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39 comments on “Daily review 04/03/2019”

  1. Kat 1

    “You liar Donald, I have never had weight loss surgery…………”

  2. greywarshark 2

    She studied him with a basilik stare.
    I must have a look on youtube to see if she has had a stare-out with Putin. They would be well matched.

  3. joe90 4

    Conservative’s say the wackiest things….

    • joe90 4.1


      • greywarshark 4.1.1

        Jerry Falwell would go nuclear if Alexandria interfered with his cows.

        And as for anti-environmentalists understanding about grass – if they can read this book they might learn more about it than they want to know.
        by John Christopher

        Scientists have been telling us stuff for centuries and we have ignored
        Hugh Hindmarsh Atkinson died in England December 2018 aged 89.
        Atkinson went overseas to finish his studies and did many things before he become Chairman of the European Space Agency in his later years. Among his appointments:

        … He continued to work at Harwell for a few years before shifting to the adjacent Rutherford Laboratory, remaining there for seven years as head of the general physics group….

        During his years in Whitehall, he provided advice on topics ranging from the supersonic Concorde aircraft through to environmental matters. In one report he wrote that the countryside was being “destroyed” by farmers ripping out hedgerows; the Ministry of Agriculture insisted instead it say the landscape was being “modified”

        (He noted the countryside in UK being ‘destroyed’ in one report written between 1968-1972.)

      • millsy 4.1.2

        So is AOC going to **personally** go to JFJ’s farm with her cattle truck and take his cows?

      • Gabby 4.1.3

        Jeer sounds like a terrorist.

    • AB 4.3

      Sure – they’re mad, but they have most of the privately owned guns.
      The National Defense Authorization Act (2012) has been interpreted by some people to override the Posse Comitatus Act (1878). If so, Federal military forces could be legally deployed against mad, armed to the teeth conservatives opposing a Sanders presidency. Possibly. Fun times ahead for the “great Satan”.

  4. Anne 6

    Another miniature horse dies. This time stolen and found dead with a broken neck in New Plymouth. Copy cat crime or just coincidence?


    One is a random act.
    Two is coincidence.
    Three (lets hope it doesn’t happen) is highly suspicious.

    I had three pets who suffered unaccounted for injuries on consecutive occasions. Two died and the third one was saved. My vet was certain the two dogs were not accidents. The third was a cat.

    My heart goes out to the owners. I know what they are going through.

    • Shadrach 6.1


    • greywarshark 6.2

      Does anyone know what the possibilities are of having a motion-sensor camera, a pinhole camera, a thin line of wire alerting on movement so that something can be done to prevent tragedy or catch the perp? It could be the same person, I would think a man, with a fetish and hate connected with this type of horse. Is there a connection between the two horses. A broken neck – was that through falling over a cliff after being chased? It couldn’t be done by human strength surely.

      Another thought has occurred to me. The rodeos have been stopped and this has resulted in anger from the men involved. There is a lot of anger about SAFE’s work helping animals also. The sort of people who own these small horses might be seen as those interfering so and sos. Having a wild ride on one of their horses, giving it pain to make it buck and keeping it going till it falls down would be a possibility to those of callous disposition.

      We know that they exist out there; men who won’t limit themselves, who turn vicious when they are denied something, pour their hate and anger on to a chosen or even random victim. Injuring and killing children, women, dogs, horses, seagulls, seals, and also other men is seen by the perpetrator as dishing out punishment that is justified. I write sometimes about soul. Trying to keep one in a good state is probably the basis of managing to stay mentally healthy. I don’t believe in blanket forgiveness, but I do attempt understanding.

      • Gabby 6.2.1

        Or it’s a nasty vicious kid with shitty parents.

      • greywarshark 6.2.2

        Thinkpiece on thinking….. Getting into totally freaky objective thinking….possible….!

        When aiming to reduce animal suffering, we often focus on the short-term, tangible impacts of our work, but longer-term spillover effects on the far future are also very relevant in expectation.

        As machine intelligence becomes increasingly dominant in coming decades and centuries, digital forms of non-human sentience may become increasingly numerous, perhaps so numerous that they outweigh all biological animals by many orders of magnitude.

        Animal activists should thus consider how their work can best help push society in directions to make it more likely that our descendants will take humane measures to reduce digital suffering. Far-future speculations should be combined with short-run measurements when assessing an animal charity’s overall impact….

        Scenarios in which machines supplant biological life may sound preposterous, perhaps because they are common tropes in science fiction. But from a more distant perspective, a transition of power toward machines seems almost inevitable at some point unless technological progress permanently stagnates, because the history of life on Earth is a history of one species being displaced by another.

        Evolved human brains are far from optimally efficient, and so seem likely to be displaced unless special effort is taken to prevent this. Even if biological humans remain, it’s plausible they would make heavy use of machine agents to spread to the stars in ways that are dangerous or impossible for collections of cells like us.

  5. Glenn 7

    Found this on an old antique apple site….


    George Orwell. Commissioned by the British Council, 1946. Unpublished. © the estate of the late Sonia Brownell Orwell. Text is unedited from original typed manuscript.

    An essay on British Cookery. Evidently for reasons unknown it was decided not to publish it. I guess he wasn’t a good advocate of British tucker. Interesting what was eaten in pre obesity crisis days. The class struggle with a sense of humour.

