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homeless just go to WINZ

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24 comments on “Daily Review 03/06/2016”

  1. Draco T Bastard 1

    Blinglish really does seem to have a bad case of FootnMouth:

    The finance minister told business leaders at a meeting in Porirua on Wednesday that Wellington “found it hard to want growth”, and cited the drawn-out debate over how to solve congestion around the Basin Reserve.

    Because having more roads is just soooo progressive.

    His only supporters are those that are still stuck in the 19th century:

    Ken Shirley, from the Road Transport Forum
    The Automobile Association’s Mike Noon

    And that seems to be about it. just a bunch of authoritarians who don’t want to realise that the world has moved on from their failed policies.

    • mauī 1.1

      Heard Ken on the radio the other day interviewed by Garner I think, saying the same old tired rhetoric of but trucks can drive anywhere across town where the railway lines aren’t. And this is why we can’t invest in rail and we can’t have nice things. We must sink a fortune on roading that just makes traffic worse and more inefficient.

      While most cities are tearing down their flyovers (because they destroy the cityscape and destroy neighbouring property values) we want to build more of them. They also realised and were quite happy to build an $11 million new grandstand at the basin to hide the new flyover. They have no idea.

  2. Paul 2

    Another day has passed in John Key’s neo-liberal nightmare.
    Many have become cruel, greedy,uncaring and selfish narcissists under his wretched leadership.

    Temperature predicted for Auckland tonight – 5 degrees
    Temperature predicted for Christchurch tonight – 3 degrees

    Not very warm to be sleeping in a car.
    Not very warm to be sleeping in a container.
    Not very warm to be sleeping in a garage.
    Not very warm to be sleeping on the street.

    Some people are still kind and caring and generous.
    A second Marae has opened its door to the homeless.
    There are a lot of churches in Auckland that could do the same.

    • Bill 2.1

      What about those modern day, rather warm temples, the shopping malls? Could even give those sleeping there some kind of payment in kind for keeping the place secure over-night. Or, if they’ve got security guards, then maybe the security guards can pass the night with those suffering from insomnia (a voluntary bonus activity for a security guard bored shitless by yet another night shift).

      And in the morning, all those caring consumers could buy a breakfast for someone, thus boosting business turn-over for mall based businesses.

      Maybe even give early arrivals of an evening a meal made from all that ‘food court’ produce that otherwise go to waste.

      None of that will happen of course, because that would be like a human thing to do.

    • Macro 2.2

      Most inner city churches were built eons ago and are large with no insulation and very little in the way of heating. I would rather spend a night in a car with a reasonably padded seat than on a hard pew! Congregations are declining and most struggle to make ends meet. Never the less, foodbanks are supported by almost all churches. Regular weekly offerings of food and essentials are part of the overall giving of churches. The City mission and the Salvation Army have been working in this area of Mission for years, and they are unlikely to stop now.

      • Paul 2.2.1

        City Impact by the motorway in Auckland seems pretty brand new.

        • Macro

          true – but then their theology has little to do with the poor.
          And what bill says – the Malls are the new temples of today and that is where people go to worship and make their offerings.

          • AmaKiwi


            And the malls are packed on Sundays. The prophets of commerce have made sure there are no other community gathering places.

            What is the town center of Albany? The mall.

  3. Gangnam Style 3

    “Russell said people were in disbelief at the comments, which were not fitting of someone who was filling a role of a community representative, but he believed the conflict of interest issue was more important.
    “When these committees are made up of two Work and Income staff members and Paula Bennett’s elected treasurer your chances of getting a positive outcome are, I would suggest, minimal to non-existent.”


    More bad news of people acting badly

  4. Richardrawshark 4

    I have a cousin Karen, She worked at the Auckland police dispatch centre and is a policewoman. Aunts just phoned police have been around, She’s died in a small drug town in Mexico, right, I never in 50 years heard her once or saw her use drugs.

    The autopsy done there today has come back OD.

    Died Yesterday. WTF, Mexico, Karen OD, NO way. No fucking way.

    What do I do standardista’s this is not a have on.

    • Muttonbird 4.1

      That is upsetting Richard. If it’s affecting you a lot go, to your GP to update them on what is going on and they will recommend a course of action to help make sense of it.

      You may have already gone to your GP about similar issues and you’ll probably know what they will say and think this is not something that will help. I get that, but in times of stress outside engagement and advice can be helpful in the short term.

      • Richardrawshark 4.1.1

        I meant, as in anyone able to help get better info when someone dies overseas in strange circumstances. Jeez what do you do, what do we offer as advice to Karen’s Mum, I find it rather strange, unsure why you would want me to see a Dr, it was my Cousin ok but I don’t need a Dr over it?

        I thought someone here may have some Government contacts they could put me in touch with, but then, Mexico? I really cannot do anything I doubt we even have an embassy there.

        She Had been there before it’s where she met her husband, I hadn’t heard from her in years, you know just Karens Mum telling us she had gotten married was working for police dispatch in Auckland doing well.

        She must have gone back to Mexico, I need to find out more, I doubt my Aunt will be talkative, but mums spoken to her tonight obviously.

        IDNK what to do really. it’s just overwhelmingly, a out there thing to find out.

        The thing I cannot get over is an overdose is some small Mexican drug town, why would she be there?

        and the explanation that comes to my mind I do not want to believe.

        I do not want to put to much family info out so I wont mention her mums name.

        • McFlock

          Maybe MFat has a consul in the area?

          • AmaKiwi


            I am deeply sorry for you. It’s almost like parents of a soldier being told their loved one is MIA, missing in action. Where? How? What happened? How could this happen?

            And no sounds come back from the void.

            • Richardrawshark

              Horrible sleep. Nightmares. Don’t think it’s sunk in yet, Media haven’t picked it up, knowing how they like this sort of click bait shit, then again the press are useful at times when you do want to know something.

              I may ring up it’s Saturday tho so I don’t know what to expect.

          • Richardrawshark

            Thanks McFlock, your advise to contact mfat which put me in the right direction, after things settled we found out it was a sudden heart attack due to a burst pancreas, she was found dead, autopsy found an underlying condition she was unaware of. She died alone at a border town in Mexico. Bit of confusing information at the start.

            Just want her home now, not buried in some foreign country, but as Aunties immediate family I concede to her wishes whatever they may be.

            TY McF. over n out on this, thanks all standardista’s for their kind words of sympathy. She was a good sort.

            • McFlock

              Glad I could be of help.

              Take care of yourself in the tough times.

  5. adam 5

    This is what a socialist sounds like.

  6. adam 7

    I miss Rik Mayall

  7. swordfish 8

    Yep, me too Adam (though The New Statesman was never my favourite. Preferred the harder, less conventional, more archaic stuff with Ade Edmondson – the brilliant Bottom, massively under-valued BBC-celeb pisstake Filthy, Rich and Catflap and, of course, innovative The Young Ones)

    His death was more of a shock to me than those of other celebs recently (to be brutally honest, the passing of Bowie and the Unpronounceable Symbol had pretty close to zero effect on me. Partly because I don’t really give much of a fuck about the banal pretensions and poseurs of the Pop/Rock Industry but do appreciate innovative, hard-hitting Comedy).

  8. AmaKiwi 9

    I received a Stop TTPA petition on Facebook. They are “demanding” the Governor General refuse to sign the TPPA until there has been a binding referendum.

    I hope The Standard will have the petition and a link tomorrow.

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