into public oration. Hence my surprise at Mr. Key’s usage.

    Anyways, tonight on RNZ’s Chgeckpoint with Mary Wilson Mr. Key used the ‘counterfactual’ word again when speaking about the 9-day fortnight with 1 day training idea emergent from the so-called Jobs Summit. “Counterfactual” he said would be knowing the cost of not doing it as opposed to the cost of government funding the training part in lieu of wages.

    Thus in this instance the fact is wages and income for taxes, the ‘counterfactual’ no wages and no income for taxes..

    Interesting use though wouldn’t CONTRAfactual be a better term, Thereby leaving counterfactual to its private traders’ and trading destiny..

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