‘Ardern Up! The T-shirt that every fashionable leftie will be wearing

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Each one $10 to Women’s Refuge.

15 comments on “‘Ardern Up! The T-shirt that every fashionable leftie will be wearing”

  1. Maui 1

    Hmm .. it’s not a very flattering image of Ardern, the colours are not complementary, and the design is not integrated. I’d suggest a monocoloured T shirt (white, red, black, whatever ..) with ‘Ardern’ splashed on it in large Palladio font in loud vibrant colour. It does not have to be colour coded, but it does have to be loud, bold, striking, considered, original .. like Ardern.

  2. Dazzer 2

    Wouldn’t it be more economic to have blue and red versions of “smile and wave”?

    To be fair, it worked for the Nats for a long time and now Labour is getting the same payback.

  3. Editractor 3

    Nitpicking, but I think it would have been better without the apostrophe, thereby implying that Arderning up is an alternative to the “Harden up” bullshit we have to put up with in NZ rather than aligning with it.

  4. ankerawshark 4

    I’ve bought one and I’ll wear it! Watch out world, here I(we) come……………

    Good god we finally have a real chance of getting rid of this wretched government and people are nit picking about a aesthetics!!!

    But the tee shirt…………let’s do it!

  5. NZJester 5

    The only sad thing about this t-shirt is that the money it will raise is in dire need by Women’s Refuge due to National underfunding everything and Women’s Refuge is in greater demand these days due to National’s policies fostering poor family environments.

  6. Sanctuary 6

    I got one, largely because $10 went to Women’s refuge and I will get to wear it to work on casual Fridays.

  7. greywarshark 7

    Looks good. Great design and message.

  8. Kevin 8

    Shit design.

  9. Gabby 9

    I’m sure it will look ‘cool’, as I believe the kidz say, on a fashionable young buck like Richard.

  10. I reckon it could have read …

    ” BUT YOU ,… !!!!

    ‘ ADERN UP ” !!!

    – With her pointing her finger .

    Or at least that could be an alternative version for all the National kids to buy.

  11. AsleepWhileWalking 11

    I like it$ + the charity thing. Would look better in red with just words….hell if we could just all design our own and do a print on demand thing : )

  12. Tom Pained 12

    The most effective messages are simple. ‘Ardern’ in red on a pale t-shirt would be visually effective ..

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