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50 comments on “Caption contest”

  1. Hamish Barwick 1

    That? We tried to change it once.

  2. mickysavage 2

    Well akshually around the world other countries get confused between the New Zealand and Fijian flags and there have been countless times when I have been photographed with the Fijian flag behind me.

  3. Richard Christie 3

    Nah. Don’t like. Want to stand in front of this one.

  4. Don’t recognise it at all.

  5. John 5

    I reckon for another $30million I could get that flag changed. Then I’ll deal with that housing shortage that is bothering so many of the working class

  6. Adrian 6

    ” Fuck, do ya think it is, I can’t tell them apart, any Aussies here, they might know?”.

  7. Stuart Munro 7

    You’re in Frank’s spot Prime Minister – don’t make him remove you.

  8. And if you don’t salute it, Winston Peters won’t let you back into NZ.

  9. mac1 9

    “I just hate having four-stars when the Aussies are five-stars. It’s not aspirashinull enough for ordinary hard-working Kiwi mum and dads who only care about having a beer with me.”

  10. AmaKiwi 10

    Your coalition partners went that way.

  11. key told off for weeing on wrong lectern says he thought someone said left turn and he just couldn’t not let go.

  12. rod 12

    I’m still awaiting advice on where I should stand, where’s bloody Hosking when i need him.

  13. David H 13

    Errr. It’s that one over there.

  14. TC 14

    Really ! Seriously !! Oh hang on I remember now, geez I forgot about that being several fiascos back now.

  15. b waghorn 15

    “These lecterns would make great tempory shelters”

    ‘”Your right, and chuck a flag in each one for warmth and bobs your uncle”

  16. bobo 16

    No way ,- not with the housing issue in that country.

  17. Richardrawshark 17

    “I’m Sorry John the exits that way, Frank says your a bit shit really and he’s decided NZ doesn’t need a dictator, and is heading back on your plane to sort NZ out, and I can assure you, the island hospitality he has lined up for you, is top notch.”

    Key looks at the exit confused, “what about Max?” he says.

    “We have some big island girls having some romantic trouble who will take Good care of your boy John now off you go.” Replies the Fijian diplomat.

  18. adam 18

    Where is the flag I ordered, I told them I wanted that other one!

  19. scotty 19

    National Party announces new leader after election loss.

  20. mary_a 20

    Do I really have to stand in front of it?

  21. Another fail handshake

  22. r0b 22

    Strangest thing, but I think I saw it give you the finger…

  23. mauī 23

    Fijian’s to vote on new flag, its either the New Zealand flag, or the old Fijian flag with John Key replacing the traditional coat of arms. Polls have shown John Key’s prescence on the flag would create a stronger blue vibe than the current dull aqua colour.

  24. Molly 24

    Something’s a bit off…. the right colours, and there are some stars – but where the hell are the stripes?

  25. Smilin 25

    Oh that. I Spent 26 million + trying to change it and it wasnt even my money. hows that for keeping my job ?

  26. Stuart Munro 26

    Do it, Fiji;
    For like the hectic in my blood he rages,
    And thou must cure me: till I know ’tis done,
    Howe’er my haps, my joys were ne’er begun.

  27. fisiani 27

    That’s the flag that Labour wants to change.

  28. Byd0nz 28

    Did you wipe your arse on that, John.

  29. Armchair Critic 29

    John Key: Slightly to the right of Frank Bainamarama

  30. Yossarian 30

    Keys ” You want me to wrap myself in that? Your serious? What is it?”

  31. Jenny 31

    Who put that there?

    I want my corporate rebranding logo.

    How else will our overseas TPPA partners know that we are serious about selling out New Zealand’s sovereignty.

  32. Treetop 32

    And the winner is – is it that obvious?

  33. Jenny 33

    What’s that doing there?

    Didn’t I just spend $27 to get rid of that thing?

  34. Jenny 34

    Now just before we get started Prime Minister, to avoid any confusion, that is the New Zealand flag.


    Are you sure?

    I thought it was the Australian one.

    I really can’t tell the difference.

    Silly me.

  35. Jenny 35

    You are supposed to be standing in front of that flag.

  36. locus 36

    Really? I don’t do detail, I have advisors for that.

  37. Chris 37

    You can come out now, Paula. They’ve gone.

  38. jag 38

    NO no I’m in the right place, me and my unlawyer pooled our “blind” trusts and bought Fiji (soon to be renamed Little Hawaii) last week.

  39. Ecosso_Maidy 39

    oh quick look PM, over there, oh you missed it was a Flying Squad………flypast

  40. Ecosso_Maidy 40

    No, PM,,,,that;s a flag……..that’s not the PM of Fiji….you didn’t keep your apt at spec savers did you, or is your selective seeing that is kicking in again?

  41. Ecosso_Maidy 41

    No PM, that one over there is our Flag of Hide Behind, Convenience.

  42. Ecosso_Maidy 42

    NO PM! Sorry this time we cant salute and sing the star bangled banner, that’s only in private…..Remember?

  43. Ecosso_Maidy 43

    NO PM! Sorry this time we cant salute and sing the star bangled banner, that’s only in private…..Remember?

  44. Ecosso_Maidy 44

    Dresden, Germany…..Bilderberg Org, invite unknown wannabe as warm up man.

  45. Ecosso_Maidy 45

    NZ police install camera,,the latest technology for detecting lies and bullshit.

  46. Ecosso_Maidy 46

    Antiques Road Show NZ….”Ok lot number 1, how much am i bid for this flag i have abused,,,,,,who will start me at £10,,,,thank you sir,,,,,,,,,any other offers??

  47. Doogs 47

    “No Prime Minister, you cannot give that one to Frank. He doesn’t want it.”


    “Is that the last one? Honestly? I thought we’d got rid of them all!”


    Look . . . how many times do I need to tell you . . . stand over there. That one’s ours, not the light blue.”


    “For fuck’s sake! Are there still some of them left?”


    “Look, it’ll be OK. It’s leaning to the right, can’t you see?”


    “If you look closely you’ll notice that our pole is a few millimetres taller. It’ll show up when they film from over there.”

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