Daily Review 11/08/2017

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44 comments on “Daily Review 11/08/2017”

  1. Two weeks ago – we celebrate Turei’s courage in bringing the plight of beneficiaries to the forefront. This is a bold and brilliant move that will win the Greens support.

    One weeks ago – we celebrate Turei’s courage in standing up to the media criticisism of her actions in the 90s. This is a bold and brilliant move that will win the Green’s support.

    This week – we celebrate Turei’s courage in resigning as Green’s co-leader. This was a bold and brilliant move that will win the Green’s support.

    It’s absurd the intellectual knots some people are tying themselves into to try to justify their tribalism.

    I say that as someone who voted Green last time, by the way.

    • weka 1.1

      Who is the ‘we’ in your example? Looks like a false argument to me but I might be misunderstanding.

  2. The decrypter 2

    Lots and lots of intrigue, facts, twisting, distortion, lying, to submerge us during the next six weeks. Boy! it is going to be all on, Top party now in the mix, seem to have plenty of confidence. Hold onto your hats, the shows on the road.

  3. AsleepWhileWalking 3

    I cant remember how to paste on this thing but good article on RNZ re MT.

    If she comes out and says vote Green I will. If not the party can die. Over reaction? Perhaps.

  4. This north Korea USA and China thing starting to ping my radar – ffs trump is there going OFF SCRIPT!!! I spose we’ll hear from Putin next – wonder what he’ll say – lol as if it matters.

    • Ad 5.1

      It’s a minor lancing. Which National and the Reserve Bank has achieved very carefully.

      As the Reserve Bank noted yesterday, population growth is booming, materials and construction capacity are tight, there’s a huge shortage of housing, so the underlying demand is just fine.

    • Sabine 5.2

      its winter.
      its hard to sell some cold, dark danky houses in winter.
      wait for spring and summer.

      btw, where we bought the garden house, a place where few people live due to no jobs and I mean no jobs, land price has doubled. So with having done nothing our property supposedly has doubled in price.

      rest assured the fleecing of the country is still ongoing.

      • Pat 5.2.1

        its hard to buy a house when the bank won’t lend the money….

        • Sabine

          we put everything in that we had, plus sold a few things. So that helped us get over the threshold.
          but in saying that our place cost less then a window frame in AKL.
          This place we are has nothing going for it other then a large body of water taht is used in summer by boaties, jet skiers and other such thing.
          in saying that the large body of water is surrounded by many many thousand cows and well i guess in the next few years will be as polluted as many other places.
          we bought as a ‘retirement’ , when shit hits the fan type of place as the house is sound and the garden is established.
          but there is no reason for the increase in price other then some boaties building boatsheds larger then any of the houses. fucked up it is.

    • Alan 5.3

      why would you wish that on your fellow New Zealanders?

      • mpledger 5.3.1

        Because your fellow NZers are made up of people
        1) didn’t want to risk putting money in the property market and saved it,
        2) couldn’t afford to buy property
        3) put a safe amount of money in property and
        4) threw caution to the winds and put all their money in property.

        So a real estate correction would effect 4 negatively but help 1 and 2.

        Why would you not want to help the 1’s and 2’s?

  5. JC 6


    “It has launched legal action against Thompson & Clark, requesting an injunction to stop any ongoing surveillance, and has lodged a privacy claim.

    It will be heard in Napier District Court on 28 August.

    Greenpeace said it now believed the New Zealand government knew about the surveillance, however Prime Minister Bill English denied the claims….”


  6. Glenn 7

    “Some of the biggest multinational bottlers operating in New Zealand, including Coca-Cola, would effectively be exempt from Labour’s proposed water charges..
    Some of world’s biggest bottlers have factories in New Zealand, but this means they would not have to pay any extra for it under Labour’s policy.

    Coca-Cola Amatil, with its Kiwi Blue brand, takes about 36 million litres a year at its South Waikato plant, paying $40,000 a year.

    But that is not for the water – South Waikato District Council said that charge only covered services for bottling such as infrastructure, operations and maintenance.

    It gets the water for free.

