All Whites game 1

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So – anyone else sitting up watching the game?

(This thread a politics free zone!)

41 comments on “All Whites game 1”

  1. really 1

    and luvin’ those horns. not.

    • r0b 1.1

      Damn things are driving me nuts. Like droning bees. How do the players stand it?

      • The Voice of Reason 1.1.1

        If we win, I’m naming my next child Vuvuzela!

      • Lanthanide 1.1.2

        Jon Stewart opined that the stadium was being attacked by a giant swarm of bees.

        I think they should put a frequency damper on the microphones to filter them out.

        Pretty boring game so far.

        • Marty G

          BBC is going to just dampen down the stadium noise, leaving the commentary.

          Should be able to identify the offending frequency and kill it though. Would be better.

      • Quay 1.1.3

        They’re part of African Football – get over it. Good call on Nat Radio this morning with some guardian columnist suggesting that the horns are less irritating than those complaining about them.

  2. really 2

    Whoever said that Sth Africa couldn’t host the world cup was wrong. Sth Africa sSHOULDN’T have been allowed if those down horns were part of the proposal to build ‘atmosphere’

  3. I read the title as ‘All Whites win game 1’

    Us lefties, eh, always seeing what we want to see

  4. joe90 4

    Nil all at half time.

  5. The Voice of Reason 5

    Well, that might be the first time we’ve gone a half at the finals without conceding. Nice work, lads.

  6. Lew 6

    Someone give Paston a cup of tea and a lie down. Dude’s a ball of nerves.


  7. ianmac 7

    It is a beautiful game – like chess really. Good stuff.

  8. r0b 8

    Bugger! Good goal though.

  9. The Voice of Reason 9

    I know you said politics free, r0b, but spare a thought for these poor sods:

  10. The Voice of Reason 11


  11. r0b 12

    Well fuck me!

    Edit: Pardon – bit surprised there. What a great goal!

  12. ianmac 13

    Yay. I know there was a reason for staying up late. Good on yer mates!

  13. The Voice of Reason 14

    Sweet! Off to bed, happy as. Anybody know how Aussie got on?

  14. Pascal's bookie 15

    Front page of this morning’s Sydney Morning Herald Australasia 1 – Slovakia 1


    • Olwyn 15.1

      Aussies like playing into the kiwi-aussie rivalry, and you have to remember that there’s a large group of expatriate kiwis in Sydney for them to tease.

  15. lprent 16

    Wowsers. I read all that and didn’t find the score?

    Not that I’m all that interested. So it was Aussie against Slovakia eh….

  16. Craig Glen Eden 17

    Nice work All Whites at times you were good at times bad but 1 a piece is a great result. Good on ya fella’s, no drinking, off to bed and do the same with the Italians and I will get night hoods reinstated for ya all.

  17. hnz 18

    Urghhh…Slovakia, you tossers. Why didn’t you shut it down at the end. Now it is going to be all these bandwagon jumpers professing their everlasting love for the roundball code. That’s nauseating. C’mon Paraguay and Italy! Stop this madness!

  18. prism 19

    If I had a boy I’d call him Winston. Has a good ring to it. Better than a trumpet blast. Pity that the South Africans didn’t take the opportunity to work up some good ethnic chants, get led by Ladysmith Black Mombasa for instance.
    It would be stunning in a good way instead of being irritated by a load of wasps.

  19. ianmac 20

    And of course the Slovakian goal was off-side. True as seen on TV. Could have been a 3 point game.

    • prism 20.1

      Hey we been done again? Brave little country struggles against odds and makes it in the big world. Aren’t we proud! Even when things go against us we battled on and now triumph. Guess Slovakia feel also like ‘brave little country’, after all their dramatic history. Guess we both won something in the end.

  20. freedom 21

    The Slovakians were devastated when the net got rattled by the ball of doom.
    They certainly did not expect that! But we certainly have to up our game for Italy.
    Yikes, Nz vs the World Champions, best not to think about it really


  21. kriswgtn 22

    Good on em for gettin this far, proud as and am glad that focus is on something else than rugby/league

    • Pascal's bookie 22.1

      True kris,

      Though it would be pretty fricken awesome if,
      for example,
      we are 2-0 down in the last pool match with a minute left on the clock and needing a win to progress to the second round,
      a mid fielder
      picks up the ball and runs with it.

      Spin it out the backs and touchdown in the corner.
      Whole team runs around with the shirts off etc.

      Youtube sensation.

      And it might shut the Vuvuzelas up for a moment or two. Though I must admit, they are kind of growing on me. Reminds me of nitrous.

  22. kriswgtn 23

    Soccer should be funded IMO the same as other sports considering the amount of soccer players are in this country

    I think our time being world leaders in rugby and league is over and its all about the $ now, not like it used to be

    The orig all blacks werent walkin round with hair gell in their hair and all that shit

    I remeber watchin the great British soccer matches on tv when i was a youngun and they rocked

    now if its rugby on goes the ps2 hahahahahah

    • Wayne 23.1

      A well performing All Whites team, especially at the World Cup, focuses far more international interest on this country than even a win for the All Blacks at the Rugby World Cup.

      Literally the whole world is interested in this competition. How many are interested in the RWC outside of a few traditionally rugby playing countries?

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