Breakfast covers the Worth investigation

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First it was Paul Henry and Guyon Espiner. Both agree Key needs to “come clean with the country and give us more detail than he has”.

Next up was Goff. Fair analysis. Didn’t gloat. One of his best appearances so far.

18 comments on “Breakfast covers the Worth investigation”

  1. Daveo 1

    Second video isn’t working.

  2. It is very difficult not to gloat.

    We (Labour) have been subject to c#@p from the Right for so long about the behaviour of Labour and other MPs. There has been this continuous mantra of “unethical behaviour” and “corruption” and there was the promise of a “fresh start” and “one strike and you are out”.

    Key’s and National’s Crosby Textor designed persona of being more ethical than us is unravelling quickly. And I agree that Goff has handled this exceedingly well. His discussing Worth’s behaviour with Key privately was an extraordinarily generous thing to do and it is clear that he did not leak the complaint. I cannot imagine the nats ever dreaming of doing the same thing.

    • Madeleine 2.1

      I think you could be a little more generous MS, it does appear that the one strike and you are out thing is in play in this instance, Worth is no longer an MP afterall.

      Goff does appear to have handled it well. Kudos to him for that.

      As for whether National would have done the same, they have sat on things of a private nature when they were in opposition and other times they have not. Ditto with Labour…

      • felix 2.1.1

        He’s had a few strikes before this one.

        • jarbury

          That trip to India comes to mind…. or the previous allegations a few weeks back.

          This was either strike 3 or strike 4.

          • Kevin Welsh

            “Appear”? How the hell can Phil Goff ‘appear’ to have handled it well?

            He HAS handled it well. In fact I was bloody impressed how he managed to twist the knife without so much as a smirk on his face.

      • merlin 2.1.2

        He is still an MP.

        And it was about the tenth strike

        • Madeleine

          Ok I will concede that there were some other suspect things rumoured and as such I will modify my position to: at least this hasn’t dragged out for months and months, the exit has come fairly quickly, compared to say, Benson Pope…

  3. I agree that Key is deluded if he thinks he can sit on this and not give some detail. Being all mysterious just makes people want to know more. I mean if the rumours are right and it is something criminal then just state it very dryly, factually, finish with “he has resigned, it is in the hands of the justice system so lets move on.”

    It almost makes you wonder if they are playing this mysteriously to create a distraction from something else.

    • lprent 3.1

      M: Bloody hell. You’re starting to get as paranoid as the rest of us

    • felix 3.2

      It’s also possible that the strategy in holding back info and drip-feeding it is to deliberately over-raise expectations of the sauciness of the whole affair. Let people imagine the worst before telling them it’s not that bad after all.

  4. As long as you don’t start thinking I am starting to become as left as the rest of you LOL!

    I don’t think in this instance it is paranoid. Key’s govt has been very slick, very clever, mistakes have been admitted to apologised for and all ‘let’s move on,’ so in this context this move does not make sense. It is more Helengrad than Key. To me it seems so odd that you have to wonder why and a diversion is an obvious wonder – of course, this all could be due to the nature of why Worth has resigned but as we cannot assess…

    • lprent 4.1

      Or his current advisers are less slick than the previous ones during the election.
      Perhaps C/T are elsewhere

      • felix 4.1.1

        And/or he’s taking advice from people around him who don’t have his best interests at heart…

  5. Natpicker 5

    Hmm M Helengrad? Try Keystone (as in Cops, slapstick comedy).

  6. Monty 6

    There is also a third video with WhaleOil which is well worth a look. Shame Phil-in Goff was not prepared to share the stage with him – that would have made for wonderful TV watching.

    From where I sit, us righties are pleased to see the back-end of Worth – he was a waste of space. National are the winners – Key did act decisively once he had enough and confirmed information, so he is made to look a strong and in control leader (especially as the debacle of Clark protecting Winston Peters Corruption is still fresh in many minds) and National gets rid of Worth – very cleanly – do not forget the first most people heard about this was the resignation – very few people were aware of rumours circulating for months and there were no headlines until Worth was sacked, and the third bonus more new blood gets to enter parliament.

    While Goff was correct in advising John Key some weeks ago of Worth’s inappropriate behaviour – Goff should also have provided some documented evidence to back up the claims – otherwise (and sadly) there was no proof and Worth had to have his word taken as an honourable member.

  7. Worth has recently released a press release stating that he has not committed any crime and that there should not be a “rush to judgment”.

    Ever since OJ Simpson somehow got off his charges this phrase has been used so many times by many people of dubious background.

    I would have thought that Worth should also deny doing anything unethical.

    His failure to do so could be interpreted as some sort of admission,

  8. Natpicker 8

    Just another Worthless Keystone Cop….and we can be certain that the lady is not amused.

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