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Photo stolen from 3 News – Low turnout at first public flag-change meeting

9 comments on “Burning issues of the day”

  1. mac1 1

    Saw this on the news. The high powered committee left with the high visibility option of talking randomly to people in Malls, at high cost undoubtedly.

    What does this lack of public show-up mean? The flag issue is a non-issue or people don’t trust such processes of ‘public consultation’ as being meaningless or worthless, or little more than PR to justify an already made decision?

  2. Dotti 2

    Expensive and unnecessary really does sum this issue up.

  3. Corokia 4

    How do the numbers compare to the turnout so far at the climate change consultation meetings?

  4. It’s a discussion we need to have but Key wanted to railroad his choice on the rest of us. The whole thing deserves to go down in flames.

  5. Maui 6

    Are there more officials at that meeting than public attendees? Hehe

  6. felix 7

    lolz, radiolive was reporting today that no-one showed up.

    Anyone got photos showing the whole room? Or did they do the old “move it into the foyer” trick?

  7. RedBaronCV 8

    I read the press release around the panel and I am not totally clear whether the Greens Labour etc have nominees on the panel. The publicity infers that they do but frankly the bunch on the panel look like your average NAT.
    If there are Labour greens etc on the panel then perhaps it is time to suggest they resign. And if they don’t have nominess then they should make that publicly very clear. It’s pretty obvious that most people see it as a waste of time/money. If JK wants it let him own it – all of it.

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