  6. Rosemary McDonald 8

    Dated today from the Misery of Health’s webpage……


    Seriously frightening rates of foetal abnormalities…..

    Ten percent for birth ‘defects’….”spina bifida (where the bones and membranes around the spine do not develop properly)
    face and skull malformations (including cleft palate)
    malformations of the limbs, heart, kidney, urinary tract and sexual organs. ”

    …and a whopping 40% for neurodevelopmental disorders.

    Epilim used to treat seizures and bipolar.

    This is further to a Natrad report from nearly a year ago….https://www.radionz.co.nz/news/world/329200/research-confirms-epilepsy-drug-birth-defects

    “The risk of birth defects associated with valproate, marketed as Epilim, Depakine, Depakote and Stavzor among other names, has been known since the 1980s, especially for spina bifida.

    In the UK, the National Health Service (NHS) issued an alert earlier this month saying valproate should only be given to girls and women of childbearing age under specialist supervision and only when other medications had been found not to work.

    According to the new report by France’s National Agency for the Safety of Medicines (ANSM), between 2150 and 4100 children suffered severe malformations linked to the drug.

    “The study confirms the highly teratogenic [capable of causing birth defects] nature of valproate,” Mahmoud Zureik, ANSM’s scientific director and co-author of the report, told AFP news agency.

    “The figure of about 3000 severe malformations is very high.”

    Types of birth defects attributed to the drug include spina bifida – which occurs when a section of the spinal column does not form properly – and defects of the heart and genital organs.

    The risk of autism and developmental problems was also found to be higher, and will be explored in a follow-up report due later this year.”

    So slow to push the panic button.

    • adam 8.1

      This is a ministry in the gutter.

      Run by ideological hacks and careerist.

    • Uncontrolled epilepsy and mood disorder are more harmfull than Sodiun Valpoate.
      Anyone contemplating a pregnacy while taking any medications need to consult a medical practitioner. To promote a view that is anti medication is akin to antivacination.

      • Rosemary McDonald 8.2.1

        Psych Nurse. Didja actually read Medsafe’s notice? Up there. Just put your wee cursor thingy over the shorter bit of blue text and click.

        Epilim has been upgraded (for want of a better expression) from ‘not recommended to be taken during pregnancy’ to ‘don’t give to women of childbearing age unless they are using fail safe contraception.’

        And for very good reason. This is thalidomide territory.

        So, please stop with the antivaxxer slurs, eh?

        • Psych nurse

          Sodium valpoate is safer than the alternatives,no one should stop their medication without medical advice, pregnancy and Epilepsy/mood disorder can be safely managed. Whats not needed is scaremongering from the ignorant.

          • greywarshark

            Thanjks Psych Nurse
            Your info sounds worthy of note. And shouldn’t be dismissed out of hand by any antis burdened with prejudice – pre-judging that is!

          • Rosemary McDonald

            So. Psych Nurse. Medsafe is scaremongering?

            The research referenced was done by the ignorant?

  7. Pat 10

    There are good landlords out there….my daughter today told me her landlord for the past few years has not only refunded their bond with no quibbles BUT given them some additional hundreds for being good tenants….what can you say.

    • millsy 10.1

      I agree, there are good landlords out there.

      Last couple I had were pretty good, They trusted that me and my ‘lady friend’ took care of the properties they rented to us so never inspected, let us have pets, and were even reasonably tolerant of the little bit of growth and clutter we had (long story).

      They had their moments when they would revert to ‘evil landlord’ type, but 99% of the time they were good landlords.

    • patricia bremner 10.2

      We did that for our excellent tenant, when we got a buyer for my Mother’s unit.
      After all she had to find somewhere else to live, and that was from a small pool in Waihi. There are good tenants and landlords.

  8. Jinx 11

    Events in India are taking a worrying turn.
    If the world’s largest democracy goes rogue, then the chances of nuclear war increase significantly.
    It would be great to have a post on this subject and get everyone’s expert opinion on this.


  9. Jinx 13

    Our throw away culture.
    12 years to go.
    And we are not learning.

    There are so many easy solutions.
    We need to act quickly.

    A Wellington man was shocked by the “sea of plastic” left behind after Eminem’s concert at Westpac Stadium on Saturday.
    Peter Steele was at the concert with friends and took a photo of the mess left behind by the 46,000 attendees.
    “I just saw a sea of plastic, it looked like it had hailed,” he said.
    “The conversation just started with ‘what a mess, what pigs, where do they go, that’s appalling.'”
    Steele said so much fuss was being made over plastic bags at supermarkets when massive amounts of plastic cups were being used at such events. He believed there would have been at least 100,000 cups.


    • feijoa 13.1

      Went to WOMAD last year. All the containers were compostable. Not a speck of rubbish in sight. It can be done

  10. A 14

    Across the ditch…this is pretty disgusting. Aussie govt screwing postmasters and running them into the ground. What is in the water over there? Grrr.

    • greywarshark 14.1

      The man weeps “It’s absolutely hell. Why are they doing this to us. The busier you are the less you earn.” Locked into contracts that limit their income. They have been in despair for 10-15 years, even since 1993. Scanning a parcel earns them 37 cents!

      “They [Australian government] should be ashamed of themselves”.

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