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46 comments on “Caption contest”

  1. Mrs Brillo 1

    Knackers Yard releases pix of five entries for the Leaders Handicap race.

  2. BevanJS 2

    Old boys club.

  3. BM 3

    2 Could be Deputy PM
    3.No change
    4. Could be Deputy PM
    5. No change.

  4. One Anonymous Bloke 5

    Mopsy, Flopsy, Grumpy, Desperate and Useless.

  5. Is this fine pic extracted from the heralds front page?

  6. ianmac 7

    Wot a drab lot!

  7. Anno1701 8

    Game of chodes…..

  8. Brendan 9

    Look! White people!

  9. Cinny 10

    Dipton and his Dildo take on the trio of Hyper, Crusher and Crap

  10. Morrissey 11

    Thank God there’s no one really EVIL, like Dr. Jonathan Coleman [1], running for the National Party leadership. Oh wait…[2]



  11. joe90 12

    Tinky-Winky, Po, Dipsy, Laa Laa and the Voice Trumpet frolic and play on the 12th floor of the Tubbytronic Superdome.

  12. Carolyn_nth 13

    If you turn to page 5 of our prospectus, you can see our team of consultants whose job is to help you extract ever more money from the public purse, while improving your profit margins:

    an expert in massaging and selectively quoting statistics

    an expert in talking caring while paying less for social security

    an expert in clumsy mega-amalgamations, upgrading your casino at the public expense, and calling in favours from the private MSM, as well as a master in showing how not to button your jacket

    an expert in corruption, and smiling while engaging dirty tricksters behind the scenes

    a speaker for justice while having expert knowledge on how to use a sinking lid for funding of public broadcasting

  13. Ad 14

    “Oh no I would never. Ever. I just feel honoured to be in Parliament and just help the whole team and … Oh no I wouldn’t even think of it.”

  14. Tiger Mountain 15

    Arrrrgggghhhh!!–the crew is revolting!! …is there any Rum on that drinks trolley…

  15. mosa 16

    Thats our line up for leading the country.

    I dont drink but shit i am giving it some serious thought about giving it a go.

  16. mosa 17

    Institutionalised Corruption

  17. Yes… the elite gather to sharpen their daggers against each other while at the same time trying to maintain a united, benevolent public image…

    And yet … this is who they really are unmasked…

  18. indiana 19

    Which of these rate lower that 8% as preferred prime minister?

  19. fender 20

    21%, -21%, 5%, -5%, 21.5%

  20. swordfish 21

    Wellington police seek ‘Dangerous Five’‘ escapees from Maximum Security facility. Police warn that the 3 “Menacing Sociopaths” in the middle (with a combined 22 separate warrants out for their arrest) should on no account be approached by members of the public.

  21. Psych nurse 22

    National are with you through thick and thin.

  22. Jester 23

    Fukushima blamed for alarming mutations.

  23. Thinkerr 24

    “Right, madam, take your time. I want you to walk up and down the line and if you recognise anybody, I want you to point to them, alright?”

  24. ropata 25

    The Cosa Nostra mourning the loss of Don Key

  25. …and that’s how they became the shady bunch…

  26. Incognito 27

    Dress to impress.

    Ill-fitted clothes

    Our Winter collection is out. Contact us at for our latest catalogue showcased by our ill-suited models.

  27. AB 28

    Four hired guns fail to find an elusive target who simultaneously does, and does not, live in Dipton

  28. Takere 29

    Which one loves to have in one sitting; KFC,McD’s,BK & Carls Jrn?

  29. Bigdog 30

    I’d have picked them as Seventh Day Adventists but some of them seem vaguely familiar 😳

  30. A basket [case] of deplorables.

  31. simonm 32

    The finalists of “New Zealand’s Biggest Cuntface 2016” are announced.

  32. happynz 33

    Five of ’em, eh?

    This lil’ piggy went to market.
    This lil’ piggy stayed home.
    This lil’ piggy had roast beef.
    This lil’ piggy had none.
    And this lil’ piggy went wee wee wee
    all the way home.

  33. jesuswept 34

    Sad Tits

  34. rod 35

    Intrducing the cast of New Zealands version of the muppets.

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