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30 comments on “Daily Review 12/06/2017”

  1. Adrian 1

    I think there was more going on in the UK than policies etc.
    It was about clever off the cuff instinctive activism like when the Sun and Daily Mail did their usual nasty hachet job on Election Day and Labour supporters went out all over the country and bought the dirty fucking rags and burnt them or just chucked them in a skip, all the free ones at Manchester Airport were gathered up and binned as well.
    Then there was the delightful little internet cameos which went viral, I really liked the one of JC looking a bit grumpy like a bloke in the pub who’s just heard something and a suit catching his arm and saying ” Leave it Jez, it’s not worth it mate.”
    There were ones with him in denims and also in a mashup in a white fur and a Jaguar with the title ” Can rock it anyway” . Brilliant.
    Completly against type but marrrvellously illustrative that JC could be all men.
    Is Matt clever enough to pick up on this ?.

    • Bloke in the pub ?… bloke in the pub ?

      Was it this one?

      Colin Crompton – Wheeltappers & Shunters Social Club – Granada TV …
      Video for Wheeltappers & Shunters Social Club – Granada TV ▶ 6:57

      • Adrian 1.1.1

        No Weka it was a Twitter thing. I’m not a twit so can’t link, just google ” Leave it Jez” and you’ll see it. It’s worth it.

        • WILD KATIPO

          Here we go !!!

          Think I got it for you – btw – the Wheeltappers and Shunters clip was a humorous portrayal of the workingmans club – which I find kind of heartwarming – no offence intended 🙂

          “jez leave it” *in the distance* “marx was a tit” “jez it’s not worth it …

          • Adrian

            None taken, thanks for that, apologies for calling you Weka.
            It does illustrate how quick Labours young IT savvy afterguard were at using everything to broaden the appeal of Jez.
            Hope we can learn from them.

  2. JO 2

    A marvellous example of the power of storytelling and good journalism… A snortful bout of schadenfreude can be the only response to insanities and laughing is cheaper than pills.


    “It was all so inept,” said a senior Tory MP involved in the campaign, speaking on the Friday after the election. “The Dalek messaging — strong-and-stable — the lack of listening, fingers in the ears and chanting ‘Brexit Brexit Brexit’ when people were trying to signal something.”

    Listen for the Daleks this year, they’re waking up as we speak: ‘Labour’s immigration policy will ex-ter-min-ate the economy’

  3. weka 3

    “Jeremy Corbyn pledges to bury the hatchet with Labour rebels”

    Jeremy Corbyn and centrist Labour MPs signalled a truce yesterday in the party’s two-year civil war amid the prospect of a second general election this year. Mr Corbyn said he would “reach out” to opponents in the parliamentary party when he forms a new shadow cabinet.

    Prominent figures on the right of the party, such as Chuka Umunna, the former shadow business secretary and Yvette Cooper, the former shadow home secretary, have indicated that they would be prepared to return to the front bench.

    One senior shadow cabinet figure said the election result had vindicated Mr Corbyn’s strategy but that Labour needed to do more to be seen as a government in waiting. “The view of a majority in the shadow cabinet is that Jeremy needs to reach out and bring people back. He’s got the scope to do that without getting rid of his supporters and I think we’ll see that happening over the coming days.”

    • greywarshark 3.1

      Chris Trotter is in London. Here is part of his second newsletter home.

      In the shires and suburbs, far from the political class’s pontificating, that curious combination of spite and fear which is the Tory voter remains in no doubt that theirs is the voice which, muted though it may have been by the Corbyn surge, remains the voice that counts.

      That surge is, however, the key take away from the 8 June election. The Tory base may be larger than Labour’s, but its vision of Britain’s future is limited, backward-looking and profoundly hostile to all claims of social solidarity and progress.

      By contrast, the Corbyn-led Labour Party’s radical manifesto, and its direct campaigning style, has drawn tens-of-thousands of young and formerly disillusioned voters into the thrilling business of pursuing political, economic and social change.

