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13 comments on “Daily Review 18/07/2017”

  1. The Open-Office Trap

    In 2011, the organizational psychologist Matthew Davis reviewed more than a hundred studies about office environments. He found that, though open offices often fostered a symbolic sense of organizational mission, making employees feel like part of a more laid-back, innovative enterprise, they were damaging to the workers’ attention spans, productivity, creative thinking, and satisfaction. Compared with standard offices, employees experienced more uncontrolled interactions, higher levels of stress, and lower levels of concentration and motivation. When David Craig surveyed some thirty-eight thousand workers, he found that interruptions by colleagues were detrimental to productivity, and that the more senior the employee, the worse she fared.

    So, if we want to improve productivity and well-being in our offices it’s time to go back to a more traditional, and quiet, office setting.

  2. ScottGN 2

    I’m starting to wonder when the National Party was planning to start campaigning?

  3. Carolyn_nth 3

    Spinoff has issued an invoice to the Tax Payers Union

    Please pay promptly.

    New Zealand woke this July morning to news that the Taxpayers’ Union will be issuing Green Party co-leader Metiria Turei with a “very large invoice on behalf of all the taxpayers and beneficiaries who follow the law”, following her admission at the weekend that she had lied to Work and Income NZ in 1993 when she was a law student and solo mother to keep her benefit.

    The Spinoff is excited by this revelation that you can just invoice people for stuff on behalf of the public. The Spinoff is not a lawyer, nor is the Spinoff an accountant, but the Spinoff figures it must be kind of like the business transaction equivalent of a citizen’s arrest. The Spinoff suspects this could be a crucial part of the solution to the future of journalism and intends to start issuing invoices all over the show.

    First up, the Spinoff is invoicing the Taxpayers’ Union, mostly just for being super annoying.

    Details of the invoice at the above link.

    • tc 3.1

      He’ll not be bothered as long as he’s getting mentioned as it’s pretty clear the owned MSM have steered clear of calling it for the DP vehicle it is. No change there then.

      As an example TVNZ gave jordy a soapbox on the truly awful ‘banter’.

  4. Strategos 4

    “Support for Britain to remain in the EU market and customs union is overwhelming among Labour party members, according to a poll showing that more than eight out of 10 think the UK should stay in Europe’s key trading blocs.

    The figures, from research carried out as part of the Party Members Project funded by the Economic and Social Research Council and shared exclusively with the Guardian, also show heavy backing for a second referendum.

    The figures could pile pressure on Jeremy Corbyn over his party’s position on Brexit, which is currently against maintaining full single market membership, because he is determined to give members a bigger voice.”


    • Armada 4.1

      Yep, Brexit is a seismic event that has exposed significant flaws in English society and body politic.
      The deep racism, senses of alienation, senses of deprivation felt by a big proportion of its society will not go away easily.
      The incompetence and corruption of its leadership bodes poorly for the near and mid term future.
      They will gloriously plod on with Brexit and wreck their economy and further damage their society.
      It will require a new political landscape to unfold before capable leadership will emerge. The exit of Scotland and Northern Ireland might be the catalyst. Perhaps civil disorder will be the catalyst.
      Westminster as currently constituted will not survive.

    • The European Single Market, Internal Market or Common Market is a single market that seeks to guarantee the free movement of goods, capital, services, and labour – the “four freedoms” – within the European Union (EU).

      I suspect many of the people saying they want to remain members of the Single Market and the Customs Union meant they want to have the “Goods, Capital and Services” part without the free movement of Labour.
      The EU will not budge on its four freedoms policy.
      Labour (England) is befuddled on Brexit. I saw Labours spokesperson effectively back Boris Johnston’s “have cake and eat it” approach. Labour are not getting gutted for their senseless positions on Brexit YET because the Tories are soooo bad.


  5. Mrs Brillo 5

    So, John Key says that his shiny new gong from Australia is “more an indication of the ANZAC relationship”.
    Nope, it’s an indication how grateful they are that he put up no fight at all to safeguard or improve the rights of New Zealanders in Australia. Just rolled over and let them scratch his tummy. Good dog.

  6. adam 6


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