Bid for Helen (for Women’s Refuge)

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Some resourceful chap called Ray rescued this portrait of Helen Clark from the dump and it ended up on Trademe. It got enough attention that Helen Clark herself chipped in:

The seller gracefully agreed, bravo! Bidding currently at $1,050.00.

5 comments on “Bid for Helen (for Women’s Refuge)”

  1. Nice – maybe she could match it and challenge all ex PMs to do the same and then maybe see if all existing MPs could match and you never know maybe there would be enough to fund them for another day/week/month.

    • greywarshark 1.1

      What a good idea. I will donate directly to Womens Refuge as I couldn’t afford to win by a bad chance, such an expensive thing. But a great idea, and one in the eye for that avaricious National Party businessman who bought a painting with her name signed on the back, and then said it his investment return was spoiled because he had thought that meant she had painted it. Now he can sell his picture on Trademe and cash in at last, like a good little National capital accumulator.

  2. Draco T Bastard 2

    Looks like a fairly good portrait as well.

  3. greywarshark 3

    If you didn’t see the link above here it is again :

    The questions and answers are quite funny, the answers very succinct with humour.
    I am pleased to say she is in the Hot Listings of Trade Me and coming up to a piece of gold at $1800 and a nursing cow and calves at $1300. The most expensive things are some foreign black brmbrm at about $65,000 give or take an oz. Lots of caravans and cars there, so Helen is up in the luxury class. And looks quite capable of looking on with a wry sense of amusement.

    One person thinks she looks unhappy, but it sounds like someone young who hasn’t realised that politics rarely allows much time for untramelled happiness. More, staying power is the constant with the ability to keep mowing down problems and avoiding pitfalls, with time to unwind, exchange some feelings of happiness, sleep, and return to the same. I think Helen’s expression looks that squarely in the eye, yet still with a faint smile of irony.

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