      This Corbynista positivity is a far cry from the technocratic manipulation and cynicism of Blairism. Indisputably, the election has brought about an extraordinary expansion of political space on the left of British politics.

  4. Muttonbird 4

    Weka, could you please look at BM’s posting on the Immigration thread?

  5. Muttonbird 5

    I wonder what Psycho Milt would say about this?


    American troops see children as enemy combatants. Vietnam taught us that.

  6. Muttonbird 6

    I’ve got a question. Why are tractors allowed on our highways? They don’t seem like vehicles fit for the road.


    • James 6.1

      I’m guessing you’re a townie.

    • joe90 6.2

      what James says

      • Muttonbird 6.2.1

        State highways are for townies to get between towns.

        Farms are for tractors, they should stay there.

        • mpledger

          Not all farms are contiguous so that tractors have to use roads to get from one place to another (says a townie, guessing). For long distance though they should be trucked.

          • Muttonbird

            Sure, but they should use back roads or create on farm solutions. Tractors and other slow moving farm equipment are not suitable for NZ’s very narrow state highways where traffic is moving considerably faster.

            • bwaghorn

              tractors are registered for road use which is more than i can say for the lycra clad ignorant fools on bikes

              • Molly

                They also are exempt from RUC, as far as I can see.

                Although, given that some (as you say) are registered, I don’t know how that is applied.

                ” lycra clad ignorant fools on bikes”
                I would assume the “fools on bikes” – lycra clad or not, don’t have a comparable impact on road surfaces to heavy vehicles.

          • bwaghorn

            mainly it will be contractors driving on roads , from job to job

            • Muttonbird

              Looks like a farmer, drives a tractor like a farmer, is a farmer. They need to be trucked from job to job.

        • james

          By God you are ignorant.

          They are on the road because they need to be – people dont drive them because they are more comfortable than the BMW.

          And people need to be aware that there are vehicles like this LEGALLY on the road – they need to drive appropriately.

          • Muttonbird

            They are dangerous on the open road. You say they need to be on state highway, I say they don’t. They are farm vehicles and should be on the farm and if they need to be moved, as mpledger says, stick it on a truck.

            • tc

              Yes they are a menace, especially pulling silage trailers that have no lights at dusk.

              They have every right to be there as a roadworthy vehicle however the standard of care can be woeful with some still behaving like theyre on farm property not public highways.

              • Muttonbird

                Yep, when they’ve got a harvester thing on the back they’re very wide and never have a warning vehicle.

                They’re always using the road at dusk when visibility is at its worst.

              • bwaghorn

                if they aren’t lit that’s a law and order thing *555 the huas

          • Molly

            The comment was about State Highways, not rural roads.

            The chance of accidents, due to damage done to roads where other traffic is travelling at high speeds is higher. Another consideration is the transfer of dirt and mud to the road surface on these State Highways, making it slippery for later traffic.

            I live rurally and see a lot of considerate tractor drivers on the roads, but also see tractors travelling for several kilometres with a line of traffic building up behind them, who don’t even think to pull in for a minute or so to let the queue go.

            My partner was also surprised to see a tractor travelling along the motorway early one morning, sans registration, sans lights.

    • Gabby 6.3

      They’re safe enough when demented fools aren’t ramming them.

  7. roadrage 7

    Tories are twits. Tories protect the status quo, ergo not hard to see no, speak no, hear no evil. In good times twits are sufferable. But bad times, all the virtues that make a great twerp are inept in the face of change. This is why youth need to vote, as twerps are likely to cause wars to maintain the status quo. Youth are the first to be drafted.

    China moves to create the great road, in good times this rapid transport helps trade. But should China go bad, select a Trump, those same transport hubs lower the cost to war. Youth need to vote progressive, lest we forgot what happen twice last century. Tory twerps met interesting times.

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