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NRA gun hostage

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53 comments on “Daily Review 04/12/2015”

  1. katipo 1

    An Interesting read…
    How Mark Zuckerberg’s Altruism Helps Himself.
    Zuckerberg set up a limited liability company, which has reaped enormous benefits as public relations coup and will help minimize his tax bill.


    • greywarshark 1.1

      Chap here set up charity kidscan or something which got fairly small contributions before being sold off, but while he owned it he funnelled $15? million through it over a few years, using it as a holding account for funds he invested in his own businesses which went bust. I wonder whether he was being altruistic, he said he was. The charity got the interest on the money till it was used on his ventures.

      zuckerberg – sucker mountain or sugar mountain? Some names are uncannily suitable.

      • Molly 1.1.1

        When KidsCan started – I had a quick look at the charities commission website for it after seeing a very large, brand new KidsCan vehicle on the motorway. I’m was also a bit dubious about the simplistic fix for kids in poverty of a raincoat and shoes. (Neither of them well made.)

        In their posted accounts online, a significant amount of money went to a specific promotions company, which when I checked had names associated with the charity.

        My view was: good business acumen, failed moral compass.

        • greywarshark

          My feeling is that the real need in the community today brings out the human fleas to utilise the resource of a mass of poverty stricken people eager to catch on to help or charity offered. But sometimes the helpers are looking to nurture their own ends. Ouch. I’ve got a flea at the moment – I know how it bites but hope to be able to soon nip it in the bud so to speak.

          I have noticed the numbers of charities being started up. In a society where the majority in a satisfactory financial state show little interest in fairness to all, it makes me suspicious as to the reasoning of those behind charities. Cynical, but I consider that is well-based when one looks at the stories behind those ending up in Court where we hear the background.

          When people have very little they lack the resources to examine every offer, and are in the awkward position of being offered charity from apparent sympathetic people which may be offered in unhelpful ways, and with ulterior motives.

  2. tc 2

    Read his bio or just watch fincher and zorkins ‘the social network’. The zuckerberg is all about the zuckerberg.

  3. Mark 3

    Oh dear, the terrible Labour Party headed by the completely unelectable Jeremy Corbyn has just won a by-election in Oldham with daylight second after all of the MSM predicted a close race or a loss. How could those papers get it so wrong. And the candidate was anti-airstrikes as well. Maybe poor Jeremy is not so unelectable after all.

    • Colonial Viper 3.1

      It seems being “hard left” appeals to the electorate. Someone wake up the Nashs etc in the NZ Labour Party and let them know.

    • ScottGN 3.2

      That’s not quite how it worked out.
      It looks like voters in Oldham went to the polling booths to elect their very popular council leader ( who went to some lengths during the campaign to distance himself from Corbyn) as a Labour mp in spite of the fact that most of them aren’t that taken with the leader of the parliamentary Labour party.

      • Mark 3.2.1

        Only if you believe what trash they write in the Guardian/Mail/Telegraph. Pre polling day, Corbyn was dragging the Labour Party to certain defeat or at his very best a narrow win. Labour in fact increased their share of the vote by over 7% while Tories dropped under 10%. Corbyn has been the whole focus of Ukips and the Tories campaign with leaflets and adverts attacking him relentlessly. The result has shocked the so called well informed pundits who as usual have their heads that far up their arse they don’t know what day it is.

    • mickysavage 3.3

      Yep just thinking about a post …

    • mickysavage 4.1

      Like the graphic above?

    • One Two 4.2

      When will the US Goverment declare itself a terrorist organisation

      Killed millions , maimed and abused hundreds of millions

      • Macro 4.2.1

        Well yes – that too! 🙁
        But I was thinking in terms of their internal policies ….
        Mind you the gun barons have to make their killing.

  4. AmaKiwi 5

    to David Clark MP on NZ taxpayers gifting $2.6 million abattoir:

    I don’t know what Clark said exactly, but the NZ Herald writes: “Labour Party trade and export growth spokesperson David Clark said it was time the Government stopped pouring taxpayer money into the Saudi businessman’s pocket.”

    A despicably weak complaint. I think Clark should have said,

    “It is an abomination that National extracts $2.6 million from the poorest among us to bribe a Saudi multi-millionaire.”

    Because of GST, even the poorest New Zealander is forced to contribute to that $2.6 million. That’s what needs to be emphasized.

    • Colonial Viper 5.1

      Agree with you that it is weaksauce, but its also typical Labour small target weaksauce. $2.6M is 1/10 of a miniscule flag referendum and less than 0.01% of the Government budget.

      So it really is a double criticism – watered down criticism of the spending of an insignificant sum.

  5. ropata 6

    New comic: Instead of me rambling, I asked some guests a question that's been bugging me. https://t.co/pLu9AMZBPH pic.twitter.com/hLuB6oZ9WJ— Toby Morris (@XTOTL) December 4, 2015

  6. On YourNZ

    “Legal compliance notice
    Tonight I was served with a court order notice instructing me to “take down or disable material from the blog Your NZ that mentions or identified [person’s name] or [company name], or any of it’s associated companies directly or indirectly” and “introduce a full time moderator systems so that no comment that is harmful to said person is placed on the blog “Your NZ”.

    This should send a chill up the New Zealand blogosphere.”

  7. greywarshark 9

    The NRA holding the Statue of USA Liberty hostage. She is no longer at liberty in the name of freedom. Mad.

    There is a funny mad clip of someone being held at gunpoint in a comedy from Mel Brooks. This is the one from Blazing Saddles where the townspeople are paralysed – caught between confronting their normal racist ideas, and the scene of their black sheriff holding himself hostage. (He gets away from the gunman safely. Cleavon Little was Sheriff Bart.)


  8. ropata 11

    Another Steven Joyce rort:
    The $25 million student funding scandal

    Cunliffe is in no doubt some of the blame lies with the Government.

    “It is clear there is a system failure,” he says, pointing to the glowing Education Evaluation Reviews NZQA handed to providers later found to have gamed the system. In the case of MACT, two NZQA inspectors spent two days at the trust before reporting in August 2013 that they were “highly confident in educational performance and highly confident in capability in self-assessment”. A TEC review, commissioned just 14 months later, found multiple failings in the delivery of the two courses MACT taught, including overcharging the taxpayer $2.7 million during 2013 and 2014.

    The dependence on whistle-blowers “just shows that we have got a broken monitoring system”, says Cunliffe. “It’s an honesty box system, the monitoring agents don’t conduct any audits and don’t share data. NZQA appears not to want to know about the robustness of some of the self-assessment. There are repeated examples where they have given people a reasonably clean bill of health when they have later been shown to be rorting blind.”

    Joyce insists the monitoring system is working just fine, describing it as “much more accountable” than it has ever been. “While there have been and will be some issues with individual institutions, the system is robust and delivering strong results for students.”

    But can those results be trusted? At many of the institutions reviewed by TEC the answer was: “clearly not”. Hundreds of students have had their qualifications withdrawn.

    A whistleblower who worked as a quality assurance officer at a South Island polytechnic told the Herald it was common practice to cheat external performance reviews.

    “You could fudge the moderation system. I did it plenty of times because my employers would require me to do that. You would go through and find the best samples for NZQA. There was one time I refused to do it and that was where I started getting into shit.”

    The whistleblower, who had previously worked for NZQA, is no longer in the industry. She left, she says, in disillusionment after discovering similar practices at other providers.

    After this scandal and the latest bribes to a Saudi businessman, I expect a tsunami of bullshit and distractions heading our way next week

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