    Water New Zealand chief executive John Pfahlert said Labour’s policy must be applied consistently across the bottling market, including those who took from urban supplies
    Coca-Cola Amatil, Lion Breweries, Dominion Breweries and Frucor also pay Auckland water company Watercare commercial rates – and for the delivery, but not for the water itself.


    • Gabby 7.1

      You seem very familiar with the details. Who else isn’t covered?

      • arkie 7.1.1

        Any company that gets it’s water from urban water supplies apparently. It’s a bit like excluding agriculture from carbon pricing.

    • Graeme 7.2

      That’s what we’ve got a parliamentary process for, to iron out all the kinks in the policy and turn it into effective legislation.

      • Pat 7.2.1

        as i understand it the details of this policy are yet to be determined…following consultation with the relevant parties.

  7. JC 8

    ‘New Zealanders don’t like welfare agencies using personal spending data from credit card or insurance to verify benefit claims.

    The 2017 Unisys New Zealand Security Index found only 42 percent agree with welfare agencies accessing this kind of information.

    It’s not just welfare. Even fewer New Zealanders support the tax office collecting similar data to verify income tax returns. Just 21 percent think this is OK….”

    http://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/HL1708/S00020/new-zealanders-cool-on-data-analytics-catching-benefit-fraud.htm ?

  8. Carolyn_nth 9

    This article on RNZ by Leilani Momoisea is a damning indictment on the way the media, and pontificating holier than thou people vilified Meteria Turei.

    It’s the voices of Māori and Pacific women saying how they felt about it all. A highly recommended read.

    Māori and Pacific women who connected with Metiria Turei’s message about poverty, life as a beneficiary and the inadequacies of the social welfare system found hope in her as a brown woman in power.

    Some of those women for whom her message resonated told RNZ about how the Green MP was able to connect with the disengaged, why her stepping down was so upsetting, and why the media scrutiny on her life felt so personal.

    “Which speaks volumes to how New Zealand, the general public, the government feels about, or treats beneficiaries, or those in receipt of social welfare. By silencing her, is silencing those she represented.”

    She also questioned why middle-class white men were often the ones chosen to comment on the issue.

    “I don’t want to hear any ‘white guy reckons’ because my girls are hurt by this. All those reckons, what they’re saying to my girls, the girls hear it very clearly – and they’re living in misery and pain.”

    • Jenny Kirk 9.1

      Thanks for putting this up, Carolyn_nth. Might have missed it otherwise.
      Very telling story. There are many people (mostly women I would think) who could resonate with what Metiria was saying.

      Things have become so much more worse for solo parents on the DPB (or whatever its called these days) since Ms Richardson did her nastily-called “mother of all budgets”. Misnomer that was. No real mother would behave like that.

      And there’s been no let-up for all those mothers (or sole dads) still struggling out there, since.

      • Carolyn_nth 9.1.1

        It’s a heart breaking article. Just posted this afternoon. I feel some despair for the kind of society we live in that the intense vilification of Turei happened the way it did: and that so many actually did relate to her experiences, but the people with power did not, and still do not, want to hear about it.

  9. eco Maori/kiwi 10

    Metiria is experiencing discrimination what else explain the polls reaction. While Bill sits in Parliament lying through his teeth. Helen Clark had the big picture on Maori until some one indirectly influenced T Harawira to shout at Helen Clark at Waitangi and fuck it up for the vulnerable poor/ maori. Helen took it personally and then let National crank up the foreshore and debate into a hysterical mess and the mess she made of the settlement Helen lost her Maori voters seats and Maori lost out the most in the last ten years. Can any remember Helen’s last 3 years .The media stopped whipping Maori. It was great no crap then National got elected and John Key used the media to whip up Maori racial hysteria so he could pull the Houdini trick on the average New Zealander so that he could setup the system to benefit his and Bill rich banker mates.

  10. Incognito 11

    I love The Three Wise Monkeys.

    Where’s the original?

    • Eco maori 11.1

      I don’t debate because it turns into a shit fight and thanks to the internet I can get heaps of info to form my own opinion

  11. swordfish 12

    Hoots & Garner = both arguing Labour Govt now odds on

    (NB As always – Hoots’ motivation a little suspect)

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