Anatomy of a plonker

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Background on the Weinstein case.

When contacted by Newshub, Mr Plunket originally claimed no knowledge of the tweets. Later in the night, he clarified that he did not know which tweets we were referring to as he “hadn’t tweeted [tonight]”.

“I’ve deleted my Twitter,” he said when first contacted and asked about the tweets.

However when the tweets were read out to him, he eventually acknowledged responsibility – but said he sent the messages to prove a point.

“People on Twitter were pre-disposed to take the worst away from my post,” he said.

“It shows Twitter’s not a place for conversation.”

Mr Plunket said several of the replies were mild, simply stating, “No”, they did not “feel for” the man accused of sexual harassing multiple women.

Others, he said, “launched into foul-mouthedly attacking myself personally”.

He denied by saying “anyone else”, it implied he did “feel for” Weinstein. He then followed up by saying “feels for” didn’t have to mean someone supported Weinstein.

“Feels can be a lot of different things,” he said.

Mr Plunket told Newshub he planned to delete his account again on Wednesday night, after he figured out how to do so. He said when he previously announced he would leave the site, he deleted the app from his phone.

Plunket was recently appointed to the Broadcasting Standards Authority, and the Electoral Commission has referred two of his tweets to the Police for allegedly breaching the law on election day.

29 comments on “Anatomy of a plonker”

  1. tracey 1

    Good God. He either meant it or used it to puff himself up as being smarter than those offended. Either way, what a sad human being

  2. Janet 2

    Any idea who nominated him for the Braodcasting Standards Authority? Who are the others on it?

    • Cinny 2.1

      That’s exactly what came to my mind as well Janet.

    • tc 2.2

      He’s a nat sycophant so it’s a sinecure alongside all the other BSA members to hand out wet bus tickets on the taxpayers dime to give an impression that the media is being held accountable.

      The BSA ensures the MSM messaging isn’t disrupted by such pesky things as being factual, not running smears, couching lies within a contextual framework rather than letting them stand as if true etc etc.

    • veutoviper 2.3

      Plunket’ s appointment to the BSA was made by Maggie Barry as Minister of Arts, Culture and Heritage, back in May this year. The appointment took effect from 1 October 2017 – a week after the general election.

  3. AB 3

    In what ways might one ‘feel’ for HW?
    That the scale of the response is disproportionate to the offence(s)? (Nope)
    That powerful men should really just be able to take what the want from less powerful women who find them physically/emotionally/intellectually unattractive? (Nope)
    That there is a sort of Shakespearean tragedy in someone being brought from so high to so low? (Not really – because the ‘high’ was just entertainment industry hype and bollocks in the first place)
    So frankly – I am struggling to see wtf was on Plunket’s mind. Though the phrase “Plunket’s mind” may be an oxymoron.

  4. Anyone else feeling for Harvey Weinstein?

    Uh, yeah, pretty strong feelings actually. But I guess that’s not what the fuckwit was asking.

    Others, he said, “launched into foul-mouthedly attacking myself personally”.

    Someone should explain to Sean what the word “myself” means, and the implications of that for the phrase “attacking myself.”

    • Robert Guyton 4.1

      I attacked myself and caught myself completely unaware! Next time, I’ll be ready!

      • In Vino 4.1.1

        Well, I myself have never attacked myself without fair warning…
        (Just pointing out that ‘myself’ can be an emphatic pronoun as well as a reflexive one. Because thousands of Primary School teachers have screamed at kids: ‘Never say Peter and me!” many grown adults are still afraid of saying ‘me’ when they should, and misuse the emphatic pronoun instead.)

    • tracey 4.2

      And that Gareth Morgan liked it? is he a misunderstood comedian too?

  5. roy cartland 5

    I think what everyone really wants to know is what his prophet, Gareth Morgan thinks. I mean surely he knows what’s best for women, he sure knows what’s best for everyone else.

  6. Shorn of the offensive – his comment ceases to exist.

  7. Gristle 7

    Sean Plunket initially claimed no knowledge of the tweets and that he hadn’t tweeted that night. Shortly after he acknowledged responsibility for the tweets. That is two lies:
    1. No knowledge of tweets; and,
    2. He hadn’t tweeted that night.

    A liar and a sexist.

    • Philj 7.1

      Is this the Sean Plunket who was the colleague of Geof Robinson at RNZ? My oh my. Geof did a fantastic job of keeping this juvenile in line. Or has Sean grown up and wants to be a shock Jock? Ratings falling Sean?

  8. Sabine 8

    so this Sean guy is in training to become our twitter trump troll thingy?

  9. Goodshepherd 9

    That Morgan liked the Plunket tweet ^^^ is at least a clue to what he thinks …

    Everything about Weinstein, Plunket and their enablers who support and encourage the power & freedom to use and abuse others for ‘their own ends’ is simply wrong.

    Just joking. Bullshit.
    Just a social experiment. Bullshit.
    Poor misunderstood me. Bullshit.

  10. Agora 10

    Things are very quiet at Stone St. Studios where Harvey Weinstein was a big investor ..

  11. Pete 11

    This is not a social experiment to see what the reaction is:
    Sean Plunkett is an ignorant, self-centred, sad, loser, fuckwit.

    Now there’ll be claims that the net is a terrible place of rampant bullying, picking on poor sods because they express an opinion.

  12. McFlock 12

    This man is an arbiter of acceptable social norms?

    Gosh. Maggie Barry might wish to reflect upon her decision.

  13. Wensleydale 13

    Remember back in the day, before Sean was given full sanction to vent his basest urges in the public sphere, when he was a political reporter for TV3, and a Fair Go presenter? Was he actually more of a human being back then, or has he always been an odious hobgoblin of a man? I’m genuinely curious.

    • tracey 13.1

      There does seem to be a change in political reporters once they get to be top reporter on telly.

      Gower was pretty even handed and focused on analysis, til garner left.

      Garner seem pretty even handed and focused on issues until he got the top spot

      Campbell seems to me to be an exception, but the right would probably disagree so throw him in too.

      Once they become a kind of “celebrity”, it does seem to go to their heads.

      I would say Linda Clark was an exception BUT we have so few female main political reporters on tv with their onw shows and stuff…

    • tc 13.2

      He’d shown at RNZ that he was becoming his own worst enemy and unable to remain professional.

      I liked him to a point at RNZ but he lost his cool too many times to be effective so radio rant land was a logical progression to feed the narcissism which TOP’s it all off.

  14. Jackel 14

    The lady asked you to be quiet, boy.

  15. I haven’t read a thing about all this … I’m afraid I was rather drunk at the time…

    Rowley Birkin QC – Very Drunk, Terrible Flattulence – YouTube
    Video for rowley birkin qc▶ 1:10

  16. rhinocrates 16

    “People on Twitter were pre-disposed to take the worst away from my post,” he said.

    “It shows Twitter’s not a place for conversation.”

    News: sexist arsehole thinks he’s the victim.

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