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A total of 68,000 children who do paid work will lose their tax refunds…:

41 comments on “Caption competition”

  1. calltoaccount 1

    No point hiding your pocket money kids, I know where to find it…

  2. higherstandard 2

    PM with new MP Mr Fatuous Porky.

  3. Deano 3

    I’ve got to keep my tax cut, so I’m taxing your kids.

    • Insan 3.1

      I agree with the editorial. We need an ecnmooy that focuses on farming, manufacturing, and mining, not a service ecnmooy; we ought to be doing everything we can structure our ecnmooy more like sub-Saharan Africa.

  4. fustercluck 4

    In a similar style to my last caption:

    One of these is an ignorant swine.
    The other is a piggybank.

  5. tc 5

    When I’m done you’ll be lucky if this is all you have left.

  6. joe90 6

    See, I iz a pgfcker!.

  7. Kaplan 7

    If Mr Creosote ate money he’d look just like this.

  8. Tel 8

    Ironic smile from this year’s “Trougher trophy” award recipient for stealing children’s pocket money.

  9. fender 9

    “If you kids don’t like it, too bad, on the table behind me you can see the mode of transport you can use to get away”

    “I asked my poor little rich kids how they felt about paper-rounds being taxed and they don’t mind, they dislike slave labor anyway and will continue to earn $1000 a week for unloading the dishwasher”

    “I don’t care if you kids won’t be able to get yourselves new rugby boots with your after school earner, I’ve already got the world cup, and I don’t give a fuck about your futures anyway”

    “Forget about swine-flu, its your PM you should worry about”

  10. just saying 10

    International banker of the year.

  11. Shane Gallagher 11

    National unveils its new scheme for decreasing the deficit…

  12. Nick 12

    “The last pig around here was a Prime Minister too”!

  13. r0b 13

    That last little kid put up quite a fight, so I had Bill and Gerry hold him down…


    OK, got the kids’ pocket money. Now, any of you pensioners got gold fillings?


    Pinching their pocket money was just the start. Think how much more we could make if we sent them down the mines!

  14. Tazirev 14

    Cunning Ham is just a nice way of saying sly pig

  15. Chris 15

    This little piggy went to market
    This little piggy stayed home
    This little piggy went wee wee wee wee………………

    All over my poanamu suit you little porker, I’ll get you for this,see if I don’t. I’ll take you for everything you have inside you,every cent earned by the little children of this country.God I’m powerful!

  16. Tom Gould 16

    “It took us 9 years to get our tough back”.

  17. Tazirev 17

    Banksie, keep your snout out of my trough

  18. risildo 18

    Spot the difference

  19. Alan 19

    His new token for Monopoly.

  20. Dr Terry 20

    Where is my trough?

  21. Kevin Welsh 21

    I am assuming that since he autographed that pig, he made it as well?

  22. irascible 22

    Thanks to Merril Lynch I have the tools to break the economy noe…….Give me a hammer and I’ll crack this bank too…!!!

  23. fender 23

    “Look NZ, we sold the goose that lays the golden egg, and bought this pig that feeds the 1%”

  24. dan1 24

    Just what I need… I can tell more porkies!

  25. mike e 25

    if i put a dollar in for every porky i’ve told the deficit would already be paid off

  26. fender 26

    Stupid NZ PM too busy posing for photo holding ashes of Muldoon to notice bomb laden remote-control plane that blew him to pieces coming towards him. The NZ Paper-round Kids Against Petty Taxes Action Group has claimed responsibility, but no-one in NZ is reported to be concerned about the early demise of their most incompetent of PM’s. In fact there has been unanimous support for the action group to be awarded the highest possible award for their successful mission to rid NZ of their traitorous former PM.

  27. Blue 27

    A porky-telling swine prepares to raid a kid’s piggy bank.

  28. Georgecom 28

    Unlike Bills most recent budget forecasts, as well as his 3 previous, I can report that this pig won’t fly.

  29. cin77 29

    That’s right kids, I’ll take this

  30. Scintilla 30

    “Meet my cuzzy Bill.”

  31. BillODrees 31

    Jobless Merril Lynch trader resorts to “packaging investment” in piggybanks! 

  32. John72 32

    Mr Key has won again.
    He has everyone devoted to some emotional subject. This worrys me. What is the Power Behind The Throne planning.

  33. Treetop 33

    Oh shit the wrong piggy bank for the photo op.
    This is the pre budget one.
    The post budget one is half the size.

  34. Mike 34

    “This is my pride and joy, the very first one I stole.”

  35. Roy 35

    One of these is a smirking swine with a phony head-covering. The other is just a kid’s bank.

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