Can you jump a shark in that pool?

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34 comments on “Can you jump a shark in that pool?”

  1. Janice 1

    Where is the pool fence?

    • Deano 1.1

      when you’re rich, the rules don’t apply to you.

    • ianmac 1.2

      If you have razor wire boundary fences and armed guards patrolling, I expect it would be very hard for even a mouse to fall in.
      A sort of Gated house. I did like the last word from some bloke in an article on the subject of Gated Communities.
      This bloke said, “I am all for Gated Communities (Houses?) as the sort of people who live in them won’t be living anywhere near me!” Fits?

    • As long as it is enclosed and the doors are fitted with self closing and self locking devices the pool complies.

      • Deano 1.3.1

        you can’t have non-pool related stuff within your ‘fenced’ (or walled) pool area though. And there’s a patio with chairs etc.

      • Hayden 1.3.2

        As long as the handles of the doors are above a certain height, which doesn’t look to be the case here.

        • Chris

          You are allowed patio furniture. It does not count as non-pool related equipment. Also the handles are measured from the inside for doors not outside.

          • Hayden

            Are you suggesting that the floor on the inside is lower than the transom of the door?

            I suppose there could be a secondary latch on the inside but it would be quite weird, and require two hands to open the door.

            • Hayden

              Not transom, threshold. Duh.

            • Chris

              I mean obviously I don’t know or have any way of knowing,

              However with the steps up to the door and the rest of the house being at a lower level it looks very possible. i.e. the door doesn’t go right to the ground inside you have to step over it. Would be a bit weird but possible.

              • felix

                lol, yes it’s possible that the steps were only built to allow access to the door handles.

                It’s also possible that the pool is filled with solid jelly instead of water and poses no risk of drowning.

    • lostinsuburbia 1.4

      it’s ok, turds float.

  2. John M 2

    Someone pot him now.

  3. Anne 3

    egalitarian: the principle of the equality of mankind.

    Okay Standardistas… pull down your pool fences. If JK doesn’t have one that’s good enough for the rest of us. Such a nuisance having to climb over the fence don’t ya think? 😛

    • Blue 3.1

      Did it ever occur to your geniuses that its not his house ???

      • Carol 3.1.1

        Does it matter? – the image portrays the reality one way or another.


        St Stephens Ave, Parnell:
        The family home

        Key began purchasing this patch of land in 1997, buying up three properties to build a 763sq m dream home on a 0.235ha site, complete with cabana, swimming pool, spa and tennis court. The latest valuation lists the property as worth $6.82 million.

        Success Court, Omaha:
        The weekend getaway

        Purchased in 1990 for $147,000 as a vacant site, this 240sq m holiday home is now worth $2.95 million.
        Ho’olei, Maui, Hawaii:
        The holiday home

        With the Keys regularly visiting Hawaii for family holidays, they bought this tropical retreat in an exclusive resort this year, according to documents from the Hawaiian State Bureau of Conveyances.

        The website describes it as featuring “spacious two-storey town homes with finely-appointed interiors, private elevators, and attached garages, marrying the virtues of a free-standing residence with the convenience of condominium living. Ho’olei has broad, west-facing ocean views and is surrounded on three sides by the Wailea Blue Golf Course”. Key’s apartment overlooks the golf-course. Price? A reported US$3.25 million.

        London, UK:
        The home away from home

        An apartment owned by the family trust and lived in by one of Key’s nieces. Location and price unknown.

      • Deano 3.1.2

        it is his house, google maps st stephens ave, you can see the pool and area around it

    • Dr Terry 3.2

      Can someone afford to buy a dictionary and send it to Key so that he might look up the meaning of the word “egalitarian”? He knows not what it means, but thinks “wow, that big word sounds good, why not try it on?” (I guess he has replaced the non existent word “aspirational”, at last!)

  4. Carol 4

    Which designer watch is he wearing in that egalitarian pool?

  5. vto 5

    egalitarian, yeah right …

    education cuts for the public education system and education increases for the private education system.

    Key lies – he says one thing while doing the complete opposite.

  6. Jim Nald 6

    “Can you jump a shark in that pool?”

    Umm, yes if it is the kind of shark that wears a watch, eg Cartier.

    Btw, a Selachimorpha shark type would not be anywhere near as harmful and bad to the nation as the one pictured.

  7. Roy 7

    He is doing everything he can to destroy any remaining egalitarianism in NZ society.

    • Ordinary_Bloke 7.1

      Egalitarianism in a futures trading pit ? It’s been done online for some time now – but there is the rub.
      All technologies have social spinoffs and implications. None is more conducive to lack of human empathy than staring at a computer screen all day.

      When trading was done by open outcry there were humans involved. Key and his industry were early adopters and he has been part of its development .. to the point where most of the market is now driven by program trading.

      He moved from trading to administration at Merill where he made his reputation in firing Sydney based staff. The unexplained question is why. They must have taken a big hit at some stage.

      I think you have to give him credit in having the critical skills of knowing when to get out .. or Fear Vs Greed .. but no track record of egalitarianism.

      • bbfloyd 7.1.1

        it would be interesting if someone asked him to explain what egalitarian means…..without giving him the chance to get “captain panic pants” to supply an answer for him…

  8. Ordinary_Bloke 8

    “captain panic pants” ? You mean Bill (les Anglais) ?

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